Eye-Catching Google Glass Feature in the Works

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A developing feature which has been talked about since 2014 may be coming out in the next

Google Glass release. This feature tracks the movements of the user’s eyes, letting the user

interact with the screen like using a mouse. What does this mean for the gambling world? For the

first time, gamblers will be able to play any sort of gambling game anytime, anywhere, without

lifting a finger.

As vision scientist Michael Dorr explains, the eye-tracking device can tell what the user is

looking at, and even gets a hint as to how the viewer responds to it. For example, the device can

tell whether the user is trying to select something, or if they’re just reading what’s on the screen.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Every gambling game that has ever been put on a

computer can be controlled with this device.

Here’s how it works. The game is opened on the Google Glass screen just like any other

computer game. Let’s say it’s Video Poker. The gambler selects all of the cards they wish to

keep by looking at them and selecting them. The device notices through changes to the gambler’s

retina that the card has been selected, and the card is highlighted on the screen. When the

gambler is done, they select the button to receive a new set of cards, and either is awarded or

loses their chips from the bet. The game goes on until the gambler selects a new game or closes

the program.

Meanwhile, the gambler could be doing laundry, sitting on the bus, or doing just about anything.

This new form of gambling allows players access to their favorite games at any time of day, no

matter where they are or what they are up to. For many, this development could be life-changing.

The problem lies within the price tag. So far, only a handful of interested people have purchased

Google Glass because the price is sitting at $1,500 a pair and so far it doesn’t do much at all. The

face computer in its full glory can make phone calls, play music, and take notes. Google Glass

users have a greater stigma than Bluetooth users at the turn of the century, and most people could

not afford one even if they wanted to.

When eye tracking comes out, gamblers will finally be able to play any sort of gambling game in

the privacy of their own bus stop. Sound enticing? Time to start saving up. Perhaps a jackpot

would do the trick.

What Will Happen to Penny Slots?

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The world is getting smaller, the bills are getting larger, and pennies are not long for this world.

Since their creation only decades ago, penny slots have had a surge in popularity, mostly due to

the seemingly harmless nature of dropping a penny in a machine. Without pennies to drop, the

slot machine industry threatens to be gutted and the slot machine section of the casino converted

into a place to display large chandeliers.

Believe it or not, penny slots have not been around for very long. The first slot machines made in

the 1890’s all took nickels. Even in Victorian times, taking the time to place a penny inside a

gambling machine just sounded like impractical nonsense. The world was shocked when the first

penny slots hit the casino floors and the crowds came rolling in.

The tricky part about penny slots is they aren’t exactly penny slots. The best way to get a good

payoff is to fill every single slot with coins, and that means betting far more than a penny.

Modern penny slots have so many coin slots they look like a post-Armageddon landscape.

Casinos borrow the term, “penny slots” and then do everything in their power to make sure

players bet as much as possible.

In a way, penny slots were on their way out the moment they came in. As tempting as it sounds

to risk just a single harmless penny and spin a jackpot, many players end up betting far more

once they get to the machine. A decent spin from a single penny just doesn’t net enough coins to

seem worth the effort. Ending the use of pennies may take penny slots away, but it wouldn’t do

much to change how betting works in real life.

Even without pennies, there is one place where penny slots may still be safe: the Internet. So

long as everything is electronic, pennies still have a place to be themselves. On Amazon, in a

bank account, and anywhere the Internet touches, one cent is still one cent. $53.28 is still $53.28,

not $53.30. Pennies still have meaning on the web, and that means there will always be a place

for penny slots. It’s even possible to just bet one cent and then pull the imaginary lever.

When the world moves forward, some things go out the window. The highly successful industry

of penny slots may be one of those things, but at least there will always be a place where a player

can drop a penny in a slot and pull a lever. We thank you, Internet.

Customer Service Horror Stories at the Casino

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Customer service is a super fun industry because the customer is always right and the

management always has the worker’s back. Nothing ever goes wrong, especially in a casino

where the customers lose lots of money, have near-infinite access to alcohol, and need someone

to take it out on. Actually, maybe customer service isn’t so glamorous after all.

Out of Order

People don’t become slot machine technicians because they’re good at dealing with people.

Technicians know how to check the history on a slot machine, check the interior for lost bills,

switch the machine on and off, and identify simple problems. Nothing could have prepared this

slot machine technician for what happened.

Glen was pulling a stuck dollar bill out of a slot machine when he was harassed by a customer.

She insisted that the machine ate her $20, so he politely took a look. He looked at the machine,

and saw it was empty. $20 had been inserted, and immediately withdrawn. When he said so, the

customer became irate and demanded to see his supervisor. The supervisor said the same. The

money had been inserted and withdrawn. The customer knew exactly what she was doing.

The customer left in a huff. The supervisor asked around, and found out the customer had tried

the same thing in every section of the casino.

