6 Gambling Mottos

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Sometimes we all need something to get the blood pumping and the game going. Everyone has

their own gambling style, their own favorite games, and their own favorite places to play them.

Some prefer an online casino, some prefer penny slots, some prefer playing all-out, and some

prefer riding the line of the house edge. The mottos we live by when we hit the casino are hardly

one-size- fits-all, so here are just a few that get our game faces on.

1. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

It’s easy to say that a professional gambler just got lucky, but when they win over and over

again, it becomes obvious that there is more going on than random happenstance. This motto

says, “I thought through every part of this, I prepared in every way I could, and that is why I am

going to win.” The quote comes from Seneca, an ancient Roman philosopher.

2. Gambling is a way of buying hope on credit.

People gamble for many different reasons, but for many, it is the only ticket out of a life of

constant work and poverty. Some may be living on a stipend, others might work more than their

share each day just to get by. No matter the odds of a jackpot, that is the ticket out. This

sentiment was shared by an author named Alan Wykes who wrote the quote.

3. Quit while you’re ahead.

Everyone has heard this motto. It is one of those proverbs that took off and became a part of

everyday speech. Why it took off is probably because it is just that catchy, and it’s good advice.

The origin is actually a 17 th century Spanish Jesuist philosopher named Baltasar Gracian y

Morales. Don’t worry about remembering the name. There won’t be a quiz.

4. If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.

When you win, keep at least some of it. At least that is what Benjamin Franklin would do. The

only way to get ahead by gambling is to win more than you bet and then save the money. It takes

discipline, which is why it takes a really good motto.

5. A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.

Here is one for those who gamble because it is fun. Not everyone goes to the casino expecting to

get rich. Everyone hopes it will happen, at least to some degree, but some people are just there to

enjoy themselves. The quote comes from the movie, The Color of Money.

6. You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

This quote actually comes from a hockey player, and he was talking about hockey, but it is still a

really great quote for gamblers. When you need a little boost to keep going, let this motto be

your guide.

3 Betting Tricks that Really Work

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casino fun

Ready to get an edge on the casino? These simple tricks can make a big difference. A few small

changes can turn a disappointing night into a successful one. It doesn’t matter where you play. At

an online casino or in a land-based casino, on a smartphone app or at a table, these simple

techniques ring true.

1. Pocket the winnings.

If every chip that is earned gets tucked away, that means that there will always be something left

at the end of the night. No one likes to call it quits empty-handed. Even if it’s just a few chips, it

is an accomplishment worth holding onto. How this trick translates to the online world is a little

tricky. When playing online or on a smartphone, jot down how much you win when you win, and

add it up in a calculator. When the number on the calculator equals the number left in the

account, that means quitting time. The amount left is the winnings from playing.

2. Double Up

It may seem too simple to be true, but doubling up is actually a very neat math trick. Doubling

the bet after a loss, no matter how many losses there are in a row, guarantees that the player will

win by the original amount as soon as they actually win. For example, if a player bets $5 and

loses, they can double the bet to $10, $20, $40, and on and on, and the moment they win, the

total earnings will be $5. This strategy only goes south when the player bets more than they can

afford and runs out of money before they can manage to win. In other words, doubling up is a

guaranteed win so long as the player can afford to continue to bet.

3. Keep it Simple

Too many betting strategies involve stretching chips thinly around the table, covering all bases in

theory but in reality just making it that much more difficult to profit. Instead, pick the single bet

that is the most likely to win, like a color in roulette or a hand of blackjack, and just bet on that.

Already practicing some of these techniques? Not sure all of them go with your style? It’s

alright. Whatever is the most personally rewarding, the most fun play style for you personally is

the right way to go.

3 Ordinary People Share their Unbelievable Gambling Stories

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It’s hard to believe, but wonderful things happen every single day when people least expect it.

From online casino users to people who have just about given up on gambling entirely, it can

happen to anyone at any time in the whole world. It is one of the most exciting things about luck

and random chance. This is just a small collection of stories, but there is so much else out there.

