What Will Happen to Penny Slots?

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The world is getting smaller, the bills are getting larger, and pennies are not long for this world.

Since their creation only decades ago, penny slots have had a surge in popularity, mostly due to

the seemingly harmless nature of dropping a penny in a machine. Without pennies to drop, the

slot machine industry threatens to be gutted and the slot machine section of the casino converted

into a place to display large chandeliers.

Believe it or not, penny slots have not been around for very long. The first slot machines made in

the 1890’s all took nickels. Even in Victorian times, taking the time to place a penny inside a

gambling machine just sounded like impractical nonsense. The world was shocked when the first

penny slots hit the casino floors and the crowds came rolling in.

The tricky part about penny slots is they aren’t exactly penny slots. The best way to get a good

payoff is to fill every single slot with coins, and that means betting far more than a penny.

Modern penny slots have so many coin slots they look like a post-Armageddon landscape.

Casinos borrow the term, “penny slots” and then do everything in their power to make sure

players bet as much as possible.

In a way, penny slots were on their way out the moment they came in. As tempting as it sounds

to risk just a single harmless penny and spin a jackpot, many players end up betting far more

once they get to the machine. A decent spin from a single penny just doesn’t net enough coins to

seem worth the effort. Ending the use of pennies may take penny slots away, but it wouldn’t do

much to change how betting works in real life.

Even without pennies, there is one place where penny slots may still be safe: the Internet. So

long as everything is electronic, pennies still have a place to be themselves. On Amazon, in a

bank account, and anywhere the Internet touches, one cent is still one cent. $53.28 is still $53.28,

not $53.30. Pennies still have meaning on the web, and that means there will always be a place

for penny slots. It’s even possible to just bet one cent and then pull the imaginary lever.

When the world moves forward, some things go out the window. The highly successful industry

of penny slots may be one of those things, but at least there will always be a place where a player

can drop a penny in a slot and pull a lever. We thank you, Internet.

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