Gambling Games with Friends: From Team-Builders to Friendship-Killers

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Slot Machine GuideNothing beats gambling with friends, until things get ugly. Some games stick everyone together

into one hopeful pool, while others launch one friend to victory and another into the pit.


It might require a trip to the casino, but it’s worth it. It doesn’t matter if everyone has been

friends for years or just go to work together, a trip down Pass Line Lane is a sure success.

Walking home rich or with empty pockets, everyone will share the same laughs, the same sighs,

and the same tears of joy. Just stick to the pass line. Nobody wants to see someone else winning

when they lose.


Has blood ever been drawn over a bingo game? Probably. Still, there is a sense of comradery

between players who are winning because of similar numbers. It doesn’t even have to be the

same numbers. Suzy could come close to winning with a 27 and Sally could take the cake with a

28. There’s a feeling as if the two players helped each other out and won together, even if no

such thing actually took place.

Sports Betting

What’s a friendly wager between friends when the two teams are safely miles away in a state no

one really cares about? Just watch a game, pick a team based on their colors, and see who wins.

True, there are winners and there are losers, but at least no one’s feelings get hurt.


Now things get interesting. Taking home the dough at a poker night requires more than just luck,

it requires tricking friends and walking home with their money. Most of the time, everyone

reminds each other that it’s all fun and games, but every now and then a sore loser rears its ugly

head. But who can blame them? One of their friends just conned them out of their money.

Local Sports Betting

Hell hath no fury like a sports fan scorned. Betting on local teams has everything to offer. The

stakes are high, everyone already has a favorite team and maybe a few favorite players, and it’s

even affordable to see the game in person. It’s all well and good until two friends, fans of rival

teams, go to war over a rival game. Relationships that could have lasted a lifetime meet their fate

every time one of these dreaded games come up. Sometimes it’s best to keep the money tucked

away and the lips sealed so each friend can cheer and mourn in private.

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