The Gambling Alphabet, A through M

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There is a game for every letter. Bored of the same old gambling games all the time? Hardly!

Still, just in case, here is a list of the rare with the popular. Gambling just got alphabetical.

Acey Deucey

Named after the cards for one and two, this system is a game of margins. The player draws two

cards, then bets whether the third will fall between the two cards. As players bet wrong, their

bets are added to the pot, and the pot gets bigger and bigger until a single player wins.


This old-fashioned card game is considered elegant and refined not just because players must be

on their best behavior but also because only the very rich can afford the inevitable losses.

Casino War

Two players fight head to head in this easy game, drawing one card each and seeing which is the


Dou Dizhu

This bleak parody of the class system takes three players, one to play the rich landlord and two to

play peasants. The game is easy to learn but has a steep learning curve.


Not only can gamers watch gamers play games, they can also place bets. The current hits are

Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.


All that is needed to play this game is a handful of small objects like coins or beans and

something to draw with. The dealer draws a square and lets the players guess how many beads

will be left if they dump them all out then whisk them away four at a time. Due to the mess and

time involved, fan-tan has all but disappeared.


This Korean game involves both beautiful tiles and rooting through a pile of unwanted tiles in

order to create a winning combination.


In this game, a player rolls two dice, and that is the last uncomplicated thing that happens.


The gameplay for this indie game is simple but unique. Four players sit at a table around a glass-

sized object and flick poker chips at it. The first to hit the idol receives all of the poker chips that

remain on the table.


In a constant stream of betting, a large group of players play one card every turn and try to pick

the highest value. This game would be straight forward if there was only one round, but players

must play every single one of their cards until they run out.


Just like the lottery, a player picks a set of numbers and sees how many numbers they have in

common with the computer. Compared to the actual lottery, the waiting period is blissfully short.

Le Her

Two players fight for dominance using the power of cards. The player must guess whether the

dealer has a higher or lower card, and then switch before the winner is announced.


Unlike traditional marriage, this game is all about creating sets of three or more. Perhaps the

extra cards are meant to be children.

That’s all for now. Next, check out letters N through Z, and all the different games found within.

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