Gift Ideas for the Gambling Enthusiast

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With the holidays creeping closer, time is rapidly running out to get gifts out to friends and

family in time. The moment has come to crack down on the Santa list and pick out the last few

presents before it’s too late. With any luck, this list will make it a little easier, at least when it

comes to those gambling lovers who can be so tough to shop for.

$1 – $2: Scratch Ticket

Who can say no to a chance at big money? Sure, some may roll their eyes at the sight of a scratch

ticket, but the feeling of scraping ink off of paper causes a unique sort of bliss that cannot be

denied. This present is best as a casual gift when none is expected, or a bonus to go along with a

bigger gift. Everyone knows how much it cost.

$2 – $8: Novelty Card Deck

Everyone has a soft spot for something, from fish to windmills to dogs wearing party hats. For

every bizarre and specific idea out there, there is a deck of cards to match it. With the power of

the world wide web, that card deck can be yours. Or your friend’s.

$10 – $20: Gift Card

If you know your friend’s favorite places to gamble, you have the ability to improve that

person’s chances of hitting the jackpot in those places. This power is called money. Some may

call it shallow, but money is almost always the most well received gift. When people say, “It’s

the thought that counts” or “Give from the heart,” what they mean is “Give me money.”

$20 – $80: Poker Kit

A classic poker set in an exquisite wooden box is a sight to behold. Poker kits come in a variety

in quality, so there is one out there for every budget. Giving a poker set is also an excellent way

to start up a poker night. Worst case scenario, the kit contains cards and chips that can be used in

most any other table game.

$100 – $1,000: Pachinko Machine

These machines are gorgeous as well as rare. Mostly due to their scarcity on the market, each

one is also largely one of a kind. Decent pachinko machines can be purchased online for around

$100, but cheaper plastic versions are also available. Rare and well-made machines go for much

more. As a game with such a rich history on the fringe of American gambling society, pachinko

has a special significance that defies words. To the right person, a gift like this can mean a lot.

Even cheap gifts don’t need to be thoughtless. Somewhere down the line, for a price that doesn’t

break the bank, there is a present that will satisfy anyone. Whether it is a cute yet fitting deck of

cards or straight up cash, something is bound to work out. When in doubt, look it up and see

what’s out there.


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