Discover Your Lucky and Unlucky Days (For Gambling)

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When is the best day to take out the $100 betting chips? The secret to choosing the perfect time to

make a bet may lie within fundamental numerology. Using clever math, it is possible to align a

person’s luck with the day that they were born.

Finding Your Number

Long numbers may seem infinite, but the strongest numbers are only a single digit. Every birth

date can be reduced to a single number, and the good luck can be unlocked through the use of

that number. Finding this number is simple but life-changing.

Start with the day of the month that you were born.

Example: 3

This number cannot be reduced any further, meaning the key number is 8.

Example: 15.

1+5=6. This means that the key number is 6.

Example: 29


1+1=2. This means that the key number is 2.

The key number appears as the base number of every date that unlocks your full potential. If

your key number is 2, then the proper times to make a bet are on the 2nd , 12th , and 22nd . If your

key number is 5, the associated dates are the 5th , 15th , and 25th .

Balancing the Impact

The smallest lapse can take away from the potential of every unlocked day. This means that if

you take a significant risk on the 2nd of a month, you must also take the same level of risk on the

12th and 22nd . The risk has a slingshot effect. The more the rubber band is pulled, the farther it

launches. If each pull has equal strength, then the aim becomes sharp. Three strong and equal

pulls is the way to the bull’s eye.

Creating Counterbalance

Each key number has two to four unlocked days, depending on the month. In most cases, there

will be three. Each unlocked day has a counterbalance, or locked day. On these days, luck is no

longer on your side, and it is time to stay home and lay low as much as possible. These days

come exactly seven days after the unlocked days. For example, for the key number 2, the

unlocked days are the 2nd , 12th , and the 22nd , and the locked days are the 9th , 19th , and 29th . The

locked days also reveal another factor: the broken number.

Broken Numbers

Adding 7 to the key number and eliminating the starting number if needed reveals the broken

number. Like 2 is opposed to 9, 6 is opposed to 3 and 0 is opposed to 7. The broken number must

be avoided, especially on unlocked days. Betting on a broken number on an unlocked day is like

stretching out a rubber band before using it on the slingshot. It won’t be helping anyone.

Remember to keep the unlocked days balanced, and take full advantage of them. Beware the

broken numbers, and look out for trends when the winning streaks start.

The Double-Up Gambling Method

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Fact: With enough foresight, it is nearly impossible to lose a bet when it is accompanied by a

well though-out strategy. The Double-Up Gambling Method is based on the notion that so long

as there are a certain number of chips left, a bet will eventually win.

This betting strategy is designed for bets that run as close to 50/50 as possible. The best

examples are roulette table bets. Instead of picking a number, the player chooses a facet of that

square: odd, even, high, low, red, or black. Each of these bets has a very high success rate, and

each pays exactly twice the initial bet. These basic roulette bets are perfect for the Double-Up

Gambling Method. Other possibilities are blackjack when played only against the dealer and the

baccarat bet on the banker.

The focus of this strategy is to make the most out of the player’s available money. The more the

player has available, the more they stand to win. Even knowing this, the strategy works even

down to the $1 level. To keep things interesting, let’s start at $100.

First, the player bets $100 on any nearly 50/50 bet. The odds are just slightly against the player,

but just slightly. If the player wins, they walk away with $200. If they lose, this begins step 2.

The player has $100 to earn back, so this time they bet $200. If they win, they will walk out with

$400. In other words, they earn back the $100 from the first bet then the $200 from the second

bet, then get an extra $100 on top.

The trick is the Double-Up Gambling Method always stays one step ahead. No matter what, the

player always walks away with an extra $100 in their pocket. The secret is to have plenty of


Here is the basic formula: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. If the first bet is $1, the second bet is $2 followed by $4

then $8 and then $16 until the player wins. The moment the player wins, even if it is on the very

first bet, the strategy is complete. The Double-Up Gambling Method is easy to keep up with on

the $1 level, but past that it becomes very expensive. Here is a table to look at the possibilities up


Bet $100, stand to lose $100 total, earn $100

Bet $200, stand to lose $300 total, earn $100

Bet $400, stand to lose $700 total, earn $100

Bet $800, stand to lose $1500 total, earn $100

Bet $1600, stand to lose $3100 total, earn $100

Notice how the stakes reach higher and higher, but the end result is the same. The Double-Up

Gambling Method is a guaranteed win, so long as there is more money to back it up. Not a lot of

people in the world have $3,100 they are ready to lose, and sometimes that is what it takes to

take a winning bet. It’s not probable, but it is still possible for the roulette wheel to land on black

six times in a row, and when that happens, the player needs to be ready to bet on a seventh.

