Gift Ideas for the Gambling Enthusiast

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With the holidays creeping closer, time is rapidly running out to get gifts out to friends and

family in time. The moment has come to crack down on the Santa list and pick out the last few

presents before it’s too late. With any luck, this list will make it a little easier, at least when it

comes to those gambling lovers who can be so tough to shop for.

$1 – $2: Scratch Ticket

Who can say no to a chance at big money? Sure, some may roll their eyes at the sight of a scratch

ticket, but the feeling of scraping ink off of paper causes a unique sort of bliss that cannot be

denied. This present is best as a casual gift when none is expected, or a bonus to go along with a

bigger gift. Everyone knows how much it cost.

$2 – $8: Novelty Card Deck

Everyone has a soft spot for something, from fish to windmills to dogs wearing party hats. For

every bizarre and specific idea out there, there is a deck of cards to match it. With the power of

the world wide web, that card deck can be yours. Or your friend’s.

$10 – $20: Gift Card

If you know your friend’s favorite places to gamble, you have the ability to improve that

person’s chances of hitting the jackpot in those places. This power is called money. Some may

call it shallow, but money is almost always the most well received gift. When people say, “It’s

the thought that counts” or “Give from the heart,” what they mean is “Give me money.”

$20 – $80: Poker Kit

A classic poker set in an exquisite wooden box is a sight to behold. Poker kits come in a variety

in quality, so there is one out there for every budget. Giving a poker set is also an excellent way

to start up a poker night. Worst case scenario, the kit contains cards and chips that can be used in

most any other table game.

$100 – $1,000: Pachinko Machine

These machines are gorgeous as well as rare. Mostly due to their scarcity on the market, each

one is also largely one of a kind. Decent pachinko machines can be purchased online for around

$100, but cheaper plastic versions are also available. Rare and well-made machines go for much

more. As a game with such a rich history on the fringe of American gambling society, pachinko

has a special significance that defies words. To the right person, a gift like this can mean a lot.

Even cheap gifts don’t need to be thoughtless. Somewhere down the line, for a price that doesn’t

break the bank, there is a present that will satisfy anyone. Whether it is a cute yet fitting deck of

cards or straight up cash, something is bound to work out. When in doubt, look it up and see

what’s out there.


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4 Tips on Gambling with Family

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The holidays are drawing close, and families are drawing closer. Of course, the scene is not

always as picturesque as it seems on Hallmark cards. There are skeletons hanging loosely out of

every closet, and drama is on the tip of every tongue. People everywhere are struggling to find an

inch of common ground, a safe frame of conversation in which everyone can relax. What do

conservatives and liberals, drug enthusiasts and non-drinkers, techies and luddites all have in

common? It’s simple. Everyone enjoys some light-hearted fun, at least every once in a while.

The most difficult feat is treading the line, keeping the game light for everyone, no matter their

own personal beliefs. It’s not easy, but a few tips bring the game well along its way.

1. Choose a good time.

For many, gambling games are not a daytime activity. Whether money comes out or not, the

game may be best left to the late hours of the night when less prim and proper things can occur.

If someone doesn’t like it, they can go to bed early.

2. Pace the drinking.

It may be a challenge for some, but for others, one drink is enough. Many family members may

only drink one beer or one glass of wine for the whole night, and be good. It can be hard for

people who are accustomed to drinking more, but ultimately pacing the intake with the group is

better for bonding. Drinking the same thing as everyone else around the table also establishes

healthy comradely.

3. Ask parents first.

It may seem perfectly natural to a great number of people that money-free gambling games,

much like virgin margaritas, are perfectly alright for kids. After all, it’s not really gambling, so

where’s the harm? This assumption may offend individual parents, however, so even when the

money is tucked away, it’s better to ask before inviting minors to the table.

4. Let it escalate.

Ultimately, the goal is to unwind and relax around everyone, no matter everyone’s political

views or what they think about each other. Building a fun atmosphere isn’t easy, but in a way, it

is. The best way to build fun is to let it happen on its own. Once people start putting their guard

down and competing for real, the mission is accomplished.

