The 5 People You’ll Meet at the Casino

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1. Dressed up Disaster

Maybe it’s their first time at the casino. Maybe they hit a jackpot and wanted to make the

moment last. There are plenty of explanations for this casino phenomenon, but when someone

parades around the casino in orange velvet juggling black and purple chips, you never know

whether to be happy or sad for them.

2. Math Head

A calm and clean individual, this person could stand in for a cyborg in a movie or maybe even

voice the directions in a GPS. They may have done well in high school, right up until their 18th

birthday when a more profitable opportunity came around. Though not immune to loss-chasing

or competitive ploys, this is the person to go to for blackjack advice.

3. Good Luck Dealer

Like the designated driver at a rave, this is someone who hangs out with gamblers rather than

doing any of the gambling. They may hang around a gambler, offering free luck in return for

company. Young, attractive women fit the bill perfectly, since casino tradition insists that beauty

and luck walk hand in hand. There is a lot of variety going on behind the scenes. Some are

looking for a date and a place to spend the night. Some are just being friendly. Many, many,

many of them are escorts.

4. Penny-Dropper

Some people watch Netflix all evening until it’s time for bed. Some get a drink with friends.

Some golf. Others take their spending money to the casino. Many go for years satisfied with the

penny slots, spinning their time away. Casual, routine gamblers are some of the nicest, most

even-tempered people you will ever meet.

5. Stool-Squatter

There is law in America that if someone occupies a house for long enough, they become a legal

resident and cannot be kicked out. Some individuals believe the same law goes for slot machines.

People have been harassed, even assaulted, for taking someone else’s spot at a gambling

machine. People have been thrown out and banned for doing it. Don’t be this person.

Need a break from the drama? That is what online casinos are for. As a bonus, online casinos

offer free bonuses. That’s extra cash for gambling and more chances to win.


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Online Gambling FAQs

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The definitive list of need-to-know online gambling information. Tips for using online casinos,

similarities and differences to playing in person, and other common questions.

1. Does online gambling use real money?

Yes! The online gambling world, whether it takes place online, on the computer, or on a smart

phone, is ready to take real bets and send back real cash winnings. Certain online casinos offer

free trials or a chance to play around with the game, but after that, it’s time to get serious.

2. Do card games like blackjack work the same online?

This is an excellent question that a lot of people do not think about. There is one significant

difference between online and land-based card games: shuffling. In person, the deck is shuffled

as much as the dealer chooses to shuffle. Online, the cards are frequently automatically shuffled

every round, and there is no telling what will come next.

3. How do I use online casino bonuses?

One of the biggest draws for online gambling play is the opportunity to earn a little extra money

by using bonuses. Bonuses work a little bit like coupons, providing free betting money or extra

spins for different transactions like depositing money, inviting friends, logging in often, and

other things. There is often a large, heaping bonus of tens to hundreds of dollars just for signing

up. The best way to make sure your bonuses are reaching their full potential is to follow the

directions then call or text chat if anything doesn’t go through. Online casinos with quality

customer service will answer right away and help resolve the issue.

4. How do I find a good online casino?

The key components of a quality online casino are a well-known name, quick customer service,

and bonuses that play into the winnings for longer than just the first couple deposits. A well-

known name means a trustworthy source, quick customer service means any problems will be

resolved quickly, and prolonged useful bonuses means that casino is more than just any other

throwaway site.

5. Are the same gambling games available online?

Some classic games will be missing, but more cutting-edge and creative games will be added to

the menu. Specifically, poker and sports betting are not facilitated in the United States, but online

and mobile formats give the business a chance to change its face. Online, it is possible to find

slot machine games with the plot of a video game, blackjack with live video dealers leading the

game from the real world, and any number of other unique and crafty gambling experiences.

4 High-Stakes Casino Bets that May Change Your Life

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Everyone talks about the house edge and safe bets and near-50-50 splits, but is that really what

gambling is all about? Not one lick. These may be risky moves, but the reward is astounding. If

you are ready to dream, take a look at what these choices have to offer.

1. Picking a Number in Roulette

Betting on a single number at the roulette table is called a straight-up, and it is straight-up the

most profitable win in the game. What’s more, there is a miniscule difference between the

chances of winning and the payoff that comes from it. If you placed a $100 chip on the roulette

board and won the very first time, you would walk away with thousands of dollars. Not a

thousand; thousands.

2. Going Joker in Big Six

True, winning is unlikely, but the larger the bet, the larger the prize. The Joker payout is 40 to 1,

making it even more profitable than winning a straight-up in roulette. The odds, on the other

hand, are 54 to 1, meaning your chances of success are going to be higher in roulette even if the

winnings won’t be quite as sweet.

