3 Tips To Win Penny Slots

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Penny slots. This is the one game at the casino that everyone from the broke 21 year-old newbie to the veteran 75-year-old grandma can afford and play.

However, even though penny slots are one of the most popular games at any casino, it’s amazing how many people still aren’t sure how and where to play them. Lucky for you, that’s what we’re here for.

Here are 3 key tips to help you take down those penny slots and get the best ROI on your investment.

Max Bet

Always max bet. If you ever think about not max betting, just get up and walk out of the casino. If you’re playing penny slots, the only way you can get a max return on your investment is to wager max bets. You aren’t sure when you’ll spin a winner, but when you eventually do, you’d absolutely hate it if your winnings totaled to a grand 50 cents.

Additionally, many times you’ll get additional spins once you win and a max bet can net you up to 10,000 free spins depending on the casino. You can do a lot of damage in 10,000 spins so just keep the game going as long as you can to give yourself the opportunity to cash in big.

Matching Deposit Bonus

This is very common for online casinos, but it’s becoming more and more prevalent in land-based casinos as well. If a casino offers a free cash bonus, like any sane person, you should jump on this offer (just be sure to read the terms of the bonus, that is always good practice.)

For example, some casinos will offer you a 100% matching bonus, which means if you deposit $200 into the machine, the casino will match and bring your total deposit to $400. The best part about this type of bonus is that you have no choice but to deposit anyway, so this is really a no-lose, best case scenario type of bonus.

Look around and make sure you head to a casino that A) matches up to 100% of your deposit and B) does it more than once. Some casinos will re-top you up on your 2nd deposit as well.

Payout Percentages Are King

In addition to the deposit bonuses, you also want to play at a casino that’s known for its high payout percentage. Think of it this way – you would much rather go to a restaurant with the best food, right? Or you’d rather go see a sports game that features the best teams playing it. This is the exact same concept.

Why go to a casino that pays its slot players less than its competitor? Look around, check online for casino payout percentages, and work your way to the highest one. All of this work needs to be done before you even walk in and pull a lever on a machine, so you pre-assessment is absolutely key to your success. You don’t want to sink your chances of winning before you even get started!

There you have it. Follow these three steps and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to cash in on your penny investment and become the godfather of Las Vegas for an entire weekend. If you want to hone your skills, may we suggest playing at Slots of Vegas casino today

3 Ways to Beat the Casino

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

There is never just one way to do anything. It may feel like only mathematicians can conquer the

house advantage, or only a big jackpot can make up for all the time and effort already invested in

winning, but there is always another way to win.

1. Random Chance

Not all big gambling winners do so using skill or forethought. Sometimes winning just happens,

and it can happen anytime. This was the case for a very lucky craps player: Patricia Demauro.

This miracle-bound person was just about new to the game, having only played it one other time

in her life. Then, one fateful day in 2009, Demauro stepped up to a craps table and won 154

throws in a row. Another famous stroke of good luck happened in 2000 when a Los Vegas

cocktail waitress broke the record on the Megabucks jackpot and walked home with

$34,959,458.56. The story doesn’t end well for her, however. Less than three months after her

big win, Cynthia Jay’s car was hit by a drunk driver, and she lost her sister and her ability to

walk. Random chance may have worked out for her to begin with, but it did no favors for her in

the end.

2. Negotiating

Everyone knows some games have more of a house edge than others, but few people stop to

figure out how much of an edge each little rule gets them. Don Johnson is not the sort of person

to hear the house is going to win and accept it. Instead of trying to cheat the system by counting

cards or slipping in cards of his own, Johnson found holes in the rules and then used them. He

found casinos and dealers that were more lax about when players could go back on a bet, when

they could increase the bet, and other details that didn’t seem all that important to other people.

Then he asked the dealers to bend the rules just a little bit more until the advantage was on his

side. His greatest success came from negotiating the payback that the casino gave him if he lost.

After winning a total of $15 million in about six months, Johnson retired rich.

