iPhone Online Casino Users, it’s Time to Switch to Android

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Everything seemed great for the iPhone just months ago, but its time in the spotlight may be

coming to an end. It may be time to stop investing time and money into iPhone gambling games,

and move on to something more sturdy.

The reason may be hard to believe. Early this September, iPhone users were clambering over

each other to attain the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The brand new iPhone 6S Plus was unveiled

with an unprecedented 5.5″ screen, dimensions unseen in the 21st century.

Cell phones had been shrinking since their creation in 1973. Once phones finally fit comfortably

in the pocket, designers had nowhere to go but up. Now the latest phones are built for purses and

cargo pants. Asus coined the name “FonePad,” which aptly describes their 8″ monstrosities. It

didn’t matter to the public, however. Once the iPhone 6S Plus came out, there was nothing

stopping them from purchasing what was (at the time) the one smart phone with the largest

screen in the world.

An iPhone bent. Possibly only a single iPhone, possibly only once, possibly by no fault of the

manufacturer, an iPhone bent and the internet had a field day. A “bend test” YouTube video

went viral and attracted almost five million viewers in a single day.

When disaster struck, Apple set up a breakability test and found the new 6S Plus was even

sturdier than the 5S. Even Snopes took Apple’s side, but users continued to insist that the phones

were bending in their front pockets due to the phone’s elasticity and enormous size.

In the end, it was the so-called “bendgate” or “bendghazi” that drove once-devoted iPhone users

away. iPhone sales fell 1.5 million units below expectations last quarter, and are expected to

slump in this current quarter. Not only are iPhone sales dropping but Mac and tablet sales are

falling as well. The once beloved iPhone’s image is dwindling, and it is all because the creators

dreamed too big and reached too far.

If you are considering buying a new iPhone or making any large in-app purchases, this may be

the time to consider other options. Luckily, online casinos with an iPhone app almost always

have a matching one on the Android, and the switch will be a smooth if potentially painful one.

Unless Apple truly blows our minds away with the iPhone 7, the corporate giant may be making

room for new phones to step in.

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4 Lucky Colors and What They Mean

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What you wear may affect your gambling odds. Find the color that fits your goals at the online


Red: Prosperity

For the gambling enthusiast, red is the most classic and reliable color, coming from Chinese

tradition. More than just wealth, the prosperity that red symbolizes means a wholesome way of

life. It may not even mean riches at all, just a comfortable living and hard work to keep it up. For

immense riches, you may have to look elsewhere. For something that lasts, this is the color to


Alternative Meaning: Romance

It’s getting frisky at the gaming tables. One of the most popular ways to get good luck out of the

color, red, is to wear red underwear. See how two and two go together? It can make for a very

fun night.

Green: Luck

Not just for gamblers, green covers every aspect of good luck in every part of life. From Irish

folklore, green has made its footprint in American tradition and become something new. For

good luck in every situation, green is there. For something more focused, keep on shopping.

Alternative Meaning: Money

Nothing is green like cash. Actual cash is actually a pale sort of light green, but whenever dollar

bills show up in a game or as an icon on a computer, they are always a bright, glorious green.

Tempting? Go green.

Gold: Wealth

When it comes to gold levels of wealth, the focus is no longer on just ordinary money. Gold-

based wealth goes back to a time when riches were a birthright and working was for the poor.

Gold-based wealth is so much more than money-based wealth could ever be, because it never

goes away. On the other hand, it goes back to a time before dental hygienists.

Alternative Meaning: Fool’s Gold

Unless you are opening your favorite online casino while decked in authentic 18k gold, the color

is bound to look a little fake. Cheap gold-colored clothing looks and feels cheap, and is probably

not doing you any favors impressing anyone.

White: Perfection

Are you going for an amazing play of craps or a long winning streak? As a symbol of purity in

many ways, white embraces the ideal of no mistakes and nothing gone wrong. Perhaps with the

right use of white clothing and trinkets, this wish could even come true.

Alternative Meaning: Purity

White symbolizes many things including honesty, integrity, and goodness. Perhaps following the

same path that white entails will help with reaching perfection.

70 Ways to Say Good Luck

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Keep it simple.

Want to keep it secular, or cut the idea of luck out of the mix? Tired of saying the same thing

over and over? Here are a few go-tos.

Break a leg.

Use your head.

Be careful.

Knock ‘em dead.

