How to Gamble like an Ancient Roman

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It’s funny how much effect technology has had on the gambling world. No matter how much

wealth and free time a civilization has, it takes more than just that to attain the level of casino

gameplay that we have today. In ancient Rome, there were no playing cards and dice were made

of rough, uneven bones, but that didn’t stop people from playing. In fact, gambling was illegal

outside of public events, but that didn’t stop people from playing, either. With subtlety being

important and also with a considerable lack of roulette spinners, these are just a few games that

the ancients came up with.

1. Knucklebones

In ancient Roman times, the game of Jacks was much more dangerous. Instead of a cushy

bouncy ball, Romanswould throw an animal’s knucklebone as high into the air as they could,

then pick up as many other knucklebones as they could before it came slamming back down. All

the points were null unless the player caught the bone in the air before it came crashing back

down. No pity points were given if the bone landed on their heads. This popular game of chicken

crossed with bone-picking was also played using rocks, so there is no need to buy animal bones

to try out this traditional family activity.

2. Pseudo-Checkers

It would be a long time before anything as complicated as chess came out, but game boards

similar to modern chess boards can be found scratched into floors of many ancient Roman

buildings. The rules may have been a little different, but the general idea is the same. The next

time you place bets on a game of checkers, remember that people have been doing so for

thousands of years.

3. Par Impar

If you love counting, you’ll adore this game. One player scoops up a pile of pebbles, and the

other guesses whether there is an odd or even amount. It couldn’t get more intense than this. The

name of the game literally means “odd or even.” There is nothing else to this game, except a

friendly wager.

4. Navia aut Capita

How is your Latin? This phrase has a beautiful ring to it if you speak English, but to a natural-

born ancient Roman, it just sounds like “ships or head,” their equivalent of “heads or tails.” This

riveting game was played for bets in the time before playing cards.

It can be difficult to choose between exciting games of heads or tails and completely safe games

of knucklebones, so just remember there is no need to try them all at once. Take your time and

remember you are remaking history.\

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A Good Luck Charm for Every Casino Game

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Nothing is one size fits all, and that goes for personal tokens as much as it goes for shirts. The

difference is that it’s obvious when a shirt doesn’t fit but a good luck token will seem perfectly

fine without proper inspection. Are you getting the most out of your good luck token? This guide

will help you fit the good luck charm to the game rather than vice versa.

1. Keno

This game is the perfect example of a game of luck. Unlike slot machines which allow flexibility

in the amount bet and the amount of lines open, keno truly leaves the player at the mercy of the

numbers. If you already know which numbers you will be betting, consider a charm that can be

written on, such as a golden scrap of paper rolled into a scroll and tied together with a red bow.

Find a way to carry the numbers with you. If you are not betting particular numbers, bring a

representation of your numbers. For a set of high numbers, bring a tin or miniature bag full of

pebbles or fine-grained sand. For a set of low numbers, bring an old comb.


2. Blackjack

To win at blackjack, you must not only draw a sharp hand but have a sharper hand than those

around you. This is true even in online blackjack in which the hands of the other players, no

matter how far away, can still deplete the value of your own. A token in the form of a bracelet

will keep the vibes close to your hands and also close to the cards.

3. Craps

In a game of shooting dice, the two tiny cubes are both your best friend and your worst enemy.

The right color may drive out the right relationship with the dice. When choosing a color, think

about how you, yourself interact with others when you are trying to win. Is your dynamic more

red and fiery, or blue and soothing? Does it work? Find the color that draws out your own

personal strategy.

4. Roulette

The most important part of roulette is not how fast or slow the wheel spins but when it begins to

slow down, and at what point it finally comes to a halt. The image of a spiral is a powerful one, a

concept invoking the notion of a wheel spinning until it finally reaches just the right place: the

center. Look for spirals in your home and in the places you go regularly, and see if you can find

or create the perfect charm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to address every possible gambling game, but hopefully this will

provide a guide to think about other possibilities around other casino games. There is always a

way to further customize a lucky charm for the right vibe and the most fitting significance.


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The Perfect Casino Game for Your Myers-Briggs Type

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The Myers-Briggs personality has all kinds of crazy uses, but one thing it has always been great

at is helping people figure out what they’re best at and what they enjoy the most. Take the spin

and find out which casino game, more than any other, is meant for you.