3. Skip the Casino

Not all bets need to be predetermined by casino rules. Sometime a player can come up with their

own idea and take them to a wagering company. These bets can be just about anything from the

temperature next week to the number of states in America in 50 years. The farther away in time,

the less probable, the greater the windfall. There are two famous instances of these strange bets

working out. One is the story of the Welsh national football player, Harry Wilson. When Wilson

was just a child, his grandfather, Peter Edwards, predicted his career, and was awarded 2,500

times his initial 50 pound investment. This system also worked out well for David Thelfall, who

predicted in 1964 that a man would walk on the moon within seven years. His prediction came

true in 1969. Both of these people did something the rest of the tide avoids: taking the odds into

their own hands and making their own rules.


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Whether to Play Slot Machines Online or Offline

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Slot Machine Guide

Find out when to play slots online and when to take it to the casino. Are the odds really different when playing slot machines in person? See what is really going on inside a slot machine, and if it works the same on the computer. Real slot machine data helps players to make educated decisions on where to take their bets.

How it Works

Unless the slot machine in question is built with actual reels and a pulley that spins them, there is no difference to be found between a real slot machine inside a casino and an animated one on the computer at home. Slot machines have been run by computers since 1975, and they all use a similar program, whether there are three reels or five.

The Odds

A real slot machine designer came clean and explained the inner workings of a slot machine, and the news isn’t good. The designer was in charge of created the odds for a slot machine with 22 symbols on each reel. The odds may not sound that bad, but there’s more than just that small reel involved. What the player doesn’t see is the computer’s random number generator, which picks a random number between 1 and 128. The reel only picks the jackpot on 116 or 117. That’s a 1 in 64 chance just for a single jackpot symbol. All slot machines use a similar number generator, whether they are in the casino or at home on the computer.

Good Luck

It is not unusual to believe in luck and grasp onto the sense that a jackpot is sure to come. That idea can’t exactly be backed up with numbers. Are certain slot machines more likely to win? Probably not if their results are recorded statistically, but who knows. Does that same lucky property transcend the boundary of the Internet and leak into certain online slot machines? This question is best left to the beholder.


Want a slot machine featuring different sizes of ducks and a goose? Prefer to switch back and forth between the classics and a gif-covered meme monstrosity of a slot machine? Care to try out ten themes in ten minutes without losing your spot at your favorite? Online casinos have you covered. Want to wait around for a certain machine to open while wasting quarters in a machine that just doesn’t have that pull? Casinos can offer that.

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Should Google Glass be Allowed in Casinos?

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So far, casinos are opting out of letting Google Glass inside their walls, but are they missing out

on the possibilities? The face computer may make cheating easier, but it also does a lot of cool

things that aren’t the same without.


Players would be able to livestream the biggest games of their lives. A legendary bet, a jackpot

on the slots, all of these things are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. What would it be like to have

this happen and not have any kind of recording? Google Glass ensures that when it happens, if it

happens, it would be on camera.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Some gambling games just aren’t secure with an intelligent camera

pointed at them. Electronic games like slots, Wheel of Fortune, keno, and video poker are fine,

but a camera is too suspicious in a more sensitive games. The casino staff, no less the other

players, would never allow a camera to be pointed at their cards, even if the purpose is just

harmless entertainment.

What if casinos provided augmented reality for Google Glass users? The first thing a slot

machine connoisseur does when entering a casino is catch a staff member and ask which slot

machines are hot. Instead, the augmented reality would point the users right to the hottest

machines. There is no need to pull anyone aside, and the computer would be able to hook

everyone up with the best information. Augmented reality could also let people know about

events and special deals, and provide tips to learning players.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Whatever the market of Google Glass users is, the market of Google

Glass-using casino-goers is bound to be smaller. In order for casinos to even consider providing

this service, there would have to be an expanded market into smartphone territory, which would

have people wandering around the casino holding their phones in front of their faces. Kind of

like in real life.


Counting cards would become easier than ever. Not only can the internal computer keep track of

all of the cards using perfect memory and calculate the odds of future cards flawlessly, computer

programs can be created to read the numbers and shapes on the cards using the camera. This

means Google Glass allows anyone to get the best advice from a perfect card-counting expert so

long as they wear the headset.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Everyone and his dog can tell when the Google Glass camera is on. The red light comes on each

and every time the camera is recording, and disabling it is no easy feat. Google Glass could still

be used to count cards, but the user would have to figure out a way to tell the computer which

cards appear without speaking or making obvious gestures. So much for hands-free cheatery.


