How to Spruce Up Your At-Home Gambling Experience

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With seemingly endless lists of online casinos to choose from, it may feel like gambling online

will never get dull, but sometimes it just grows into a droll routine. Luckily, playing gambling

games through a computer opens up endless possibilities for improving the experience. With a

personal computer in place of a slot machine, it is possible to do things that would never be

possible or approved of inside the casino.

Chat online.

It may not be the night for a big outing, but you and your gambling buddies can still keep each

other entertained. It can be especially fun to play the same game together, especially if that game

has a multiplayer option like online poker or bingo. Some social gambling games have a

chatroom set up so that you and your friends can chat with new people.

Stream it.

Have an interesting game going? Everything is better with an audience. To get a crowd going,

livestream what is going on using a service like Twitch.TV. It is also fairly simple to live cast

through YouTube. There is the option of posting the link onto Facebook or Twitter, or just letting

a couple audience members trickle in and out. It’s like having a personal entourage to celebrate

every victory and laugh ecstatically at every loss.

Treat yourself.

Eating and drinking at home is much cheaper than it could have been at the casino, so it makes

sense to take advantage of that. It’s enjoyable to try different treats every time, which may

require planning ahead of time, but it’s worth it. If everything is set up before you start gambling,

it’s almost like being hand-delivered treats by a server or a host. Almost, but not exactly on the

mark. At least everything’s made the way you like it.

Screenshot the memories.

At the casino, there is rarely time to take out a phone and take a picture of a winning roll, hand,

or spin. It’s certainly not allowed to wave a camera around while the other players are waiting

impatiently and trading suspicious glances. Online, there is always time. It may be fun to start an

album. The album doesn’t need to be just for successful games, either. Anything carrying a

memory, good or bad, is worth holding onto. At the casino, documenting important moments

would be nearly impossible, but at home, taking and saving pictures is easier than ever.


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How to Keep the Jackpot

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Hordes of people enter numerous casino every day hoping to make the big win. A jackpot in Powerball has been known to be worth more than 500 million dollars, and it is possible to win millions just from a dollar slot machine. A lucky bet at roulette can multiply anyone’s money by 32, and a lottery win often means millions of dollars. The question is how certain jackpot winners keep the wealth without letting it wither into debt.

 Burning a Hole in the Pocket

The biggest problem jackpot winners face is the drive to spend all of their money. It is tempting to buy large, luxurious items that can never be sold, and will never gain value. The worst offenders are golden statues and portraits, things that nobody besides the winner could possibly want. Other big purchases, too, are fun but not really a good idea in the long run. The desire to have things just to have things has been the end of many jackpot winners.

 Giving it all Away

When someone wins the lottery, news travels fast. Unemployed friends, broke cousins, fatigued parents, and everyone else the winner might know who craves a little money will come flocking from all directions. It’s only natural to desire a little piece of a much bigger prize, but there is danger in giving money away too easily. A multimillion jackpot can be whittled away $1,000 at a time. It may be unpleasant, but a hard heart makes the winnings last.

 Calling it Quits

Sometime jackpot winners take one look at the money and figure they will never have to work again. They quit their jobs and burn the bridges, then slowly burn the funds away. Then purchases and taxes burn the money away and there is nothing left.


Making an Investment

It’s sad to say, but sometimes the least extravagant option is the best. Many successful jackpot winners from land-based or online casinos take their money and purchase a house. The money is enough to purchase a new property, or pay off the mortgage of the current house. Even if the market wavers from time to time, real estate is a smart market and a great way to keep the money while also benefiting from it. That being said, the house must be built to last, and there is no sense buying a house that comes with an unpayable mortgage, even if it is nicer to live in.

Another option is to invest in a company, or even start one, but this requires skills and cannot be pulled off by just anyone. Take guidance from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs. Keeping some of the earnings in stocks and savings is also a good way to go.

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How to Set a Budget for Online Gambling

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Want to try your hand at getting rich without digging too deep into your pockets? It is easy to go overboard without a budget set out, but once it is established, all of the stress about gambling losses fades away.

