Get Moving: How Games and Social Media are Changing Transit

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People are getting smarter about the way they travel. They favor hybrids over gas-guzzlers; they walk or use a bicycle when they can; and they opt for public transportation. Some might hesitate to use the latter because it seems intimidating, or maybe they find it boring. Technology and games, however, are changing the way people view public transportation, making it easier and more fun to use.

Play on the Way

Taking the same bus route every day can quickly become boring and uncomfortable, especially if you spend the entire ride trying not to make eye contact with the creepy fellow in the back. An art student in the Netherlands, who got tired of seeing the same scenery day after day on his commute, decided to spice it up with a game he could share with fellow riders.

The instructions are on the back of the seat in front of you, and everything you need to play the game is stuck on the window. You use the monster decal on the window to see how many pedestrians lose their head to its voracious appetite. The game, called Man-eater, is simple, but it is a clever way to add a little fun to the daily grind.

Trains, Buses, and Beyond

For people who are not used to taking public transportation, it can seem like a never-ending maze of stops, transfers, and schedules. Mobile apps make it simple to find the most efficient route to reach your destination. Google Maps is a prominent example, since you can use its bus option to plan a route almost anywhere.

Some apps do even more. The Transit app, in addition to route planning, also helps you locate bus stops and gives you estimated arrival times.

Other apps aim to help people in specific cities. Seattle-based WhichBus is a simple app that helps with route planning. New York City residents can use NYCWay, which offers useful information on subway schedules and finding a car service, as well tons of other handy tools to help you navigate your way through the Big Apple.

Crazy About Carpooling

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Sometimes, traditional methods of public transportation do not fit in with your schedule or your destination. That is what makes ridesharing services so valuable to modern commuters and people who live in crowded cities.

Through services like Lyft and Uber, you can use an app to have a private driver who is close by pick you up and take you to your destination. The services operate on mobile apps and provide a convenient way to get across town. Such programs do not have to adhere to the same regulations as taxis, so they tend to cost less.

Ridejoy works a little differently. It helps find rides for people looking to travel between cities. With Ridejoy, there is no guarantee that you will find carpooling buddies for your trip, but it does offer the possibility of giving you someone with whom you can split travel expenses.

Technology and games are changing the way people think about getting from point A to point B, giving fun and flexible possibilities to liven up even the dullest daily commute.


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