4 Great Casinos and Attractions in Biloxi Mississippi

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Forget about the neon lights of Las Vegas or the 1920s vibe lingering in Atlantic City, because you haven’t gambled until you’ve done it Southern-style. Biloxi is more than just a genteel, hospitable Mississippi city with a hometown feel, it’s also a site filled with excitement. Lady Luck likes to vacation there all year round, so if you visit for a little high stakes gambling or casual, low-key gaming, you might just find her sharing a cocktail with you.

Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

Actually, you will not waste a single moment at Margaritaville, in spite of what the famed song says. Naturally, the Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant is part of Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back legacy. If you’re a Parrothead with a penchant for playing games, this is one of the best casinos you’ll ever visit in Biloxi. The town is well-known for its cool, easy pace, and it’s the epitome of the slow-moving molasses reputation of the South. Margaritaville follows suit, offering guests a taste of tropical getaways where the margaritas come complete with the chance to win big.

Betting Big in Boomtown

You really can’t resist a casino with a name like Boomtown. What’s even better is that it’s a themed spot. Called the “local’s casino,” you won’t just feel like a local, you’ll also feel like an old west cowboy (or cowgirl). The Boomtown Casino lives up to its name, because each time you enter, you feel like you’re stepping into a settlement in an old-time frontier.

As you pony up to the table or even the slots, you might well expect a proper saloon girl to deliver your good luck cocktail. Choose your table game with care, though, and take a break now and then to enjoy the food. You’ll get to stuff yourself on homey comfort food, not to mention your own self-made soda pops.

Go Bold at Beau Rivage

If you’re looking for a Monte Carlo experience in Biloxi, have no fear. Beau Rivage is a high-class kind of casino, one that will make you feel like a high roller celebrating in the lap of luxury. You’ll get to enjoy an on-site hotel, not to mention scores of salons and spas, shops, buffet and dine-in restaurants, clubs, a theater, a golf course, and a pool. What more could you ask for on your trip?

Find Your Treasure at Treasure Bay

Can you imagine placing your bets aboard a boat? Even in the grand tradition of Southern riverboat casinos, the Treasure Bay Casino stands out from the rest. This isn’t a riverboat, it’s a pirate ship, and the treasure is all yours if you play your cards right. This is a great place to visit even if you just want to try something new, and the view at night is especially praised.

Biloxi is a treasure trove in its own right, and it’s a fantastic place to visit no matter what your aims. Do you think you might try your luck?

4 of the Best Casino Hotels for Bachelor Parties

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Planning a bachelor party? Why not head to a casino hotel to have one last bash before tying the knot? You can hit a show, do a little gambling, and hang out with your buddies in an awesome suite. Take a look at these four casinos hotels in Las Vegas where you can have the best bachelor party ever.

Caesars Palace

With a prime location on the Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace is the perfect place to host a bachelor party. You can literally go from casino to casino and take in all the sights without worrying about getting a cab. One of the most famous suites is the Forum Tower Emperor Suite because it was the featured model of “The Hangover” movie. Another option is the Tower Penthouse Villas that offer more than 10,000 square feet of living space. However, prices are rumored to be as much as $40,000 per night.

The Palms Casino Resort

Although it’s not located on the Vegas Strip, the Palms Casino Resort has amazing bachelor party suites. The Hardwood Suite is 10,000 square feet of ultimate man cave bliss. It has a basketball court, pool table, full bar, and massive TVs in almost every room. There is sleeping room for 18, but you can invite up to 350 people for an epic night. Of course, you’ll pay a premium to stay in this Vegas suite with rates that start at around $25,000 per night. If your budget is a little smaller, the Kingpin Suite is just as impressive, only on a smaller scale. It even has a private bowling lane.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is another excellent option for a bachelor party. It has tons of themed suites that are fun and trendy. The Penthouse Real World Suite has a single-lane bowling alley, a full kitchen, and sleeping space for up to 12 guests. It’s an awesome choice for a bachelor party. The Paradise Tower Penthouse sleeps six and also has fun bachelor party features, such as two dancer poles, a full bar, and a pool table.

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Suites

If you’re looking for a casino hotel with something to do no matter what time of day, the Wynn Las Vegas has an 18-hole golf course and casino games to boot. Plus, it hosts two of Vegas’ most popular nightclubs, complete with go-go dancers, a waterfall, and a dance floor. You can book the three-bedroom duplex apartment for one of the swankiest bachelor parties ever. It has a billiard room, exercise space, and a personal massage room.