You’ll do great.

Let me know how it went.

Blow them away.

Best wishes.

Fingers crossed.

Do your best.

Quote something.

The old bards said it best. Why say “good luck” the traditional way when you can reference

something brilliant?

Live long and prosper. (Star Trek)

Have fun storming the castle! (The Princess Bride)

Good premises. (Ayn Rand)

Go forth and conquer. (Arthur O’Shaughnessy 1874, unconfirmed)

Fortune favors the bold. (Latin Proverb)

Be British (Captain Smith of the Titanic, apocryphal)

Use another language.

Luck is wished on people in different ways in different places. “Schwein haben” is a personal

favorite which literally means, “have pigs.”

Buena suerte. (Spanish: Good luck.)

Viel Glück. (German: Good luck.)

Alles Gute. (German: All the best.)

Schwein haben. (German: Have pigs/Have good fortune.)

Bonne chance. (French: Good luck.)

Buona fortuna. (Italian: Good fortune.)

In bocca al lupo. (Italian: In the mouth of the mother wolf/Be safe.)

Jūk néih hóuwahn. (Cantonese: Good luck.)

Gokoūn o inorimasu. (Formal Japanese: Good luck.)

Ganbatte. (Informal Japanese: Do your best.)

kalí tíhi. (Greek: Good luck.)

İyi şanslar. (Turkish: Good luck.)

Bol şans. (Turkish: Break a leg.)

Saubhāgya. (Hindi: Good fortune.)

Bi’t-tawfiq. (Arabic: Good fortune.)

Call on a higher power.

It doesn’t have to be God, but at least in this list, it’s mostly God. Check the next section for

other religious and spiritual ideas.


God be with you.


Give a gift.

Some good luck gifts are common yet full of meaning. Others are rare and expensive yet

meaningless to the receiver. The goal is to find the gift that means the most to the one who will

receive it.

Four leaf clover (Irish)

Acorn (Norse)

Rainbow (Judeo-Christian)

Amber (New Age)

Shooting star symbol (New Age)

Bamboo (Chinese)

Rabbit’s foot (Hoodoo)

Wishbone (Ancient Etruscan)

Goldfish (Buddhist)

Dolphin miniature/picture (European sailors)

Beckoning cat miniature/picture (Japan)

Horseshoe (Saint Dunstan 959)

Lucky penny (England)

3 keys (Ancient Greece)

Dream catcher (Ojibwe Native Americans)

Laughing Buddha miniature/picture (Buddhist)

Cross (Christian)

Birth stone (Judo-Christian)

Use good luck herbs.

Make a pouch of herbs to carry in a pocket, sprinkle it into food, or hold it in your hand and blow

it onto your friend’s face. Results may vary.





Rose hips





Provide a good luck snack.

When a friend or group of friends will be at the casino all day, or they do not have time or the

frame of mind to make a meal, a little food goes a long way, especially when that food is hand-

picked for good luck.

Long noodles (Asia)

Lentils (Italy)

Pomegranates (Mediterranean)

Black-eyed peas (Southern United States)

Fish (Around the world)

Take action.

Actions speak louder than words.

Knock on wood. (German)

Throw salt over your shoulder. (Christian)

Cross your fingers. (Western Europe)

And finally…

Good luck!

How to Play Dreidel

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With just a few days left of the Hanukkah week, its high time to get the dreidel rolling. The rules

are simple, and the game lasts as long as the chips keep flying.

I can hear you asking: Wait, but isn’t dreidel a religious game? I don’t want to offend anybody.

Well, that’s not exactly true. True, dreidels mostly make the rounds during Hanukkah, but the

game did not originate within Jewish culture.

Starting out, dreidel was actually an English game called teetotum. The spinning top was the

same shape with the same rules with slightly different symbols, Latin instead of Hebrew. Just

like with dreidel, the four symbols mean “nothing,” “half,” “everything,” and “put in.”

What you need:

1. A dreidel.

2. Poker chips (or other small objects).

3. Awesome friends.

1. Several awesome friends gather at a table and set out their chips. About 10-15 chips per player

makes for the best game length.

2. To start each round, each player places a chip in the pot.

3. One by one, every player spins the dreidel.

נ (nun): Do nothing.

ג (gimel): Take everything in the pot.

ה (hay): Take half of the pot, rounded up if there is an odd number.

