iPhone Online Casino Users, it’s Time to Switch to Android

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Everything seemed great for the iPhone just months ago, but its time in the spotlight may be

coming to an end. It may be time to stop investing time and money into iPhone gambling games,

and move on to something more sturdy.

The reason may be hard to believe. Early this September, iPhone users were clambering over

each other to attain the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The brand new iPhone 6S Plus was unveiled

with an unprecedented 5.5″ screen, dimensions unseen in the 21st century.

Cell phones had been shrinking since their creation in 1973. Once phones finally fit comfortably

in the pocket, designers had nowhere to go but up. Now the latest phones are built for purses and

cargo pants. Asus coined the name “FonePad,” which aptly describes their 8″ monstrosities. It

didn’t matter to the public, however. Once the iPhone 6S Plus came out, there was nothing

stopping them from purchasing what was (at the time) the one smart phone with the largest

screen in the world.

An iPhone bent. Possibly only a single iPhone, possibly only once, possibly by no fault of the

manufacturer, an iPhone bent and the internet had a field day. A “bend test” YouTube video

went viral and attracted almost five million viewers in a single day.

When disaster struck, Apple set up a breakability test and found the new 6S Plus was even

sturdier than the 5S. Even Snopes took Apple’s side, but users continued to insist that the phones

were bending in their front pockets due to the phone’s elasticity and enormous size.

In the end, it was the so-called “bendgate” or “bendghazi” that drove once-devoted iPhone users

away. iPhone sales fell 1.5 million units below expectations last quarter, and are expected to

slump in this current quarter. Not only are iPhone sales dropping but Mac and tablet sales are

falling as well. The once beloved iPhone’s image is dwindling, and it is all because the creators

dreamed too big and reached too far.

If you are considering buying a new iPhone or making any large in-app purchases, this may be

the time to consider other options. Luckily, online casinos with an iPhone app almost always

have a matching one on the Android, and the switch will be a smooth if potentially painful one.

Unless Apple truly blows our minds away with the iPhone 7, the corporate giant may be making

room for new phones to step in.

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