Favorite Casino Games for Introverts and Extroverts

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When it comes to how we like to spend our free time, we are all wired a little differently. When

it comes to a Friday night, nothing sounds more enjoyable to an extrovert than to get out there,

make some friends, and make some noise. Many introverts, on the other hand, need time to cool

down after a long week, and may find themselves at home enjoying a low-key game of video

poker. Luckily, there is something out there for everyone, especially if you know where to look.

For most introverts, even online casino games can take a bit of a social toll. Many involve a

dealer character, whether through voice-over or an actual dealer facilitating the game on camera.

For someone who prefers quiet and time to think, the presence of a dealer, real or virtual, can

lessen the experience.

The choices bet for an introvert who is cooling off are games that take the dealer completely out

of the picture. Games such as slot machines, keno, and video poker are made for this sort of

experience. Having never involved dealers or inter-player competition, it is safe to say that these

games are as far away from social interaction as it gets.

While these games are perfect for an introvert, an extrovert may find this experience lonely,

especially in an online format played at home. This is why more social, more involved games

have been created for the computer. Many facilitate the same dynamic of competition that is

found at a table inside a casino. Games such as bingo and blackjack frequently involve multiple

players where there is only one winner. Not all games of this type are guaranteed to have real

social interaction, however, so it is important to check for a multiplayer version.

For teamwork, there is no better answer than craps. This game has everyone winning together, so

long as they all picked the same bet. The same can be said for roulette so long as everyone teams

up and bets on the same square. Competitive or cooperative, the social quality of an online

casino game is heightened the most with the rare feature of live video. When the dealer and the

players can all see and talking together, there is no question about it. There is real interaction

going on.

Online gambling offers a full scope of gambling experiences from quiet, thoughtful play to loud

and livid competition. It’s just a question of where to look.

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