4 Rare and Beautiful Online Casino Bonuses

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The online gambling world is full of rich and crazy bonuses. There is a bonus for everything

from making a deposit to just signing up. Other bonuses are rare, special, or unique to the online

casino. This is a short list of some of the most unique online casino bonuses and what makes

them tick.

1. Double Up

Most casino bonuses are pretty simple in function. The player creates an account, and gets free

chips. The player deposits money, and gets a percent of the money free. Things get interesting

when one bonus stacks on top of another bonus, and the player gets much, much more than they

signed up for. Some bonuses are meant to stack. On certain days, or with certain combinations of

bonuses, extra poker chips seem to rain from the sky. This is why it’s a good idea to read up on

all of a website’s possible bonuses before making a deposit. See what kinds of combinations you

can pull off.

2. Enter the Raffle

Every now and then, say once a month or on special holidays, online casinos run a raffle or a

lottery. Entering takes different things, like a small $50 deposit or just signing up. The best

lotteries let players put their name in the hat over and over again for a better chance to win. The

prizes can be enormous. Sometimes a lucky player will win as much as $10,000 and entering

didn’t cost them a dime. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the ads on a casino website. It

might seem tedious at first, but the free lotteries are actually a very good deal.

3. Grab a Friend

Have friends who gamble? If you introduce your friend to a website and they use it, there’s

sometimes a bonus in it for you. The most important step is making sure you give your friends

the link that the online casino provides. Otherwise, to the casino, it will just look like a new

player signed up. This bonus is best done by having several friends join around the same time,

and receiving an even larger bonus.

4. Chip in

Sometimes casinos give their players online poker chips as rewards. These might be rewards for

logging in on certain days, making deposits, or playing certain online games. The chips might be

random, or might be certain values for certain actions. Free chips are fun because they are a

chance for anyone to play a $100 or more value chip, even if they’ve never deposited that much


A quick look around will prove it: there is a bonus for everything.

Online Gambling FAQs

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The definitive list of need-to-know online gambling information. Tips for using online casinos,

similarities and differences to playing in person, and other common questions.

1. Does online gambling use real money?

Yes! The online gambling world, whether it takes place online, on the computer, or on a smart

phone, is ready to take real bets and send back real cash winnings. Certain online casinos offer

free trials or a chance to play around with the game, but after that, it’s time to get serious.

2. Do card games like blackjack work the same online?

This is an excellent question that a lot of people do not think about. There is one significant

difference between online and land-based card games: shuffling. In person, the deck is shuffled

as much as the dealer chooses to shuffle. Online, the cards are frequently automatically shuffled

every round, and there is no telling what will come next.

3. How do I use online casino bonuses?

One of the biggest draws for online gambling play is the opportunity to earn a little extra money

by using bonuses. Bonuses work a little bit like coupons, providing free betting money or extra

spins for different transactions like depositing money, inviting friends, logging in often, and

other things. There is often a large, heaping bonus of tens to hundreds of dollars just for signing

up. The best way to make sure your bonuses are reaching their full potential is to follow the

directions then call or text chat if anything doesn’t go through. Online casinos with quality

customer service will answer right away and help resolve the issue.

4. How do I find a good online casino?

The key components of a quality online casino are a well-known name, quick customer service,

and bonuses that play into the winnings for longer than just the first couple deposits. A well-

known name means a trustworthy source, quick customer service means any problems will be

resolved quickly, and prolonged useful bonuses means that casino is more than just any other

throwaway site.

5. Are the same gambling games available online?

Some classic games will be missing, but more cutting-edge and creative games will be added to

the menu. Specifically, poker and sports betting are not facilitated in the United States, but online

and mobile formats give the business a chance to change its face. Online, it is possible to find

slot machine games with the plot of a video game, blackjack with live video dealers leading the

game from the real world, and any number of other unique and crafty gambling experiences.

Why do Online Casinos Give Bonuses

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When it comes down to it, online casino bonuses are free money for players. How can casinos

afford these bonuses? Why don’t land-based casinos have the same reward systems? Find out

why online casinos can afford to offer such great prizes, and why it is such a good deal for them

to keep providing these bonuses.

From online casinos to mobile apps, computerized gambling sources are saturated with ads for

free money. Some generous casinos such as Silver Oak offer more than five times the amount when the user

deposits as a bonus. Other incredible deals like the deposit bonus of $777 at Royal Ace give

players a large chunk of money, larger than seems possible.

How can online casinos afford to offer such tremendous bonuses? The bonus is the hook that

gets players turning to that casino and no other. When people get a nice bonus when they first try

out a casino, they come back to that casino again and again for more good deals.

