Feeling Lucky: 5 of the Biggest and Brightest Casinos in Las Vegas

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By Brian Whitmarsh on Flickr

Glitz and glitter galore, Las Vegas does nothing in a small way. Even the smaller casinos in this town are gigantic, If they happened to sit in any other city on earth they would stretch for several city blocks. In a town renown for grandiose facilities, which of the Las Vegas casinos take the prize for size?

1. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Home to one of the world’s most famous arenas, where countless boxers have competed for world championships, the MGM Grand is a Hollywood themed hotel and casino. The largest in Las Vegas, the Grand features 56,900 rooms, 2,300 gaming machines, and 178 table games including poker. Standing 30 stories tall, it also offers full service spas, a wedding chapel, and an abundant number of shops and stores. Guests can choose from 20 restaurants offering everything from fast food to fine dining, and 8 night clubs. 5 swimming pools, 3 whirlpools and a lazy river are ideal for unwinding after one of their spectacular on-site shows or touring the lion habitat. They also offer special attractions, such as CSI: The Experiment.

2. Luxor Hotel and Casino

This Egyptian themed hotel is the second largest in Las Vegas, and the eight largest in the world. It features 4,408 hotel rooms and a full service spa. Guests can enjoy one of its four swimming pools or the whirlpool, or one of the many on site entertainment venues. Its eight night clubs allow the venue to feature up to eight live shows at a time. Guests can also shop at Luxor’s 29 different stores.

3. Hotel at Mandalay Bay

This hotel and casino offers 4,341 guest rooms, 20 sit down restaurants, and 4 fast food venues. Mandalay also features 8 bars, 4 stages for special events, 3 swimming pools, a wave pool, and a lazy river sitting atop 2,700 tons of real sand. It also features a full service spa and salon, along with the Shark Reef Aquarium. Mandalay Bay is also a pet friendly facility.

4. The Venetian

For the gamer who values luxury, the Venetian bathes their guests in pampering fit for kings. It has 4,027 hotel rooms, 3 pools, a pool deck, and 23 cabanas. Its 22 restaurants offer one of the widest varieties of foods available at one hotel, including seafood, steaks, Italian food, Asian offerings, and French cuisine. The Venetian also features three night clubs and can provide as many as 9 special events simultaneously.

5. The Bellagio

Named after the famed Italian resort on Lake Como, the Bellagio is another hotel mastering in extreme luxury. With 155,000 square feet of space, entertaining guests with 2,449 gaming machines, 207 table games, and 20 restaurants and bars. With 3,993 rooms and 200,000 square feet of convention facilities, the Bellagio is a popular spots for business seminars and meetings.
Frequent visitors are often offered special packages and discounts on accommodations, food, and other hotel amenities. Packages are also available through travel agencies for avid gamers, couples and families, as well as business travelers. Check ahead to see what discounts and perks you can get on your Vegas travel plans.

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