Why Doubling Up Works

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It makes sense on the surface. When a gambler fails to get the result they want, they redouble

their efforts. They drop new chips on top of the old, and ride it out until they finally win. Is there

something more to this seemingly simple method? That question can be answered with a little

investigation and a little math.

The Gist

Doubling up works because so long as the bet increases enough, you can still earn your money

back as soon as you win. A starting bet of $5 becomes $10, then $20, then $40, followed by $80

then $160 then on and on until it finally pays off. The total winnings? $5. Doubling up on a loss

will only make as much as the original bet would have, no matter how much the bet goes up.

Doubling up also only works when a bet pays 2 to 1. If there are lower odds of winning, and a

higher payoff, then the bet will have to shoot much higher in order to make up for losses.

Why it Works

Doubling the bet is the easiest way of calculating the next bet down the line, but there is also

another way. If all the previous bets are added together plus the original bet, the results are the

same. In other words, the follow-up bets make up for the costs of each of the previous bets, plus

enough to make a profit if the bet wins. For example, a $5 bet loses, so you add the lost $5 plus a

new $5 to make $10. That loses, so you add the lost $10 to the original $5 plus an extra $5 to

make $20. That wins so you are rewarded $40, but minus all the money you lost in the previous

rounds, you finish only $5 ahead.

Why it’s Great

The best thing about doubling up is that so long as you can keep doubling up, you can always

make up for the losses and come out ahead. If nothing is stopping you from doubling up over and

over again until the bet goes through, you cannot lose.

Pitfall #1

A table limit can shut down a doubling up routine in a very tiresome way. The numbers stack up

very quickly, and can quickly pass into the hundreds or even the thousands from a low starting

bet like $5. Once the bet hits the cap, it’s over. The money can no longer be earned back in a

single bet. Instead of winning $5, you may lose hundreds.

Pitfall #2

When the table limit doesn’t get in the way, your wallet does. Everyone can only afford to

double up so many times before going broke. Once the numbers hit the point when there is

nothing left to lay on the table, the money is gone.

The Solution

Start small, and know how many times you can afford to double up before hitting the table limit

or the end of your budget. The more times you can afford to double up, the better. It may take a

long time to earn a substantial sum with small bets, but the ticket to success makes up for it.


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