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Tipping at the Casino

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Tipping the dealer is always optional, a matter of personal choice. Most players who tip will save their money for when they hit a winning streak, or when they make a big win, since losing money to a tip on a losing streak just adds insult to injury. There are different approaches to tipping as well. It can be more fun to place a bet in the dealer’s name, but giving chips directly to the dealer is also an option, if done right. Tipping is best done every hour or so, starting early on in the first hour. The exact technique depends on the game, but it’s always an option to simply set chips on the table and say they’re for the dealer to have.

  1. Craps

Tipping the dealer during a craps game can be a very good idea. The game is speedy and active, and the dealers are there to help players keep track of their bets and make sure they stay in the game. A tip shows appreciation for all the help the dealers give, and might ensnare some special attention from the dealer. The most popular craps tip is done by placing a $10 bet on one of the hard combinations and saying it “goes both ways.” This means that the player and the dealer will split the winnings. The most helpful bet for the dealer, though, it is to place a bet on the pass line and say it’s “for the boys.”

  1. Blackjack

The most elegant way to tip the dealer in a blackjack game is to set a smaller bet on top of the original and say the dealer is “riding on my coattails.” The better the player does, the bigger the tip. Tipping the dealer in blackjack doesn’t usually turn out to be as helpful as with craps, but it’s still a nice and giving thing to do. After all, most dealers are taking home minimum wage.

  1. The Slots

Every time a player hits a big win, the machine freezes up and a staff member arrives to deliver the prize in person. This is the perfect opportunity to leave a tip: about 1% of the earnings is normal. A slot machine tip is entirely optional, and a wheel of fortune tip is downright unheard of.

  1. Drinks

Not everyone tips the server when it comes to free drinks, but it hurts the server when they don’t. Every time a cocktail waitress, steward, waitress, or what have you orders a drink and the customer disappears, the tax falls on them to pay. What’s more, a tip of $1 per drink is a great way to ensure fantastic service, especially if that tip is paid in advance.

A Brief History of Slot Machines

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Slot Machine Guide

In the Beginning

The very first slot machine to be created was called the Liberty Bell. The name refers to the picture of a cracked Liberty Bell which is one of the symbols on the reels. Spinning three Liberty Bells was enough to win the grand prize: 50 cents. It may not sound like much, but the slot machine was invented in 1895, and the worth of the dollar has inflated greatly over the past century, which means that, accounting for all of the change that money has undergone, 50 cents was actually worth closer to $15. Not too shabby for…actually, that’s pretty terrible.

The Knock-Off

Each of the original Liberty Bell machines was crafted by the inventor, Charles Fey, in his shop. The new way to gamble gathered a lot of attention, and pretty soon Fey could not build them fast enough to meet the demand of the casinos. Finally, in 1907, an arcade machine manufacturer named Herbert Mills copied Fey’s idea, added some pictures of fruit, and started selling them.

Rocking Down to Electric Avenue

After Herbert Mills’s knock-off, everyone started doing it. Slot machines developed different classes, from penny slots to dollar slots. They started including the ability to increase the bet. They also developed the all-important flashing lights and bleeping sounds. The first electronic slot machine hit the market in 1975, created by the Fortune Coin Company. The slot machine was part of a bigger movement in gambling technology, with the creation of electronic roulette, poker, dice games, and all sort of electronic gambling technology. Modern slot machines are entirely electronic. They may have pulleys and display spinning reels, but the inside is just a computer with a random number generator.

Changing the Odds

Charles Fey’s original slot machine had five symbols on each reel: hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell. Herbert Mill’s slot machines had three reels with 10 symbols on each. Modern slot machines typically have 20 symbols and three reels. This means the chance to win on the original machine was 5 in 125, or 4%, and modern slot machines. The next version to come out had a winning chance of 10 in 1,000, or a 1% win chance, and modern slot machines have a 20 in 8,000 chance, or a quarter of a percent chance of rolling all three of the same result. Of course, a win on a modern slot machine can mean a million dollars.