Hungry for Drama

Every week, a casino concession stand receives a particular visitor. She is a big spender at the

casino, a platinum member, which means everyone must walk on thin ice whenever they talk to


Each and every time, she orders the same thing: a burger and fries with no ketchup, mustard,

pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, or onion. She grabs the order from the workers, takes one bite, and

demands to speak to the manager.

The customer insists the order is wrong and demands a new one, then sends it back. The workers

take the order back into the kitchen, throw it in the microwave, and hand it back to her. Then she

thanks the workers for the food and goes on her merry way.

The Fake-Out

Three men walk up to the bouncer at a casino gate, one of them looking a little bit younger than

the rest. The bouncer asks for ID, and the man hands him an ID saying he is 22. “How old are

you?” the bouncer asks. “17,” the man replies. He stops mid-sentence, blushes, takes his ID

back, and goes back to the car.

6 Acts that are Impossible in a Casino, and Easy Online

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casino fun

1. Rain Check

Have you ever been on a roll at a machine but desperately needed a sandwich? Imagine if you

could just leave your tokens sitting on the counter and get a bite to eat. Impossible, right? Not

online. Online casinos provide the freedom to get up in the middle of a game, come back two

days later, and finish it off. How’s that for flexibility?

2. Watch and Learn

Ever want to record yourself playing an intense game and see what went right or wrong? There is

no way a video camera is getting past security, and no one is going to stand idly by while a smart

phone is recording a game, but on a computer, all bets are off. Screencasting programs like Jing

and AviScreen are free for the taking, ready to make a change in your game.

3. Call it a Day

Online, when you run out of money, you run out of money. No matter how fast deposits claim to

be, they still don’t give players access to the money until it completely goes through. The wait is

an excellent time to realize that the chips will still be there another day.

4. Keep it Low

Want to run into your boss at the casino? Probably not. How about your ex? Online, you might

accidentally run into someone you know, but their name will be Nickifan007 and your name will

be bballpro9001. There’s something to be said for anonymity.

5. Find Your Soulmate (Machine)

After night after night wandering the floor looking for a slot machine with the right vibe, you

might just get lucky and find one that really speaks to you. It might make just the right noises

when you win, it might tease you with enticing glimpses at a jackpot, or it might just have

adorable kitten and puppy graphics that make it hard to walk away. The next time you come in,

you’ll probably make a bee-line right to that machine only to find someone else playing at it.

Online, your favorite machine will always be waiting for you.

6. Make Your Own Hours

Do you work nights? Spend peak hours relaxing at home or out with friends? Is the only time

you have to gamble at 5:00 am on weekdays before work? In person, you are out of luck, but the

online casinos are up and couldn’t be livelier.

4 Rare and Beautiful Online Casino Bonuses

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The online gambling world is full of rich and crazy bonuses. There is a bonus for everything

from making a deposit to just signing up. Other bonuses are rare, special, or unique to the online

casino. This is a short list of some of the most unique online casino bonuses and what makes

them tick.

1. Double Up

Most casino bonuses are pretty simple in function. The player creates an account, and gets free

chips. The player deposits money, and gets a percent of the money free. Things get interesting

when one bonus stacks on top of another bonus, and the player gets much, much more than they

signed up for. Some bonuses are meant to stack. On certain days, or with certain combinations of

bonuses, extra poker chips seem to rain from the sky. This is why it’s a good idea to read up on

all of a website’s possible bonuses before making a deposit. See what kinds of combinations you

can pull off.

2. Enter the Raffle

Every now and then, say once a month or on special holidays, online casinos run a raffle or a

lottery. Entering takes different things, like a small $50 deposit or just signing up. The best

lotteries let players put their name in the hat over and over again for a better chance to win. The

prizes can be enormous. Sometimes a lucky player will win as much as $10,000 and entering

didn’t cost them a dime. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the ads on a casino website. It

might seem tedious at first, but the free lotteries are actually a very good deal.

3. Grab a Friend

Have friends who gamble? If you introduce your friend to a website and they use it, there’s

sometimes a bonus in it for you. The most important step is making sure you give your friends

the link that the online casino provides. Otherwise, to the casino, it will just look like a new

player signed up. This bonus is best done by having several friends join around the same time,

and receiving an even larger bonus.

4. Chip in

Sometimes casinos give their players online poker chips as rewards. These might be rewards for

logging in on certain days, making deposits, or playing certain online games. The chips might be

random, or might be certain values for certain actions. Free chips are fun because they are a

chance for anyone to play a $100 or more value chip, even if they’ve never deposited that much


A quick look around will prove it: there is a bonus for everything.

Discover Your Lucky and Unlucky Days (For Gambling)

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When is the best day to take out the $100 betting chips? The secret to choosing the perfect time to

make a bet may lie within fundamental numerology. Using clever math, it is possible to align a

person’s luck with the day that they were born.