For those who are not eager to dig into their savings, the Double-Up Gambling Method is perfect

for smaller bets Recommended Site. Simply pick a number such as $1, $5, or $10, then keep betting on the flow

chart until the win. To create your own, simply pick a number and then double it until you win.

Flow chart for creating a betting scheme:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1036.

Pro tip: Know how many times you can afford to double your bet before placing it. If you only

have one $50 chip, save it for later. The more times the bet can be doubled, the safer it is.

The Winning Margin for Each Bet

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How to tell if you are getting ahead or falling behind in the casino. Different bets have different

payouts, and different chances of winning. Because of all the different numbers being tossed

around, it can be tough to tell what winning even looks like. Here, we will go over how soon you

will need to win a bet in order to come out ahead at the online casino.


One of the riskier moves out there, a single roulette number also has one of the best payouts. A

player can sit on a single number for 34 rounds, as long as the ball lands on that number by the

end of that 34 th spin. Since there are only 38 numbers on an American roulette board, the odds

actually aren’t that bad. That is 34 chances to get just one number to appear.

Video Poker

It’s easy to stay afloat in this game by getting Jacks or better, with the occasional combination.

Two pair and three of a kind show up every now and then, and a flush or straight is not unheard

of. Even if none of these combinations are coming up, though, a single royal flush can turn

around a long losing streak. How long? The answer is 248 losing games. Even if 248 games go

by without a single Jack, it can all be fixed when the most powerful combination comes up. If

gameplay is a little more typical and about half the plays come through with at least a Jack, then

a royal flush doesn’t need to come up until the 499 th playthrough.

Slot Machine

The jackpot on a slot machine is going to vary a lot. Some stack, some stay the same. The

maximum number of coins also changes around, so predicting when the next maximum jackpot

will come around is a no-go. However, when it comes to any other combination, which is still a

huge amount of money, it’s a little easier to pin down. A slot machine straight needs to show up

by the 149 th spin. That means 148 spins earning nothing, and then a single spin to save the day.


There is one thing to take away about high-risk bets with huge payouts: the sooner the better.

There is a long time before the winning spin needs to show up, but the sooner it happens, the

more money will be netted in the whole process. If it takes too long for the winning spin to come

up, then when it finally does appear, the player will still be taking a loss. The sweet spot is right

after the start of play, before too many chips have been invested.

The Secret to Winning Roulette

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Not every gambling secret involves a complex strategy, bending the rules, or doing anything

fishy at all. In fact, this roulette secret is so simple, people have been using it for years. Like

most tricks, it’s not enough to know the gist of how it goes. To pull it off right, it is necessary to

know how to do it right.

Here’s the trick: Stick to the basic bets (red/black, high/low, even/odd). Double after every

losing bet. Be ready to keep laying down more and more bets until the win. Then start over.

Simple, right? The secret to doubling up is that you will always make up for the losses, and gain

some, too. So long as you can keep doubling up until winning, you will always come out ahead.

There are just a few pitfalls in the way.

Know how many times you can afford to double up.

Numbers stack up quickly. For example, you may start with a $5 bet. 5 becomes 10, 10 becomes

20, 20 becomes 40, 40 becomes 80, and soon enough you are betting $160 just to earn back $5. It

is important to know how many times you can actually afford to double up. It doesn’t happen

often, but sometimes a roulette table spins out 10 odd numbers in a row. It happens. If someone

is betting even and then10 odds appear, they need to be prepared to say goodbye to $2120. At

some point, it is time to let go, and it is important to decide ahead of time what that walking

away point is. It is more important to be able to double up more times than to bet a larger starting

number. Smaller numbers take more patience but are safer because they mean more chances to

win the money back.

