Should Google Glass be Allowed in Casinos?

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So far, casinos are opting out of letting Google Glass inside their walls, but are they missing out

on the possibilities? The face computer may make cheating easier, but it also does a lot of cool

things that aren’t the same without.


Players would be able to livestream the biggest games of their lives. A legendary bet, a jackpot

on the slots, all of these things are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. What would it be like to have

this happen and not have any kind of recording? Google Glass ensures that when it happens, if it

happens, it would be on camera.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Some gambling games just aren’t secure with an intelligent camera

pointed at them. Electronic games like slots, Wheel of Fortune, keno, and video poker are fine,

but a camera is too suspicious in a more sensitive games. The casino staff, no less the other

players, would never allow a camera to be pointed at their cards, even if the purpose is just

harmless entertainment.

What if casinos provided augmented reality for Google Glass users? The first thing a slot

machine connoisseur does when entering a casino is catch a staff member and ask which slot

machines are hot. Instead, the augmented reality would point the users right to the hottest

machines. There is no need to pull anyone aside, and the computer would be able to hook

everyone up with the best information. Augmented reality could also let people know about

events and special deals, and provide tips to learning players.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Whatever the market of Google Glass users is, the market of Google

Glass-using casino-goers is bound to be smaller. In order for casinos to even consider providing

this service, there would have to be an expanded market into smartphone territory, which would

have people wandering around the casino holding their phones in front of their faces. Kind of

like in real life.


Counting cards would become easier than ever. Not only can the internal computer keep track of

all of the cards using perfect memory and calculate the odds of future cards flawlessly, computer

programs can be created to read the numbers and shapes on the cards using the camera. This

means Google Glass allows anyone to get the best advice from a perfect card-counting expert so

long as they wear the headset.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Everyone and his dog can tell when the Google Glass camera is on. The red light comes on each

and every time the camera is recording, and disabling it is no easy feat. Google Glass could still

be used to count cards, but the user would have to figure out a way to tell the computer which

cards appear without speaking or making obvious gestures. So much for hands-free cheatery.


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