1.  The Wallet Whisperer

It was late and I was drunk off my ass. My wallet fell out of my back pocket, and I didn’t even

notice until it was time to leave. The moment I reached back and it wasn’t there, I started

freaking out, practically stumbling around looking for it. That’s when I saw it, sitting on the edge

of a slot machine in plain view. Someone must have picked it up and left it there. I raced over

and picked it up. Everything was still there, even the $20 cash I had in there. I sat right down and

started playing that slot machine, and built up $50, more than I had won all night. Not my best

evening, but one of my best nights. I left with a giant grin on my face.

2. One more time

It had been weeks since I’d come out ahead from the online casino, and I’d pretty much given up.

Then the casino dropped me $5 out of the blue. I wasn’t about to say no to free betting money so

I logged in and gave it a try. Everything just fell into place. Betting on my birth date, following

my instincts, everything was working perfectly. Maybe free cash is just luckier.

3. Do You Believe in Love after Loss?

It was my second or third time playing roulette, and I was more daring back then. I placed $25

on the number 7, and held my breath. It landed on 7! I tested my luck and put it all back on 7. It

landed on 7 again! By then, everyone was looking at me, so I put all $50 on 7. It landed on 18. I

was walking away feeling terrible when the most gorgeous woman in the world stopped me. “You

look like you need a little luck,” she said, handing me a poker chip. We’ve been dating ever since.

The 4 Luckiest People in the World

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1. Kate Middleton

The duchess of Cambridge did not come from royalty, but she sure dressed like royalty. She

started in upper middle class, going to the best schools from the beginning, so she was lucky

from the start. Then she just-so- happened to share a college residence with Prince William. The

two started dating as casually as any other college kids might, and were eventually married. Now

she’s royalty, fourth in line for the throne. Who else can say that about themselves?

2. Antonio Freeman

The very first time the Green Bay Packers reached the Super Ball , Antonio Freeman was there to claim their victory.

During Super Ball XXXI, he broke a record in order to catch a touchdown 81 yards away from the QB,

Brett Favre. That catch gave the team the lead they needed to carry them to a victory of 35-21. The

very next year, the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Ball once again, but Freeman

wasn’t ready. The night before, he assumed he would not be called up from the bench, and drank

enough alcohol to kill a smaller man. When he showed up the next day, he had a massive

hangover. It hurt to even put the helmet on, but he still managed to catch two touchdowns. The

Packers lost to the Broncos 31-24. Who knows what would have happened if he’d been ready.

3. Concetta Antico

This woman has a rare condition, but not the variety of condition you might be worried about.

She has tetrachromacy, a genetic trait that lets her see color with the same depth that only certain

birds, fish, and insects get to see. She has four classes of cone cells instead of just 3, giving her a

whole extra primary color between red and green. Even before the condition was diagnosed, she

was a successful art instructor, teaching in ways that could not be done without the condition. It’s

still unknown how many people have or carry the trait, but some estimate the number lies

between 2 and 3 percent of women.

4. Nichiren

The 12 th century in Japan had an eerily similar history to 17 th century Italy. While the church was

executing scientists for making assertions about the stars, the Japanese government was

executing religious figures for making assertions about politics. Nichiren was a Buddhist monk

with strong beliefs about the lessons left behind by Buddha. He believed the mantras were being

grossly misinterpreted, and due to the misuse of Buddha’s word, the entire country would be

destroyed within the year. He may have been a little off the ball about that prophesy, but

something very strange did happen. As the executioner raised his sword to cut off Nichiren’s

head, a lightning bolt can down to strike him dead. Nichiren was set free.


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The Online Gambler’s Snack Guide

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A message from your company’s computer help desk: Go out for lunch, people. A recent survey of 150 IT managers conducted by Sunrise Software, a British maker of programs that track help-desk activities, identified printer issues as the most common reason for a help-desk call. But it also revealed that in a typical one-month period, 56% of tech workers had to troubleshoot at least one food-related computer mishap. The things they encountered: everything from potato chips in a CD drive to desktops stubbornly stuck to a desk by unknown substances. In the U.S., keyboards are regularly rendered unusable by crumb buildup, spill-related stickiness, and foul odors from decaying food, says Jon Aumann, a field-agent manager for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which serves small businesses and home offices. Aumann’s scariest memory: “I once found a sandwich inside a computer tower,” he says. “With a bite out of it.” –Ben Levisohn

It’s not easy getting up from an office chair to eat, but it is an unfortunate thing that must be

done, especially during a gambling marathon at the online casino. Ramen gets old fast, and

microwave meals start to add up in price. There has to be something delicious and easy, or at

least something that will keep you in the gambling mood while you prepare it. Luckily, there

actually are delicious snacks that fit these criteria, four in fact.