Bring the right chips.

Have the exact chips at the ready to follow up each bet exactly. This will save time and hassle,

and help prevent mistakes.

Know the table limit.

Some tables have higher limits than others. There is no fun in setting up a foolproof roulette

system just to find out the necessary combination of chips is too large to be set on the table. It

may take some looking around to find a table limit that fits with this strategy. The best first place

to look is online casinos, which have clearly labeled table limits for all their games.

Make Your Plan, and Stick to It

Most of the time, it will only take a bet or two before a winning spin comes up. The ball landing

on a red space happens about as often as a coin lands on heads. It’s rare for a coin to land on tails

over and over. However, if the ball is not landing on the chosen target, the worst thing to do is to

get cold feet and walk away from a losing streak. The only way to win is to go all the way each


Daily Luck Tests

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Don’t you wish there was a way to know how well your day was going to go? What if you could

even take this sort of information with you to the online casino, and just know for sure when to

go all out? There is nothing concrete out there yet, but there are some ways to gather at least a

sense of how lucky any given day will be. These are just a few ideas that could revolutionize

your gambling routine.

1. The Handkerchief Test

Hang a handkerchief outside your window. Every morning, reach out to see if the handkerchief

is damp. When the handkerchief is completely dry, it is going to be a great day. If it’s soaked,

this is not the time to go all-out at the casino.

2. The Egg Drop

If you like eggs in the morning, this will work perfectly. When you crack an egg, see if the yolk

breaks or leaks. This works best with larger amounts of eggs, say 4 or more. It’s fairly easy to

break one or two eggs without harming the yolk, but it becomes trickier with more and more


3. The Hot Guess

This test is especially great in preparation for number-based gambling games like keno and

roulette. It is used to see how accurately you can guess a number that you couldn’t possibly

know: the air temperature. When you first step outside, take a guess how hot it really is before

looking it up, or even better, peering at a thermometer. The day you guess exactly right is a lucky


4. The Shuffle

Put your music on shuffle and skip to the 7 th song. This song represents how your day will go.

Before you start downloading a long list of happy songs and deleting anything upsetting,

remember that your music represents your own scope as a person, and messing with the selection

makes the entire test just a little bit pointless.

5. The Marble Bag

This test requires many small objects that feel the same and look different. It shouldn’t be

possible to tell the difference by touching them. Different-colored marbles are perfect. After

assigning “good” and “bad” to two different colors, pour them in a bag. Each day, you can take a

marble out to see how your day is going to go. You could even include multiple colors with even

more meanings such as “luckiest day possible,” “kind of average day,” and “a good time to stay

in bed."

The Right Brain Food for Every Gambling Game

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Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do you have what it takes to hunker down and see a gambling night through from beginning to

end? Do you start to lose focus or get sluggish when there are still chips to win? The answer you

are looking for may be in the food you eat.

Casino food can be great. In fact, plenty of 5-star restaurants are built into casino resorts. But

most people can’t exactly afford to go to these restaurants every day. Most of the time, it’s just

beer and fried food, not exactly the recipe for success. There’s nothing wrong with a burger and

fries every now and then, but if you really want to turn your brain on, these are the foods that

will get you through each and every casino game.

Slot Machines

Killing it at the slot machine takes patience. It’s important to make the money last instead of

spending it all at once and making frequent trips to the counter for more betting money. Foods

like chocolate and tea have small doses of caffeine, not as much as coffee or energy drinks, but

enough to reboot your brain when it starts to doze off. Energy drinks will work for some number

of hours, and can cause a crash at the end for some. Juicy, flavorful foods like fruit will help

keep your mind occupied for long periods of time. Go for whole grains instead of sugar in order

to stretch out the amount of time that the energy will be released.


The name of the game is zinc. This vitamin powers higher thinking, enhancing your critical

thinking and improving your memory, two vital things for a mental game of wits like blackjack.