These are just a few of the awesome casino hotels available for your bachelor party in Las Vegas. Other good options include the ARIA Resort and Casino, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, and the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Have you been to Vegas? What attractions would you recommend for a bachelor party? Leave a comment below.

4 Ways to Spend $10,000 in Las Vegas

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If your mother ever told you never to spend all of your allowance in one place, that’s because she’s never been to Las Vegas. That’s right; The Entertainment Capital of the World offers plenty of ways to spread the wealth around when you’re looking to have the ultimate vacation. With Sin City excitement in mind, here are 4 ways to spend a few months’ salary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1. Stay in Luxury

Staying in Vegas and playing in Vegas go hand-in-hand when you decide to spend your dough on casino accommodations. The Vegas Strip has plenty of luxury lodging from rooms with great fountain views at The Bellagio to the lavish Roman decadence of Caesars Palace.

For vacationers with a love for the beach, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has one of the largest pools on the Vegas Strip as well as its very own shark reef, which is separate from the pool of course. If you’re in the mood for Egyptian style alongside some of the hottest gambling in town, The Luxor is a great place to call home too.

2. Try Your Hand at Gambling

From classic casinos like The Flamingo, Riviera, and Tropicana to modern gambling hotspots like The Cosmopolitan and The Palazzo, Las Vegas is a gambling empire for everything from slots to table games like Blackjack and Roulette.

If you want to spend a portion of your $10,000 gambling the night away, then try casino crawling. A casino crawl boils down to gambling for an hour in every major casino on the Vegas Strip. Just remember to gamble responsibly and cut your losses when the hour is up because Vegas isn’t any fun when you’re penniless.

3. Take in the Shows

Vegas is anything but boring, which is exactly why it’s called The Entertainment Capital of the World. In keeping with entertainment, why not spend some of your cash taking in Las Vegas’ world-renowned shows? Whether you like music, magic, or acrobatics, Vegas has absolutely every form of entertainment there is.

The Mirage is the home of Cirque du Soleil, which is one of the most high-flying, creative, stunningly beautiful acrobatic shows in the world all to set to music by The Beatles. If Broadway musicals are more your thing, then Paris Las Vegas has the hottest ticket in town with The Jersey Boys.

4. Dine Like a Winner

Before you spend all your money on casinos and shows, put some cash aside for delicious eats because Vegas has some of the best restaurants and buffets money can buy. For a formal dining option, Sage has everything from foie gras to braised veal cheeks steps away from the Strip.

Likewise, when it comes to the ultimate Vegas dining experience, there’s no better culinary route to take than the buffets. From the Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan to The Buffet at the Bellagio, the Vegas Strip has mouth-watering menus to fit every appetite.

Instead of letting those $10,000 burn a hole in your pocket, ignore your mother’s advice and spend it all in Vegas with the suggestions above.

The 5 Best Casino Movies

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Casino movies can fall into practically any genre, including comedy, action, and crime. These five movies take radically different views of what can happen in a casino.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

The scenario: a drug-addicted boozehound and his lawyer go on a paranoid adventure through Las Vegas while covering the Mint 400 desert race on 1971. Breaking every law of the land, the pair manage to evade trouble, even though his psychedelic-fueled cohort almost murders Hunter S. Thompson, the central character and the book’s author.

However, what sounds like little more than a movie about drugs and lawlessness, has a deeper meaning about the American Dream and what freedom means in the United States. It’s also hilarious, creepy, and confusing.

Ocean’s 11 (2001)

The 2001 Ocean’s 11 is a remake of a 1960’s version that starred the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack made the original a success, so it makes sense that the remake has a star-studded cast of actors including George Clooney, Bernie Mac, and Brad Pitt.

This caper story puts challenges a group of professional thieves to do something seemingly impossible: rob three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, at the same time. They have a brilliantly orchestrated plan, but you’ll have to watch to find out whether they can get away with such a crazy caper.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale introduced the world to a Daniel Craig, who plays Bond as a tough, rough-around-the-edges character. Bond still enjoys his martinis shaken not stirred, and he still loves beautiful women, but he’s not above cracking lewd jokes while getting tortured. While the movie’s plot focuses on an intense card game that could give millions of pounds to a terrorist organization, it’s mostly about how the new Bond character interacts with the world. He’s not as suave, but he’s more aggressive and, at times, frighteningly intense. Any man who can restart his own heart is the kind of man audiences want to watch.