Another factor is players aren’t always getting as much as they think they are. No-deposit

bonuses that seem like just a pile of cash actually require several rounds of betting before the

money sees the light of day. Say the casino only offers a $20 bonus, the player has to bet that $20

thirty times before finally being able to withdraw it. Huge wins do happen, but the most likely

scenario is the player bets away a portion of the $20 before being able to withdraw. For example,

if a player chooses to place just safe roulette bets like odd, even, black, or red, they will lose

about 3% of the bonus every time they bet and end up with around $8.50 at the end. The player is

still going home with free money, but the casino is willing to take the chance that most players

will keep playing.

What about the extravagant and expensive bonuses of hundreds of dollars? How do casinos

afford these. There is a good chance the explanation falls under advertising. Some online

casinos, especially mobile games, display video ads between games. These ads are usually not

the big money-makers for a casino, but they don’t hurt either. Whenever an online casino can

afford to offer a worthwhile bonus with no strings attached, they are likely sealing the gap with

these advertisements.

A third and trickier reason that casinos can afford the bonuses they do is how easy they make it

to break the terms. Each bonus only works if the player follows the rules, from how they qualify

for the bonus to how they withdraw it. Every game has its rules, and breaking these rules means

the bonus never reaches the player. Casinos count on a certain percentage of players breaking the

agreement, so this is something to watch out for.

The most important use for large online casino bonuses is competition. In land-based gambling,

there is hardly any competition. Casinos are few and far between except in gambling-dense cities

like Las Vegas. Online, players can go to whichever casino they wish at any time, so online

casinos do what they have to: offer the players a prize for picking them out. Competition is fierce

between online casinos, and it’s a good thing, too. The biggest bonus gets the most customers, so

there are dozens of amazing deals out there.

How to Cash in on Online Casino Bonuses

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The house always wins, or so the saying goes. This has been true since the first game was ever gambled, but what if something new came along to completely transform that? Yes, the house will always have an edge, but what if the player received a little something, perhaps a little bonus, that turned the tide? It’s a rare situation to find, but sometimes, with the right game and the right bonus, it is possible to claim the upper hand.

  1. Know the Numbers

Each game has a different house edge. The house edge for blackjack is around .28 with card-counting and .5% without. An odds bet on craps has an exact 0% house edge, and video poker has about a .46% house edge. All three of these are excellent odds compared to what else is out there. Combined with the right bonus, it is possible to turn the house edge into a player edge.

Keep an eye out for comp points. This is a small bonus for wagered money. If an online casino exchanged 100 comp points for $1 and awards 1 comp point for every $10 wagered, this offsets .1% of the house advantage. It’s not much, but it will help. To find out if a comp bonus is worth it, calculate points (1) divided by wager ($10) divided by the points needed for a cashable dollar (100).

Deposit bonuses are the best deals out there, but unfortunately they’re only available for the first 1-3 deposits at a new online casino. Typically, the greater the deposit, the greater the reward. If the numbers are on the player’s side, one such deposit is still risky but all in all a good idea. Perhaps a $5,000 deposit warrants a $100 cashable bonus. If all $5,000 is wagered, the bonus offsets 2% of the house advantage. To find out if a bonus is worth it, calculate bonus divided by deposit to get the percent.

Non-cashable bonuses will not help. These bonuses just sit in the account until it drops to $0.The money is never coming out the other side.

  1. Swallow Bite-Sized Bets

Even if the casino allows it, it is a bad idea to bet all of the deposited money at once. If all the money is gone in a few rounds, then there is a distinct possibility some of those valuable rounds will be failures. Here is a fact: The more individual bets that are made, the closer the percentage of wins will reflect the calculated average. It’s just math. If a coin is flipped 1,000 times, it will be heads about 500 times, and tails about 500 times. If the coin is flipped only twice or three times, it could well be tails every single time.

  1. Take the High Road

Taking advantage of bonuses is just seizing a good opportunity, but breaking the casino rules will just result in empty pockets. It’s tempting to create new accounts at the same casino to earn

How USA Players Can Benefit from No-deposit Bonuses

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Team-USA Banner

Although they’ve been around for some time, no deposit casinos are slowly creeping into people’s awareness, and like their name suggests, they have immediate appeal to new and old gamers alike. The foundational principle behind no deposit casinos is quite simple: by offering certain incentives and bonuses, online casinos can strike a very particular relationship with their patrons.

How, exactly, does this work? ?

How You Can Win – Without Paying

Unlike most casinos, which require a membership and then ‘topping up’ of credit, no deposit casinos don’t require any membership or even any deposit of money from their patrons – this allows players to indulge in various gaming websites, almost on a trial basis. But in many cases, players can even win real money without having to invest anything.