Finding Your Number

Long numbers may seem infinite, but the strongest numbers are only a single digit. Every birth

date can be reduced to a single number, and the good luck can be unlocked through the use of

that number. Finding this number is simple but life-changing.

Start with the day of the month that you were born.

Example: 3

This number cannot be reduced any further, meaning the key number is 8.

Example: 15.

1+5=6. This means that the key number is 6.

Example: 29


1+1=2. This means that the key number is 2.

The key number appears as the base number of every date that unlocks your full potential. If

your key number is 2, then the proper times to make a bet are on the 2nd , 12th , and 22nd . If your

key number is 5, the associated dates are the 5th , 15th , and 25th .

Balancing the Impact

The smallest lapse can take away from the potential of every unlocked day. This means that if

you take a significant risk on the 2nd of a month, you must also take the same level of risk on the

12th and 22nd . The risk has a slingshot effect. The more the rubber band is pulled, the farther it

launches. If each pull has equal strength, then the aim becomes sharp. Three strong and equal

pulls is the way to the bull’s eye.

Creating Counterbalance

Each key number has two to four unlocked days, depending on the month. In most cases, there

will be three. Each unlocked day has a counterbalance, or locked day. On these days, luck is no

longer on your side, and it is time to stay home and lay low as much as possible. These days

come exactly seven days after the unlocked days. For example, for the key number 2, the

unlocked days are the 2nd , 12th , and the 22nd , and the locked days are the 9th , 19th , and 29th . The

locked days also reveal another factor: the broken number.

Broken Numbers

Adding 7 to the key number and eliminating the starting number if needed reveals the broken

number. Like 2 is opposed to 9, 6 is opposed to 3 and 0 is opposed to 7. The broken number must

be avoided, especially on unlocked days. Betting on a broken number on an unlocked day is like

stretching out a rubber band before using it on the slingshot. It won’t be helping anyone.

Remember to keep the unlocked days balanced, and take full advantage of them. Beware the

broken numbers, and look out for trends when the winning streaks start.

The Gambling Alphabet, A through M

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There is a game for every letter. Bored of the same old gambling games all the time? Hardly!

Still, just in case, here is a list of the rare with the popular. Gambling just got alphabetical.

Acey Deucey

Named after the cards for one and two, this system is a game of margins. The player draws two

cards, then bets whether the third will fall between the two cards. As players bet wrong, their

bets are added to the pot, and the pot gets bigger and bigger until a single player wins.


This old-fashioned card game is considered elegant and refined not just because players must be

on their best behavior but also because only the very rich can afford the inevitable losses.

Casino War

Two players fight head to head in this easy game, drawing one card each and seeing which is the


Dou Dizhu

This bleak parody of the class system takes three players, one to play the rich landlord and two to

play peasants. The game is easy to learn but has a steep learning curve.


Not only can gamers watch gamers play games, they can also place bets. The current hits are

Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.


All that is needed to play this game is a handful of small objects like coins or beans and

something to draw with. The dealer draws a square and lets the players guess how many beads

will be left if they dump them all out then whisk them away four at a time. Due to the mess and

time involved, fan-tan has all but disappeared.


This Korean game involves both beautiful tiles and rooting through a pile of unwanted tiles in

order to create a winning combination.


In this game, a player rolls two dice, and that is the last uncomplicated thing that happens.


The gameplay for this indie game is simple but unique. Four players sit at a table around a glass-

sized object and flick poker chips at it. The first to hit the idol receives all of the poker chips that

remain on the table.


In a constant stream of betting, a large group of players play one card every turn and try to pick

the highest value. This game would be straight forward if there was only one round, but players

must play every single one of their cards until they run out.


Just like the lottery, a player picks a set of numbers and sees how many numbers they have in

common with the computer. Compared to the actual lottery, the waiting period is blissfully short.

Le Her

Two players fight for dominance using the power of cards. The player must guess whether the

dealer has a higher or lower card, and then switch before the winner is announced.


Unlike traditional marriage, this game is all about creating sets of three or more. Perhaps the

extra cards are meant to be children.

That’s all for now. Next, check out letters N through Z, and all the different games found within.

Digging into Craps Superstitions

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As an energetic game with many highs and lows, and a crowd winning and losing as a

community, craps is surrounded by many unique superstitions. These superstitions do not pop up

at random. Each one is tied into the wants, needs, and worries of the players, and builds a

significant piece of the culture.

If there is one piece of craps culture that everyone needs to know, it’s that everyone picks the

pass line, and no one touches the don’t pass line. When a seven comes up, everyone loses. This is

true to such a degree that even the word, “seven,” is toxic. Just the sound of the word makes the

players shiver. Saying “seven” is a major taboo. Many players have the heartfelt belief that

uttering the number is a jinx, and may even walk away from the table if it is uttered.