ש (shin): Place one chip in the pot, saying “shin, shin, put one in.”

At the very end of their turn, the player places a chip in the pot no matter what happened before.

4. When a player runs out of chips, they may ask another player for more.

5. The group continues to play until one player owns all the chips.

Optional rule: When rolling “shin,” place three chips in the pot instead of one.

More on dreidel:

There are more than a few theories about the true meaning of the dreidel and what it was used

for. The possibilities are real. The dreidel may have been used to preserve the last vestiges of

Jewish belief, just in case the worst happened. Here is how.

1. The four symbols on the dreidel together are “nun gimel hay shin,” an abbreviation for “nes

gadol haya sham,” meaning “A great miracle happened there.” In Israel, one of the letters is

switched out to mean “A great miracle happened here.”

2. By analyzing the letters on the dreidel numerologically, the term “mashiach,” meaning

“messiah,” can be drawn out. In fact, the dreidel may be used to communicate in code as each

Hebrew letter has a numerological equivalent.

Is there a deeper meaning behind the dreidel? Who’s to say, but you know what’s more fun than

pondering the truth behind an unknowable question? Playing dreidel.

A One-in-a-Million Chance for Good Luck

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What would you do with a million dollars? There are a lot of answers to this question, but

probably no one would say they would tear the money into paper mache and turn it into a statue.

Interestingly enough, that is exactly what happened to create a one-of-a-kind statue of Hotei, an

ancient Buddhist figure said to bring good fortune. It is said that anyone who rubs Hotei’s belly

and makes a wish will be blessed with extremely good luck.

The jolly, even-natured Buddha was once a real person who ate, slept, and walked around like

the rest of us. Legend says Hotei was often found carrying a cloth sack full of food and treasures

which he handed to everyone in need. In life, he was a monk and a hermit, but according to

belief, he is still out there looking out for anyone who seeks his help.

It’s no small surprise that when the American government tossed more than $1,000,000 worth of

old, unusable dollar bills, someone was there to pick it up and turn it into a statue of this giving

person. Statues of Hotei can be found in nearly any Chinese restaurant, but only one of them

stands out quite as much as this one. Luckily, it’s easy to track down.

The one-million-dollar statue of Hotei can be found on the second floor of the Ripley’s Believe It

or Not! Museum in Times Square, New York. Guests are invited, even encouraged to rub the

statue’s belly and make a wish.

As the sign says, “this may be your only chance to get your hands on a million dollars.” Punny as

that is, one would hope that making the trip to New York City to touch the statue in the first

place might turn the tables a little bit.

Barring a trip to New York, there is always the friendly neighborhood Hotei statue. Hotei is

recognizable through his plump figure and laughing pose. Statues of Hotei are often found in

stores and restaurants owned by people following Buddhist or Taoist traditions. This means east

Asia including China, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Statues of Hotei are

often called Buddha statues or the laughing Buddha. Chances are if the statue is laughing, it is

Hotei, as other Buddhist figures tend to have a more serious demeanor.

Wherever Hotei is ultimately found, remember to rub his belly and make a wish. If the sayings

are true, a new wave of good luck is sure to come.

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Get Spooked by Pirate Isle

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Here comes the slot machine we’ve all been waiting for, with dynamic and creative prizes,

stackable perks, and animations for every single symbol. This well-made pirate adventure game

allows players to explore a treasure map, discover keys, unlock chests, and live the life of an

animated, albeit 2-dimensional pirate.

Pirate Isle is fun, and not just as a slot machine, but as a game. It is up to the player where to go

and what to do as they rush to outrun the dreaded Ghost Pirate. Just like an RPG, Pirate Isle has a

beginning, a middle, and multiple possible endings. The ultimate ending can only be unlocked if

all five Treasure Keys are discovered and returned to the Ghost Pirate in return for 300 free


At a certain point between exploring a map and unlocking treasure chests, Pirate Isle ceases to be

a slot machine and starts to become something more. There may not be a word for it yet, but

Pirate Isle has truly reinvented itself. So far as the classic slot machine look and gameplay, this

game follows through with fully animated symbols.

The gameplay is buzzing with different winning combinations. The skeleton keys count not only

as wild cards but also toward free spins. Treasure chests are an easy way to earn free spins, but

they also provide real treasure in the right combinations. Spinning for three galleons triggers a

whole new level of gameplay potential. It is tough to go wrong when there is so much to win.