1. Poker Chip Nachos

What’s round like a poker chip and delicious on a tortilla chip? Pepperoni. Onions make

excellent white chips all in different sizes. Sliced olives fit the theme perfectly. For cheese, the

best bet may be a cheese stick cut into tiny circles. It might be shredded cheese. It’s really up to

you, but the chips definitely need to be circular.

2. Six-Sided Appetizer

One thing will definitely last you until the end of your gambling session, and that thing is six

different things. This dice-themed appetizer platter is best done on plates with built-in separators.

The idea is to pick out six very different things and then drop them in separate spots. Crackers,

fruits, and vegetables are a given, but try to be daring and really look at what is available. Go for

the most bizarre mix of foods available, then put them together into a six-sided side.

3. Doubled-Up Cookies

Not to name any specific brand or anything, but there is a specific type of cookie that looks like a

sandwich with two cookies on the outside and a sugary white filling in the center. That center

can be yanked out and piled up with another one to create a double cookie. Instead of taking a

loss, double up your cookies and try again. Let the deliciousness of doubling up be your fuel for


4. Fruit Trio

Slot machines have come a long way since their creation, but many of them still have the classic

fruit design printed on their reels. As Americans, we don’t eat enough fresh fruit, so you can

make a difference by opening up a classic slot machine in an online casino, and then eating three

pieces of fruit in a row. This is better for smaller fruits like berries or maybe clementines, but it’s

not unheard of to eat three apples, especially if they’re fist-sized.

Why Doubling Up Works

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It makes sense on the surface. When a gambler fails to get the result they want, they redouble

their efforts. They drop new chips on top of the old, and ride it out until they finally win. Is there

something more to this seemingly simple method? That question can be answered with a little

investigation and a little math.

The Gist

Doubling up works because so long as the bet increases enough, you can still earn your money

back as soon as you win. A starting bet of $5 becomes $10, then $20, then $40, followed by $80

then $160 then on and on until it finally pays off. The total winnings? $5. Doubling up on a loss

will only make as much as the original bet would have, no matter how much the bet goes up.

Doubling up also only works when a bet pays 2 to 1. If there are lower odds of winning, and a

higher payoff, then the bet will have to shoot much higher in order to make up for losses.

Why it Works

Doubling the bet is the easiest way of calculating the next bet down the line, but there is also

another way. If all the previous bets are added together plus the original bet, the results are the

same. In other words, the follow-up bets make up for the costs of each of the previous bets, plus

enough to make a profit if the bet wins. For example, a $5 bet loses, so you add the lost $5 plus a

new $5 to make $10. That loses, so you add the lost $10 to the original $5 plus an extra $5 to

make $20. That wins so you are rewarded $40, but minus all the money you lost in the previous

rounds, you finish only $5 ahead.

Why it’s Great

The best thing about doubling up is that so long as you can keep doubling up, you can always

make up for the losses and come out ahead. If nothing is stopping you from doubling up over and

over again until the bet goes through, you cannot lose.

Pitfall #1

A table limit can shut down a doubling up routine in a very tiresome way. The numbers stack up

very quickly, and can quickly pass into the hundreds or even the thousands from a low starting

bet like $5. Once the bet hits the cap, it’s over. The money can no longer be earned back in a

single bet. Instead of winning $5, you may lose hundreds.

Pitfall #2

When the table limit doesn’t get in the way, your wallet does. Everyone can only afford to

double up so many times before going broke. Once the numbers hit the point when there is

nothing left to lay on the table, the money is gone.