Here’s a quick guide on the 4 categories. Each category has two equal and opposite types

(introversion vs. extraversion, etc).

E=Extraversion: You relax best in the company of others.

I=Introversion: You relax best alone.

S=Sensing: You look at what’s in front of you.

N=Intuition: You look at the possibilities.

T=Thinking: You follow your head.

F=Feeling: You follow your heart.

J=Judging: You value the rules.

P=Perceiving: You believe rules are made to be broken.

And now to find out the truth…

ESTJ: You like complex, logical games that can be played in groups. You were made to play


ESTP: You enjoy competitive games, especially when it’s okay to bend the rules a little. Betting

on a game of BS is your style.

ESFJ: Your favorite games catch you in the moment, waiting for the ball to drop while all your

friends crane their necks to see. Roulette is for you.

ESFP: You are a risk taker who craves an audience. Imagine how amazing it would be to go on a

game show. You can make it happen.

ENTJ: You love finding a pattern in things, and playing along with your friends. Try bingo.

ENTP: You crave a challenge, but not if it means taking a game too seriously. It’s also more fun

with a group, so blackjack is the way to go.

ENFJ: You love the rush of winning or losing, and that excitement is contagious in a crowd. For

a game with the straight-forward rules that suit your personality, go for craps.

ENFP: You are best at reading people. This gives you an extra edge at the cup game.

ISTJ: You enjoy playing a quiet, strategic game by yourself. Online mahjong is the answer.

ISTP: You enjoy figuring things out and picking the right bet to take, but prefer to play from the

privacy of your own home. Give keno a try.

ISFJ: You enjoy excitement up close and personal, just with a little less interpersonal interaction.

Grab a VR headset and try simulated roulette.

ISFP: You love the rush of getting caught in the moment, a feeling best cultivated in solitude.

Slot machines are the way to go.

INTJ: You relish in complex games, especially when you can get the overhead view and

understand the big picture. Try video poker.

INTP: You trust your own head above everything else. Follow it to online blackjack.

INFJ: You believe strong rules are a must, but honestly you’re just taking time to yourself to

have fun. Try online baccarat.

INFP: You love to follow your gut and find patterns, especially when you have time to yourself.

God for online craps.

3 Bizarre Encounters at the Casino

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These weird events could only happen at the casino. There are so many odd people in an even

stranger place in their lives. It is hard to believe these things even happened, but then again, how

hard to believe is it really? Take a look at these jaw-dropping stories.

1. Dice Fight

A man was minding his own business at the craps table when someone else came storming up to

the table looking angry. He was grumbling under his breath, insulting the dealer like he was

trying to pick a fight. The dealer hunched his shoulders, took a breath, and held out as long as he

could, but before long, they were trading insults. Apparently something had happened earlier that

day, and the player was looking for vengeance.

The moment it was the angry man’s turn to throw, he threw the dice off the table. The dealer

started yelling at him, but handed him another pair. Pretty soon, these dice were across the room,

then the player launched the rest of the dice as far as he could.

Security took him away, and every available dealer went on a scavenger hunt for the missing

dice while the players were left to stand and watch. They never did find the missing dice.

2. Black Chips, Black Jack

A woman was enjoying herself playing what was, to her, a high-rolling game of blackjack with

$15 per hand. That was until a man sat down next to her and threw a wad of $100 bills on the

table. He called out a single word, “black,” which turned out later to be a sort of catch phrase for


The woman watched with her mouth gaping as he burnt through about $4,000 in the span of half

an hour. Then he took out another $2,000 and bet that away, too. Each time he won, the dealer

went to take out large chips, but the man kept saying “black,” and refused to take anything but

black chips. Most of his bets went down the drain until he fished a final $400 out of his pocket.

Then he rode that $400 through a jaw-dropping winning streak. The woman who saw it all

claims he left with about $50,000, all in black poker chips.

3. The Giving Couple

A young woman was playing video poker, conserving her money despite the high betting limit.

