Favorite Casino Games for Introverts and Extroverts

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When it comes to how we like to spend our free time, we are all wired a little differently. When

it comes to a Friday night, nothing sounds more enjoyable to an extrovert than to get out there,

make some friends, and make some noise. Many introverts, on the other hand, need time to cool

down after a long week, and may find themselves at home enjoying a low-key game of video

poker. Luckily, there is something out there for everyone, especially if you know where to look.

For most introverts, even online casino games can take a bit of a social toll. Many involve a

dealer character, whether through voice-over or an actual dealer facilitating the game on camera.

For someone who prefers quiet and time to think, the presence of a dealer, real or virtual, can

lessen the experience.

The choices bet for an introvert who is cooling off are games that take the dealer completely out

of the picture. Games such as slot machines, keno, and video poker are made for this sort of

experience. Having never involved dealers or inter-player competition, it is safe to say that these

games are as far away from social interaction as it gets.

While these games are perfect for an introvert, an extrovert may find this experience lonely,

especially in an online format played at home. This is why more social, more involved games

have been created for the computer. Many facilitate the same dynamic of competition that is

found at a table inside a casino. Games such as bingo and blackjack frequently involve multiple

players where there is only one winner. Not all games of this type are guaranteed to have real

social interaction, however, so it is important to check for a multiplayer version.

For teamwork, there is no better answer than craps. This game has everyone winning together, so

long as they all picked the same bet. The same can be said for roulette so long as everyone teams

up and bets on the same square. Competitive or cooperative, the social quality of an online

casino game is heightened the most with the rare feature of live video. When the dealer and the

players can all see and talking together, there is no question about it. There is real interaction

going on.

Online gambling offers a full scope of gambling experiences from quiet, thoughtful play to loud

and livid competition. It’s just a question of where to look.

The Winning Margin for Each Bet

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How to tell if you are getting ahead or falling behind in the casino. Different bets have different

payouts, and different chances of winning. Because of all the different numbers being tossed

around, it can be tough to tell what winning even looks like. Here, we will go over how soon you

will need to win a bet in order to come out ahead at the online casino.


One of the riskier moves out there, a single roulette number also has one of the best payouts. A

player can sit on a single number for 34 rounds, as long as the ball lands on that number by the

end of that 34 th spin. Since there are only 38 numbers on an American roulette board, the odds

actually aren’t that bad. That is 34 chances to get just one number to appear.

Video Poker

It’s easy to stay afloat in this game by getting Jacks or better, with the occasional combination.

Two pair and three of a kind show up every now and then, and a flush or straight is not unheard

of. Even if none of these combinations are coming up, though, a single royal flush can turn

around a long losing streak. How long? The answer is 248 losing games. Even if 248 games go

by without a single Jack, it can all be fixed when the most powerful combination comes up. If

gameplay is a little more typical and about half the plays come through with at least a Jack, then

a royal flush doesn’t need to come up until the 499 th playthrough.

Slot Machine

The jackpot on a slot machine is going to vary a lot. Some stack, some stay the same. The

maximum number of coins also changes around, so predicting when the next maximum jackpot

will come around is a no-go. However, when it comes to any other combination, which is still a

huge amount of money, it’s a little easier to pin down. A slot machine straight needs to show up

by the 149 th spin. That means 148 spins earning nothing, and then a single spin to save the day.


There is one thing to take away about high-risk bets with huge payouts: the sooner the better.

There is a long time before the winning spin needs to show up, but the sooner it happens, the

more money will be netted in the whole process. If it takes too long for the winning spin to come

up, then when it finally does appear, the player will still be taking a loss. The sweet spot is right

after the start of play, before too many chips have been invested.

Daily Luck Tests

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Don’t you wish there was a way to know how well your day was going to go? What if you could

even take this sort of information with you to the online casino, and just know for sure when to

go all out? There is nothing concrete out there yet, but there are some ways to gather at least a

sense of how lucky any given day will be. These are just a few ideas that could revolutionize

your gambling routine.

