How to Play to Win and for Fun

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The debate is on: should gamblers go all out and shoot for the stars or should they cut back and

just play within their means? There is a dotted line that no one seems to catch onto, that it’s

possible to do both. Playing to win and playing for fun can and should be the same thing. If it’s

not okay to enjoy every aspect of gambling, then what is the point of showing up? The balance

isn’t always easy, but with a few pointers, it’s possible to play a high-risk game risk-free.

1. Pick a starting number.

When it’s time to have a big gambling night, pick an amount of money to bet that feels exciting

but not devastating. Don’t think of it as a budget, think of it as a ticket to a fun night, whether it’s

a night at home on the computer or at the casino.

2. Set a target.

If you are coming in with $50, then ending the night with $5 is losing, around $50 is pulling

through, and $100 is a victory. Instead of a simple monetary target, think of something you want

to buy, something that sits outside of the starting budget. It might be a new game, a new

appliance, a nice bottle of liquor, or a fancy meal. Every time you gamble, shoot for that target,

and when you reach it, go out and buy your prize. It’s worth the wait.

3. Don’t empty your pockets.

No one wants to go home empty-handed, even if all that’s left is pocket change for a drink.

Maybe set aside the winnings from a lucky bet, or maybe just call it a night when your pockets

are getting light. It will save you a walk of shame.

4. Bet large.

Forget everything you know about smart betting. It’s time to try out the unlikely bets with the big

payoff, the 1 in 38 chance of landing on a number in roulette or the 1 in 36 chance of rolling

snake eyes. Flipping a coin isn’t fun, and neither is betting on reds.

When worrying about money, it can be too easy to get caught up in the logistics of gambling,

only taking the safe bets and saving all the money. Keeping the rent money tucked away is

obviously important, but what about having fun? Make all the safe choices outside the casino,

but once inside, don’t forget to cut loose.

5 Unforgettable Gambling Movies

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Dogs belong in sad kids’ movies and spaceships belong in cleverly disguised fantasy films, but

gambling is a topic that hasn’t been grabbed by a single genre. This is why filmmakers are free

to build any sort of story they like around gambling, from love to tragedy to light-hearted fun.

Not all gambling movies are winners, but some grip onto the viewer and hold on long after the

movie is over. These are just a few gambling movies that leave a lasting impression.

1. Owning Mahowny

Like many movies that delve into the sad state of the human condition, Owning Mahowny is

based on a true story. The plot follows an unfortunate character with a highly exciting job: bank

manager. Perhaps because his job is not quite exciting enough, the middle-aged Mahowny finds

a little extra excitement in his secret hobby of gambling. Unfortunately for him, the gambling

does not pay for itself, and he has no choice but to commit bank fraud on the multimillion dollar

scale. We’ve all been there.

2. The Cooler

Some people are notorious for their bad luck. For the casino worker, Bernie Lootz, bad luck is

the driving force behind his livelihood. Whenever a gambler is doing a little bit too well, Bernie

is there to ruin the good luck streak and send all the chips back into the casino’s coffers. Then,

all of the sudden, a girl likes Bernie, he feels happy for the first time in his life, and in case things

couldn’t get any worse, his bad luck streak ends. Poor guy.

3. Croupier

Passing out and collecting tokens for eight hours a day may not sound particularly exciting, but

to Jack Manfred, the job is chock full of creative inspiration. He may have started and thrown out

a dozen novels already, but nothing really inspired him to finish. Finally, by delivering the same

lines several times over the course of a 10-minute period, Manfred was finally able to finish his

novel. Then a screenwriter had an idea about how exciting being a croupier is and wrote a movie

about it.

4. Maverick

Sometimes people are so good at poker they are certain they will win an entire tournament, no

questions asked, yet all of their poker skills cannot land them enough to pay the tournament fee.

It doesn’t help when their love interest keeps stealing from them, or when the movie takes place

in the old west and the only way to get rich is by tripping on a lump of gold. Maverick is by far

one of the most light-hearted gambling movies out there, which might go to explain some the

plot holes.

