Lucrative Lingo: Your Guide to Slot Machine Terminology

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Online slot machines are often referred to as “mobile” slots. However, most other terminology is the same as traditional casino jargon. If you’re looking to spin the mobile reels (see below) for a win (we’ve got you covered on this too), then get acquainted with the following lucrative lingo that helps any first-time player get in-the-know.


Bet refers to the amount of coin put toward a single payline. Players will be paid out only if they land on the particular payline; however, multiple bets can be place to increase the odds for payouts on additional lines. For more information on paylines, see below.

Bonus Lingo:

Bet Max – Bet max refers to the maximum possible bet or coin that can be put toward a win. Standard bets are not eligible for jackpot wins, where maximum bets are.

Bonus – A bonus, or bonus game, results when a spin results in a wild symbol/card, and it may result in a free spin. Bonus features can be rewarding for slot players since it offers more chances to win.
Bonus Lingo:

Multiplier – Multipliers are features within a bonus that allows for a multiplied jackpot payout. Players must typically place a maximum bet to be eligible for multiplier bonuses.

Coins – Coins used to play a slot machine game. Coins may come in multiple values. Furthermore, in online slot play, they may be called virtual coins.

Coin Size – A variable wager or bet based on the amount of coin the player puts toward the machine.

Jackpot – The maximum possible prize or payout for a given slot machine; jackpots are rare, but typically extremely profitable for players.

Progressive Jackpot – A machine with a jackpot value that increases as the game is played.

Payline – Payline refers to the line of symbols and numbers on a slot machine that result in a win with payout. A player must spin the reels to reveal a payline.

Multi-line – Slots that have more than one possible payline or winning combination.
Scatter – Scatter symbols do not have to line up in the same way as a payline combo. Scatter symbols will payout regardless of the line in which they appear.

Reels – The reels are each wheel inside a slot machine that contains numbers or symbols. When the reels are spun, the will land on various combinations resulting in a win or loss. In online gambling, reels are virtual or animated. Different slot games may have multiple reels.
Bonus Lingo:

  • 3 Reels – A slot machine with three reels which results in a three item combo.
  • 5 Reels – A slot machine with five reels which results in a five item combo.

Wild – Wild symbols offer a substitute for a payline that’s not fully met. For example, if a player spins the reel for two payline symbols plus a wild symbol, the player wins the spin.

Win – A win, also known as “Winning Combination,” refers to any combination that results in a payout. A win may consist of payline wins, wild symbol wins, bonuses, and jackpots.

Now that you know some lucrative slot machine lingo, will you take the reels for a spin? What’s your favorite gambling experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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