1. The Handkerchief Test

Hang a handkerchief outside your window. Every morning, reach out to see if the handkerchief

is damp. When the handkerchief is completely dry, it is going to be a great day. If it’s soaked,

this is not the time to go all-out at the casino.

2. The Egg Drop

If you like eggs in the morning, this will work perfectly. When you crack an egg, see if the yolk

breaks or leaks. This works best with larger amounts of eggs, say 4 or more. It’s fairly easy to

break one or two eggs without harming the yolk, but it becomes trickier with more and more


3. The Hot Guess

This test is especially great in preparation for number-based gambling games like keno and

roulette. It is used to see how accurately you can guess a number that you couldn’t possibly

know: the air temperature. When you first step outside, take a guess how hot it really is before

looking it up, or even better, peering at a thermometer. The day you guess exactly right is a lucky


4. The Shuffle

Put your music on shuffle and skip to the 7 th song. This song represents how your day will go.

Before you start downloading a long list of happy songs and deleting anything upsetting,

remember that your music represents your own scope as a person, and messing with the selection

makes the entire test just a little bit pointless.

5. The Marble Bag

This test requires many small objects that feel the same and look different. It shouldn’t be

possible to tell the difference by touching them. Different-colored marbles are perfect. After

assigning “good” and “bad” to two different colors, pour them in a bag. Each day, you can take a

marble out to see how your day is going to go. You could even include multiple colors with even

more meanings such as “luckiest day possible,” “kind of average day,” and “a good time to stay

in bed."

5 Bizarre Purchases by Big Gambling Winners

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Ever wonder what sorts of things people end up buying when the gambling technique works out?

It turns out that people buy when money is no longer an object varies as much as fingerprints or

the shapes of snowflakes. These are real accounts from big winners all across the United States.

1. A teacup pig.

When a Ferrari salesman made a modest $1 million off of scratch tickets, he set his sights on a

teacup pig. Sound strange: The pig was actually a gift for his daughter. Though a million dollars

was not enough to comfortably retire on, he decided to switch to a part-time job to spend more

time with his family.

2. Slippers.

Winning 1 million pounds, or $1.5 million, a lottery winner from England had no idea what to do

with his newfound riches. After spending the equivalent of $15 on a pair of shoes, the poor soul

had trouble deciding what to do with the rest.

3. The family home.

With $1.4 million to spend after a lucky game of keno, a 71-year- old electrical linesman finally

had the opportunity to retire. Motivated more by sentiment than by practicality, the newly retired

gambler explained his plans to purchase the home he grew up in with his deceased mother.

Though owning the home was a big part of his plan, living in it was not. He preferred the motor

park that he currently lived in.

4. A boat.

When most people say they plan to go fishing, the idea is hardly a budget-breaker. For a certain

former truck driver and owner of $116.5 million, however, the meaning is a little different.

Instead of fishing off the side of a lake like a commoner, this lottery winner elected to buy a boat

and take it out to where the big fish bite.

5. A novelty door knocker.

A millionaire can afford just about any strange and one-of- a-kind item, but it doesn’t always take

a millionaire. One lottery winner went home with $200,000 from three separate winning tickets,

and needed something to remember the money by. That is how he ended up with a door knocker

shaped like a crab.

The variety is unbelievable. Some of the choices are touching and sweet, some are extravagant

and unique, and others are just bizarre. Would you know what to do with a million dollars? It

turns out that some people were not as prepared as they thought they were.

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The 3 Types of Gambling Games

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casino fun

Every game that ever touched the casino floor can be placed into three distinct categories. The

majority of casino games are vibrant if simplistic games that are random chance to the core, but

those are not the only options out there. Players looking for a challenge can find it within a few

popular games out there. Some take more work than others, meaning there is a game out there

for everyone. What kind of gambler are you? Do you prefer math, skill, or pure chance? Take a

look at the games and recommendations below.