There are several different forms of no deposit casinos, each with their own rules and nuances – in some cases, there are credit accounts which involve a player playing through certain games in order to cash out at the end. This is designed to prevent bots and fickle players from taking advantage of the option, and other terms may apply, such as the number of times you are required to wager the bonus prior to cashing out, and many no deposit casinos also tack off a limit on cash out amounts.

Other No-deposit Methods:

Free Time

Other casinos may utilize a ‘free one hour’ element, in which a player has access to the casinos stock of games for a limited amount of time as a way to introduce them to what is being offered and get them comfortable with some of the games. Although it’s only for an hour, some players can even make a few hundred dollars in that time, which speaks to the incentive of joining or purchasing membership to the casino.

Additional Bonus

Some No Deposit Casinos also offer additional bonus points and awards for joining (sometimes in the form of free game tokens, sometimes as actual cash to get a player started) – these bonuses are often included in the form of coupon codes that can be entered when joining a casino.

No-Deposit is No Problem

Many companies that feature no deposit are, while becoming more popular, are retroactively becoming more difficult to find and often use a different gaming software. However, the games available to players encompass all the usual games as well as some new ones, including Video Poker, Baccarat, Slots, and Scratch Cards.

For new players, a little research into no deposit casinos in the USA, combined with patience and a desire to learn the games, can amount to a lucrative venture. It is also an excellent way, if you’re looking for an online casino to join, to sample some of what they have to offer and see if their range of games suits you both aesthetically, financially, and recreationally.

The Big Secret for No-deposit Free Spins

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Learn the Secret

If you have been gambling for any period of time, you will have heard of the no-deposit bonus. This is a staple in the casino industry that has been around for a while now where you are given some money without making a deposit.

There is a new kid on the block, however. We’re talking about the no-deposit free spins bonus, a coupon code that is applicable for slots play only. It’s new and exciting, and even if you have heard of it before, chances are you haven’t heard the whole story.

In 2013, this new type of bonus may end up being the difference between winning a little bit of money and winning a whole lot of it. Some no-deposit spin codes are particularly noteworthy, and the secret for success will be finding these lesser-known codes and using them before they become too well-known.

Who Can Use this Bonus Code?

The short answer: only slots players can benefit from a no-deposit free spin bonus code because they are for slot machine play.  That is where the “spin” part of the terminology comes into play.

What do You Mean “No-deposit?”

We mean that we want to take our games for a quick spin (literally) by way of some extra spins provided free of charge by the casino. You do not have to make a deposit. You just have to sign up and create a player account. Otherwise,the money will have no place in which to be deposited.

How Many Free Spins Can I Get?

The number of free spins will depend on the coupon code in question. For the most part, the number of free spins will vary anywhere from 15x-100x. While not a perfect correlation, for the most part, the higher number of spins awarded, the more aggressive the playthrough requirements will tend to be. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, however, so be sure to check out the terms and conditions pages.

How Much Money Can I Win?

You can theoretically win just as much money as you could by playing with your own cash. Keep in mind that this is full and otherwise legitimate real money play. So if you win big, that money is yours once you fulfill the playthrough conditions.

There is the distinct possibility that you could hit a jackpot without having to actually invest any of your own money.

Patriotic USA Players Play at No-deposit Casinos

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USA Online Players Should Use No-deposit Codes

Fellow Americans, casino players, countrymen, lend me your ears, and I will deliver you from the clutches of the external influences that prevent you from gaining cash for free. I will show you how you can put out your hand and receive a stack of bills.

The Reds would have us living in a world where honest people do not receive free money before signing up to play at an online casino. It is blaspheme. It is the will of the opposition, and we’re here to rally the troops to fight against the will of Red Tape Army that gets in the way of a smooth, enjoyable casino experience with their rules and institutional bombardments.

We’re all about free market gains. We’re all about encouraging the American dream.

What We Have here is Failure to Communicate…Free Cash

If you are American, you should ideally be looking to the no-deposit option to load up on some ammo for the upcoming battle. The USA casinos we have listed will provide you with free cash, and you can use that free cash to gamble and make money. Free money, to make more money – that is more in-line with the American Dream.

If you live in the United States and you think you would like to try your hand at some absolutely free slots (bonus) spins, some table game play, or maybe even just experiment with special games, then read on because we’re going to explain, step-by-step, how to do that.

Cirrus Casino - Return of the Rudolph (250% No Playthrough, No Max Bonus + $50 Free Chip)

I’m a USA Player – What Do I Have to Do?

The steps are simple. Let’s take a look.