The machine was in the old style that let players double their winnings by guessing the high card,

but she had no interest in taking a risk like that. A well-dressed couple was sitting next to her

with buckets full of quarters, enjoying themselves, when they noticed the woman playing quietly

by herself. The man convinced her to start taking risks, and to her surprise, she started really

enjoying herself. The couple smiled along with her, having fun along the way. In the end, they

let her keep the buckets full of quarters – $300 in value.

Has anything strange ever happened while you were at the casino? Some of the stories are

downright messy, but others have a happy ending. Things are much quieter at online casinos.

iPhone Online Casino Users, it’s Time to Switch to Android

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Everything seemed great for the iPhone just months ago, but its time in the spotlight may be

coming to an end. It may be time to stop investing time and money into iPhone gambling games,

and move on to something more sturdy.

The reason may be hard to believe. Early this September, iPhone users were clambering over

each other to attain the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The brand new iPhone 6S Plus was unveiled

with an unprecedented 5.5″ screen, dimensions unseen in the 21st century.

Cell phones had been shrinking since their creation in 1973. Once phones finally fit comfortably

in the pocket, designers had nowhere to go but up. Now the latest phones are built for purses and

cargo pants. Asus coined the name “FonePad,” which aptly describes their 8″ monstrosities. It

didn’t matter to the public, however. Once the iPhone 6S Plus came out, there was nothing

stopping them from purchasing what was (at the time) the one smart phone with the largest

screen in the world.

An iPhone bent. Possibly only a single iPhone, possibly only once, possibly by no fault of the

manufacturer, an iPhone bent and the internet had a field day. A “bend test” YouTube video

went viral and attracted almost five million viewers in a single day.

When disaster struck, Apple set up a breakability test and found the new 6S Plus was even

sturdier than the 5S. Even Snopes took Apple’s side, but users continued to insist that the phones

were bending in their front pockets due to the phone’s elasticity and enormous size.

In the end, it was the so-called “bendgate” or “bendghazi” that drove once-devoted iPhone users

away. iPhone sales fell 1.5 million units below expectations last quarter, and are expected to

slump in this current quarter. Not only are iPhone sales dropping but Mac and tablet sales are

falling as well. The once beloved iPhone’s image is dwindling, and it is all because the creators

dreamed too big and reached too far.

If you are considering buying a new iPhone or making any large in-app purchases, this may be

the time to consider other options. Luckily, online casinos with an iPhone app almost always

have a matching one on the Android, and the switch will be a smooth if potentially painful one.

Unless Apple truly blows our minds away with the iPhone 7, the corporate giant may be making

room for new phones to step in.

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5 Life Hacks to Turn Your Bingo Game Around

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The house advantage can be a hard problem to conquer, but the wide world of bingo presents a

genuine opportunity to walk away with more money. The main idea is to spot golden

opportunities and fully invest in making them work. Here are some of those chances to make it

playing bingo.

1. Spot a Slow News Day

Bingo games pick a jackpot amount and stick to it, no matter how many people show up to

compete. The way to sweeten the pot is to wait for a day when very few people bother to show

up, and take advantage of the improved chances for the prize.

2. Buy the Cards

Every card that someone buys improves their chance of winning. The downside is that buying

cards in the first place burns a hole in the pocket, and the only way to make up the difference is

to win the game. This is why waiting for a slow news day is so crucial. Cards should only be

purchased when the chances of winning are high.

3. Keep it Simple

To cut down the house edge, there is only one perfect method, and that is to find the most likely

route to winning and hedge all of your bets on that win. Side bets essentially mean that you are

not expecting the game to conclude in your favor, and you are looking for an extra edge. To win

at bingo, bet on just one thing: winning.

4. One-Up Your Rivals

When players shop for cards before a bingo game begins, an important opportunity arrives: The

chance to find out how many cards the other players are buying. If the other players are just

purchasing one or two cards, you may still wish to purchase more, but it is unnecessary to buy

much more than the others. If other players are buying extreme or absurd amounts of cards, then

it may be time to turn tail and leave. There is no point to competing when it is likely another

player will grab the prize.

5. Listen In

During the gameplay, listen for the case alerts on other player’s machines. The sounds indicating

that other players are drawing close should only be heard when you are also in the ballpark of

winning. Otherwise, the game is simply too crowded and it is not a good time to be placing bets.