Have a lot of family coming together this year? Remember that the best advice is to know your

audience. For better or worse, no one knows family like family.


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3 Casino Games that are a Thousand Times Better Online

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It may be fun to play casino games in person, but sometimes the gameplay is more rewarding,

more straight-forward, and less tedious from the comfort of a mobile phone or a desktop

computer. For players new to online play, these choices are worth checking out.

1. Craps

Believe it or not, many craps players have an entirely different play style when playing online.

When playing with others, there is an awful stigma around betting on “don’t pass.” This kind of

bet is seen as hedging bets against the team, celebrating while the other players are mourning,

and otherwise stirring up trouble. What many players do not want to recognize is that “don’t

pass” actually stands a better chance of winning. When playing at the casino, players have two

choices: make the inferior bet and make friends or make the superior bet and make enemies.

When playing online, the social stigma disappears. Players are finally free to grasp the best odds

of winning and see where it goes.

2. Slots

It can be hard to keep going when the dials are not cooperating. Playing a slot machine online

means that players can play until they get frustrated, then walk away to do something else. When

the mood strikes once again, the game is right there waiting. This sort of play style is impossible

to pull off at a land-based casino. When a player at the casino is frustrated, the only options are

to keep playing or to go home. This does not make for a good night.

3. Baccarat

There are some casino games out there that follow a simple model, and players rarely change up

what they are doing. Baccarat is one such game. Most players who know their stuff set their

chips down, bet on banker, lather, rinse, repeat. This playing style can start to feel tedious. Some

players may even worry about the dealer and how dull the process must be for them. When

playing online, there is no need to worry about the dealer because the dealer is just a part of a

computer program.

Some games simply work better online. The player has the freedom to place the best bets, there

is no tedious upkeep to speak of, and best of all, the player can start and stop playing whenever

and wherever. When it comes to casino games, online is the best choice.


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The Greatest Comeback in Online Gambling History

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At the turn of the century in the year 2000, online gambling proceeds were at an all-time high.

Even in its infancy, being only six years old, the online gambling industry was pulling in $2.2

billion a year, two thirds of which was coming from American pockets. The business was young

and exciting, bringing in gamblers who loved every variety of gambling, from casino games to

sports betting to poker to the lottery. Things were looking up for the online casino business, but

then a wrench dropped into the machine.

In the year 2008, one particular piece of legislation went through, and it was as cryptic as it was

deafening. Without banning online casinos, without regulating online gambling behavior at all,

the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act declared that banks and credit card companies

could no longer handle transactions for online gambling purposes.

The act caused much confusion and disruption. Many internationally owned online gambling

businesses closed their doors to the U.S. shutting out about two thirds of their revenue. Others

stayed open, but for a chosen few, it wasn’t for long. To demonstrate that they were serious, in

2011, the United States government shut down multiple gambling websites for violating the

dreaded UIGEA. The government seized domain names, froze customer accounts, and issued

restraining orders against 77 bank accounts, multiples of which did not even reside in the United

States. The strangest part is that all of the targeted websites specialized in poker.

Thus ended the poker market in the United States. A few online casinos have been brave enough

to stay open, but others have long since packed their bags. But wait, things get better.

The year 2013 brought on the rebirth of the American online gambling business. Two new

venues shattered the gambling norm: mobile gaming and social gaming. The two may not appear

directly related to gambling. After all, gambling is not just a game. Surprisingly, online casinos

make up one fifth of the social gambling industry, a business which managed to net $8 billion in

2013 alone. This number is nothing compared to the mobile gambling proceeds, though: $10

billion in wagers in that same year.

It is hard to argue with that kind of data. It just goes to show, where there is a demand, there is a

supply. So long as there are still more and more players eager to hit the online casinos, the

business can only grow.

4 Cheats from the Olde West

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frontieradopoker1 (1)

Grifters and gamblers played a dangerous game in the olde west, finding loopholes and taking

advantage of a lawless world. Some grifter secrets might still work in the modern day, but it’s

not the same world anymore.