It may not happen often, but a secret level called the Broadside Feature is unlocked when certain

conditions are met. First, the player must be playing the Extra Bet. Next, the player must spin

and receive three or more Galleons. When this happens, the Broadside Feature is unleashed and

the game transforms.

During the broadside feature, the betting potential multiplies by five for every line. The player

may then compete to reach the top of the prize ladder, increasing the prizes. The player at the

very top of the prize ladder receives the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot.

All of this may seem like a lot to handle, but it all comes together in the gameplay. Pirate Isle is

the place to be for an undoubtedly, unceasingly fun experience and a step into something new.

The dreaded Ghost Pirate is waiting for new visitors to arrive.

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The Big Life Moments that Gambling Prepares Us For

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Nothing beats the rollercoaster rush of an exciting night with money on the line, but it’s not all

fun and games. The rush of winning may be great, but it is chasing the tail of crushing defeat.

When a winning streak starts, a little voice whispers, “Keep going, keep going,” until nothing

stands in the player’s way except a slowly unveiling card. What if we could find some sort of

purpose to the little losses in gambling games, a higher meaning that makes them more than just

a bad day? The crushing moments may seem like the worst that things get, but they can actually

help people to cope with other problems later on.

1 take a look at the site here. From the Left Field

Sometimes a player is standing at the blackjack table with a 21 in hand. They are simply waiting

to reveal and collect the winnings when another player turns over their cards: a 21 combination

with a slightly higher card. Feel cheated? Feel robbed? Take a hold of this feeling and conquer it

because it may be coming back a second time. Whether an unpopular coworker grabs the

promotion you were expecting or a friend starts dating the person you liked, no one wants to be

surprised. At least the experience from gambling will help with the coping process.

2. The Big Crash

One winning bet, and things are good. Two winning bets, and you’re on a roll. Three winning

bets, and it’s a streak. Four winning bets, and you’re unstoppable. Five winning bets, and it’s

unreal. Push all of your chips onto the sixth bet, and you lose, being left empty-handed. This

kind of letdown is no fun for players, but so long as it’s just spending money, it’s not the end of

the world. The real deal is getting dumped, losing a job, getting the car totaled, or any kind of

dreaded loss. Losing after a streak of good luck is hard to walk away from, but in the long run, it

will make it easier to walk away from other things.

3. Making a Bet

When all bets are off, there is no telling what the next card will be, or what the spinner will land

on, or what the dice will bring. The only thing that’s certain is that it’s crunch time, and a simple

choice of where to place the poker chips will have a decisive effect. These decisions are hard, but

they get easier. They even get easier when they are a choice of whether to move, whether to take

a job, whether to break up, whether to get surgery, or any one of a million things that people

stress over in life.

The next time you have a bad experience at a casino, remember that at least it was worth

something. And perhaps a good experience will come around soon.


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Get to Know Baccarat

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Many people only know about baccarat from the James Bond franchise, but it is a surprisingly

common game that is easy to learn. Playing a round is a lot like picking between red and black

on roulette, except there are only three options when playing baccarat, and all of the choices in a

roulette game take an entire table to display. Baccarat is a quick game that couldn’t be simpler,

and there is a simple reason why januvia generic.

Just like blackjack, baccarat is a game of adding up the values of cards and trying to get the

highest one. The difference is all of the mulling over whether to hit or stand are completely out

of the player’s hands. The deck automatically hits when the cards are low, and stands when the

cards are high. The game gets even simpler on the computer, where the player presses the button

and then the whole game is over in a flash.

To win, the player must predict which hand will have the highest value. There is no math to it,

just random chance mixed in with a little bit of statistics. There are two hands to pick from: the

player hand and the banker hand. Naturally, the banker hand has a bit of an edge. The difference

is the player can actually bet on the banker hand and make the dealer bet on the player hand.

There is a small tax for betting on banker, but not to worry. The house edge has been calculated

out, and the banker hand is still the better bet.

There is a lot of fluff around who gets to deal and who bet the most, but there’s no need to worry

about all that, since none of it goes into winning or losing. There is also a long list of strange and

complicated rules about when the player and banker hands automatically stand, but that’s for the

dealer to worry about. Better yet, it’s for the computer to worry about. Online, all of the filler

goes away and all that’s left is pressing a button to win or lose.

