Discover Your Lucky and Unlucky Days (For Gambling)

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When is the best day to take out the $100 betting chips? The secret to choosing the perfect time to

make a bet may lie within fundamental numerology. Using clever math, it is possible to align a

person’s luck with the day that they were born.

Finding Your Number

Long numbers may seem infinite, but the strongest numbers are only a single digit. Every birth

date can be reduced to a single number, and the good luck can be unlocked through the use of

that number. Finding this number is simple but life-changing.

Start with the day of the month that you were born.

Example: 3

This number cannot be reduced any further, meaning the key number is 8.

Example: 15.

1+5=6. This means that the key number is 6.

Example: 29


1+1=2. This means that the key number is 2.

The key number appears as the base number of every date that unlocks your full potential. If

your key number is 2, then the proper times to make a bet are on the 2nd , 12th , and 22nd . If your

key number is 5, the associated dates are the 5th , 15th , and 25th .

Balancing the Impact

The smallest lapse can take away from the potential of every unlocked day. This means that if

you take a significant risk on the 2nd of a month, you must also take the same level of risk on the

12th and 22nd . The risk has a slingshot effect. The more the rubber band is pulled, the farther it

launches. If each pull has equal strength, then the aim becomes sharp. Three strong and equal

pulls is the way to the bull’s eye.

Creating Counterbalance

Each key number has two to four unlocked days, depending on the month. In most cases, there

will be three. Each unlocked day has a counterbalance, or locked day. On these days, luck is no

longer on your side, and it is time to stay home and lay low as much as possible. These days

come exactly seven days after the unlocked days. For example, for the key number 2, the

unlocked days are the 2nd , 12th , and the 22nd , and the locked days are the 9th , 19th , and 29th . The

locked days also reveal another factor: the broken number.

Broken Numbers

Adding 7 to the key number and eliminating the starting number if needed reveals the broken

number. Like 2 is opposed to 9, 6 is opposed to 3 and 0 is opposed to 7. The broken number must

be avoided, especially on unlocked days. Betting on a broken number on an unlocked day is like

stretching out a rubber band before using it on the slingshot. It won’t be helping anyone.

Remember to keep the unlocked days balanced, and take full advantage of them. Beware the

broken numbers, and look out for trends when the winning streaks start.

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