The Cooler (2003)

What do casinos do when a player has a hot night? They send in a cooler. That’s someone with such incredibly bad luck that it rubs off on everyone near him. The particular cooler, played by William H. Macy, in this movie sees a beacon of hope when a young waitress takes an interest in him. Unfortunately, bad luck continues to follow him wherever he goes.

This one isn’t a feel-good movie by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is interesting and well-made.

Casino (1995)

The title pretty much says it all. This three-hour epic directed by Martin Scorsese takes a close look at the ugly side of Las Vegas, including mobsters played by (who else?) Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro. If you’ve ever heard stories about how the seedy Las Vegas underworld controls the whole city, they probably came from this movie (or the true events that Scorsese used to craft the film).

What are your favorite casino movies? Do you think The Hangover counts?

5 Myths About Gambling

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Just about every gambler, whether a beginner or a pro, believes some myths about games. Whether it’s a lucky coin or confused mathematics, gambling and mythology seem linked forever. Learning about these myths will take you one-step closer to playing responsibly without any delusions.

1. My System is Infallible

Before claiming that you have an infallible gambling system, consider who sets the rules of play. The casino does. That’s why at the end of the day, the casino always wins. You may have good luck that nets you a profit, but you can’t rely on a gambling system to always help you win.

If casinos didn’t make more money than they handed out, then they would go out of business. That’s why there is always a house edge. Always.

At best, a good gambling system tells you to stop playing before you lose all of your money. At worst, they encourage you to make absurd bets that have nearly zero chance of winning.

2. Some Slot Machines Are Hot or Due

The very nature of this myth reveals its own fallacy. On one hand, gamblers say that a “hot” machine pays out more than others do. On the other hand, gamblers say that a slot machine that hasn’t paid out for a long time is “due” to let someone win.

The truth is that you can’t predict what a slot machine will do. Even the programmers who design video slots can only predict averages. As a player, you don’t have a chance of knowing when a slot machine will favor you.

3. I Don’t Have a Problem if I Can Afford It

Some people get addicted to gambling. That addiction has nothing to do with how much money you do or do not have. Having a lot of money might make it easier for you to live as a gambling addict, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem.

Many of the negative effects of a gambling addiction don’t even involve money. An addiction also demands time. Addicts feel an uncontrollable urge to gamble even when they need to spend time with their families and friends. Eventually, relationships suffer.


4. Poker is a Game of Skill, Not Chance

Playing poker definitely requires skill, and some people obviously have more skill at playing the game than other people. However, that doesn’t mean the outcome of a poker game solely relies on the player’s skill.

Several random factors that influence win poker. You can’t control what cards you get and you can’t control how other people will bet. In addition, you can’t control whether someone will take more cards or bow out of the game.

The best skill you have in poker is deciding whether to stay in the game or get out. That just means you could lose less money, but it doesn’t mean you won’t lose.

5. If I Had a Gambling Problem, I Would Know It

Actually, you might be the last person to know it. The addicted brain is a master of deceit. It doesn’t matter whether it’s addicted to drugs, gambling, or anything else.

The truth is that most gambling addicts don’t want to admit their problems. They want to hide them. That’s why families often need interventions to stop unhealthy behaviors.

What other gambling myths have you heard? Get them out in the open so everyone has the information they need to enjoy games responsibly.

6 Ways to Spend Your Winnings if You Hit the Jackpot at the Casino

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Dreams sometimes do come true, and if you’re on your way to Vegas or Atlantic City you need to have a plan in place in case your ship comes rolling in. Allow yourself some daydreams along the trip and create a game plan for your earnings.

1. Set Goals for the Winnings

Winners can blow any amount of money. Consider William Post, who won over $16 million, and now survives on Social Security. Determine how much you’ll allow yourself to blow, how much needs to go into savings for the future, how much you want to set aside for heirs, and how much you’ll donate to a charitable cause. Commit to what you truly want the winnings to mean in the long run. 

2. Pay Off Debt First

A common mistake by winners is to blow the money on all the fun stuff, and neglect to take care of the financial obligations they held when they first won. The first thing to do with winnings is pay off every debt you owe, including the home, cars, credit cards, student loans, and any unpaid tax debt. Then you can start your new life fresh, and creditors won’t spoil your fun with harassing phone calls — or worse — lawsuits.

