The Online Casino Safety Checklist

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Before depositing money into a casino, there are some things you need to know. Not all websites are trustworthy, and some will all but steal from the players given the chance. The plus side of using online casinos is the prizes and bonuses make them a million times better than a land-based casino, so don’t give up now. Instead, take a look at this safety checklist to make sure the casino is legit.


  1. Do you know the company?

Many well-established casinos are owned by reliable names like Silver Oak and Royal Ace. Other companies come out of the woodwork. While they might just be friendly and reliable websites, these are untested waters. Established casinos have numerous customer reviews assuring good service. Others are more questionable.


  1. Can you reach customer service?

Many modern websites offer live chat with English-speaking customer service representatives who can help with any problems that come up. Others leave just a phone number with long hold times or an email address which is not checked regularly. If something goes wrong, you need to know that you can reach the other side of the line, so test it out before depositing money.


  1. Is the online casino licensed?

Certain lesser known online casinos are not licensed to be played in the United States. These websites are often operated from outside the country and may appear shady or suspicious in how they handle deposits. Bear in mind that if you deal with one of these suspicious websites and they do not send you the money you have won, there is no turning to the United States government for help. To say the least, this is a bit of a downer.


  1. Do the game rules make sense?

It is normal for gambling games to have house rules. Blackjack and video poker in particular have numerous custom rules dictating how much a combination is worth, whether a hand can be split, and other such things. The more options that a game allows, the more friendly it is to the players. A setup which does not allow players to use certain helpful rules is a hostile environment which is not giving the player a fair chance to win.


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