3. Spinning a Slot Machine

Some have a fixed jackpot, others let the money stockpile and stockpile until it explodes with

cash. (Not actually cash, though. Printed vouchers have been standard since the 90s.) Either way,

winning the jackpot means a lot of money. Since the odds of winning each spin never changes,

go for the machine with the biggest payoff. This may work a little differently at online casinos,

so just pick your favorite.

4. Going Big on 50/50

There is a rumor that gets passed around about a man who bet everything and won. This rumor is

true, and his name is Ashley Revell. Playing his part in a reality TV show, he sold everything he

had from his books to his clothes, then put all the money together to come up with $135,300. He

then stepped up to the roulette table and bet on red. Lucky for him, he won. Following in his

footsteps exactly is…a little much, but following the spirit of the story is different.

Does this mean we should make huge, risky bets all the time? Well, no. But does it hurt to make

a bet that’s “wasteful” or “unwise” every now and then? It makes sense to put in a little extra

grease in hopes of real cash.


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A Good Luck Charm for Every Casino Game

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Nothing is one size fits all, and that goes for personal tokens as much as it goes for shirts. The

difference is that it’s obvious when a shirt doesn’t fit but a good luck token will seem perfectly

fine without proper inspection. Are you getting the most out of your good luck token? This guide

will help you fit the good luck charm to the game rather than vice versa.

1. Keno

This game is the perfect example of a game of luck. Unlike slot machines which allow flexibility

in the amount bet and the amount of lines open, keno truly leaves the player at the mercy of the

numbers. If you already know which numbers you will be betting, consider a charm that can be

written on, such as a golden scrap of paper rolled into a scroll and tied together with a red bow.

Find a way to carry the numbers with you. If you are not betting particular numbers, bring a

representation of your numbers. For a set of high numbers, bring a tin or miniature bag full of

pebbles or fine-grained sand. For a set of low numbers, bring an old comb.


2. Blackjack

To win at blackjack, you must not only draw a sharp hand but have a sharper hand than those

around you. This is true even in online blackjack in which the hands of the other players, no

matter how far away, can still deplete the value of your own. A token in the form of a bracelet

will keep the vibes close to your hands and also close to the cards.

3. Craps

In a game of shooting dice, the two tiny cubes are both your best friend and your worst enemy.

The right color may drive out the right relationship with the dice. When choosing a color, think

about how you, yourself interact with others when you are trying to win. Is your dynamic more

red and fiery, or blue and soothing? Does it work? Find the color that draws out your own

personal strategy.

4. Roulette

The most important part of roulette is not how fast or slow the wheel spins but when it begins to

slow down, and at what point it finally comes to a halt. The image of a spiral is a powerful one, a

concept invoking the notion of a wheel spinning until it finally reaches just the right place: the

center. Look for spirals in your home and in the places you go regularly, and see if you can find

or create the perfect charm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to address every possible gambling game, but hopefully this will

provide a guide to think about other possibilities around other casino games. There is always a

way to further customize a lucky charm for the right vibe and the most fitting significance.


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The 4 Types of Casinos and What to Play There

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Dive Casino

The enormous casinos that everyone has heard about attract tourists from all over, but there are

other, cozier places nearby. These smaller locations are quieter and more low-key, and usually

bring in the same group of locals on a regular basis. There are many perks to visiting a dive

location, but there are also pitfalls.

Do: Play what the others are playing.

If you are looking for fun, trust the locals. They know the best games.

Don’t: Play competitive table games.

Many of the people at a dive casino see each other regularly, and may even be friends. Chances

are high that when a newcomer walks in, the locals will gang up on the new player.

Rugged Old Casinos

Not all casinos are in prime condition. Things happen sometimes, and a once-was casino sinks

under the water. These unkempt casinos may be falling apart, but they still have uses for clever


Do: Play roulette.

Watch the wheel carefully to see if it favors any particular numbers, or if it is more likely to pick

a certain side of the board. Roulette wheels in places such as this are the most likely to provide a

distinct player advantage.

Don’t: Play on the gambling machines.

There is a small chance that run-down gambling machines will not work right. They might not

pay out for a win, they might crash, or they might do any number of other things. These errors

may be beneficial, but if the machine does something to your deficit instead, there is no way you

will get a refund.

Online Casino

These casinos take place on the computer or on the phone. The advantage is they can be played

anytime and anywhere, but the disadvantage is they can be played anytime and anywhere. For example, we recommend Slots of Vegas for first time players.

Do: Play for bonuses.

Sometimes bonuses are unleashed for playing specific games on specific days. Go for it.

Don’t: Play the slots.

Unless you know for sure that a specific online slot machine is fair, find something else to play.

Some online slot machines have a respectable house advantage, but others are through the roof.

Big, Fancy Casino

When at a large, commercial casino like the giants in Las Vegas and Macau, the rules change.

Some things make perfect sense to do, even if they would not make sense in other places.

