The “New Wave” of Online Gambling is Here. Are You Reaping the Benefits?

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There is a new wave of online casinos and gamblers. Are you part of the new wave? Do you know what differentiates the class of the “New School” from that of that of the old?

We do.

We have seen the progression from early last decade to where we stand now, and in this post we will share some the things that we have learned.

1. Instant Deposits Are…Well, Instant

Things have changed in the short time that the internet has been around, and mostly for the better. Things are faster, easier to use, and they are safer—that last one is an important one for the online casino industry.

These days you can sign-up for a casino and start playing for real money without even waiting for your credit processing delay times. We have come full circle such that online casinos operate just as much, if not even faster, than their land-based counterparts.

The bottom line: many casinos provide instant deposit capability. If you are not playing at such a location, why the hell not?

2. These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Deposit Bonuses

Look around. There’s so many bonus codes and promotional offers that we have entire repositories of codes that pile up from year to year. These are not your grandfather’s bonus codes either. They are the future smart gambling if used correctly. Many bonus codes are non-cashable and otherwise not very desirable, but there are also some “diamonds in the rough” that provide an unparalleled leg-up.

If you can find them.

The bottom line: when it comes to payouts, that boost can mean the difference between winning big and quitting your day job. Are you making use of the top resources available to give yourself a competitive edge If not, why?

3. Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile

Let’s say it one more time: mobile. Hopefully the concept has taken hold, as it is about to take over.

In 2014, mobile use will actually surpass desktop use, and it’s easy to see why. Mobile devices allow you to connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and this is a boon for the gambler who knows that you cannot plan out luck.

The luckiest people, one could argue, are the ones that spot trends that run outside of the normal bounds of the average gambling “routine.” By giving yourself the ability to play any time that you feel lady lucky, you have opened yourself up to a whole new world of potential wins. It’s not like you need to play more or recklessly, but one would argue that you do need the ability to bet whenever you feel a streak is occurring.

The bottom line: if you don’t play, you cannot win. So why not play where and when you want?

4. There’s Social Media, and then there’s Social Winning

Social media is great, but nowhere has the power that it brings become more apparent than within gambling communities, where you can not only have fun talking to other people with like interests, you can also talk strategy and cheer one another on in your collective exploits.

Every gambler knows that winning is never quite as good as when you are winning with other people, and in many instances joining forces can result in more money that could be won otherwise. Also, don’t forget slots and blackjack tournaments. They provide unmatched excitement for hours at a time with the opportunity to win a handsome sum if you take the top spot(s).

The bottom line: gambling with others people is fun, and maybe the safest way to gamble because you have the support of friends to help you when it’s needed.

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