1. All Chance

No matter the details, most gambling games are straight up chance. Keno gives a variety of

number choices, but the numbers that win are totally random. Roulette lets the players pick

different numbers or even groups of numbers, but the one that comes up is random every time.

Slot machines let player bet more or less coins or tokens, but there is no predicting what the

spinners will land on. Chances are that if cards are not involved, the game is up to the odds.

2. Mostly Chance

Some games still have a backbone of random chance while requiring a little more thought. Craps

comes to mind as a somewhat more complex game. The most popular betting choice is the Pass

Line, but the Don’t Pass Bar actually stands a better chance of winning. It takes guts to pick

Don’t Pass when surrounded by saying “pass,” making this game a little bit more than just

chance. Of course, the drama and the hassle can also be avoided by playing online. Other games

like baccarat have an opportunity for math and planning, but are usually played casually.

3. Mostly Skill

A few rare gambling games out there call on the need for calculation. Blackjack is the first and

foremost among them. The most successful blackjack players have learned the game inside and

out, know how to keep track of cards, and also have insight about what the other players might

be holding. Reading the other players is also a significant part of poker. Success at poker requires

figuring out the quality of each player’s hand, getting others to fold, and keeping secrets from

other players. The success of the two games, blackjack and poker, arises from their unique


Just like there is a lifestyle to fit every person, there is also a type of casino game and a casino to play at. For some,

letting go and surrendering to chance is the ideal option. For others, a little intrigue is required.

Everyone is unique, and so are the games people wish to play.

3 Gambling Games Where the House Edge can be Defeated

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Believe it or not, despite what everyone says, there are real ways of overcoming the house edge.

It is just a matter of choosing the right game. These are not the typical games that can be found

in the casino, and for good reason. After all, casinos prefer when they can hold a profit. These

games might take a little looking around for, but once that step is over with, it is only a matter of

honing the technique.

1. The Cup Game

A seemingly simple game that used to be common at street fairs, the cup game relies of on the

belief that the body can move faster than the eyes can see. A vendor has three cups and a ball.

They hide the ball under one of the cups then switch the cups around and around, then have the

player guess where the ball ended up. To the naked eye, the cups moving around looks like a

blur, but the technique can be perfected. Additionally, the vendor may use sleight of hand to let

the ball slip between two cups, or between the cup and their own hand. It is best to avoid vendors

capable of this, but even tricks like that can be picked up on and worked around, so long as there

is still a ball under one of the cups when it is time to guess. In other words, so long as the vendor

isn’t outright cheating, this game can be mastered and the house edge overcome.

2. Weight Loss Competitions

This type of gambling game is substantially easier to win, but it may not be viable for everyone.

Looking for a sense of competition to motivate them, numerous individuals and later companies

had the idea to create weight-loss challenges. Numerous people place their bets with the goal of

losing a certain number of pounds, or the most pounds. Then the winners go home with cash and

the losers lose only what they bet. With the right motivation and circumstances, it is possible to

go into these competitions with almost complete certainty of winning. It is a good idea to seek

out competitions that require a certain amount of pounds lost and have multiple winners for the

greatest chance of victory.

3. Making Bets

Everyone has their own skills, and each of these skills can be improved. When you make a bet of

your own, you set the terms of the game. Someone may bet on who can do the most push-ups,

who can hold their breath the longest, or anything else under the sun. It is just a matter of getting

someone else to agree to the bet and then winning.

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A Good Luck Charm for Every Casino Game

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Nothing is one size fits all, and that goes for personal tokens as much as it goes for shirts. The

difference is that it’s obvious when a shirt doesn’t fit but a good luck token will seem perfectly

fine without proper inspection. Are you getting the most out of your good luck token? This guide

will help you fit the good luck charm to the game rather than vice versa.