The best opportunity in bingo is when an otherwise popular bingo locale has very few players

show up, and these players are buying an affordable amount of cards. It is a good idea to observe

the game often, not necessarily playing, just getting a sense of what a quiet day looks like. When

the competition opts not to show up, that is the time to play.


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Why Every Gambling Enthusiast Should Save Up for an Oculus Rift Right Now

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The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

The Oculus Rift pre-orders start shipping at the end of March, and it is only a matter of time

before they hit the shelves. The headset is projected to cost $600, and some reviewers are

scratching their heads wondering if the first wave of virtual reality will be worth the price.

By converting the display on a video game screen to a 3D image that wraps around just like

normal vision and turns when the user’s head turns, this technology is doing something that has

never been done before: create a realistic visual environment for users to walk around in.

Gambling companies have already found the best use for the Oculus Rift. Slated to come out at

the same time as the headsets, a virtual reality casino simulator is already in the works.

Users canwalk around using an ordinary joystick, look using the headset just like looking around an

ordinary room, and wander through a virtual casino just like a casino in real life. This immersive

game can be played from your own living room, and is as close as we have to a real virtual


After wandering around, users can walk up to a table game and start playing. Cards, chips, and

other things are still selected using ordinary buttons, but the user can make hand gestures to hit,

stand, and direct the dealer in other ways. It may not be exactly like playing a table game in real

life, but it is pretty cool regardless.

Some reviewers are still arguing that the Oculus Rift is not worth the money. It is the first of its

kind, and its functionality is still limited. Buying this headset the year it comes out may end up

like purchasing the first wheel ever designed or the first airplane to ever lift off: cool, but

ultimately doomed to disappointment.

Not all of virtual reality is there yet. It is possible to see the cards and hear the dealer, but it is not

possible to feel the cards and smell the dealer. Some components of virtual reality are missing,

completely undeveloped, and depending on how important all five senses are to the user, it may

be time to wait. On the other hand, if the Oculus Rift does turn out to be the best thing since

sliced bread, now is the time to start saving up.

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What Makes Macau the Top Gambling City in the World

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Anyone who has ever set foot in Macau knows that the gambling scene is expansive. The

Chinese city features 5 of the world’s 10 largest casinos, and more money comes into and out of

the city than Las Vegas can ever dream of. Macau is living the dream, and the pull of the casinos

is enough to drive all kinds of nightlife together. The gambler’s paradise is home to world-

famous clubs, from the 2,800 square meter Club Cubic to the infamous China Rouge.

What has made Macau so ridiculously successful? How can a casino empire sprout out of a

country that pronounces all gambling illegal, and does not house a single legal casino in the

mainland? Brace yourself for a surprise answer.

Here is the truth: The city of Macau has its very own laws. There is hardly a single thing in

common between China’s Communist government and Macau’s own government system. How

did this happen? For the past 130 years, Macau has been under the control of Portugal. The busy

port town has been bringing its profits to Portugal for even longer, being rented out to the

European country since 1557. Eventually, the Portuguese government grew tired of paying China

money, and renegotiated the terms. Whether these terms involved threats of war or not is a bit of

a mystery, but China handed over the city in exchange for nothing but cooperation.


Even before Portugal claimed Macau for their own, they were able to legalize gambling in their

tiny section of the gigantic country. In 1847, gambling was legalized just in Macau. Free from

restrictive laws that might cut into the fun, Macau’s success exploded. In 2007, Macau finally

surpassed Las Vegas in revenue, and it is now the most successful gambling locale in the world.

In the late 90s, China let the world know that it wasn’t too happy about Portugal sitting on its turf

making a profit. Under pressure, Portugal returned Macau to China in 1999, but held onto its

governmental structure. At least until 2049, 50 years after Portugal gave up its precious Chinese

port city, Macau will be filled to the brim with more casinos than a visitor can ever hope to


There is no place quite like Macau. Each towering casino is packed with eager players from all

around the world, ready to be bamboozled. Even if, in the end, we have imperialism to thank, at

least the countless profits are in the right hands now.