The first question is how often you want to go gambling. If you like to gamble at you top online casinos every evening, you must set a budget that you can afford to lose every night. If online gambling is more of an occasional thing, say a big outing once a month, then a certain amount of money can be tucked away for the big event.

The second question is how much spending money there is to work with. Most people have at least a rough idea of how much they can afford to spend during a given week or month to month. Nobody wants to spend every last dime on gambling. There would be nothing left for new gadgets or a night out. If you plan to go gambling once a week, you may choose to budget as much as you would be willing to spend on a single night out. If you plan to gamble every evening, it shouldn’t cost any more than your lunch. The gambling budget should be a portion of the spending budget, since there is no way to tell if the money will be stacking up or slipping away.

Sometimes it’s hard to walk away after a hard night. When luck is not on your side and you end up with empty pockets, the last thing you want to do is step out of bounds and put in more money. The budget is a safeguard against dangerous gambling, and the line must not be crossed. After a miserable losing streak, it is easier to walk away if you have something to draw you away. It has been shown that a positively reinforced routine can mitigate temptation. Before logging in or entering the casino, think of something pleasant to end the night with. Whatever it is, it will help to keep the budget in line.

The final question is what to do with gambling earnings. One option is to turn earnings into extra spending money. Since it is written off anyway, it’s alright for gambling winnings to be used as a treat. Another option is to build up gambling winnings in a savings account. This way, online gambling can become both fun and resourceful. If it’s possible to have fun earning money, why not do it? The most important rule is to make sure gambling never burns a hole in your pocket, and to only bet what you can afford.

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Mobile Gaming: Three Big Questions

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As we all know by now, mobile gambling is becoming the hot new trend in the industry. As more and more people use smartphones, more and more people are using them to play at their favorite online casino.

We’re going to take a look at the three big questions you’re probably asking yourself as you try and catch onto this new wave of online gambling.

What’s the current state of the mobile gambling industry?

In 2015, 2 billion people around the world are using a smartphone and 83% of all global Internet use is accessed through a smartphone or tablet.
How do those numbers pertain to gambling? Well, 20% of all mobile users are using their devices to access gambling apps or websites. Of the total casino market in 2015, 35% will come from a mobile device. To put that into contrast, that number was 3% in 2012.
Needless to say, with the rising numbers just in the last five years alone, it’s safe to say that the current state of mobile gambling is as big as it’s ever been.

How big can mobile gambling get?

It’s believed that over the next five years, approximately 100 million users will be gambling in some form through their mobile devices. In that same timeframe, the total dollar amount of bets placed through a mobile device is expected to eclipse $100 billion.
Additionally, when you factor in the prevalence of Wi-Fi and larger mobile networks, access to the Internet has never been easier. The desire for the player to play, coupled with the convenience factor of gambling whenever and wherever they are, will allow for the biggest evolution in the history of mobile gambling over the next five years.

What is the number one mobile casino in the United States?

This will often come down to preference, but as we stand here in June 2015, the number one mobile casino in the United States is Silver Oak Casino. With over 120 games, availability across all 50 states, a $4,000 signup bonus, and the highest payout percentage at 97.65%, Silver Oak caters to both neophyte and experienced players.
Honorable mentions: Slots.LV, Cool Cat, and Captain Jack

Gambling Games with Friends: From Team-Builders to Friendship-Killers

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Slot Machine GuideNothing beats gambling with friends, until things get ugly. Some games stick everyone together

into one hopeful pool, while others launch one friend to victory and another into the pit.


It might require a trip to the casino, but it’s worth it. It doesn’t matter if everyone has been

friends for years or just go to work together, a trip down Pass Line Lane is a sure success.

Walking home rich or with empty pockets, everyone will share the same laughs, the same sighs,

and the same tears of joy. Just stick to the pass line. Nobody wants to see someone else winning

when they lose.


Has blood ever been drawn over a bingo game? Probably. Still, there is a sense of comradery

between players who are winning because of similar numbers. It doesn’t even have to be the

same numbers. Suzy could come close to winning with a 27 and Sally could take the cake with a

28. There’s a feeling as if the two players helped each other out and won together, even if no

such thing actually took place.