1. Dealing Backwards

In the age before the Internet, there was no way to know the true rules to a card game besides

word of mouth. New players were easily duped because the people teaching the game often had

their own interest in mind, and left little details out of the explanation. Grifters would place

desired cards at the bottom of the deck, and then drop those cards right into their own hand. Most

players, especially new ones, were none the wiser.

2. Coin on a String

When slot machines first came out, the coin slots weren’t quite as secure as they are today. Even

now, it is possible to trick a coin slot with a fake chip, coin, or token, but back in the day, it was

possible to stick pretty much anything in the machine and get something back. A handful of

clever thieves were caught feeding slot machines a coin on a string. They would feed the

machine then yank the coin back like a yo-yo, making for infinite replays.

3. Spinning Dice

There is a reason the most widely used dice game uses two dice instead of one. Tricksters have

honed the art of spinning a die instead of rolling it, causing the die to land on the same side every

time. When spinning is too obvious, loading is also an option. Loading dice is about making one

side heavier than the others, causing the die to fall on that side at least most of the time. Loading

dice is a dangerous game, however. Plenty of grifters got caught when another player picked up

the die and realized something was strange about it.

4. Card up the Sleeve

Cheaters of the old gambling world didn’t just hide cards in their sleeves. Some had devices for

tucking away the card and then shooting it out, no electricity required. These devices got past the

casual observer easily, but getting caught with one did not make for a good day.

Who would have thought that the olde west was so full of clever gadgets? It wasn’t all tattered

cards and rugged dice. Being a grifter in the land before laws had its own dangers, but it certainly

sounds adventurous.


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6 Unbelievable Celebrity Gambling Problems

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PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE IS FOR USE VIA THE CONSUMER POD SITE ONLY. PHILADELPHIA - MAY 11: Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers wants the crowd to get louder during the closing minutes of their win over the Detroit Pistons in Game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2003 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2003 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers won 95-82 to even the series 2-2. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

They’re at it again. Celebrities pull out big chunks of dough betting on anything from blackjack

to baccarat to the very sports they play in the field. Find out what celebrities have been up to

behind closed doors

Michael Jordon

For the basketball legend, regular gambling games aren’t enough. He may play his fair share of

craps and poker, but there is a darker rumor running amok. Michael Jordan’s hiatus when he

switched to baseball is rumored to be a punishment from the NBA for betting on sports, and not

just any kind of sports, but basketball, itself.

Tiger Woods

Perhaps money really can buy happiness. For Tiger Woods, happiness costs $25,000 a hand at

the blackjack tables, and many, many more than one hand per night. At least he has recovered

well since the divorce, so far as we can tell from here.

Allen Iverson

The professional basketball player could not keep his gambling issues a secret, but few people

know the full extent of the problem. Though perhaps not gifted at selecting the right bets, Iverson

somehow managed to gather together a debt of millions of dollars to casinos in Detroit.

Phil Ivey

For a professional poker player, Phil Ivey sure plays a lot of games that aren’t poker. His very

favorite game to play in his spare time is craps, and it is a pity that Ivey is not any better at the

dice game. The poker pro has lost more than a million dollars in a single night at the casino. The

betting doesn’t stop there, however. Ivey is also a fan of sports betting, and has lost millions of

dollars on that as well. It’s a pity he isn’t as good at picking sports teams to bet on as he is

playing poker.

John McCain

If you did not hear about this scandal, then the cover-up worked. John McCain is said by his own

friends to hole up playing craps for a full day at a time or longer, fighting sleep deprivation and

refusing to be hauled away. If what his friends said are true, this foul play was going on even

during McCain’s failed election.

Ben Affleck

Finally a gambler who has something to show for it. Ben Affleck has won $950,000 in a single

night of gambling, with the bet amount for a single hand being $60,000.

Most of us don’t have $60,000 to bet, but at least we don’t have $60,000 to lose.