The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

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The fun in gambling has never been in the statistics. If you enjoy gambling and have found a way to keep it balanced, whether it’s blackjack or slots or anything in between, don’t let the numbers tell you off. The statistics are just that: the odds set up to ensure the money moves from the players to the house. If you still want to keep reading, here are the facts.

The Best:


By betting exclusively on either reds or blacks, players secure an almost 50/50 chance of winning. That means that for every time they win a game, they lose another. American Roulette tables have two green squares, however, meaning the odds are just slightly worse than one in two.

The main problem with playing Roulette this way is that it can be slow and tedious. The odds of having a specific number rolled are slim, but a 36 to 1 win is far more exciting than continuously breaking even.


Unlike Poker, Blackjack has a fairly simple set of rules, and the only person players need to worry about is the dealer. Most players will win at least 4 in 10 games, but not even counting cards will bring the odds of winning above 50%.


Normally, playing craps results in fairly poor odds, but there is a way to break even. This is done by layering bets. When players places multiple bets on the same number, (up to 10 is allowed), the dealer awards winning based on the exact odds of that win occurring. If a gambler places ten times odds on one number and plays for an eternity, they will walk out with the same amount they started with. Any other setup, and they will lose in the long run.

I recommend learning craps here. You can do so for free and learn the ins and outs and test every option.

The Worst:


Slot machines and Wheel of Fortune provide many things: flashing lights, buzzing noises, and the cheerful clatter of spinning dials. What they do not provide is any decent chance of winning. The absolute worst odds come from penny slots. For devoted slot machine users, the best odds come from the maximum bet on the most expensive slots, but winning is most likely not on the menu.


If it’s even possible, there is a way to gamble which promises to waste even more money than slot machines. The name of the game is keno. Instead of winning one and losing one, for every game a gambler wins, they will lose more than two. If anyone is getting rich playing this game, it’s the dealer.

There you have it, the best and worst odds for casino gambling. The short version of the story is, is if you play, play for fun.

Everything you need to know about Online Casino Tournaments

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Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Nothing is more exciting than participating in a tournament. It doesn’t matter what kind of tournament – Poker, March Madness, Mortal Kombat – if there’s a tournament happening, it’s guaranteed to have intrigue, excitement, and more times than not, a lot of money for the winner.

In the world of online casinos, tournaments are a great way to lure in players from all over the world and have them compete against each other. Most casinos offer a wide variety of tournaments, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, free roll, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best casinos to play tournaments at so you can showcase your dominance and do what everyone wants to do – take home a lot of money!

Silver Oak Casino

Whether you’re looking for a scheduled or a sit n go tournament, roulette or blackjack, high roller or standard buy-in, Silver Oak has you covered. What makes them even better is that given the extensive bonuses and promotions that are offered to its players, you’ll almost always have enough stored up in the account to enter any one of their many tournaments.

Mainly played by U.S. players, this casino will give you the chance to compete against some of the best gamblers in the country.

Cool Cat Casino

Play against players from all over the world in either a variety of tournaments. You pick the kind of game you like, you pick the time, you pick the buy-in, and you’re ready to rock. It’s just that easy!

While there are offers on a whole range of tournaments, including blackjack and roulette, they’ve become known for their slot tournaments. When it comes to convenience and competition, it doesn’t get much better than Cool Cat.


Scheduled Tournament: A tournament with a set date and time

Sit n Go Tournament: A tournament setup where you sit down at a table and the tournament begins once the table is full (namely used in poker).

Free Roll Tournament: No entry fee tournament where you still have the chance to win big prizes. Often attract a large number of players.

Slots Tournament: A scheduled tournament where all players have the same amount of credit and whichever player has the most amount of money at the end wins the grand prize.

Guaranteed Tournament: Enter and no matter how you do, you’re guaranteed to win something! Not a bad deal, right? These tournaments are often used to lure in players to the casino.

Slots for Dummies: 5 Things You Should Know

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Slots are one of the easiest games to play in a casino, but even then, there are some tricks every first-timer should know. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started and on the road to winning.