Just like certain words seem to jinx a situation, certain situations seem to do the same. A lot of

the dialogue is surrounding the idea of virginity. A male who has never played the game before

setting his chips on the table is said to bring terrible luck. It’s not just the betting choices he

might make, it’s the feeling that comes to the people around the table when they find out

someone might not know what they are doing. Because everyone is betting on the same pair of

dice, dreading the same malevolent seven, a newbie at the table is not something anyone wants to


This jinx has a catch, however. While a man who doesn’t know what he’s doing may not go

well, women with the same level of experience are thought to bring a lot of luck to a craps game.

There are a few different explanations for this. One is that a young woman lifts everyone’s spirits

and the group plays together. It can also be said that women who are new to the game have some

sort of woe over the dice.

Finally, there is one last jinx just for sticklers. When the dice bounce, especially if they bounce

their way off the table, this is called bad luck. From the perspective of some, the bad luck only

lasts for this single throw. For others, the back luck continues to stack up every time a die hits

the floor.

Looking for good luck for your next craps game? Bring along a woman who hasn’t tried it out,

and always tip well.

Favorite Casino Games for Introverts and Extroverts

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When it comes to how we like to spend our free time, we are all wired a little differently. When

it comes to a Friday night, nothing sounds more enjoyable to an extrovert than to get out there,

make some friends, and make some noise. Many introverts, on the other hand, need time to cool

down after a long week, and may find themselves at home enjoying a low-key game of video

poker. Luckily, there is something out there for everyone, especially if you know where to look.

For most introverts, even online casino games can take a bit of a social toll. Many involve a

dealer character, whether through voice-over or an actual dealer facilitating the game on camera.

For someone who prefers quiet and time to think, the presence of a dealer, real or virtual, can

lessen the experience.

The choices bet for an introvert who is cooling off are games that take the dealer completely out

of the picture. Games such as slot machines, keno, and video poker are made for this sort of

experience. Having never involved dealers or inter-player competition, it is safe to say that these

games are as far away from social interaction as it gets.

While these games are perfect for an introvert, an extrovert may find this experience lonely,

especially in an online format played at home. This is why more social, more involved games

have been created for the computer. Many facilitate the same dynamic of competition that is

found at a table inside a casino. Games such as bingo and blackjack frequently involve multiple

players where there is only one winner. Not all games of this type are guaranteed to have real

social interaction, however, so it is important to check for a multiplayer version.

For teamwork, there is no better answer than craps. This game has everyone winning together, so

long as they all picked the same bet. The same can be said for roulette so long as everyone teams

up and bets on the same square. Competitive or cooperative, the social quality of an online

casino game is heightened the most with the rare feature of live video. When the dealer and the

players can all see and talking together, there is no question about it. There is real interaction

going on.

Online gambling offers a full scope of gambling experiences from quiet, thoughtful play to loud

and livid competition. It’s just a question of where to look.

Real-Time Bets Coming to Sports Gambling

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Brand new innovations to camera and streaming technology is creating an all-new layer to sports

betting. The underdeveloped American sports gambling system can expect an upgrade with all

new ways to bet on entirely new aspects of gaming that would not be possible without this new


Using live streaming technology, players will be able to place bets on any and every aspect that

the designers can think of, from the number of times the ball will be dribbled before it reaches

the basket to whether the referee will call a foul. There is great potential for a more social aspect

of betting in which players can see their friends’ custom bets on social media and then choose to

either join in or take the opposing bet. Ideally, bets will be set and then resolved nearly

instantaneously while the game is still in progress, creating a rich and interactive experience for

the players.

To make this dream a reality, sports entertainment companies must first use their live video feeds

to create a streaming service just for gamblers. This sort of perk is already available in the UK,

where about 80% of sports betting is done in real-time. Next, this video stream must be

monitored for betting opportunities, and each bet resolved and rewarded. Likely, big-name

casinos will pick up the trend, and real-time sports betting will be available not only online but

on mobile and inside the casino as well.

With its complex history in gambling law, the United States may expect some delays compared

to more gambling-friendly areas such as the UK. In fact, the United States is estimated by the

CEO of the Sport Integrity Monitor to be five years behind the UK in sports gambling

technology. The problem lies behind the vague and constantly changing laws around sports

betting and other gambling acts that take place outside of a casino. Seeing the law constantly

being in sway, corporations are unwilling to invest in the expensive equipment and streaming

subscriptions necessary to start up real-time sports betting.

It may be a long time coming, but real-time sports betting is on its way to America. Easy access

to sports betting may change the face of how friends watch sports, from the playoffs to the Super

Bowl. Get ready to download a new gambling app that will finally bring players closer to the