Digging into Craps Superstitions

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As an energetic game with many highs and lows, and a crowd winning and losing as a

community, craps is surrounded by many unique superstitions. These superstitions do not pop up

at random. Each one is tied into the wants, needs, and worries of the players, and builds a

significant piece of the culture.

If there is one piece of craps culture that everyone needs to know, it’s that everyone picks the

pass line, and no one touches the don’t pass line. When a seven comes up, everyone loses. This is

true to such a degree that even the word, “seven,” is toxic. Just the sound of the word makes the

players shiver. Saying “seven” is a major taboo. Many players have the heartfelt belief that

uttering the number is a jinx, and may even walk away from the table if it is uttered.

Just like certain words seem to jinx a situation, certain situations seem to do the same. A lot of

the dialogue is surrounding the idea of virginity. A male who has never played the game before

setting his chips on the table is said to bring terrible luck. It’s not just the betting choices he

might make, it’s the feeling that comes to the people around the table when they find out

someone might not know what they are doing. Because everyone is betting on the same pair of

dice, dreading the same malevolent seven, a newbie at the table is not something anyone wants to


This jinx has a catch, however. While a man who doesn’t know what he’s doing may not go

well, women with the same level of experience are thought to bring a lot of luck to a craps game.

There are a few different explanations for this. One is that a young woman lifts everyone’s spirits

and the group plays together. It can also be said that women who are new to the game have some

sort of woe over the dice.

Finally, there is one last jinx just for sticklers. When the dice bounce, especially if they bounce

their way off the table, this is called bad luck. From the perspective of some, the bad luck only

lasts for this single throw. For others, the back luck continues to stack up every time a die hits

the floor.

Looking for good luck for your next craps game? Bring along a woman who hasn’t tried it out,

and always tip well.

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