Future Feast: 5 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and today’s versions are evolving and growing at an astonishing rate. High tech solutions help busy families keep dinner traditions alive with innovative features that will streamline nearly every kitchen task.

Get the Perfect Temperature with iGrill

Upgrade from the traditional meat thermometer with this smart and handy tool. The iGrill is a leave-in thermometer that’s connected to a display screen, making it easy to see the temp from afar. A short wire allows you to place the display on the counter while meat cooks undisturbed inside the oven. No longer will you have to open your appliances and let heat out to know when your dinner is done. The iGrill can also communicate with your smartphone so you can keep an eye on dinner from anywhere in the house.

Eat Healthier with the Prep Pad

Even if you know how many ounces of meat is ideal for a single serving, it’s difficult to eyeball that amount in today’s super-sized world. The Prep Pad takes the guesswork out of meal prep and gives you detailed information on the nutritional content of your meals. The Prep Pad itself acts as a kitchen scale to weigh your foods. Connected to the Countertop app on your iPad, the Prep Pad gives you an in-depth look at everything you’re eating.

Brew the Perfect Cup with the Breville Tea Maker

Making the perfect cup of tea involves more than just steeping the bag in hot water. For the ideal beverage, you need to know the proper water temperature and steeping time for your variety. The Breville Tea Maker handles all those details for you. The tea basket even agitates the tea leaves gently for premium infusion. If you prefer waking up to tea rather than to a morning pot of coffee, then you can even use the timer to have your cup ready and waiting in the morning.

Get Guiltless Fried Foods with the T-Fal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer

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Fried foods have an almost universal appeal, but healthy eaters can’t enjoy French fries without a heaping side of guilt. The ActiFry will radically change the way you approach fried foods in your kitchen. This gadget can cook up to two pounds of homemade French fries with just one tablespoon of oil. Not in the mood for fries? Try crispy okra, chicken wings, shrimp, and more.

Do it All with the Samsung LED Refrigerator

This refrigerator is the epitome of smart appliances. The LCD screen on the freezer door features multiple apps that will connect with your Picasa photo albums, Google calendar, and more. Leave notes, look up recipes, and check the weather. Whether you’re adjusting your cooling zones or keeping a grocery list, this fridge offers a new way to handle essential food storage tasks.

These exciting new kitchen features can help you stay healthy, organized, and on top of all your meal preparation tasks in new and innovative ways. You’ll never approach dinner time the same way again with these items in your home.


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