Do: Play high-roller games.

If you can afford it, being a high roller is amazing. High rollers receive real special treatment

including coupons and free stuff. It’s not even necessary to bet large amounts so long as you can

make it look like you are doing so.

Don’t: Do Nothing

At large casinos, the machines are working (or properly marked as out of order). The

competition is fierce but not targeted at anyone in particular, and the slot machines are as fair as

they are anywhere else. Nothing is closed off here.

The Gambling Alphabet, N through Z

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Here we are again, now with the second half of the alphabet in gambling games. There is

something in here for everyone, from traditionalists to people who want to make sure they have

fun while they play.

No-Flop Pineapple

Faster than most card games, no-flop pineapple is a lesser known relative of Texas hold ’em



Not unlike baccarat, this game involves adding up cards and trying to reach nine. It comes with a

special deck, but is still possible to play with normal playing cards so long as the face cards are



Little known fact: pinball used to be a gambling game. Instead of earning extra lives or free

plays, players would be rewarded with points that can be cashed out. Unfortunately, these

machines have been discontinued.


As blackjack’s French cousin, Quinze has a lot in common with the popular casino game, except

the goal is to reach 15, and if both the player and the dealer reach higher than 15, there is a draw.


A classic casino game, this wheel-spinning exercise has safe bets, wise bets, risky bets, and

nearly impossible bets.


Like skee-ball for adults, skilo involves throwing a rubber ball at a target and accruing winnings

based on where it lands. The game is largely skill-based, hence the name.

Teen Patti

This game from India is very similar to poker, with a few minor differences. Due to players

getting up from the table to avoid the ante or the blind, players who leave are greeted with a

charge to their chips when they return.


Similar to Casino War, this quick game uses only the first card drawn. The difference is that this

game can be played with any number of people, and ties are settled by drawing a second card.

Video Poker

Not to be mistaken for poker, this is a game of second chances. Players are given a set of five

cards for the chance of winning right off the bat, pick which cards they want to keep, then try

once again.


Though not exactly a game in its own right, wash is a friendly nickname for the card game,


Xoc Dia

Though illegal in its home country of Vietnam, this game is unique enough to warrant attention

in other places. Players must create different combinations of colored tokens in order to win.


While this game can also be played with wallets closed, this game of skill and chance is easy to

set up for a gambling night with only 5 dice and a notepad required.


Just kidding. There are no gambling games starting with the letter “Z.”

This marks the end of the gambler’s alphabet. Hopefully there are a few in the mix that sound

exciting enough to try.


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Roulette – Spinning The Odds

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How The House Makes Money On Roulette

For novice casino players, roulette is a rather simple game to start with. It’s quite clear what a Red/Black bet, Odd/Even, or Over/Under bet is. You have plenty of time to bet and you can even shadow your friend at the beginning to learn the ropes. Plus, if you just play red/black all night, you figure you’ll be able to at least break even.

But while the game may seem favorable for a cautious gambler, The House as always has the upper hand. While this isn’t breaking news, it is interesting to note just how The House tilts the odds in their favor so you have a better idea of how to adjust your expectations.

To put it simply, the casino makes their money by paying you less than the risk you’re inheriting. For example, if you put $10 on the number ‘19’ and you win, you will get paid out 35/1. While 35/1 is great, it is actually less than the 1/37 odds you inherited when you placed the wager. So if you think about it, everyone wins just a little bit when you make money.

This is also true for Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Over/Under betting as you double your money each time, even though there is a 19/37 chance of you losing.

Roulette is a great game for all gamblers and often times the tables are where the most amount of hysteria can be found when you walk into a casino. Keep these odds in mind as you wager and don’t let The House beat you!

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The Best Attitude for Every Gambling Game

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The theory has been proven again and again: attitude helps you win. The question is which

attitude to take. For every gambling game, there is an attitude that perfectly fits the ideal playing

style. Coming at the game from the right angle allows players to take control of the game, even if

they can’t control the dice.

Blackjack: Confident

Confidence is a magical feeling. In every situation, it encourages people to follow the course of

action that they believe is the best one. Confidence also sharpens the senses and improves math

skills. With a confident mindset, players will notice more, make better mathematical decisions,

and follow through better.

Roulette: Patient

The safest bets on Roulette have about a 50/50 chance of winning and very little payoff. This

makes for a very slow game with a lot of back and forth. An eager player might get tired of

collecting small sums and watching them disappear on the next spin. They may even go for one

of the numbers hoping for a stroke of luck, but the most likely result is a heaping pile of nothing.

Slots: Reckless

Who doesn’t want to turn all the dials to max and see how far it goes? On a slot machine, this is

actually a good idea. On any machine, the maximum bet is always the best one. Finally, cranking

it up and letting loose is the right choice. Try it now at Slots of Vegas.

