How to Dress and Look Like a Professional Black Jack Player

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Nobody wants to look or feel like a newbie tourist while sitting at high stakes black jack tables. Many of these players earn their living at those tables, and don’t always show lots of respect for the obvious weekend warriors. Looking the part helps your fellow players take you seriously, and could give you the confidence you need to take home some of their money.

Dress Like a Grown Up

The Unibomber hoodie may work for those who have already established a reputation at the tables, but on the amateur, it’s going to look amateurish. They may play games for a living, but professional black jack players are just as serious about their profession as any doctor, lawyer, or CPA. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit, but it is a good idea to wear dress slacks and a button down shirt, topped by a nice blazer, depending on the weather. Wear dress shoes and a nice watch finish the look.

Keep Your Eyes Covered

Hats and sunglasses are the best way to cover up any tells you exhibit. Tells are unconscious signals you give about your hand, including reflexive actions such as your pupils dilating upon excitement. Since these physical reactions are beyond your control, wear glasses to cover your eyes, and a hat to disguise facial reactions. Invest in high-end eyewear to look like you can afford the high stakes, even if you have to get them second-hand or discounted off a website. Avoid mirrored sunglasses or any glasses that allow players to see your cards in the reflection.

Dress Comfortably

Dressing nice won’t help you if you’re obviously out of your element. Select clothes that fit well and that you are comfortable sitting in for hours. Some people find suspenders more comfortable than belts that tend to jab the stomach. Well fitting shoes and tops are also a must. If you’re unsure of the temperature, wear a blazer or sweater you can remove or put back on as the conditions require.

Walk and Talk With Confidence

More than anything you wear, the attitude you exhibit is going to determine whether your fellow players take you seriously or not. Practice walking with confidence, and use a voice of authority instead of a meek or shy tone. Confidence should not be confused with arrogance, which is a huge turnoff at the tables or anywhere else. Simply carry yourself with the knowledge that you’re a skilled player who can win any game, at any table, at any time.

Above all, be pleasant at the tables. The dealers and professionals are in the midst of their workdays. Which coworkers and customers do you serve best at work — those who are nice and have a good attitude, or those who are grumpy and obnoxious? Likely, you do your best for the nice ones, and do as little as possible for the crabs. Be the nice one and your fellow players and the dealer will cut you some slack if you make a mistake that they’d likely skewer you for if you were being a jerk.

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