Killer Video Poker Strategy

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How to make your video poker gameplay shine. These video poker tips are designed for Jacks or

Better video poker machines which have the most common set of rules. Here is the simplest,

easiest way to win at video poker, with simple rules that are easy to remember and keep track of.

Just in case, there are helpful tips to remember each rule. Use these rules at the online casino or

out in the field.

Keep these:

Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, two pair.

Always discard the cards you don’t need to complete these combinations, but don’t sacrifice

what you have to get something better. Unlesss…

When you have 4 cards to a royal flush, it is okay to break up a straight or less valuable


Reason: The prize is worth the risk.

How to remember: You only need 4 wheels to have a Ferrari.

When you have four cards to a royal flush or straight flush, it’s okay to break up any pair of

cards, even face cards.

Reason: These combinations are worth much more than the others. Don’t do the same for an

ordinary flush.

How to remember: It’s better to have the complete series than two of the same book.

If you have a low pair and a face card, discard everything but the low pair in hopes of getting a

three of a kind.

Reason: Face cards may be enough to break even, but a 2 pair or 3 of a kind will turn a profit.

How to remember: 2 is better than 1.

If you have 4 to a straight, but the missing card is in the middle, don’t go after the straight.

Instead, focus on other possibilities. The exception is if at least 3 of the cards you have are face


Reason: When all 4 cards are together, drawing one card lower or higher than the others will

result in a straight.

How to remember: Don’t bother mending pants with a hole in the middle. Unless they’re very

nice pants.

See? That’s not so difficult to remember. Once you have the fundamentals down, there is always

room for improvement, but most of it involves looking over a chart that a mathematician made

following their directions. These simple rules are a way to win independently, without consulting

the charts in the middle of a game.


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