Soon We Can Control Casino Games with our Minds

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Since the first human volunteer dared to have a neural implant inserted into their head, science

has been scrambling to find all of the possibilities. Neural implants are censors that touch the

brain which can be used to interpret the same impulses that the human brain uses to walk, talk,

and even think. They may make people’s skin crawl, but these devices have been used for

tremendous feats.

The most well-received use discovered for neural implants has been medical. Patients who have

lost limbs have received robot limbs and neural implants to control these limbs. Rather than

moving around their limb like normal, patients imagine they are moving the limb, and the neural

implant receives the instructions just like the limb would have. The most groundbreaking use for

neural implants is much, much creepier. If the patient visualizes a word or shape, scientists are

able to see that word or shape depicted in the neural implant. Though a crude science so far, this

is the first step toward mind-reading and all that it takes is a highly invasive procedure placing a

chip inside the brain.

A less terrifying use is on its way, though. Neural implants can be used to control more than just

body parts. They can also be used to control a mouse on a computer screen, or an imaginary

finger on a tablet. In other words, neural implants let people control computers with their minds.

The neural implant technology needed to control a computer or tablet is expected to be much

cheaper and more compact than more complicated implants like ones that control complex body

movements and literally read thoughts. It’s still not known if or when neural implants will be

available to the public, or if their will only be accessible to those who truly need them.

Even if the chances are slim, there is still a distinct possibility that one day, we will be able to

control computers with our minds. These implants add a whole new dimension to online casino

gambling. The more complex the implants, the more information they are able to pick up.

Imagining words can work similarly to voice command, as the neural implant receives a picture

of the desired word. Simpler may be more secure, however.

The idea of controlling an online casino game with one’s mind is an exciting one. It may sound

like science fiction, but it is real and it is out there, even if it can’t be purchased at a department

store. Is it worth the risk? No one can say for sure.

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