Mobile Gaming: Three Big Questions

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As we all know by now, mobile gambling is becoming the hot new trend in the industry. As more and more people use smartphones, more and more people are using them to play at their favorite online casino.

We’re going to take a look at the three big questions you’re probably asking yourself as you try and catch onto this new wave of online gambling.

What’s the current state of the mobile gambling industry?

In 2015, 2 billion people around the world are using a smartphone and 83% of all global Internet use is accessed through a smartphone or tablet.
How do those numbers pertain to gambling? Well, 20% of all mobile users are using their devices to access gambling apps or websites. Of the total casino market in 2015, 35% will come from a mobile device. To put that into contrast, that number was 3% in 2012.
Needless to say, with the rising numbers just in the last five years alone, it’s safe to say that the current state of mobile gambling is as big as it’s ever been.

How big can mobile gambling get?

It’s believed that over the next five years, approximately 100 million users will be gambling in some form through their mobile devices. In that same timeframe, the total dollar amount of bets placed through a mobile device is expected to eclipse $100 billion.
Additionally, when you factor in the prevalence of Wi-Fi and larger mobile networks, access to the Internet has never been easier. The desire for the player to play, coupled with the convenience factor of gambling whenever and wherever they are, will allow for the biggest evolution in the history of mobile gambling over the next five years.

What is the number one mobile casino in the United States?

This will often come down to preference, but as we stand here in June 2015, the number one mobile casino in the United States is Silver Oak Casino. With over 120 games, availability across all 50 states, a $4,000 signup bonus, and the highest payout percentage at 97.65%, Silver Oak caters to both neophyte and experienced players.
Honorable mentions: Slots.LV, Cool Cat, and Captain Jack

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