The Solution

Start small, and know how many times you can afford to double up before hitting the table limit

or the end of your budget. The more times you can afford to double up, the better. It may take a

long time to earn a substantial sum with small bets, but the ticket to success makes up for it.


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5 Bizarre Purchases by Big Gambling Winners

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Ever wonder what sorts of things people end up buying when the gambling technique works out?

It turns out that people buy when money is no longer an object varies as much as fingerprints or

the shapes of snowflakes. These are real accounts from big winners all across the United States.

1. A teacup pig.

When a Ferrari salesman made a modest $1 million off of scratch tickets, he set his sights on a

teacup pig. Sound strange: The pig was actually a gift for his daughter. Though a million dollars

was not enough to comfortably retire on, he decided to switch to a part-time job to spend more

time with his family.

2. Slippers.

Winning 1 million pounds, or $1.5 million, a lottery winner from England had no idea what to do

with his newfound riches. After spending the equivalent of $15 on a pair of shoes, the poor soul

had trouble deciding what to do with the rest.

3. The family home.

With $1.4 million to spend after a lucky game of keno, a 71-year- old electrical linesman finally

had the opportunity to retire. Motivated more by sentiment than by practicality, the newly retired

gambler explained his plans to purchase the home he grew up in with his deceased mother.

Though owning the home was a big part of his plan, living in it was not. He preferred the motor

park that he currently lived in.

4. A boat.

When most people say they plan to go fishing, the idea is hardly a budget-breaker. For a certain

former truck driver and owner of $116.5 million, however, the meaning is a little different.

Instead of fishing off the side of a lake like a commoner, this lottery winner elected to buy a boat

and take it out to where the big fish bite.

5. A novelty door knocker.

A millionaire can afford just about any strange and one-of- a-kind item, but it doesn’t always take

a millionaire. One lottery winner went home with $200,000 from three separate winning tickets,

and needed something to remember the money by. That is how he ended up with a door knocker

shaped like a crab.

The variety is unbelievable. Some of the choices are touching and sweet, some are extravagant

and unique, and others are just bizarre. Would you know what to do with a million dollars? It

turns out that some people were not as prepared as they thought they were.

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The 3 Types of Gambling Games

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casino fun

Every game that ever touched the casino floor can be placed into three distinct categories. The

majority of casino games are vibrant if simplistic games that are random chance to the core, but

those are not the only options out there. Players looking for a challenge can find it within a few

popular games out there. Some take more work than others, meaning there is a game out there

for everyone. What kind of gambler are you? Do you prefer math, skill, or pure chance? Take a

look at the games and recommendations below.

1. All Chance

No matter the details, most gambling games are straight up chance. Keno gives a variety of

number choices, but the numbers that win are totally random. Roulette lets the players pick

different numbers or even groups of numbers, but the one that comes up is random every time.

Slot machines let player bet more or less coins or tokens, but there is no predicting what the

spinners will land on. Chances are that if cards are not involved, the game is up to the odds.

2. Mostly Chance

Some games still have a backbone of random chance while requiring a little more thought. Craps

comes to mind as a somewhat more complex game. The most popular betting choice is the Pass

Line, but the Don’t Pass Bar actually stands a better chance of winning. It takes guts to pick

Don’t Pass when surrounded by saying “pass,” making this game a little bit more than just

chance. Of course, the drama and the hassle can also be avoided by playing online. Other games

like baccarat have an opportunity for math and planning, but are usually played casually.

3. Mostly Skill

A few rare gambling games out there call on the need for calculation. Blackjack is the first and

foremost among them. The most successful blackjack players have learned the game inside and

out, know how to keep track of cards, and also have insight about what the other players might

be holding. Reading the other players is also a significant part of poker. Success at poker requires

figuring out the quality of each player’s hand, getting others to fold, and keeping secrets from

other players. The success of the two games, blackjack and poker, arises from their unique


Just like there is a lifestyle to fit every person, there is also a type of casino game and a casino to play at. For some,

letting go and surrendering to chance is the ideal option. For others, a little intrigue is required.

Everyone is unique, and so are the games people wish to play.

Beginners: A Curse, or Good Luck for All?

