Hit the Slots with a Smart Watch

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In this day and age, most casinos worth their salt have an online presence. Many successful

casinos operate entirely online, much like the news websites of the 21st century. As land-based

gambling turns obsolete, a new wave of technology is headed our way: gambling by smart


It is common for online casinos to have a mobile version. Our friends at Silver Oak Casino are

set up for gameplay on any device that plays flash. This means Androids and tablets as well as

desktop computers. Slots of Vegas is available on the iPhone and the Android, and is available at

the app store. Mobile apps can play any game a gambling website can, from slots to blackjack to

video poker, and on and on. There is an app for all things including bingo and keno, and all of it

is accessible with a quick search for available apps.

While the smartphone market has expanded and become commonplace, the smart watch business

is just beginning task manager online. The first smart watches were very simple. Their primary function was telling

the time and sending notifications. It was essentially a device for reminding the user to use their

phone more. Now the market is finally gaining momentum. Smart watches can play music, open

apps, and operate simple controls. The next thing in line is a watch that takes control of an app

from afar.

The main problem with the modern smart watch is it does not do much without the phone it is

linked to. It is an accessory for a device that does more than the watch can do on its own. There

are some apps, however, that don’t need a large screen or a lot of buttons. There are certain

games that can be played entirely on the smart watch, with the accompanying phone plugged in

yards away. In particular, these are blackjack and slot machines.

When playing blackjack, all the user needs to know is what cards they and the dealer have. The

only buttons they need to press are “hit” and “stand.” At a slot machine, the player can pick how

much they want to bet and when they want to spin, everything else is just decoration and

background noise.

If a game is simple enough, the entire experience can fit on a square inch screen on the player’s

wrist. It doesn’t work for every game, that’s for sure. A bingo card will never fit on a smart

watch screen, and there are too many options in a game of roulette for the playing experience to

be smooth enough. It takes a simple game with quick rules and easy gameplay.

As smart watches continue to find their place in the modern market, we can except to see a shift

in the smart watch’s independence. There will be several things that are quicker and easier on the

watch, even if it does have a tiny screen and no memory to speak of. In good time, there will be a

little something for the gamblers who want to play a quick game.

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