5 Things to Buy With Your Casino Winnings

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Everyone rolls the dice with dreams of hitting the jackpot. They know there’s every chance that they might be like Peter who won more than $38 million, the biggest ever progressive jackpot, playing online slots. They could be the next Archie Karas, who turned just $50 into $40 million during a lucky streak in Vegas. What would you buy if you enjoyed that type of windfall? These luxury items deserve a place on any wish list.

1. A McLaren P1 Supercar Sets the Standard

Most instant millionaires want to park a sports car in their garages. A Ferrari perhaps or a Lamborghini? But these vehicles pale in comparison with the McLaren P1 supercar, a high-speed sportster which comes with a hefty $1.15 million price tag.
You get serious guts for your money though because this powerhouse reaches 62 mph in less than three seconds and tops 124 mph in less than seven. With just 375 made, you’ll enjoy knowing you’ve got the only one in your neighborhood.

2. Wear Wealth on your Wrist with Hublot BB Watch

You can keep your Rolexes. For real luxury you’ll want to wear this Hublot BB watch. BB stands for Big Bang, a fitting moniker considering the impact of this diamond-encrusted timepiece.
Its 1282 gemstones were hand selected from all four corners of the world for their quality and clarity. Together they total more than 100 carats, which is just the right amount of bling for a big winner to wear. It’ll set you back a cool $5 million.

3. Buy Tropical Bermuda Private Island

Most people dream of taking a tropical vacation with their winnings, but if you win big, you need not ever come home. Perot’s Island, on Bermuda’s beautiful Riddell’s Bay, is one of many Caribbean islands for sale.
The 8.16-acre isle features a lavish seven-bedroom stone manor house with two swimming pools, a tennis court, private beach, a jetty for your yacht and parking space for six cars. You could live there and enjoy a permanent island getaway for $15 million.

4. Have Fun with a JetLev Water-Propelled Jetpack

The tropical waters of Bermuda seem like the perfect place to put a JetLev water-propelled jetpack. Most people couldn’t justify dropping $68,500 on a toy like this, but a big casino win allows you to be a little frivolous. Its creators insist it’s so easy to get the hang of their R200x that you’ll be able to fly solo in mere minutes.

The Jetlev R200x’s 255 hp engine helps it generate more than 500 lbf of thrust, which is more than enough to satisfy thrill seekers. Its fuel capacity of 26 U.S. gallons lets you zoom around for an hour at full throttle, or two to three if you take things a little easier.

5. Fly Into Outer Space

If Bermuda doesn’t seem far enough away from your everyday existence, perhaps a trip on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is in order. The British tycoon will commence flights into outer space later this year. The two-hour trip will take you more than 62 miles above the earth, where you’ll experience the wonder of weightlessness. You can reserve your seat in space alongside celebs like Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie for $250,000.

So don’t be afraid to dream big, because you never know when Lady Luck will smile on you!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Online Gambling

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Online gambling may seem a little strange if you’re already used to the thrill of a casino, however, the experience may surprise you. There’s a slew of things you might not know about spinning slots and placing bets online. Read on to learn four things you likely don’t know, but should, about online gambling.

1. It’s (Mostly) a Solitary Experience

Unlike gambling in a casino, online gambling is typically a private experience, which isn’t always a bad thing. Games, such as video slots, while solitary, are still played amidst a bustling crowd or gamblers with the familiar clinking of returned coins inside of a live casino. Online gamblers, however, experience different sounds. As an online gambler, you may be more attuned to gameplay since you’ll be better able to hone in on the visuals and audio.

Poker and blackjack, however, are a less solitary experience. Depending on the online casino, you may be able to interact with other players through a chat feature, in real-time.

2. Each Online Casino Plays by Its Own Rules

Online casinos can make their own rules per site and per game. Furthermore, an online casino’s rules may vary by state. All games and available bonuses are not created equal. Be sure you fully agree with the rules of the game before you get started. Just because you’re not within the walls of an actual Vegas casino, doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for your bets.

Online casinos deal with real money. Additionally, each website has its own rules for payouts. Read all the fine print in the terms and conditions.

3. You Still Need to Learn the Game

The same way you need to know the rules of a casino, you must also know the ins-and-outs of an online game. Sure, it’s possible to have a positive experience while learning – some online casinos offer no-risk trial play; however, if you truly want to get the most for your money, learning the lingo and standard gameplay practices are key.