Craps: Cautious

A cautious player knows that the next 7 is right around the corner. It’s tempting to leave the bets

out until the 7 is long overdue, but a cautious player gets a gut feeling when it is time to snatch

the chips away and let the 7 come up. A cautious player also chooses the option with better odds,

so might pick the dreaded Don’t Pass line and have better odds than the norm.

Video Poker: Cunning

A chip in the hand is worth more than two in the cards. A cunning player knows that if there is

already a winning option in the starting set, there is no point in trying to form a new one. Video

poker is best played with a mindset that knows the difference between greed and calculated risk,

when it’s time to go for something big, and when it’s time to play it safe.

Keno: Anything

Unlike most gambling games, keno is a game of pure luck. There are no decisions the player

must make which will change the course of the game. That means players can throw caution to

the wind and play however they want.

How to Play to Win and for Fun

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casino fun

The debate is on: should gamblers go all out and shoot for the stars or should they cut back and

just play within their means? There is a dotted line that no one seems to catch onto, that it’s

possible to do both. Playing to win and playing for fun can and should be the same thing. If it’s

not okay to enjoy every aspect of gambling, then what is the point of showing up? The balance

isn’t always easy, but with a few pointers, it’s possible to play a high-risk game risk-free.

1. Pick a starting number.

When it’s time to have a big gambling night, pick an amount of money to bet that feels exciting

but not devastating. Don’t think of it as a budget, think of it as a ticket to a fun night, whether it’s

a night at home on the computer or at the casino.

2. Set a target.

If you are coming in with $50, then ending the night with $5 is losing, around $50 is pulling

through, and $100 is a victory. Instead of a simple monetary target, think of something you want

to buy, something that sits outside of the starting budget. It might be a new game, a new

appliance, a nice bottle of liquor, or a fancy meal. Every time you gamble, shoot for that target,

and when you reach it, go out and buy your prize. It’s worth the wait.

3. Don’t empty your pockets.

No one wants to go home empty-handed, even if all that’s left is pocket change for a drink.

Maybe set aside the winnings from a lucky bet, or maybe just call it a night when your pockets

are getting light. It will save you a walk of shame.

4. Bet large.

Forget everything you know about smart betting. It’s time to try out the unlikely bets with the big

payoff, the 1 in 38 chance of landing on a number in roulette or the 1 in 36 chance of rolling

snake eyes. Flipping a coin isn’t fun, and neither is betting on reds.

When worrying about money, it can be too easy to get caught up in the logistics of gambling,

only taking the safe bets and saving all the money. Keeping the rent money tucked away is

obviously important, but what about having fun? Make all the safe choices outside the casino,

but once inside, don’t forget to cut loose.

Is 13 Really so Unlucky?

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So far as lucky numbers go, 13 gets a lot of bad press. When playing gambling games such as

roulette and keno, casino-goers usually avoid the number, even if it seems to be coming up a lot.

If concerned about the effects of good and bad luck, plenty of people steer clear of the dreaded

number. Many tall buildings skip over the 13th floor as if the number doesn’t even exist. Most

people want nothing to do with the number 13, yet others seem to think all the naysayers are

missing something. Taylor Swift, herself, considers 13 to be her lucky number that may just have

helped in her success. Is there something to the infamous number 13? The evidence has

something to say about that.

In religious text, 13 can sometimes be an uninvited guest. The most famous case is the Last

Supper of the Bible. In the story, Jesus sits down with his disciples for an important last meal

before his capture and crucifixion, but there is one missing: Judas. Because he’s a little busy

selling Jesus out to the Romans, he is the 13th person to sit down at the table. This alone is

enough to make the number 13 a less likeable character.

A similar scene happens in a Norse story in which 12 gods are sitting down enjoying a banquet.

Everyone had decided not to invite Loki because, like Judas, he is not exactly the likeable type.

Loki arrives anyway, angry and ready to cut some throats. In other words, Loki’s friends don’t

invite him to a party because he’s untrustworthy, so to prove them wrong, he shows up armed

and starts killing people. So far, not so great, number 13.

For the next couple millennia of human storytelling, 13 didn’t come up very much. The number

has shown up in books and films throughout the ages as an unlucky element, but not because any

new evidence came up. The latest big case of unlucky 13 syndrome was the Apollo 13 mission to

the moon. Even though every moon mission before and after Apollo 13 was completed without a

serious hitch, this mission is where it all went wrong. On the way, the oxygen tank exploded, and

each one of the astronauts had a brush with death. The number 13 did not do any favors for that


There are plenty of bad things to say about the number 13. Maybe gamblers are right for shying

away from it. There certainly aren’t any big stories about the number actually benefitting

someone. Maybe all the controversy is what drove individuals to love the number 13, even while

the crowds shudder and shy away. It may not be everyone’s lucky number, but at least it gets

love from somebody.

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