5. The Color of Money

This hustling play on Karate Kid is more about the spirit of gambling than actual gambling. The

Color of Money is a movie around the game of pool, but it isn’t so much about pool as cheating

at pool, and risking it all in order to win a nice sum of money. In the film, a master at cheating at

pool trains an apprentice at cheating at pool, and then the apprentice overcomes the master at

cheating at pool. It’s about hard work or believing in yourself or something.


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3 Ways to Beat the Casino

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

There is never just one way to do anything. It may feel like only mathematicians can conquer the

house advantage, or only a big jackpot can make up for all the time and effort already invested in

winning, but there is always another way to win.

1. Random Chance

Not all big gambling winners do so using skill or forethought. Sometimes winning just happens,

and it can happen anytime. This was the case for a very lucky craps player: Patricia Demauro.

This miracle-bound person was just about new to the game, having only played it one other time

in her life. Then, one fateful day in 2009, Demauro stepped up to a craps table and won 154

throws in a row. Another famous stroke of good luck happened in 2000 when a Los Vegas

cocktail waitress broke the record on the Megabucks jackpot and walked home with

$34,959,458.56. The story doesn’t end well for her, however. Less than three months after her

big win, Cynthia Jay’s car was hit by a drunk driver, and she lost her sister and her ability to

walk. Random chance may have worked out for her to begin with, but it did no favors for her in

the end.

2. Negotiating

Everyone knows some games have more of a house edge than others, but few people stop to

figure out how much of an edge each little rule gets them. Don Johnson is not the sort of person

to hear the house is going to win and accept it. Instead of trying to cheat the system by counting

cards or slipping in cards of his own, Johnson found holes in the rules and then used them. He

found casinos and dealers that were more lax about when players could go back on a bet, when

they could increase the bet, and other details that didn’t seem all that important to other people.

Then he asked the dealers to bend the rules just a little bit more until the advantage was on his

side. His greatest success came from negotiating the payback that the casino gave him if he lost.

After winning a total of $15 million in about six months, Johnson retired rich.

3. Skip the Casino

Not all bets need to be predetermined by casino rules. Sometime a player can come up with their

own idea and take them to a wagering company. These bets can be just about anything from the

temperature next week to the number of states in America in 50 years. The farther away in time,

the less probable, the greater the windfall. There are two famous instances of these strange bets

working out. One is the story of the Welsh national football player, Harry Wilson. When Wilson

was just a child, his grandfather, Peter Edwards, predicted his career, and was awarded 2,500

times his initial 50 pound investment. This system also worked out well for David Thelfall, who

predicted in 1964 that a man would walk on the moon within seven years. His prediction came

true in 1969. Both of these people did something the rest of the tide avoids: taking the odds into

their own hands and making their own rules.


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4 Ways Facebook is Already Set up for Gambling with Friends

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With multiplayer games on the website, trending news, and finally an easy feature for sending

money, Facebook is already set up for online gambling. This is how each of Facebook’s different

features can be used in order to create friendly competitions and place wagers with each other.

1. Everyone picks a game.

Lots of Facebook friends already have games that they play online together . The ideal kind of

game to bet on has a clear winner for each round. Whether it’s a competitive game of skill or

entirely a game of chance, placing bets on a game is the most fun when everyone has a fighting

chance. If the friends are playing a variety of different games, it may be nice to place bets on

several of them, with each player being especially good at one.

2. A big news event comes up.

A survey says that almost one third of Americans hear about news first on Facebook. Whether a

friend mentions it in their status, they subscribe to a news app, or they see information under

Facebook’s Trending feature, people tend to watch news events unfold while engaging with the

social website. This means that, if the news isn’t too upsetting or boring, friends can place bets

amongst themselves about how it will unfold.

3. Someone notices a trend.

When is the last time a large movement picked up a trend of changing their profile pictures to

support a cause? These movements get bigger and bigger. The last big one was even spurred on

by the Facebook staff. Friends naturally want to ask each other, “Is this person going to join in?

Why didn’t this other person?” Harnessing the power of curiosity can be tons of fun when these

things come up. Placing bets can also be fun for when a Facebook couple will break up and when

someone will lose their job, though these bets are a little cold-hearted.

4. Everyone sends in the money.

Every gambling game needs a way to hold onto all of the bets until the winner is announced.