The Online Casino Safety Checklist

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Before depositing money into a casino, there are some things you need to know. Not all websites are trustworthy, and some will all but steal from the players given the chance. The plus side of using online casinos is the prizes and bonuses make them a million times better than a land-based casino, so don’t give up now. Instead, take a look at this safety checklist to make sure the casino is legit.


  1. Do you know the company?

Many well-established casinos are owned by reliable names like Silver Oak and Royal Ace. Other companies come out of the woodwork. While they might just be friendly and reliable websites, these are untested waters. Established casinos have numerous customer reviews assuring good service. Others are more questionable.


  1. Can you reach customer service?

Many modern websites offer live chat with English-speaking customer service representatives who can help with any problems that come up. Others leave just a phone number with long hold times or an email address which is not checked regularly. If something goes wrong, you need to know that you can reach the other side of the line, so test it out before depositing money.


  1. Is the online casino licensed?

Certain lesser known online casinos are not licensed to be played in the United States. These websites are often operated from outside the country and may appear shady or suspicious in how they handle deposits. Bear in mind that if you deal with one of these suspicious websites and they do not send you the money you have won, there is no turning to the United States government for help. To say the least, this is a bit of a downer.


  1. Do the game rules make sense?

It is normal for gambling games to have house rules. Blackjack and video poker in particular have numerous custom rules dictating how much a combination is worth, whether a hand can be split, and other such things. The more options that a game allows, the more friendly it is to the players. A setup which does not allow players to use certain helpful rules is a hostile environment which is not giving the player a fair chance to win.


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4 Reasons We All Wish We Rocked the Casino Like James Bond

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Most would kill to be James Bond, with his unwavering confidence and his ability to excel at

everything he tries. He can outshine any gambler at any game, no matter how much they have

practiced and how many loopholes they have managed to figure out. What does he have that we

don’t? Find out here in order to fully appreciate what it is to be jealous.

1. He’s a magnet.

The moment he walks in the door in Diamonds are Forever, there is a gorgeous woman tailing

him. She is forward, even making a bold mood for 1971: asking him out for a drink. What

propelled her is a mystery. She didn’t even know he was James Bond. It’s hard not to be jealous

of that level of eye-catching confidence.

2. He’s never a sore loser.

When James Bond faces off against Xenia Onatopp in Golden Eye, he doesn’t even bat an eye

when he loses. Xenia, on the other hand, loses her head and walks away from the table to

moment she loses a round. Even when things go wrong, James Bond flawlessly rolls with the

punches, leaving everyone else in the dirt.

3. He’s a mastermind at everything he tries.

Though he claims he has only played craps once before, James Bond spins off the lingo like he

has spent his life at the craps table. In Diamonds are Forever, he even creates his own gambling

strategy, which is used today in real life, and is actually mathematically sound. After his personal

strategy wins tremendously, he wins $50,000 all in one round. Meanwhile, most of us struggle to

break even.

4. He Has Crazy Good Luck

First of all, yes, it is a movie series, and naturally he always wins, but James Bond’s track record

of winning is off the charts. In Casino Royale, in a single round of poker in which every single

player goes all in and the least anyone bets is $5,000,000, James Bond beats a full house with a

flush. It’s rare to see either in a game of cards, no less both at once. Why is he hogging all the

good luck?

What makes James Bond so great, anyway? Besides everything, of course. Even if we can never

truly be James Bond, at least we can put on a suit, demand our drinks shaken, not stirred, and at

least bask in the shadow of his fictitious greatness.

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The 3 Types of Gambling Strategies

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Every gambling strategy has the same goal: earning money. How each system goes about

claiming the victory can actually differ quite a bit. While some betting strategies are

conservative, others are far more risky. Some strategies are a labyrinth of “if this then that,”

while others follow a simple model. Find which type of gambling strategy works best for you,

and how to implement it in your favorite casino games.

