How to Keep the Jackpot

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Hordes of people enter numerous casino every day hoping to make the big win. A jackpot in Powerball has been known to be worth more than 500 million dollars, and it is possible to win millions just from a dollar slot machine. A lucky bet at roulette can multiply anyone’s money by 32, and a lottery win often means millions of dollars. The question is how certain jackpot winners keep the wealth without letting it wither into debt.

 Burning a Hole in the Pocket

The biggest problem jackpot winners face is the drive to spend all of their money. It is tempting to buy large, luxurious items that can never be sold, and will never gain value. The worst offenders are golden statues and portraits, things that nobody besides the winner could possibly want. Other big purchases, too, are fun but not really a good idea in the long run. The desire to have things just to have things has been the end of many jackpot winners.

 Giving it all Away

When someone wins the lottery, news travels fast. Unemployed friends, broke cousins, fatigued parents, and everyone else the winner might know who craves a little money will come flocking from all directions. It’s only natural to desire a little piece of a much bigger prize, but there is danger in giving money away too easily. A multimillion jackpot can be whittled away $1,000 at a time. It may be unpleasant, but a hard heart makes the winnings last.

 Calling it Quits

Sometime jackpot winners take one look at the money and figure they will never have to work again. They quit their jobs and burn the bridges, then slowly burn the funds away. Then purchases and taxes burn the money away and there is nothing left.


Making an Investment

It’s sad to say, but sometimes the least extravagant option is the best. Many successful jackpot winners from land-based or online casinos take their money and purchase a house. The money is enough to purchase a new property, or pay off the mortgage of the current house. Even if the market wavers from time to time, real estate is a smart market and a great way to keep the money while also benefiting from it. That being said, the house must be built to last, and there is no sense buying a house that comes with an unpayable mortgage, even if it is nicer to live in.

Another option is to invest in a company, or even start one, but this requires skills and cannot be pulled off by just anyone. Take guidance from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs. Keeping some of the earnings in stocks and savings is also a good way to go.

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