How to Maximize Your Online Gambling Privacy

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With everyone’s private lives being tagged and posted online, it can be hard to find privacy. In

busy homes, computers are sometimes left on with the profile logged in and the browsers open.

Keeping something personal tucked away, or at least not advertised for the world to see, can be

increasingly difficult. Aside from taking a road trip alone to the casino two towns away, here are

a few minor things that can be done to improve privacy while gambling online.

Go Incognito

Every time someone clicks a link to a website, the name of that page and the URL are stored on

the computer. This is called the browsing history, and it was originally made to help users find

websites that they have been to before. The unfortunate side effect is that anyone with access to

the computer can look through the browsing history and see all sorts of private information. Not

only will they see the gambling website URL but also how many different games the user clicked

on and how much time went by before they opened each new page.

No one wants someone else snooping on what they do in that level of detail. The best way to

avoid it is to use incognito mode, or private browsing. In this mode, the browser does not record

any of the websites the user goes onto. If it’s too late to use incognito mode, it’s not too late to

click “clear browsing history” or “clear browsing data,” and wipe the slate clean.

Keep it Online

Online casinos are full of flashing lights and cheerful mechanical noises, much like their land-

based brethren. Some gambling games are so overrun with cool graphics and sound effects that

the file is too big to play online. Instead, the online casino forces players to download the game

onto their computer. Not only do players now have a gambling game saved in plain view in the

middle of their desktop, the game most likely comes with obnoxious free plugins and the risk of

a virus. If any of all of these things are concerning, consider sticking to no-download games.

No-download games may not come with all the same bells and whistles as the larger download-

only games, but still play exactly the same. Blackjack is still blackjack and craps is still craps.


It’s not uncommon for people to share a computer but have their own phones. If there is only one

desktop computer to work with, it may be time to switch to smartphone gaming. The games for

iPads and tablets are just as large and extravagant as the download-only games for the computer,

and they can be played in private and away from home. There are also numerous choices for

smartphones, all of which can be played in complete privacy.


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