Sports Betting

What’s a friendly wager between friends when the two teams are safely miles away in a state no

one really cares about? Just watch a game, pick a team based on their colors, and see who wins.

True, there are winners and there are losers, but at least no one’s feelings get hurt.


Now things get interesting. Taking home the dough at a poker night requires more than just luck,

it requires tricking friends and walking home with their money. Most of the time, everyone

reminds each other that it’s all fun and games, but every now and then a sore loser rears its ugly

head. But who can blame them? One of their friends just conned them out of their money.

Local Sports Betting

Hell hath no fury like a sports fan scorned. Betting on local teams has everything to offer. The

stakes are high, everyone already has a favorite team and maybe a few favorite players, and it’s

even affordable to see the game in person. It’s all well and good until two friends, fans of rival

teams, go to war over a rival game. Relationships that could have lasted a lifetime meet their fate

every time one of these dreaded games come up. Sometimes it’s best to keep the money tucked

away and the lips sealed so each friend can cheer and mourn in private.

Poker: How to Spot a Cheater

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A poker night with a cheater in the room does not make anyone’s day. The game becomes unfair

and imbalanced, and all of the fun goes away with the rules. Luckily, there are numerous ways to

spot a cheater, and easy methods to keep the game fair. This is a list of the most common types

of poker cheats and how to prevent them.

1. Marked Cards

Even if you are using your own deck, it is possible that someone has marked or is marking the

cards. The quickest way to mark a card during a game is to pinch the card between the thumb

and index finger, creating a mark with the fingernail. Cards can also be marked by folding over

the edges or scuffing the backs. The safest way to play is with a brand new deck that you know

hasn’t been tampered with, and keep an eye out for new markings as the game progresses.

Providing a new deck out of a sealed package will allow everyone to rest easy.

2. Shuffling Cheat

By keeping one or two particular cards at the top of the deck, a cheater can hold onto a lovely

pair of aces for the next round. It can be difficult to tell if a dealer is doing this, but the problem

can be mitigated by taking turns shuffling and always cutting the deck for each other.

3. Switching Out Cards

A deft-handed cheater can switch out their pocket cards with a new pair. They may have long,

loose sleeves for hiding their cards and fingers in, or accessible pockets for keeping cards in.

They may also cause a distraction or keep their cards out of sight. The best way to avoid this

problem is to have all of the players keep their cards on the table.

4. Dealing Cheat

There is a reason the dealer is required to pass out cards to everyone else first. It is too easy to

place a valuable card at the top of the deck and then keep it. If the dealer does anything strange,

from holding the deck strangely to passing out cards from both the bottom and the top, this is

suspicious behavior that might mean you have a cheater on your hands. A great way to mitigate

dealing cheats is to place a Joker at the bottom of the deck so everyone must deal in the same

safe way.

5. Prepared Deck

By organizing all of the cards in a particular order and refusing to shuffle, it is possible for a

player to sneak in a deck they cannot possibly lose with. The cheater may claim to have already

shuffled, or just start dealing and hope no one speaks up. It’s important to witness the shuffle

every time, and speak up if it doesn’t happen.

5 Amazing Things about Las Vegas

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  1. Free Booze

So long as you’re gambling on the Las Vegas strip, drinks are free. Not just at the high-end poker tables, either. The drinks will even find you at the penny slots, so long as the tips keep flowing. A large tip isn’t needed, either, just about $1 per drink. The most amazing complementary drinks can be found at the Wynn, including brand name tequila and mojitos. The alcohol may not help with guests’ gambling prowess, but it will save some money for the rest of the night.

  1. High Roller Rewards

At most casinos outside of the Vegas strip, the most anyone can offer a high roller is a free meal and drink tickets. In the big city, on the other hand, high rollers are given show tickets, hotel room upgrades, and whatever they need as incentive to keep them in the city. The best part is lucky gamblers can be given the same awards just by carrying around expensive chips, with no intention of betting them. At any rate, if those hefty chips end up leaving the player’s hands, at least that means more fun in Vegas.

