How the Magic Leap Could Give Online Gambling a Much-Needed Revamp

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2015 Promised us the Magic Leap, and now it’s time to deliver. What will this new technology bring us? For those who are unfamiliar with the Magic Leap, it is an augmented reality device designed to produce 3D holographic images for the user to watch and maybe even interact with.

Very little is known about what this technology will look like or hoe it work, but some rumors. According to Re/Code, users will wear a projector on their heads, and the device will track the movement of their eyes in order to create a seemingly 3-dimensional image.

The device is also suggested to use an infrared camera, much like the Microsoft Kinect, in order to understand and interact with the user’s environment. For example, the projected images can appear inside boxes, on top of tables, or under archways.

So far, the Magic Leap threatens to be a little gimmicky, more of a toy than a useful device. Most of the ads involve frolicking animal holograms and astounded children, and I can’t remember the last time I needed an imaginary elephant to be rendered inside the palm of my hand.

The ideas so far don’t look very promising, but Richard Taylor, who is behind some of the most baffling designs from aloud of the Rings, is a board member, so that is good news.

Just in case they’re still stuck on miniature animals, here are a few better ideas that we hope the Magic Leap will

1. Holographic dice that can be picked up, held in your hand, shaken, and rolled onto any surface.

Imagine being able to hold a pair of holographic dice and watch it bounce around your living room. They could be any style, any color you like. They would behave just like regular dice, and you wouldn’t even be able to lose them under the fridge.

The game would count and track them just like in a computer game, and you would get to roll them just like in the casino. So invite your friends over and play craps at home! wow.

2. A roulette wheel that can appear on any surface.

You could spin this wheel on the walls, on the ceiling, or in the kitchen sink. It could be fitted for any size table, and just like the dice, it could be colored and styled in any way. The bad news is only you would be able to see it right. We don’t yet know what the 3D images look like to people not wearing the device.

3. 3D Auto-Shuffling Cards

Remember the trick magicians do where cards float through the air and fall into a nice, neat pile?

Magic Leap could pull all the cards off the table, shuffle them neatly, then deal for the next game. One could even call it magic. The Magic Leap could flunk, or it could be in every home in America, but it might just turn out to be an online gambler’s best friend.

It could mean a whole new level of online gameplay, of it might mean floating giraffe holograms. There is only one way to find out for sure: Get the new year going, and see what they announce next.

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