3. Make Solid Investments

Invest the money you’re setting aside for the future in an FDIC secured account, such as a Certificate of Deposit at a bank. The federal government guarantees FDIC accounts, meaning you can get your money back (up to a certain amount) from the government if the bank goes under for some reason. Other investment opportunities are available, but are less secure. For example, investing in stocks can bring huge returns, but there is also a chance you’ll lose some or all of your investment if the stocks fail to perform.

4. Give to Charity

Many winners give some of their winnings to causes close to their hearts. For example, if you’re passionate about helping the homeless, saving animals from abuse or euthanization, offering opportunities for abused or neglected children, or protecting abused women, consider giving a sum to organizations serving the cause you most admire. Most of these charities operate on donations alone, and a significant lump sum can considerably help their ability to serve.

5. Decide Who’s In

Unfortunately, friends and family members begin crawling out of nowhere and trying to get their hands on the money you win at the casino. Before you win is a good time to decide who you do want to share with, and who you don’t. Remember, this is your money and your decision. Don’t let people who would ignore you if you didn’t have the money wiggle their way in to take the money. Never fall for guilt trips or sob stories, because you’ll hear as many as you’re willing to listen to until you realize the money’s gone and you didn’t enjoy any of it.

6. Allow Yourself Some Spontaneous Spending

Wisdom in spending and saving is important, but so is having some fun. Don’t be such a miser that you won’t afford yourself a few well-deserved spending sprees. After you’ve paid off your debts, invested, and showed your generous side, indulge in a beautiful home, a spectacular vacation, or a super cool car.

What’s the point in winning if it’s all work and no play?

Top 3 Betting Social Networks

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Last year 1.73 billion people used social networks around the world, a figure that equates to roughly one in four people. By 2017, that global market is expected to swell to 2.55 billion. As social networking becomes more popular, it’s not surprising to see sites popping up to connect people with a range of interests. Forget about the general purpose sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in betting, these three sites are the social networks you want to be a part of.

1. Favourit: Social Sports Betting Network from Down Under

After successfully launching in Australia, Melbourne-based social sports betting platform Favourit began welcoming international sports fans last year.

Favourit lets sports lovers wager real cash or play with virtual currency to test out betting strategies. It’s integrated with leading international betting agencies including Paddy Power, Luxbet, and Sportsbet.com.au, and members need an account with one of these to bet with real dollars. Users can place bets, enjoy insights from expert tipsters and Favourit users, and see live scores and news from a range of sports including the NFL, NBA, and Australian favorites like rugby league and Aussie Rules. They can also chart their progress on leader boards and even win prizes.

A free iOS app complements the Favourit web channel.

2. BuddyBet: Sports Betting Social Network On the Up

Prague-based online gambling network BuddyBet has been nothing but successful since launching in 2012. Last year it cemented its future when it secured $3 million in funding. Private investors are excited about the site’s novel approach, which encourages users to bet against one another, rather than a computer.

BuddyBet users can bet for cash, virtual BuddyBucks or make things interesting with an action or stake. Perhaps you’ll win a free beer from your buddies or be forced to run down the street wearing only your briefs. BuddyBet currently focuses on sports, including ice hockey, soccer, and basketball, but plans to expand into other markets in future.

3. BettingExpert: Win Prizes on Sports Betting Social Network

There may be other sports betting social networking sites around, but BettingExpert boldly claims it’s “the social network of sports betting.” It’s British, so it’s not surprising to see sports like soccer, cricket, and rugby well represented. But the site does welcome members from all over the world, and many of them are happy to offer advice on the NBA and other American competitions.

You can’t actually bet on BettingExpert, but you can show off your betting prowess. The site encourages you to share your best sporting tips and read the advice of the site’s self-proclaimed expert members. If you’re one of the 40 best tipsters you could even win a share of

Living the Dream: A Retrospective of the MIT Blackjack Team

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If you saw the movie “21,” you know it’s based on the true story of MIT’s legendary group of card-counting blackjack players. Like all “true story” films, many of the events in the movie version were added as plot devices, but several of the scenes actually happened. Here’s the real story of the MIT players.

Counting Cards

The MIT blackjack team was made up of a group of math whizzes who realized that they could beat the house at blackjack if they could find a way to accurately count cards. Card counting, which refers to keeping track of which cards have been played and which cards remain in the shoe, is not technically illegal. It is, however, considered cheating, an activity that gets players banned from the casinos. So the challenge for the MIT team was to find a way to accurately count cards and discreetly signal the actual players when to bet big.