1. Pattern Prediction

If a coin lands on heads, is it more likely to land on tails next? The math says the odds are still a

dull 50/50, but everyone knows that the numbers eventually even out if you flip the coin enough

times. Does this mean it’s possible to predict what the coin will land on next, what the dice will

read, where the roulette wheel will stop? Pattern-predicting gambling strategies declare that

keeping track of the results can help predict the next result. Craps players bet “pass” for the first

two turns then back off and sat “don’t pass.” Roulette players note what types of spaces the

wheel has been landing on and pick the results (black, low, even, etc) that haven’t been showing

us as much. Accurately predicting the next result may not always be possible, but pattern-

predicting strategies seek to do just that.

2. All-Base Coverage

The vast majority of gambling strategies involve placing multiple bets at the same time in order

to improve the odds of winning. This is partially because there are many ways to cover all of the

bases, but it is also because making multiple bets at once does actually improve the odds of

winning. The trick is to spread out all of the bets with enough coverage without losing too much

money on said bets. The odds of winning do, in fact, improve from a variety of bets, but the

profit margin gets slimmer and slimmer with each added bet.

3. Make-Up Betting

One gambling philosophy is that money is not truly lost so long as it can be won back. The more

money that is lost, the more that must be bet to make up for it. When it comes down to bets that

pay 1 to 1, for example, it is necessary to double up every time that the bet is lost. The betting

gets pricier as the player goes longer without a win, but so long as the player can afford to stay in

the game, the money can still be earned back. Other strategies involve winning back the money

to break even rather than making a profit, and focusing on cheap games with a higher winning

payout so that following up is cheaper than doubling up.

There are hundreds of gambling strategies out there, but they all boil down to three basic

categories. Between the three, there is no wrong answer. Everyone has their own favorite

strategy which works best for them.

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4 Real-Life Brain-Enhancing Drugs to Resurge Your Gambling Skills

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Anyone who has seen Limitless is ready to pop a pill and let the superpowers soak in. A sharp

gambler knows exactly when that kind of brain power would come in handy: making quick

mental math and counting cards flawlessly, all the while seeming completely innocuous. Who

wouldn’t want that kind of power? The good news is these kinds of brain-enhancers, called

nootropics, are already on the store shelves and you just didn’t know it. You just need to know

where to look.

1. Piracetam

Meet the miracle stimulant that gets the brain going, neurons firing left and right, while being

safer than a cup of coffee. This nootropic drug can help people with severe brain damage learn to

walk and talk again. Instead of forcing the heart to beat faster or squeezing excess adrenaline into

the body, piracetam works from the inside of the mind to increase brain activity. Especially great for the skilled black jack player!

2. Aniracetam

Also known as draganon, sarpul, ampamet, memodrin, and referan, this nootropic is a competitor

to piracetam that has actually gained legitimacy as a medicine in Europe. It can be used to help

Alzheimer’s patients remember their grandchildren’s names, but why not turn it up a notch? This

drug can help average brains work even better.

3. Alpha-GPC

Here is something that can be said about alpha-GPC that can’t be said about most drugs: it is

already in your brain. As a chemical that occurs naturally and serves a daily function in the

human brain, it is safer than a hamburger by far, maybe even safer than a salad. Hopes are high

that it will eventually be used to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but for now it

lives on the outskirts of medical society.

4. Adrafinil

After a long week and not enough sleep, it can be very hard to focus and keep your eyes open, no

less make the right calls in a high-stakes gambling game. Adrafinil fights that. Unfortunately, it

is not quite as good as its little sister, modafinil, which fights off sleepiness without all the

annoying side effects. Together with minor stomach pain and a little skin irritation, adrafinil can

get you through the day.

None of these substances are illegal in America, but they’re also not prescribed by doctors or

sold by pharmacists. They are the brain drugs that fell through the cracks, and now they can ve

used by civilians to give themselves downright superhuman brain powers. The best way to find

nootropics is inside an alternative medicine store, or online. There are also tons of others out

there; CDP-choline, phenibut oxiracetam, and noopept being just a few examples to look into.

Nootropics can also be used just by cracking open an energy drink, because guess what those are

made of.

The next time that you have a long gambling night ahead and you want to be in your best mental

shape (may we suggest Planet  7 Casino for said activity), or maybe even better, take a look at these nootropics again. After all, when have

superpowers ever done any harm?