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The casino can sometimes be a hostile place for beginners. When a group of craps players

catches wind that one of the players is new, some of the players may become upset or agitated.

After all, beginner’s luck isn’t always good luck. In certain circumstances, luck appears to turn

on players who should be experiencing tons of good luck, and it can be difficult to draw the line.

When beginners have good luck and when luck is nowhere in sight is up for debate. According to

common lore, certain actions seem to come more easily to beginning players, like rolling a set of

dice for the perfect result or knocking down all the pins in a bowling game. Other acts don’t have

the same beginner’s luck flare, whether they require specialized skills and expertise or simply

involve a close-knit group that doesn’t see many newcomers. There is much at play, but little

hints can be seen in the background as to what is really going on.

Here are a few examples of how beginner’s luck plays out inside the casino.


Women have beginner’s luck, but men new to the game bring a curse with them. Male beginners

are more likely to roll 7s and female beginners are more likely to roll the point. These odds are

believed to be true whether the new player is shooting or not.


Beginners are thought to have very good luck, but may not know how to use it. For example, a

starting player may not know when to split, and may either be too hesitant or too reckless to

make the right calls, but good cards always seem to flow into the hands of these players. With

the right preparation, these two sides of the coin might just sort themselves out.


As a game that is all about luck, of course the verdict on slots says that good luck comes to new

players. For believers in a thing called luck, this game may be a very good thing to look into.

The invisible hand of luck is a mysterious and sometimes fickle ally. Wield it well, and the

promise of success grows much stronger. Just bear in mind that good luck for one person may

not pan out as good luck for another, and the reasoning may sometimes be difficult to grasp. All

that’s left to be said is, good luck!


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Not so Poor Now; Breaking the Gambler Stereotype

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No one hates the gambler stereotype more than the gambler. Rumors and hurtful words have

painted an unpleasant picture over the years. This article is about taking each of the cruel and

unfair statements said about gambling enthusiasts and debunking each one.

“Gamblers are all poor.”

The stereotype may be that people only gamble if they’re poor, but there are gambling

enthusiasts from every walk of life. According to a study by Peter D. Hart, only 15% of

households that include gamblers are making less than $35,000 per year. In fact, about half of

households with gamblers are making $60,000 per year or more. The majority of households that

include one gambling enthusiast or more is living quite comfortably and can afford a trip to the


“Gamblers can’t handle money.”

This is the argument that has shut down casinos around the world, making gambling illegal or

restricting it to a choice few activities. It is also not true for the vast majority of people who

enjoy gambling.

A 2012 study is out and ready to turn some opinions around. It demonstrates that even if people

sometimes lose money while out gambling, the real cash sinks are other things like going out to a

restaurant or buying new electronics. The study shows an overwhelming difference between the

small amount people lose at the casino and the large sums of money people spend going out to

eat and buying consumer electronics. Here is the total expenditure for Americans in 2012:

Commercial casinos: $37.3 billion

Consumer electronics: $204.0 billion

Full-service restaurants: $202.2 billion

It’s almost laughable to think that someone would look at the numbers and think playing at the

casino is a problem for the majority of casino-goers. Certainly, it can be a problem for some, and

it’s a mistake to assume every trip to the casino will be a profitable one, but there are many,

many more expensive things out there.

“Gamblers are alcoholics.”

This blanket statement is hurtful and downright untrue. It may be true that certain individuals

within the community struggle with drinking, but this is not true for the community as a whole.

In fact, according to a Peter D. Hart study, only 42% of casino visitors even visit a bar or

nightclub, meaning that they are likely there to visit the casino, not to drink.

“People just go to the casino to gamble.”

To someone outside the gambling community, it may look like gambling is the only thing to it,

but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The casino grounds are full of entertainment and

recreation of nearly every variety, from spas and pools to restaurants and live shows. These

functions see a lot of use, almost as much as the casino, itself, sees. In fact, according to a study

by Peter D. Hart, more than half of casino-goers like to see a show or two while they’re there.

69% visit one of the restaurants surrounding the casino, and 45% go shopping during their down-

times. The fact is that casinos offer a multidimensional experience, and they are designed to be

fun, not just to get people hooked.