How They Did It

Bill Kaplan, the Harvard Business School graduate and legendary blackjack champion, recruited players from MIT for his intensive blackjack training program. Training consisted of learning how to count eight-deck shoes with near-perfect play. Members could be spotters (card counters) or big bettors at the blackjack tables, so the team also had to learn a constantly changing set of code words that signaled when high cards were coming up, how “hot” the cards were so the player could bet appropriately, and when the shoe was played out and the bettor should move to another table.
A three-member team played at a table: a spotter, a controller, and a big bettor. The spotter counted cards, and the controller consistently placed small bets, wasting money and verifying the spotter’s card count. When the controller verified a positive card, he signaled the big bettor, who would place a huge bet and win big. This team approach gave the MIT players a two to four percent edge over the house.

How Successful Were They?

Kaplan ran the team like a business, and his first investor offering yielded an $89,000 stake. In his “prospectus” to investors, he expected players to win $170 per hour of play, which would be split equally between the player and investor. After his first 10 week run, players averaged about $165 per hour of play, which worked out to $80 per hour for the players and a return on investment of over 250 percent.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, the team, which at some points numbered 80 players, won millions and millions of dollars for its members and investors, with earnings often exceeding $400,000 on a single Vegas trip.

Where Are They Now?

Of the team members portrayed in the film, Jeff Ma went on to start a number of successful tech startups. Jane Willis studied law, and is a partner at the prestigious Boston firm Ropes & Gray. Mike Aponte won the 2004 Blackjack World Series, and then founded the Blackjack Institute. John Chang is still playing blackjack, although he has to remain heavily disguised in Vegas. Bill Kaplan, the man who started it all, retired from blackjack and founded a successful email marketing company.

Although these players won big with card counting, there are plenty of other ways to increase your earnings at the casino. Do you have a favorite game to win big on? Leave a comment below.

4 Best Casino Movies of All Time

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There’s something charming about Vegas. Perhaps it’s the glitz and glamor magnified by the barren Mojave Desert. Or maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline when a gambler sees “7-7-7” or a 21 at the Blackjack table. Also, if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, that’s bound to attract people looking for a hall pass for a weekend of debauchery. Hollywood has encapsulated the mystique of Vegas with these four films.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Building on an already classic film from the golden era of mid-20th century cinema, the reboot of Ocean’s Eleven is definitely a casino movie for the ages. Featuring a modern-day Rat Pack with the likes of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle, Ocean’s Eleven plays on a fantasy many casino fans have-getting the upper hand on the house. Instead of trying fancy tricks at the card tables, Danny Ocean’s crew takes matters into their own hands and rob the Bellagio for millions. Instant fortune through devious con is what gamblers look for in a casino, right?

Casino Royale (1967)

Just like Vegas, the original Casino Royale is different things to many people. It’s been described as “psychedelic, absurd,” and a postmodern “momentary vision.” The movie might have been polarized among critics, but what else embodies the essence of Vegas more than a group of critics simultaneously praising and decrying a bizarre experience? The film itself is ultimately a zany hybrid of the spy and casino genres, featuring the oddly appropriate placement of Peter Sellers as a baccarat whiz, David Neven as the “real” James Bond, and even Woody Allen in another one of his signature roles. If the casino is an honest extension of human desire, then Casino Royale is a brilliant and satisfying parody.

National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation (1997)

The folks responsible for National Lampoon made some of the most hilarious films in American history, ranking Vegas Vacation among some of the best comedies and casino films of all time. Vegas doesn’t present itself as the most family-friendly destination in America, so when the Griswolds head to Sin City, everything bad that could happen, does. The dad gets turned into a tiger for a Siegfried & Roy show, the daughter runs off to play with a stripper, the mother has a near love affair with Wayne Newton, and the entire family loses every penny-you know, the typical casino experience.

Casino (1995)

Based on the true tale of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal and Tony “The Ant” Spilotro, Martin Scorsese’s Casino is a testament to the destructive nature of human greed exacerbated by a casino environment. Saturated with blood and cursing, the film is a wild ride of intrigue, romance and tax evasion, illustrating how high-level players use gambling as a business. The true story is based off the “Stardust Skim” incident in the mid-1970s, where an organized crime group took millions through rigged scales in casino games.

These four films illustrate the best and worst qualities of the casino lifestyle, and are best watched with cigars and martinis.