1. Keno

This game is the perfect example of a game of luck. Unlike slot machines which allow flexibility

in the amount bet and the amount of lines open, keno truly leaves the player at the mercy of the

numbers. If you already know which numbers you will be betting, consider a charm that can be

written on, such as a golden scrap of paper rolled into a scroll and tied together with a red bow.

Find a way to carry the numbers with you. If you are not betting particular numbers, bring a

representation of your numbers. For a set of high numbers, bring a tin or miniature bag full of

pebbles or fine-grained sand. For a set of low numbers, bring an old comb.


2. Blackjack

To win at blackjack, you must not only draw a sharp hand but have a sharper hand than those

around you. This is true even in online blackjack in which the hands of the other players, no

matter how far away, can still deplete the value of your own. A token in the form of a bracelet

will keep the vibes close to your hands and also close to the cards.

3. Craps

In a game of shooting dice, the two tiny cubes are both your best friend and your worst enemy.

The right color may drive out the right relationship with the dice. When choosing a color, think

about how you, yourself interact with others when you are trying to win. Is your dynamic more

red and fiery, or blue and soothing? Does it work? Find the color that draws out your own

personal strategy.

4. Roulette

The most important part of roulette is not how fast or slow the wheel spins but when it begins to

slow down, and at what point it finally comes to a halt. The image of a spiral is a powerful one, a

concept invoking the notion of a wheel spinning until it finally reaches just the right place: the

center. Look for spirals in your home and in the places you go regularly, and see if you can find

or create the perfect charm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to address every possible gambling game, but hopefully this will

provide a guide to think about other possibilities around other casino games. There is always a

way to further customize a lucky charm for the right vibe and the most fitting significance.


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4 Creative Places to Find Keno Numbers

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Keno may be a fun way to test luck in a dynamic way and see how many of the numbers match

up, but using birthdates and suggested numbers over and over again can get old fast, especially

when the numbers never seem to get picked out. This calls for a change of pace. Numerically,

inspiration can be found just about anywhere, so get ready to start crunching numbers.

1. Receipts

When using receipts for keno number inspiration, it’s more rewarding to wait for a particularly

memorable experience and then use the receipt from that transaction. If it comes down to betting

the 11 and 95 from an $11.95 shopping trip for crackers and deodorant, the numbers may as well

be picked at random. More meaningful numbers can be found on the ticket to a good movie, the

check to a delicious restaurant, or the receipt from a brand-new coffee stand. If the place is

exciting, the numbers will be exciting as well.

2. Rice

To give into chance in a profound way, you will need a bowl, dry rice, and a spoon. For each

number, dip the spoon into the bowl and take out a random number of rice grains. A larger spoon

may be needed for the larger numbers. The act of counting out each grain of rice is soothing and

relaxing, helping with concentration and ease of mind.

3. Geometry

One thing can be said for the design of traditional keno machines: it is much easier to select

certain numbers in order to create a picture. Rather than creating shapes such as a square or a

triangle, concentrate on angles. Imagine a line reaching from each number to connect to the next

one, and use this stream of consciousness method in order to choose each number.

4. Dice Rollers

Real-world dice are usually very ordinary. Most only have six sides and look more or less

identical except for choice changes to the shade and material. Other dice are more irregular,

having somewhere between three and twenty sides and a great variety of colors, but these dice

are significantly more rare, some of which have only been printed on home 3D printers. The

Internet, however, being the land of opportunity, can roll virtual dice with as many sides as the

player wants and as many times as the player wants. The player could even ask the website to

roll an 80-sided die ten times, and report the result. The result is a fresh new set of keno

numbers, created completely at random.

Where else can keno inspiration come from? Everyone has their own places to look for

promising numbers to use, each with their own perks. Hopefully this list helped to spark even

more new ideas. Happy hunting.

The Gambling Alphabet, N through Z

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Here we are again, now with the second half of the alphabet in gambling games. There is

something in here for everyone, from traditionalists to people who want to make sure they have

fun while they play.