For starters, check out our casino terms. Once you know what game you’re interested in playing online, search for jargon associated specifically with that game, as well as the general rules.

4. Gameplay is Visually Exciting

Video slots are especially stimulating when played online. Many of these games feature exciting themes with stories and enticing visuals. These games are web-based and not inside a physical machine; therefore, more resources can be dedicated to creating a unique gaming experience.
If you still like the authentic look and feel of classic casino play, then you’ll be surprised and delighted to find that many table style games feature an in-casino aesthetic.

Any true gambler or hardcore hobbyist will find joy in online gambling. The experience may be slightly different from that of a live casino, but in some ways it’s even better. If you’re thinking about getting started with online gambling, then what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world of games waiting to be played right on your screen.

How do you feel about online gambling now that you know a little more? What more do you wish you knew about online gambling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Blow Your Winnings On

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Who hasn’t fantasized about winning the lottery? You scratch off your ticket, stare incredulously at the numbers on the t.v., and then jump up and down on the couch screaming. You’re richer than Bill Gates or Donald Trump. But before your imagination runs away with you, remember that winning the lottery is still real life. And in real life, no matter how much moolah, there are still consequences. So here are four fearsome downfalls to avoid:

Anything that Hates Your Body

News flash: if you don’t want to die young or cope with regret into your 80s, don’t use your money to hate on your body. It’s not worth it. Meet Callie Rogers. She won 1.9 million in a U.K. lottery ($3 million US) back in 2009, when she was only sixteen. She blew it on drugs, booze, plastic surgery, and parties. Oh, and tried to kill herself. Three times. Now broke, she told the Mirror last summer that she’s happier poor than she ever was when she had so much cash to throw around. One lottery winner said that his crack dealer has more of the money now than he does. Fairy tale ending? I think not.

Anything that Cheats Your Family

Once you’ve figured out who your actual family is-not the thousands of supposed family members who suddenly turn up-keep that real family close. Splurging on a few houses in Europe will rip your family, whether that means husband, kids, grandma, or the dog, out of their comfort zone.

Meet Jack Whitaker. After winning $314 million (yes, you read that right), Whitaker stumbled into a drug-fed irresponsible life. Both his granddaughter and daughter were eventually found dead; the granddaughter from an overdose, and the daughter from unknown causes. He divorced his wife of 42 years. Hallmark wasn’t lying when it said that money can’t buy family.

Anything that Makes your Bank Raise Its Eyebrows

Let’s be honest: winning in the first place will psych your bank. But after that, remember that banks are friends-they know their stuff. Don’t shock them. Experts advise against accepting your winnings in a lump sum of cash, but rather taking an annuity payment. Dan Mcay, an expert who’s written books on this stuff, says to clear all debt first. Don’t buy a mansion when you’re still in student debt, or a Lamborghini when you’re still making payments on your refrigerator, t.v., and Macbook Pro.

Meet Chris and Colin Weir, Scottish winners of EuroMillions lottery, have used their $161 million fortune to donate to sports, health, and culture across the country. Sure, they bought a few mansions, but other than that they’ve spent their winnings thoughtfully.

Anything that Risks Your Risky Fortune

Lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice. If you keep on gambling that money, chances are you’ll lose it all again. Meet Evelyn Adams. Back in the 80s, she won the NJ lottery twice. An inveterate risk-taker, she always went back to the tables, and ended up losing it all. She now lives in a trailer.
Oh, and if you do win the lottery, let me know, will you? I have a few bills that could be paid now, too.

5 of the Hottest Gamblers in the World

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To some, gambling is better than sex. That’s why it’s quite a shame that some of the world’s best gamblers are also some of the hottest. We hate to objectify them, but while we’re at it, we’ll tell you a little about their talents too. Read on to learn about these five gamblers who are some of the sexiest in their game and just what makes them so good.

1. Tiffany Michelle – Poker

Tiffany Michelle is by far one of the hottest ladies in poker – and possibly the one with the most glamorous photo shoots. Her sultry eyes and ethnically ambiguous looks make her model-esque, but she plays to win. According to IMDB, “Tiffany Michelle is a formally trained actress and Los Angeles native, who gained fame on an unexpected stage in 2008, when she broke records at the World Series of Poker.”

