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Bonus cash for you right now. Simple.
Chances are if you are reading this text, you know what a no-deposit bonus blog is. Why? Because Rick’s Picks itself is a no-deposit bonus blog. In essence what websites like ours do is go out and scour the many other different sources for casino information in order to bring back the most comprehensive information on the latest and most profitable real money casino coupons, and then we present all that information to the user.

The Different Styles of No-deposit Casino Websites

No-deposit casinos come in a couple of different styles:

  • The ‘mass list’ style
  • The ‘full review’ style

Full Review

Take a look at the front page of Rick’s Picks and you will see an example of the ‘full review’ variety. The reason that we choose to adopt this type of approach is simple: we’re focussed on giving you the absolute best casino coupon codes. We would rather you not have to search through—and get lost in—a gigantic list of casinos trying to money at you. Those of us here in the Rick posse firmly believe that it’s better to hand-select a few top choices and in-turn pass on that efficiency to our users.

Hopefully you agree!

Mass List

In contrast, there is the mass list style of review sites. They have a ‘quantity over quality’ approach that requires a little bit more effort on the part of the user. The upside, of course, is that you are presented with more choices, so theoretically you could find the exact bonus that you are looking for. But that sort of brings us to the next point, which is as follows:

Are all no-deposit bonus codes created equal?

Cirrus Casino - Return of the Rudolph (250% No Playthrough, No Max Bonus + $50 Free Chip)

Are all No-deposit Codes Created Equal?

Not really.

In fact, the main purpose of our website is to give some order to the varied details surrounding using bonus codes.

Rollover and Playthrough?

When you see the words ‘rollover’ and ‘playthrough’ they are referring to the time spent playing, or the amount wagered, before the free money given to you by the casino—and anything won by it—can be withdrawn from the establishment.

Almost every bonus code will have some sort of prerequisites attached to them. That is completely normal. What you will find, however, is that some casinos offer much better rates than others. Sometimes this is because they are a higher quality casino with more authority; other times it’s because it’s a lower quality casino, or even a brand new casino that is looking to bring in new players.

The above is just another reason why we try and weed out the ridiculous bonus offers to only bring you viable options, good for 2013. Thanks for reading.

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