The best source is probably pumpkin seeds, which also happen to be light, portable, and

nonperishable. They make for a great snack break. The vitamin K from broccoli may come in

handy, too.


There are a lot of options for this one, from citrus to tomatoes to bell peppers to greens, all of

which contain the handy vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for a lot of things, but in this case, what

we want it for is quick, on-the- spot thinking. Having your wits about you is the best ally when it

comes to playing this fast-paced group game.

Feel prepared? If your favorite game isn’t on this list, the brain foods listed will still help out

with any other, from roulette to video poker.

3 Betting Tricks that Really Work

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casino fun

Ready to get an edge on the casino? These simple tricks can make a big difference. A few small

changes can turn a disappointing night into a successful one. It doesn’t matter where you play. At

an online casino or in a land-based casino, on a smartphone app or at a table, these simple

techniques ring true.

1. Pocket the winnings.

If every chip that is earned gets tucked away, that means that there will always be something left

at the end of the night. No one likes to call it quits empty-handed. Even if it’s just a few chips, it

is an accomplishment worth holding onto. How this trick translates to the online world is a little

tricky. When playing online or on a smartphone, jot down how much you win when you win, and

add it up in a calculator. When the number on the calculator equals the number left in the

account, that means quitting time. The amount left is the winnings from playing.

2. Double Up

It may seem too simple to be true, but doubling up is actually a very neat math trick. Doubling

the bet after a loss, no matter how many losses there are in a row, guarantees that the player will

win by the original amount as soon as they actually win. For example, if a player bets $5 and

loses, they can double the bet to $10, $20, $40, and on and on, and the moment they win, the

total earnings will be $5. This strategy only goes south when the player bets more than they can

afford and runs out of money before they can manage to win. In other words, doubling up is a

guaranteed win so long as the player can afford to continue to bet.

3. Keep it Simple

Too many betting strategies involve stretching chips thinly around the table, covering all bases in

theory but in reality just making it that much more difficult to profit. Instead, pick the single bet

that is the most likely to win, like a color in roulette or a hand of blackjack, and just bet on that.

Already practicing some of these techniques? Not sure all of them go with your style? It’s

alright. Whatever is the most personally rewarding, the most fun play style for you personally is

the right way to go.

Why Doubling Up Works

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It makes sense on the surface. When a gambler fails to get the result they want, they redouble

their efforts. They drop new chips on top of the old, and ride it out until they finally win. Is there

something more to this seemingly simple method? That question can be answered with a little

investigation and a little math.

The Gist

Doubling up works because so long as the bet increases enough, you can still earn your money

back as soon as you win. A starting bet of $5 becomes $10, then $20, then $40, followed by $80

then $160 then on and on until it finally pays off. The total winnings? $5. Doubling up on a loss

will only make as much as the original bet would have, no matter how much the bet goes up.

Doubling up also only works when a bet pays 2 to 1. If there are lower odds of winning, and a

higher payoff, then the bet will have to shoot much higher in order to make up for losses.

Why it Works

Doubling the bet is the easiest way of calculating the next bet down the line, but there is also

another way. If all the previous bets are added together plus the original bet, the results are the

same. In other words, the follow-up bets make up for the costs of each of the previous bets, plus

enough to make a profit if the bet wins. For example, a $5 bet loses, so you add the lost $5 plus a

new $5 to make $10. That loses, so you add the lost $10 to the original $5 plus an extra $5 to

make $20. That wins so you are rewarded $40, but minus all the money you lost in the previous

rounds, you finish only $5 ahead.

Why it’s Great

The best thing about doubling up is that so long as you can keep doubling up, you can always

make up for the losses and come out ahead. If nothing is stopping you from doubling up over and

over again until the bet goes through, you cannot lose.

Pitfall #1

A table limit can shut down a doubling up routine in a very tiresome way. The numbers stack up

very quickly, and can quickly pass into the hundreds or even the thousands from a low starting

bet like $5. Once the bet hits the cap, it’s over. The money can no longer be earned back in a

single bet. Instead of winning $5, you may lose hundreds.

