How Live Video Transforms Online Gambling

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Let’s be honest. Online gambling is many things. It’s convenient, it’s flexible, and it’s chock full

of options, but without a real human dealer to interact with, the little subtleties that keep

gambling fun are entirely lacking. When using a basic gaming interface, gamblers just see a set

of buttons and a picture of the results, usually with a quick animation of dice rolling or a wheel

spinning. These bare minimum gambling games get the job done, but are lacking in style.

Take blackjack for example. The player has two options: hit and stand. Inside every simple

blackjack interface, there are two buttons to press, and then the game goes forth. What the game

is lacking is all of the many different ways that the player can say to hit or stand.

When playing in real life, a player’s options are limitless. A “stand” can look like anything from

a quick wave of the hands to saying, “I’ll keep it.” Each way of expressing the same move says a

different thing. Other players can feel pity for a player who was just hit with a 10, or grin as a

player flips over their cards. The dealer can read the player’s mood and provide advice,

encouragement, and support. There is more to a casino game than hitting and standing, calling

and raising, but this social side to gambling can be hard to find.

Some advanced and creative online casinos have already found a solution to part of the problem.

At Silver Oak Casino, gamblers can watch a real person play dealer and dole out actual cards to

the players. These cards are comically oversized so that they can appear clearly on the video

feed. Users can talk to the dealer through a microphone. What this innovation brings is an

opportunity to interact in a more personalized way. Players can say “hit” or “stand” in infinite

ways, and because there is a professional dealer on the other side, the dealer will more than

likely understand.

The next step is adding gestures. While speaking through a microphone to the dealer can

duplicate the vocal part of interacting with a dealer, the experience is entirely lacking the

nonverbal part. This is why users stream a video of themselves, like in a video chat. So long as

the players can see the dealer and the dealer can see the players, “hit” and “stand” can be

communicated with a wave of the hand.

If your online gambling experience is getting dull, what it is missing is live back-and-forth video.

The cheap graphics and simple buttons are replaced with real interaction between human beings,

and suddenly a win and a loss mean something. Check out live video play at Silver Oak Casino.

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