1. Loose vs. Tight Machines

Finding a loose machine is just about the best thing that can happen to a slot player. Loose machines are really the only advantage you’ll get playing the slots because every other factor is completely random. What makes a machine loose or tight is its payout percentage. Loose slots payout around 98 to 99 percent, and they are always next to tight machines. This is why you’ll see a person go from slot to slot and then settle on one for the next two hours.

2. Slot Machine Lingo

Believe it or not, playing slot machines comes with a whole new vocabulary that’s very helpful to understand. Hand Pay occurs for higher payouts or if a machine gives gamblers an incorrect payout; basically, it’s when you get money from an attendant and not the machine itself. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is the program inside the machine that generates random number combinations. When you hit the button at the exact second the RNG generates the winning number combo, you win. Some other terms to know include: Hold Percentage, Payback Percentage, and Progressive Jackpots.

3. Player Cards

A player card, or slot card, is a little piece of plastic worth more than most gamblers think. It’s a complimentary card casinos give their players for their loyalty. If you decide to play the slots, use your card instead of coins for extra perks like free drinks. Casinos favor their card users and provide better service to their loyal customers. The slot machines are the perfect way to rack up a few extra perks and special treatment, with very little money-spending.

4. Simplicity for the Win

Generally, the simpler the game looks, the bigger the payout. Slot machines with fancy lights and flashy signs lower your odds of winning. On the flip side, most players agree it’s the decked out slots that are the most entertaining to play. So if you’re wanting to win, stick with the plain machines, but if you just want to have a good time and don’t care about payouts, go ahead and splurge at the fancy slots. You’ll still have a chance of winning big either way.

5. Higher Denomination

Using slots with larger denominations have better odds of winning. For example, it is better to play one coin for one line at a five-cent game than five coins for every line at a one-cent game. Try to play slowly to have as much fun as possible, without losing all of your money.

No matter what machine you choose to play, your odds of winning all depend on the timing of the RNG and your hand. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t tricks to having more fun and winning more money every time you play. Try a few of these tricks to maximize your slot machine experience.

5 of the Biggest Slot Machine Payouts Ever Made

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It’s no secret that you can win big when you hit the slot machines. It’s one of the easiest games to play in a casino because there is no strategy to winning, everything is completely random. You have to rely on good old fashioned luck and perfect timing to hit the jackpot. Here are five of the biggest slot machine payouts ever made.

1. Desert Inn

On January 26, 2000, Cynthia Jay-Brennan, a cocktail waitress, set a record win of $34.9 million dollars on a Megabucks slot machine. This is currently the highest payout of the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada. Only weeks after winning, tragedy struck her family when her sister was fatally hit by a drunk driver. This event started a famous myth that bad luck comes to those after they win big, but this is only a superstition and doesn’t deter people from all over the world taking a chance by hitting the slots.

2. Palace Station

Lady Luck was on one retired flight attendant’s side on November 15, 1998 when the 67-year-old put $300 in a Megabucks machine and won $27.5 million dollars. It wasn’t her first time winning either, she also won once before, hitting a jackpot of $680,000 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine, proving anybody can win big as long as they’re willing to play. Her record win of over $27 million dollars was the first time any Megabucks machine had ever paid out over $20 million.

3. Bally’s

Johanna Huendl was on her way to breakfast at Bally’s on March 27, 2002 when she decided to play a Megabucks machine on a whim. The 74-year-old put in only $170 dollars and misread the meter, thinking she had only won $2 million dollars. Huendl says she would have been happy with just that, but as it turns out she scored $22.6 million dollars, enough to pay for breakfast and still have money left to spend for the rest of her life.

4. Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is known for its extravagant shows, fancy drinks, and its high stakes gambling. On June 1, 1999, a 49-year-old Illinois native and business man deposited $10 into a Megabucks machine and won on his very first spin. Total payout? Oh, just $21.3 million dollars.

5. Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The biggest ever payout from a Megabucks machine was to a 25-year-old man visiting Las Vegas to see the NCAA Basketball Tournament in March of 2003. The lucky young man won $39.7 million dollars by investing $100 into one hot slot machine. That’s a payout of $1.5 million dollars every year for the next twenty-five years. Imagine the business he did with that.

The next time you’re in a casino, try out a few slot machines, and you too could hit a record-setting jackpot to enjoy for the rest of your life.