Customer Service Horror Stories at the Casino

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Customer service is a super fun industry because the customer is always right and the

management always has the worker’s back. Nothing ever goes wrong, especially in a casino

where the customers lose lots of money, have near-infinite access to alcohol, and need someone

to take it out on. Actually, maybe customer service isn’t so glamorous after all.

Out of Order

People don’t become slot machine technicians because they’re good at dealing with people.

Technicians know how to check the history on a slot machine, check the interior for lost bills,

switch the machine on and off, and identify simple problems. Nothing could have prepared this

slot machine technician for what happened.

Glen was pulling a stuck dollar bill out of a slot machine when he was harassed by a customer.

She insisted that the machine ate her $20, so he politely took a look. He looked at the machine,

and saw it was empty. $20 had been inserted, and immediately withdrawn. When he said so, the

customer became irate and demanded to see his supervisor. The supervisor said the same. The

money had been inserted and withdrawn. The customer knew exactly what she was doing.

The customer left in a huff. The supervisor asked around, and found out the customer had tried

the same thing in every section of the casino.

Hungry for Drama

Every week, a casino concession stand receives a particular visitor. She is a big spender at the

casino, a platinum member, which means everyone must walk on thin ice whenever they talk to


Each and every time, she orders the same thing: a burger and fries with no ketchup, mustard,

pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, or onion. She grabs the order from the workers, takes one bite, and

demands to speak to the manager.

The customer insists the order is wrong and demands a new one, then sends it back. The workers

take the order back into the kitchen, throw it in the microwave, and hand it back to her. Then she

thanks the workers for the food and goes on her merry way.

The Fake-Out

Three men walk up to the bouncer at a casino gate, one of them looking a little bit younger than

the rest. The bouncer asks for ID, and the man hands him an ID saying he is 22. “How old are

you?” the bouncer asks. “17,” the man replies. He stops mid-sentence, blushes, takes his ID

back, and goes back to the car.

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