  1. The Craps Crowd

There is no other city in the world where the experience of playing craps with a group of friendly strangers is more iconic. Seasoned players and rookies alike place their bets on the pass line. When they win, they cheer together. When they lose, they all get quiet. Everyone wins and loses together, in the fantastical town of Las Vegas. The same experience simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  1. The Attractions

What other casinos can you think of that are a block away from a theme park? How about a theme park for every building? What about theme parks, swimming pools, museums, trampolines, and bank-breaking fashion shops? The fact is this: there is no place in the world that is quite like Vegas.

  1. The Whole World

It’s difficult to think about Las Vegas without remembering the giant hotel shaped like a pyramid, with a giant Sphynx comparable to the real one in Egypt. What about the river with gondolas carrying guests from the casino to the spa, or the near-constant performance of Greek gods drawing guests to Caesar’s Palace? There is a small piece of every part of the world that can be found in this city.

Windowless Cabins: The Jet of the Future

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While the prospect of flying without a window may not initially sound like the wisest of ideas, the engineers at Spike Aerospace are committed to making windowless jets a reality. Rather than having physical windows, a structural weakness for an aircraft, their new jets will contain digital displays that will project live feeds of the outside views to passengers. The new Spike Aerospace S-512 supersonic jet will be the first windowless private jet available to the public, and offers up a surprising array of benefits to clients thanks to its unique design.

Lowering Cost, Upping Efficiency

Windows add several factors for an engineer to consider when designing an aircraft. They require a lot of additional support structures built throughout the frame to ensure that they won’t become a safety issue. By eliminating windows, Spike Aerospace has managed to lower the overall parts count of their jet, which will lower the manufacturing cost as well, all while improving the safety of the design. Better yet, a lack of windows will reduce drag for the S-512, leading to increased fuel efficiency and lower considerations for maintenance. This last portion is particularly appealing, as the costs of keeping a private jet fueled and ready to go can be considerable.

Increasing Traveler Comfort

Sleeping on a plane can be difficult, as most blinds never seem to fully block out the light. With video windows in lieu of physical ones, travelers have the option of either blocking out the outside view entirely, or replacing it with media of their choice. Such screens could allow a passenger to watch movies, view photos of their families, or serve as a digital projector for reviewing important business documents. The technology isn’t entirely new, just the vehicle it’s used in. The Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas currently offers such video windows to passengers staying in interior staterooms that lack an ocean view.

Reducing Travel Time

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling for business can be the incredibly long flights and associated jet leg. This can really wear down employees, but the S-512 won’t be contributing to that problem. Although the FAA has currently banned supersonic flights over the US, no such prohibition exists for international waters, allowing companies with such a jet a fantastic way to cut down on travel times. The lack of windows helps streamline the jet and thus increase its speed, allowing owners to shave off countless hours of travel and jet lag. With a cruising speed of Mach 1.6, the S-512 can fly from LA to Tokyo in five hours.

The innovations that Spike Aerospace hopes to bring to the market will offer up an entirely new way to experience air travel, and will very likely soon be adapted by other engineering firms toward additional forms of transportation in the near future. By lowering fuel and manufacturing costs through improved efficiency, adding more options to improve a traveler’s comfort, and cutting out large portions of travel time, the windowless S-512 will quite possibly become the most appealing private jet yet.

What You Need to Know About Quantum Computing

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If you think technology is fast now, just wait until quantum computing becomes commonplace. A quantum computer is a supercomputer that works off principles of classic and quantum mechanics to perform several tasks simultaneously. Quantum computers were first proposed by British physicist David Deutsch in 1985, and his research has paved the way for these super computers to become a reality. Take a look at how quantum computing works and what applications it has for the future.

The Difference Between Quantum Computing and Current Computing Technology

The computers we are used to today store information as “bits” with values of zero or one, but quantum computers store information as “qubits,” which have values of zero, one, and other states in between. This makes quantum computing significantly faster than current computing technology. Quantum computers can do several things at once, whereas current computers are limited.

Quantum computers can factorise two large numbers into two prime numbers. This is important because all encryption is based on this method. Basically, quantum computers can de-encrypt faster than has ever been possible. They do pretty much everything else faster, too.