Through Facebook, everyone can easily send their bets to a single trusted friend, and then that

friend can redistribute the betting money to the players after the game is concluded. Facebook

has run such an awareness campaign about the money-sharing feature, it’s a wonder this doesn’t

happen more often.

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How to Throw a Casino-Themed Party

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Color Scheme

The best color scheme for a casino look is black on red. The colors remind guests of roulette boards and poker chips as well as the color theme of a deck of cards. For a more vibrant atmosphere, all of the common poker chip colors can be used: Black, red, blue, green, and white.


For the full gambling experience, the drinks don’t just need to be mixed, they need to be mixed up. Hands down, the best parties have someone playing bartender. Since life is a gamble, spice things up with some salt and pineapple (which go well with Tequila), apple brandy (which mixes with gin), and ice cream (which can be dunked right into a glass of Sherry). The drinks should be as lively as a game of craps and as unpredictable as the Wheel of Fortune.


What if all you needed to win the Wheel of Fortune was to throw a dart onto the right piece of the pie chart? Print out a blowup copy of the Wheel of Fortune and glue it onto a piece of cardboard, and let the games begin.

Turn a craps board into a drinking game. All that free odds gibberish isn’t needed, just the pass line and the don’t pass line. Let’s see who wins!

Gambling games should be easy to set up and take down. There should be plenty of decks of cards, dice, and  poker chips on hand, as well as empty tables. To keep the place from looking dead, card tables can be folded and stowed away in the corner for guests to take out.


Who doesn’t want to go to a party wearing nothing but a bikini, a boa, and a whole turkey’s worth of feathers? Most people. But you’d might as well leave that option out there. There’s a lot that can be done with the dress code. The event could be black tie with decked-out poker tables, or sweatshirts and jeans with cards lying on the floor. The goal is to have fun, so know your audience, and your budget. If the invite says formal, the atmosphere must follow through. That means tuck the Ikea away and get out the good curtains.


The party music should be upbeat and simple. Club tunes and electronic music are going to be the best bet. Pop and choice video game songs are also fair game. For a more cerebral feel, take a look at

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5 Beloved Celebrities and their Lucky Charms

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Phone Booth and Daredevil star, Colin Farrell, takes the luck of the Irish to the next level. This happens in the form of shamrock underpants that accompany the Golden Globe winner’s legs to the filming of each new movie he takes part in. Farrel’s waistline-based luck doesn’t stop there. Until 2011, the actor held onto a beloved belt given to him by his father. He treasured it enough to take it in for repairs multiple times, but not enough to avoid cutting into the leather to create new makeshift holes to fasten it with. One fateful day, the belt went missing and Farrell offered 3,000 pounds (or $4,700) for its safe return, but the alleged thief decided to hold onto the belt instead.

The Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum, has something hidden under her spaghetti strap: a bag full of her own baby teeth. The secret got out one day when she brought the teeth with her on a plane. That move makes total sense. Of all the times to use a good luck charm, plunging 3,000 feet into the air is a good one. The mistake was taking the teeth out of her bag. “Well, I don’t, like, advertise it,” Klum once said about her bag of teeth, but that one fateful day, she did, and the plane hit a bit of turbulence and knocked the teeth into the air. So much for good luck.

Here is another example of good luck gone wrong. When faced with a possible jail sentence, the Disney child star, Lindsey Lohan, wore her lucky $3,000 “evil eye” necklace into court. Perhaps she forgot she was facing charges for shoplifting a necklace. The good luck charm (or perhaps the evidence examined by the jury) granted 120 days in jail.

The Academy Award winner and human lion look-alike, Benicio Del Toro, carries good luck with him wherever he goes. In this case, good luck looks like a ring with a wooden core. Armed with this clever ring, the Traffic actor can knock on wood at any moment throughout the day.

As the dean of Monster University and the queen of England, Helen Mirren, has had a lot of weight on her shoulders. This weight went right to her knees when she decided to wear 7-inch heels to each award ceremony she was nominated for. Maybe, for once, this good luck charm actually worked out. Mirren has managed to claim 11 Emmy Awards in her long (and still active) career.