Of course, there is one final option. The player can predict that the decks will tie. This is a

terrible idea. The odds almost never work out to cause a tie, and the payoff just isn’t worth the

risk. It’s always nice to have choices, though.

Ignoring all of the strange rules on who deals and when, and the even stranger rules on how

many cards end up on the table, baccarat is a sure and simple game. The trick to taking the best

odds is simple, too. Just bet banker.


Try it today at Royal Ace Casino

How Live Video Transforms Online Gambling

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Let’s be honest. Online gambling is many things. It’s convenient, it’s flexible, and it’s chock full

of options, but without a real human dealer to interact with, the little subtleties that keep

gambling fun are entirely lacking. When using a basic gaming interface, gamblers just see a set

of buttons and a picture of the results, usually with a quick animation of dice rolling or a wheel

spinning. These bare minimum gambling games get the job done, but are lacking in style.

Take blackjack for example. The player has two options: hit and stand. Inside every simple

blackjack interface, there are two buttons to press, and then the game goes forth. What the game

is lacking is all of the many different ways that the player can say to hit or stand.

When playing in real life, a player’s options are limitless. A “stand” can look like anything from

a quick wave of the hands to saying, “I’ll keep it.” Each way of expressing the same move says a

different thing. Other players can feel pity for a player who was just hit with a 10, or grin as a

player flips over their cards. The dealer can read the player’s mood and provide advice,

encouragement, and support. There is more to a casino game than hitting and standing, calling

and raising, but this social side to gambling can be hard to find.

Some advanced and creative online casinos have already found a solution to part of the problem.

At Silver Oak Casino, gamblers can watch a real person play dealer and dole out actual cards to

the players. These cards are comically oversized so that they can appear clearly on the video

feed. Users can talk to the dealer through a microphone. What this innovation brings is an

opportunity to interact in a more personalized way. Players can say “hit” or “stand” in infinite

ways, and because there is a professional dealer on the other side, the dealer will more than

likely understand.

The next step is adding gestures. While speaking through a microphone to the dealer can

duplicate the vocal part of interacting with a dealer, the experience is entirely lacking the

nonverbal part. This is why users stream a video of themselves, like in a video chat. So long as

the players can see the dealer and the dealer can see the players, “hit” and “stand” can be

communicated with a wave of the hand.

If your online gambling experience is getting dull, what it is missing is live back-and-forth video.

The cheap graphics and simple buttons are replaced with real interaction between human beings,

and suddenly a win and a loss mean something. Check out live video play at Silver Oak Casino.

4 Terms to Know for Online Gambling

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Before hitting up an online casino, it’s good to know how to speak the language. There are things

to be found in an online casino that have no equivalent in a land-based version, even if the two

are land- and web-based versions of the same casino. Some things are the same no matter where

gambling takes place. Others are similar and have the same purpose but aren’t quite the same.

Here is a little of everything to help in using and discussing online casinos.

1. Web Wallet

Where the money goes. Instead of exchanging money for chips, online casinos have their players

deposit their money into an account on the website. This is the best part of the online casino

because most will offer a bonus for making a deposit. Players make large deposits into their web

wallets so they get bigger bonuses.

2. RNG

The random number generator picking the next card, die roll, or result. Instead of using a literal

wheel or shuffling cards, online casinos use software to come up with what happens next. It’s

clean and random and very hard to take advantage of. A random number generator is not just for

online casinos. It’s also used in all electronic gambling machines such as slot machines, video

poker machines, and keno machines. Counting cards is history now that fate is in the hands of an


3. Active Player

The player who is taking their turn. In online gambling games with multiple players, sometimes

it’s necessary to take turns. For one, there are turn-based table games like hearts and poker, but

turn-taking is a factor in plenty of different gambling games. For example, in games like roulette

and craps where all the players make bets on the same spin or die roll, there needs to be a way to

make sure everyone has time to take their turn. Sometimes the next roll is on a timer and it will

take place whether everyone has time to place a bet or not. Other times, the game waits for

everyone places their bets, until there is just one active player that everyone is waiting for.

4. Lobby

The place for browsing gambling games and picking what to play. Also known as the home

page, the lobby is the online casino’s version of a front door. Interestingly enough, the entrance

to a land-based casino can also be called the lobby.

With some new terms under your belt, you are ready to go forth and gamble. Be sure to check

the lobby before using the RNG as the active player and adding some chips to the web wallet.

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