Pitfall #2

When the table limit doesn’t get in the way, your wallet does. Everyone can only afford to

double up so many times before going broke. Once the numbers hit the point when there is

nothing left to lay on the table, the money is gone.

The Solution

Start small, and know how many times you can afford to double up before hitting the table limit

or the end of your budget. The more times you can afford to double up, the better. It may take a

long time to earn a substantial sum with small bets, but the ticket to success makes up for it.


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The 3 Types of Gambling Games

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casino fun

Every game that ever touched the casino floor can be placed into three distinct categories. The

majority of casino games are vibrant if simplistic games that are random chance to the core, but

those are not the only options out there. Players looking for a challenge can find it within a few

popular games out there. Some take more work than others, meaning there is a game out there

for everyone. What kind of gambler are you? Do you prefer math, skill, or pure chance? Take a

look at the games and recommendations below.

1. All Chance

No matter the details, most gambling games are straight up chance. Keno gives a variety of

number choices, but the numbers that win are totally random. Roulette lets the players pick

different numbers or even groups of numbers, but the one that comes up is random every time.

Slot machines let player bet more or less coins or tokens, but there is no predicting what the

spinners will land on. Chances are that if cards are not involved, the game is up to the odds.

2. Mostly Chance

Some games still have a backbone of random chance while requiring a little more thought. Craps

comes to mind as a somewhat more complex game. The most popular betting choice is the Pass

Line, but the Don’t Pass Bar actually stands a better chance of winning. It takes guts to pick

Don’t Pass when surrounded by saying “pass,” making this game a little bit more than just

chance. Of course, the drama and the hassle can also be avoided by playing online. Other games

like baccarat have an opportunity for math and planning, but are usually played casually.

3. Mostly Skill

A few rare gambling games out there call on the need for calculation. Blackjack is the first and

foremost among them. The most successful blackjack players have learned the game inside and

out, know how to keep track of cards, and also have insight about what the other players might

be holding. Reading the other players is also a significant part of poker. Success at poker requires

figuring out the quality of each player’s hand, getting others to fold, and keeping secrets from

other players. The success of the two games, blackjack and poker, arises from their unique


Just like there is a lifestyle to fit every person, there is also a type of casino game and a casino to play at. For some,

letting go and surrendering to chance is the ideal option. For others, a little intrigue is required.

Everyone is unique, and so are the games people wish to play.

5 Activities which are Taboo at the Casino but A-OK at Home

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Looking for a reason to stay home to get your gambling fix? How about five? There are tons of

reasons why online casinos are better than gambling in person, but we won’t even touch on the

bonuses, the discretion, or any of those other compelling reasons to stay home. Instead, this is

just about what people can and can’t do at a real-life casino, and how much more freeing it is to

play at home.

1. Drinking the Bottle Clear

Even at the friendliest casinos, the staff has this odd habit of cutting people off when they’ve had

too much to drink. The drinks may be free, but once your face turns red and you start staggering

from table to table, the drinks disappear. Be loud enough and you may even find yourself sent

home early. Where is the fun in that? At home, you decide when you are done and when you are


2. Pulling an All-Nighter

No matter how well-behaved you are, no matter how much you tip, eventually the dealer will ask

you to go home for the night. This is because casinos have a habit of “closing,” or turning off all

the machines and locking the doors for several hours so the employees can sleep. Online casinos

don’t do this. You can gamble on your lunch break. You can gamble in the middle of the night.

You can gamble right now.

3. Hogging the Dealer

At the casino, you are either waiting for another player to set up their chips or trying to pick your

placements while everyone else stares. Online gambling happens at your pace. You click on the

“deal” button when you’re ready, not when the rest of the players start tapping their fingers.

4. Filming it

Have you ever whipped out a camera and started recording everyone around the table? People

tend to get nervous, or think you’re cheating. Online, however, a live stream is totally OK and

could even form a group of followers.

5. Swearing at the top of your lungs

When you set down all your chips on a single bet and then lose, it is time to yell. When you take

a risk and miraculously win, your arms are going up in the air and someone is going to get

punched. If you like to celebrate when you win and let it out when you lose, your antics may be

better off taking place at home.

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