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4 Famous Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Gambling

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There is plenty of music out there about the thrill of setting chips on the table, or the talent of

keeping on a poker face and taking bold chances. Other songs are less obvious about it. Some are

very deep, cutting into things that no one really wants to think about day by day. Some of these

songs have been circulating on the radio for decades, hiding their deep meanings behind a catchy

chorus and cryptic verses.

  1. Take Me Down to Junior’s Farm

It’s hard to say exactly what Paul McCartney’s possibly acid-fueled hit is about, but gambling is

definitely one of those things. The song drifts between strange little anecdotes, from coming

face-to-face with a sea lion to watching 1920’s cinema, but always coming back to that one time

the character made it big playing poker. Like that one fishing story that never dies, the song

keeps prodding, saying “you should have seen me with the poker man.” The story sure seems

exciting, though. He bet $1,000 on a single round of poker, and managed to scrape ahead

because of a glimpse at a rival’s cards.

  1. House of the Rising Sun

Written and performed by The Animals, The House of the Rising Sun comes from a long

tradition of folk tunes lamenting the life of a broke gambler in New Orleans. It describes the

struggle to leave the casino behind and the crushing knowledge that the urge to gamble will

always be constant, and happiness only comes from returning to the casino.

  1. Candyman

The Grateful Dead hit is about a traveling gambler causing excitement everywhere he goes,

much like the Grateful Dead, themselves, did when they went on tour. When he comes into town,

the candyman gets all of the boys to come out and gamble by rolling bones, with a promise:

“Seven come eleven, boys, I’ll take your money home.” That would certainly be the life, causing

a ruckus just for showing up and then coming home with heavy pockets.

  1. Roll the Bones

The 1970’s philosophical band, Rush, compares gambling to being alive. Roll the Bones asks

why people are here and what they should do with their lives, and doesn’t come up with an

answer. Instead, it urges to just keep rolling the bones and not worry about coming up with all

the answers. “Why are we here? Because we’re here. Roll the bones,” the song echoes and



10 Gambling Terms You Need to Know

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Nobody wants to be the person who has to constantly ask their friends for meanings of terms of things they don’t understand. With today’s technology it is easier than ever before to educate yourself on subjects you’re about to be a part of or simply have interest in. If you’re headed to a casino any time soon, here are some key terms you might want to learn before hand to make yourself seem more knowledgeable.


Not exactly five cents. A “nickel” is a slang term for a $5 poker chip. If someone recommends

that you bet a nickel, keep in mind that it is $5 in your hand, not five pennies. Similarly, a dollar

bet is $100 and a dime bet is $1,000.


The terms, “barred” and “banned,” are easily confused, but have very different meanings.

“Banned” means that someone was caught cheating, yelling belligerently, or who knows what,

and is no longer welcome inside the casino. “Barred” means the gambler had a bad experience,

lost a lot of money, or what have you, and has decided not to come back to the casino again.

High Roller

The high roller is the king of the casino. Not exactly, but high rollers are the big spenders, the

people willing to put hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a game. Being a high roller is

dangerous, but it comes with its perks. At wealthy casinos, these players are rewarded with show

tickets, hotel upgrades, and countless other perks.


Technically, your bankroll is the total amount of money you have in the bank, but in gambling

terms, it means the amount you have available to bet. In day-to-day life, “I spent my entire

bankroll” means you’re broke and out on the streets, but at the casino, “I bet my entire bankroll”

means you took a big risk and hopefully came out lucky on the other end.


You can show your friends that you know all about poker by using the lingo. Few people know

that the flop refers to the very first three cards that are set face-up on the table in a game of


Load Up

All slot machines have a minimum and maximum bet, whether it’s a penny or $20. Loading it up

is when a gambler fills the machine with the maximum bet allowed for a single spin. It’s also the

best way to get a win.


Some casinos have the problem more than others: people wandering around looking for free

chips and drinks but not betting any of their own money. Your friends may warn you that a

klipper is coming up to you to ask for hand-outs.


When a player is rated, that means they are ready for professional gambling. Casinos often keep

track of the abilities of their customers and invite the best players to play in exclusive games.