2. James Bond – Baccarat

Although James Bond is a fictional character, he’s still one of the all-time hottest baccarat players. While BusinessWeek claims baccarat isn’t just for Bond, he’s certainly one of the sexiest. Yes all eight of the Bond actors are ten times sexier than the likes of Tommy Renzoni and Felix Falguierein. Plus, he’s got other talents to boot.

3. Don Johnson – Blackjack

Don Johnson is one of the top players in blackjack since he won $15 million from three casinos, ABC News reports. But the ladies don’t flock to him for his money. Johnson is a playboy party type. Sure, he’s slightly overweight, but there’s just something sort of sexy about him. Many an older man have tried and failed to pull off a backwards baseball cap at the club. Yeah, Johnson’s still got it.

4. Evelyn Ng – Poker

Evelyn Ng is an exotic beauty who is known for her 2003 World Poker Tour second place championship. Ng, also known as Evybabee, has the dark brown hair and high cheekbones that make men swoon. Poker News Daily notes, “It is just a matter of time until Evelyn Ng earns her first significant championship. Until that time, she’ll continue to demonstrate her exceptional poker skills at tournaments around the world and remain one of the great female ambassadors for the game.”

5. Phil Ivey – Poker

Phil Ivey, better known as the Tiger Woods of poker, has won the World Poker Title as well as our hearts. This dreamy gambler has the poker face of a god. According to Adanai.com, a gamer blog, “He excels in all forms of the game, both online and offline. He is a monster cash player and crushes tournaments.”
It’s hard to focus on all the action when you have sexy gambling pros making a scene. However, beauty is subjective. We want to hear from you. What player do you find is too hot? Who is just not? How do you think it affects their game? Whatever you think, share your picks for the hottest bets in gambling in the comments below.

Barely Legal: 5 of the Most Fun Things to do With Your Money

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Hey ladies, are you looking for the thrill of a spending spree? Squandering tons of money can feel so bad that it’s good – when you reap the rewards of your purchase. Read on to learn about those big-ticket items that feel barely legal. Here are five of the most fun things to do with your money. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

1. Buy an Expensive Handbag

What good is it to have tons of money if you don’t have anything nice to keep it in? Tuck that price tag away in the back of your mind. Splurge on that expensive handbag you’ve always wanted. Delight in a shopping spree just for purchasing a pocketbook – or three. With Chanel or Louis Vuitton, you can’t go wrong.

Spend Smart Tip: hit up sample sales to find the best deals on the latest styles.

2. Pamper with Costly Cosmetics

When you’re strapped for cash, cosmetic items are likely the first to get cut. But your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it gets absorbed back into your body, so you might be cheating your health by downsizing your body budget. If you’re looking to expend some extra money, consider spending extra on top-of-the-line cosmetics.

Spend Smart Tip: Choose those expensive makeups and creams with the fewest ingredients to get the most bang for your buck.

3. Enjoy an Extravagant Getaway

Experiential spending offers twofold dividends; you can enjoy the trip in the moment, and the memories last a lifetime. Enjoy an extravagant European getaway or checkout an exotic island (or two). If you have money to burn, why don’t you revel in the honeymoon you never had? Complete the experience by booking a five-star hotel with amazing amenities.

Spend Smart Tip: spare no expense when it comes to food and drink. Be sure to cut your budget in other ways. Limit your vacation shopping sprees so you can take pleasure in the local fare.

4. Spend Limitless Hours Online Gambling

There’s nothing more thrilling than playing to win. Why not let yourself try for a little while. Most people try to be frugal with their online fun, but not you. Spend limitless hours online gambling and harness your inner high roller.

Spend Smart Tip: take mini-breaks between sessions to refresh your eyes and your mind so you’re sure to make the best decisions with your dough.

5. Indulge in a Spendthrift Spa Weekend

It’s time to pull out all the stops. Splurge on a spa weekend and spare no expense. Try all those wacky treatments you thought you could never afford. If the benefits sound too good to be true, try it for yourself and see.

Spend Smart Tip: just because you’re spending big, doesn’t mean you’re immune to a deal or two. Browse Groupon or Living Social to afford extra start treatment at your local spa.