No-Flop Pineapple

Faster than most card games, no-flop pineapple is a lesser known relative of Texas hold ’em



Not unlike baccarat, this game involves adding up cards and trying to reach nine. It comes with a

special deck, but is still possible to play with normal playing cards so long as the face cards are



Little known fact: pinball used to be a gambling game. Instead of earning extra lives or free

plays, players would be rewarded with points that can be cashed out. Unfortunately, these

machines have been discontinued.


As blackjack’s French cousin, Quinze has a lot in common with the popular casino game, except

the goal is to reach 15, and if both the player and the dealer reach higher than 15, there is a draw.


A classic casino game, this wheel-spinning exercise has safe bets, wise bets, risky bets, and

nearly impossible bets.


Like skee-ball for adults, skilo involves throwing a rubber ball at a target and accruing winnings

based on where it lands. The game is largely skill-based, hence the name.

Teen Patti

This game from India is very similar to poker, with a few minor differences. Due to players

getting up from the table to avoid the ante or the blind, players who leave are greeted with a

charge to their chips when they return.


Similar to Casino War, this quick game uses only the first card drawn. The difference is that this

game can be played with any number of people, and ties are settled by drawing a second card.

Video Poker

Not to be mistaken for poker, this is a game of second chances. Players are given a set of five

cards for the chance of winning right off the bat, pick which cards they want to keep, then try

once again.


Though not exactly a game in its own right, wash is a friendly nickname for the card game,


Xoc Dia

Though illegal in its home country of Vietnam, this game is unique enough to warrant attention

in other places. Players must create different combinations of colored tokens in order to win.


While this game can also be played with wallets closed, this game of skill and chance is easy to

set up for a gambling night with only 5 dice and a notepad required.


Just kidding. There are no gambling games starting with the letter “Z.”

This marks the end of the gambler’s alphabet. Hopefully there are a few in the mix that sound

exciting enough to try.


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The Best Attitude for Every Gambling Game

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The theory has been proven again and again: attitude helps you win. The question is which

attitude to take. For every gambling game, there is an attitude that perfectly fits the ideal playing

style. Coming at the game from the right angle allows players to take control of the game, even if

they can’t control the dice.

Blackjack: Confident

Confidence is a magical feeling. In every situation, it encourages people to follow the course of

action that they believe is the best one. Confidence also sharpens the senses and improves math

skills. With a confident mindset, players will notice more, make better mathematical decisions,

and follow through better.

Roulette: Patient

The safest bets on Roulette have about a 50/50 chance of winning and very little payoff. This

makes for a very slow game with a lot of back and forth. An eager player might get tired of

collecting small sums and watching them disappear on the next spin. They may even go for one

of the numbers hoping for a stroke of luck, but the most likely result is a heaping pile of nothing.

Slots: Reckless

Who doesn’t want to turn all the dials to max and see how far it goes? On a slot machine, this is

actually a good idea. On any machine, the maximum bet is always the best one. Finally, cranking

it up and letting loose is the right choice. Try it now at Slots of Vegas.

Craps: Cautious

A cautious player knows that the next 7 is right around the corner. It’s tempting to leave the bets

out until the 7 is long overdue, but a cautious player gets a gut feeling when it is time to snatch

the chips away and let the 7 come up. A cautious player also chooses the option with better odds,

so might pick the dreaded Don’t Pass line and have better odds than the norm.

Video Poker: Cunning

A chip in the hand is worth more than two in the cards. A cunning player knows that if there is

already a winning option in the starting set, there is no point in trying to form a new one. Video

poker is best played with a mindset that knows the difference between greed and calculated risk,

when it’s time to go for something big, and when it’s time to play it safe.

Keno: Anything

Unlike most gambling games, keno is a game of pure luck. There are no decisions the player

must make which will change the course of the game. That means players can throw caution to

the wind and play however they want.