How the Magic Leap Could Give Online Gambling a Much-Needed Revamp

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magic leap

2015 Promised us the Magic Leap, and now it’s time to deliver. What will this new technology bring us? For those who are unfamiliar with the Magic Leap, it is an augmented reality device designed to produce 3D holographic images for the user to watch and maybe even interact with.

Very little is known about what this technology will look like or hoe it work, but some rumors. According to Re/Code, users will wear a projector on their heads, and the device will track the movement of their eyes in order to create a seemingly 3-dimensional image.

The device is also suggested to use an infrared camera, much like the Microsoft Kinect, in order to understand and interact with the user’s environment. For example, the projected images can appear inside boxes, on top of tables, or under archways.

So far, the Magic Leap threatens to be a little gimmicky, more of a toy than a useful device. Most of the ads involve frolicking animal holograms and astounded children, and I can’t remember the last time I needed an imaginary elephant to be rendered inside the palm of my hand.

The ideas so far don’t look very promising, but Richard Taylor, who is behind some of the most baffling designs from aloud of the Rings, is a board member, so that is good news.

Just in case they’re still stuck on miniature animals, here are a few better ideas that we hope the Magic Leap will

1. Holographic dice that can be picked up, held in your hand, shaken, and rolled onto any surface.

Imagine being able to hold a pair of holographic dice and watch it bounce around your living room. They could be any style, any color you like. They would behave just like regular dice, and you wouldn’t even be able to lose them under the fridge.

The game would count and track them just like in a computer game, and you would get to roll them just like in the casino. So invite your friends over and play craps at home! wow.

2. A roulette wheel that can appear on any surface.

You could spin this wheel on the walls, on the ceiling, or in the kitchen sink. It could be fitted for any size table, and just like the dice, it could be colored and styled in any way. The bad news is only you would be able to see it right. We don’t yet know what the 3D images look like to people not wearing the device.

3. 3D Auto-Shuffling Cards

Remember the trick magicians do where cards float through the air and fall into a nice, neat pile?

Magic Leap could pull all the cards off the table, shuffle them neatly, then deal for the next game. One could even call it magic. The Magic Leap could flunk, or it could be in every home in America, but it might just turn out to be an online gambler’s best friend.

It could mean a whole new level of online gameplay, of it might mean floating giraffe holograms. There is only one way to find out for sure: Get the new year going, and see what they announce next.

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3 New Years Resolutions for Gamblers

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The chance for new beginnings happens so rarely in our lives, we created a holiday tradition just

for the opportunity to start again with a clean slate. For many, the new year could very well be

the only such opportunity for a new beginning. It can be hard to choose what in life to

concentrate on, so why not the hobby which brings so much hope and so much frustration to

every gambler? You may already have an idea of what resolution to make, but nearly every

gambler can find something in this list worth resolving about.

1. I will always lend chips to keep my friends in the game.

No one wants to be left out. As human beings, we recognize this, yet when it comes to a friend

running out of chips at the table, we don’t always deliver. On one hand, betting is about seizing

the best odds and not deviating from the path to winning. Some gamblers may shake their heads

at this pledge, and that’s okay. For others, gambling is more about companionship, and it is time

to step forward and hand a few chips to a player who has run out.

2. I will have one devoted time for gambling and only gamble during that time.

Sometimes it is hard to find time for hobbies and it may seem like there is no time to relax and

gamble, but using all of your spare time gambling doesn’t solve the problem, either. Setting a

schedule can be life-changing when people find themselves spending less time with family, or

snubbing other responsibilities. Ultimately, choosing a specific time on a specific day of the

week is more fulfilling and gratifying. At least we certainly hope it’s more gratifying that way.

3. I will only bet within my means.

Everyone knows the advice to only bet within their means, to know their limit and stay within

the invisible lines. Saying is much easier than doing, and the temptation is always there to stretch

the budget a little. After all, it is much more satisfying to go home with a large wad of newly

won cash than empty pockets. A gambler who is ready to get serious about monetary safety may

choose to make this oath, and even better, name that budget out loud. The more precise the oath,

the easier it is to keep.

In every aspect of our lives, in our gambling and our hobbies, in our friendships and our

relationships, there is a goal to make and to keep. To everyone vying to make a difference this

New Years, good luck and may we suggest bringing in the New Year as Royal Ace Casino!