Do you have money burning a hole in your purse pockets? How will you spend it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

8 Ways You are Gambling Online Without even Realizing It

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What Are You Even Doing?

Even if you do not consider yourself a gambler, we all gamble in different ways. You don’t have to sit down at the high stakes table in order to place a bet that could end up being incredibly costly. As it turns out, all you have to do is sit down at your computer.

In this blog, we will take a look at some ways that you are gambling with your life, love, career, and sanity without even realizing. That is not to say that you should never gamble, but rather that you should be cognizant as to whether or not the rewards outweigh the risks.

1. Saving Passwords Into Chrome

Chrome, the overwhelmingly popular internet browser from Google, is popular for a reason: it’s impressive. It’s fast, gives you the most screen real estate, and has a bunch of rather innovative features and plugins that make life extremely easy—including remembering passwords.

Maybe a little bit too easy. There is a potential dark side you should be aware of because every time you save a password into Chrome you are taking a monumental risk. Did you know that someone can very easily see all of your chrome passwords? It doesn’t require any hacking. In fact, all it requires is a two-minute search. No, we’re not joking.

Better think twice about saving any password that would allow one to access your bankroll. You don’t want to come home to your computer to find that you’ve suffered a “bad break”…into your account.

2. ChatRoulette-like Services

So it’s Tuesday Night, you are halfway through that 12-pack of beer. You don’t really want to go to out to the bar, but you do feel like talking to a random stranger.

Enter ChatRoulette, the service that matches you with a random person (optionally, someone who lives in your general geological vicinity). And many times this is someone who is in a similar state of mind. The resulting experience is what the service is all about. Spontaneous interaction between strangers.

Like actual roulette, this is fundamentally just a colossal spin of the wheel. Unlike roulette, where the worst case scenario is typically seeing the ball land on the ‘double zero’ slot, the worst case scenario in Chatroulette is much worse—like seeing the unmentionables of some “double zero” type of individual plastered across the screen. Or any number of other things. Like gambling for cash, if you are going to play the game, just be sure to understand the risks, and never gamble with sexual sanity if your personal supply is running low.  Know your limits. Play within them.

3. Tinder-like Services

Unlike the above, services like Tinder provide the opportunity for a little bit of recreational fun, in-person, wherein you can meet up with a random stranger pretty much any time or place.

The main argument for something like Tinder is the simple fact that many times regardless of how you meet someone, they are still a “stranger” to a certain extent. Might as well do it online if the option is a loud, drunken bar where you talk to someone for all of a couple minutes before potentially leaving. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that services like Tinder present no real barrier to entry, whereas real life social events can require things like shirts, shoes, shaves, and showers.

It’s one thing to go home with someone you met at a club only to find that their place is really small, or dirty. It is another thing to meet someone on Tinder, only to find out that they live in a van in a MacDonald’s parking lot, and are looking to get it on before “the morning crowd starts to show up.”

4. Buying Medicine and Supplements

Have you ever heard of the international committee that checks supplements to ensure that you are not getting ripped off? No? That’s because there isn’t any such committee. When it comes to the internet as a whole, but especially with regards to e-commerce checks and balances, it’s still the Wild West out there. You’re on your own for the most part.

It doesn’t actually matter if you are buying “breakthrough” nootropics from some European “pharmacy,” a bottle of “Russian strength” Viagra from a website called дороговизну, or some “legal” herbs from the country whose name you have never heard of before, the risks are plenty and obvious simply from a law standpoint, and that is putting aside the fact that virtually anything could be hiding in that nondescript container. Yeah, the  film canister and that bag of vacuum-sealed sawdust.

5. Subscribing to Pornstars on Twitter/Instagram

Listen, we get it.

By following a pornographic star on a media-rich social platform, you are hoping to catch a glimpse of some sideboob action, or even something a little bit more revealing perhaps. Maybe some snapshots posted in front of the mirror during moments of insecurity…or confidence.

Here’s the problem with that plan, genius: these people make the elicit material you are waiting around to see, do so specifically so that you don’t have to wait around. Why roll the dice that your wife will find that one pleasant young lady named “Hard Kandy” on your Instagram if you can avoid it? Just open up Pornhub in a private browser like the rest of us and call it a day.