The First Quantum Computer

Image via Flickr by David Orban

Quantum computers are not going to look like the desktops and laptops we’re used to. According to Dr Ruth Oulton of Bristol University, they’ll probably take up entire rooms at first until a quantum chip is developed for use in desktops and laptops. D-Wave is the first firm to sell a “supposed” quantum computer. It comes at a price tag of $10 million and takes up a significant amount of room.

Google bought a quantum computer from D-Wave and so did defense contractor Lockheed Martin. Of course, people are still debating whether D-Wave’s computer is truly quantum; however, researchers at the University of Southern California believe it’s the real deal. Either way, it is definitely one step closer to faster computing and more advancements in technology.

How Quantum Computing Will Change the World

Quantum computing is going to revolutionize technology. Everything will run faster, which opens up all sorts of possibilities. Technology has already changed the way people live their lives, but it’s not done yet. Take a look at some of the potential benefits of quantum computing on the world.

  • Detect cancer and other illnesses early to increase survival rate
  • Develop more effective drugs to prevent breakouts
  • Personalize advertising and stimulate consumer spending to help the economy
  • Analyze voter preferences to win elections and analyze campaigns
  • Make air traffic safer for travelers
  • Explore distant planets and even solar systems by telescope
  • Help vehicles drive themselves to prevent traffic accidents
  • Predict weather patterns to warn people of natural disasters faster
  • Perform genome sequencing to prevent illnesses

Quantum computers can handle any task. In the future, you’ll never have to wait for a website to load and quantum computing will affect your life in several other ways. Of course, we’re still a few years off before any of this becomes a reality. Once quantum computing becomes mainstream, your world is going to change.


VR and Beyond: What You Need to Know About the Oculus Rift

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Life is rough, which is why you need to find a way to relax and have fun. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could escape into a virtual reality, even if only for 30 minutes every once in a while? This is possible with the Oculus Rift visor by VR. If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, take a look at all of its possibilities for the future.

What is the Oculus Rift?

Image via Flickr by Global Panoraa

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality visor that provides an immersive gaming experience. Virtual reality gaming is not a new idea, but the Oculus Rift is the first device to come close to a real-life experience. The project was founded in 2012 by VR and funded for $2.4 million on Kickstarter. Now, the company is owned by Facebook.

With the current technology, most Oculus Rift games turn into 3D cockpits and other environments that have minimal change. This helps make the experience more real. With time, Oculus Rift games will get better and have fewer limitations. The acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook is a move in the right direction to make this happen. Plus, we’ll probably see social media incorporation because of it.

What Games Can You Play with the Oculus Rift?

Right now, the Oculus Rift is mainly used as a gaming device. Several of the games are multi-player, which could be the next big thing on social media. Take a look at some of the most popular games available today.

  • Titans of Space: Tour several planets and stars and experience the scale of everything in the solar system.
  • Hawken: Drive around in a machine as you play this multi-player shooter game.
  • Inition: Walk your way across a plank that is suspended above the earth.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: Drive a truck, pick up cargo, and complete missions.
  • Team Fortress 2: Duke it out in this multi-player shooter game. It offers one of the best experiences because you can see your body if you look down. It’s similar to Half-Life 2.

Some other great Oculus Rift games include Lunar Flight, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Slender: The Arrival, Minecraft, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Dear Esther, and Elite: Dangerous.

What’s Next for Oculus Rift?

Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion, so users can expect more social media interaction with this device in the future. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to promote virtual reality beyond gaming. For instance, people could use Oculus Rift to overcome post-traumatic stress and phobias.

The Oculus Rift visor could be used to train employees, especially those that work in hazardous environments. Just imagine the impact in the medical field if doctors could practice procedures, such as brain surgery, before ever touching a patient. Tours of historic sites or college campuses would also be a breeze thanks to the Oculus Rift visor.

The Oculus Rift is expensive — about $350 — which is why it isn’t mainstream yet; however, it could become as popular as the Xbox or Nintendo Wii. Have you experienced the Oculus Rift?