Are You Lucky?

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Are some people really luckier than others? How do you know if you are carrying something

special? Do you have some innate advantage that most others just don’t have? Answering the

following questions to yourself may help to determine if you have a special advantage inside and

outside the casino.

1. How often do you stumble or drop things?

This question can be a great way to start, but it can also be a little misleading. Tiny fumbles

throughout the day are a classic sign of bad luck, just like catching things in the air can mean

great luck, but they can also mean other things. For one, clumsiness can be just that: clumsiness.

Maybe you don’t get enough sleep. Maybe you don’t get out of the house much. Maybe you’re

just not that lucky.

2. Do you make a good first impression?

Many people believe that good luck is an air that people carry with them, and everyone senses it

in their own way. Someone with an air of good luck would impress everyone around them, either

in how things fall into place around them, or something more intrinsic. Either way, someone who

experiences a lot of good luck is bound to make a great impression on the people around them.

3. Did you get your dream job?

Not everyone has a dream job, but everyone has an idea of what a great job would look like.

Whether it’s the environment, the pay, what it feels like to walk into work, or anything else, we

all have an ideal we are striving for. How close did you get to that perfect dream? That may give

you a sense of what lies ahead at the casino.

4. How many first dates go perfectly, and how many are nightmares?

When it comes down to it, how you match with a first date is pure, unadulterated luck. Whether

you met someone through their online profile or you were set up by a friend, they are still

essentially strangers, and it’s hard to say whether or not the match will be any good. Do you have

a good history with first dates, or do you have a few not-so- funny stories to share? In the end, it’s

all just the luck of the draw.

Luck is a complicated and fickle thing, so these questions are not the be-all and end-all of all

future luck, but hopefully the answers were good.

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