  1. You read through our casino reviews
  2. You find a casino that you like
  3. You click on the coupon code link
  4. You follow that link to the casino to make an account
  5. In the account area, you enter the bonus code in the clearly marked area

That’s it, Americans. Easy, right? Note that you can repeat this same process for all of the casinos we’ve listed here. The option is yours, but you can load up on thousands in free money bonuses.

Sexy Blackjack

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Bikini Blackjack - the Best Kind

You know the old saying: sex sells. Well there is saying within the casino industry, “sexy wins,” which is really just another way of saying…sex sells to gamblers.

If you haven’t figured it out, this blog is going to be about sex. In particular, a more sexy form of blackjack. Think of it as an inter-course that will teach you everything that you need to know and may have been wondering. Gambling is all about giving into that monetary lust, so why not throw the throes of primal biological desire onto the heap as well?

Sexy Blackjack is something new, and this young vixen of a game will grab you in the sensitive areas and sit you down in your chair for a wild ride. Read on to find out exactly how it works.

Blackjack with More Sexy. Why Not?

At a certain point in every gambler life—be it man or a woman—you start to ask yourself certain questions. Some of them are deep within the recesses of the introspective void; others are more pragmatic, like what would happen if the dealer took off their shirt?

When you reach this point, it begins to tug at the coattails of your soul. Every hand that passes, is another hand where you could have been looking at cleavage or rock-hard abs, and it starts to weigh on your conscience like a pair of DDs barely contained in that metal bra from Star Wars.

Eventually the realization is this: even if for just one game, why add some eye candy into that at-the-desk diet that keeps you sustained and focussed on the game at hand? Everyone needs to feed their sweet tooth, be it psychological or literal, every once and a while.

Cirrus Casino - Return of the Rudolph (250% No Playthrough, No Max Bonus + $50 Free Chip)

“More Sexy. Got it. What Else Can I Expect?”

Not too much else. It’s blackjack—sexified. Basically, the game designers took the dealers that you would normally (not) see in your typical online blackjack environment, and took off their clothes.

The traditional blackjack is that the dealer—be it a man or a woman—is usually wearing some sort of formal casino attire, but formal casino attire is tiresome for some. If you are sitting alone in the luxuries of your private residence, why not embrace your American freedom to live a better life?

“I’m Convinced”

You should check out our no-deposit bonus codes page and load up some real money coupons so that you can show off your huge bankroll to the hotty inanimate digital character on your screen. They’re probably not going to sleep with you, but…you never know. They definitely won’t unless you start winning big.

No-deposit Bonus Blogs

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Bonus cash for you right now. Simple.
Chances are if you are reading this text, you know what a no-deposit bonus blog is. Why? Because Rick’s Picks itself is a no-deposit bonus blog. In essence what websites like ours do is go out and scour the many other different sources for casino information in order to bring back the most comprehensive information on the latest and most profitable real money casino coupons, and then we present all that information to the user.

The Different Styles of No-deposit Casino Websites

No-deposit casinos come in a couple of different styles:

  • The ‘mass list’ style
  • The ‘full review’ style

Full Review

Take a look at the front page of Rick’s Picks and you will see an example of the ‘full review’ variety. The reason that we choose to adopt this type of approach is simple: we’re focussed on giving you the absolute best casino coupon codes. We would rather you not have to search through—and get lost in—a gigantic list of casinos trying to money at you. Those of us here in the Rick posse firmly believe that it’s better to hand-select a few top choices and in-turn pass on that efficiency to our users.

Hopefully you agree!

Mass List

In contrast, there is the mass list style of review sites. They have a ‘quantity over quality’ approach that requires a little bit more effort on the part of the user. The upside, of course, is that you are presented with more choices, so theoretically you could find the exact bonus that you are looking for. But that sort of brings us to the next point, which is as follows:

Are all no-deposit bonus codes created equal?

Cirrus Casino - Return of the Rudolph (250% No Playthrough, No Max Bonus + $50 Free Chip)

Are all No-deposit Codes Created Equal?

Not really.

In fact, the main purpose of our website is to give some order to the varied details surrounding using bonus codes.

Rollover and Playthrough?

When you see the words ‘rollover’ and ‘playthrough’ they are referring to the time spent playing, or the amount wagered, before the free money given to you by the casino—and anything won by it—can be withdrawn from the establishment.

Almost every bonus code will have some sort of prerequisites attached to them. That is completely normal. What you will find, however, is that some casinos offer much better rates than others. Sometimes this is because they are a higher quality casino with more authority; other times it’s because it’s a lower quality casino, or even a brand new casino that is looking to bring in new players.

The above is just another reason why we try and weed out the ridiculous bonus offers to only bring you viable options, good for 2013. Thanks for reading.