I Saw the Inside of the HTC Vive and I don’t Want to Come Out

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If you were waiting for the greatest breakthrough in gaming immersion, here it is. No joystick,

no “press X to select,” just walking around and reaching things like you are inside the game.

Sure, the system may come with two controllers, but they quickly become part of the

environment. They become your sword, your gun, your key, your torch, or your hand.

The biggest hassle is watching out for the cord on the ground. At present, the virtual reality

headset must be plugged directly into the system, and a thick cord is running along the ground.

Unless you are standing perfectly still, you are going to need to learn how to step over the cord

on a regular basis, preferably without tripping and taking the whole headset with you.

With that little death trap out of the way, virtual reality is finally ready to bring an entire casino

into your living room. You will be able to walk around the halls just like in real life, pick out a

machine or a table, and play almost like in real life. Multiplayer in this sort of environment is

still years away, but there’s no reason there can’t be NPCs running around.

Another thing we can’t have quite yet is lifelike interaction. The xbox one might be able to pull it

off, but the Vive does not support voice commands. This means you cannot walk up to a

blackjack table and say, “deal me in.” Rather, you can but it won’t do anything.

The most overwhelming thing about the Vive is how natural moving around is. You can crouch,

look up, lean back, and sprint as far as the system will let you go, and it will track your

movements perfectly.

When it comes between sitting in a chair to play and getting to experience (almost) everything

just like real life, the choice is easy. Of course, it might make sense to wait a console generation

or two until the gambling experience is truly immersive. The wish list might be shrinking, but

true VR is still not here. If you want to experience the real thing, you will still have to pull into a

casino parking lot and go inside. If realism isn’t that important, however, playing casino games

with a headset at least means no waiting in line.

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