When a player is called hot, there’s no flirting involved. Instead, it means the player is on a

winning streak. The same can be said for slot machines that are rolling out the dough, so don’t

take it as a come-on.


An overlay is a rare bet that actually tips the odds in the favor of the player. Sometimes a bet is

incorrectly labeled an overlay, but these sorts of bets are great to listen in for.


7 Wacky Gambling Laws All Around America

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Some laws are made during the early years of a state and never make their way out of the books.

Some are brand new and there is no way to explain how or why they came to be. This is a picture

of how the laws of different states handle gambling, and if these laws should be kept or scrapped.

1. Gambling may be legal in Maine, but only for a grand total of a $3 in winnings. The law was

meant to discourage gambling without actually forbidding it, but there is a reason Las Vegas

wasn’t built in this state.

2. The same Alabama law that prohibits selling medicine on Sundays also bans gambling on

Sundays. Though it bans several types of businesses from running on Sundays, the law

specifically insists that ice cream parlors may remain open. At least they have their priorities in


3. In Oklahoma, gambling comes with its own special dress code, but just for women. The

awkward law requires women to wear more than just lingerie, and also forbids women from

gambling while wearing just a towel. Apparently Oklahoman lawmakers feel like skimpy clothes

would give the women an unfair advantage.

4. In other news, North Carolina sheds mercy on us all by prohibiting bingo games from ever

lasting more than five hours. The law just goes to show: people are willing to sit in a chair an

wait for numbers to be called with the time it would have taken to drive to the theater, buy

popcorn, and watch three full-length movies.

5. Here is one law that should definitely meet its end: the Globe, Arizona law that prohibits

playing cards on the street with a Native American. The law is often talked about, but luckily

there is no clear sign the law ever existed.

6. A deck of cards is contraband in Indiana. Playing cards is illegal in the state, but it is not

reprimanded with volunteer service or jail time. Instead, card players are fined for $3 per pack.

The fine may not seem like much, but there are circumstances in which the crime can break the

bank, such as playing cards inside a card factory.

7. Sometimes something is just too much fun to be illegal. The state of Louisiana managed to

make gambling completely illegal, except on riverboats. There may not be casinos in Louisiana,

and it may not be legal to make a bet or play cards with friends, but everyone can still take a boat

out over the water and be in the clear.

Winning Poker Hands: Most Common to Least

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We all know the royal flush is the best hand to have, but what about the hands that actually show

up? This list will help to find which hands are worth holding onto, and which just won’t make

the cut, especially when you are playing online or with live opponents.

First, the common hands which are worth keeping in play.

1. Two Pair

Though it doesn’t turn up super often, the two pair is the hand which wins more than any other

hand in the game. Why? It sits right in the middle between being common and being valuable.

Two pairs is always worth keeping, even if the prankster on the other side of the table seems sure

of their hand.

2. One Pair

Believe it or not, a simple pair wins the game almost one third of the time. Not all pairs are

created equal, however. There is a good chance that multiple people around the table have a pair,

so it’s a good idea to only stick with the higher cards. 8 through Ace are the best bets. 7 and

below are less likely to win the game. The more people there are around the table, the better the

pair needs to be.

Next, the less common, more promising hands.

3. Three of a Kind

A two pair hand is more than twice as common than a hand with three of a kind, yet a three of a

kind is still five times more likely than a straight. It is more likely than not that no one else

around the table has a better combination.

4. Straight, Flush, and Full House

True, there are still better combinations out there, but one of these hands will win the game nine

times more often than a straight flush, royal flush, or four of a kind, simply because these rare

combinations almost never come up.

5. Straight Flush, Royal Flush, and Four of a Kind

Each of these hands is almost certain to win the game if they come up, but they rarely come up.

In fact, they only appear about 1% of the time, but when they do, they are a sure win. If only it

was easier to predict one of these combinations working out at the start of the game.

And finally, the common hands that almost never make the cut.

6. High Card

We’ve all seen it happen. Sometimes the high card takes the win. But exactly how often does this

happen? The answer is this: A high card wins approximately 2% of all poker games. There is no

good reason to stick around until the end of the game with a high card. Chances are the person

next to you is sporting at least a pair.