Digging into Craps Superstitions

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As an energetic game with many highs and lows, and a crowd winning and losing as a

community, craps is surrounded by many unique superstitions. These superstitions do not pop up

at random. Each one is tied into the wants, needs, and worries of the players, and builds a

significant piece of the culture.

If there is one piece of craps culture that everyone needs to know, it’s that everyone picks the

pass line, and no one touches the don’t pass line. When a seven comes up, everyone loses. This is

true to such a degree that even the word, “seven,” is toxic. Just the sound of the word makes the

players shiver. Saying “seven” is a major taboo. Many players have the heartfelt belief that

uttering the number is a jinx, and may even walk away from the table if it is uttered.

Just like certain words seem to jinx a situation, certain situations seem to do the same. A lot of

the dialogue is surrounding the idea of virginity. A male who has never played the game before

setting his chips on the table is said to bring terrible luck. It’s not just the betting choices he

might make, it’s the feeling that comes to the people around the table when they find out

someone might not know what they are doing. Because everyone is betting on the same pair of

dice, dreading the same malevolent seven, a newbie at the table is not something anyone wants to


This jinx has a catch, however. While a man who doesn’t know what he’s doing may not go

well, women with the same level of experience are thought to bring a lot of luck to a craps game.

There are a few different explanations for this. One is that a young woman lifts everyone’s spirits

and the group plays together. It can also be said that women who are new to the game have some

sort of woe over the dice.

Finally, there is one last jinx just for sticklers. When the dice bounce, especially if they bounce

their way off the table, this is called bad luck. From the perspective of some, the bad luck only

lasts for this single throw. For others, the back luck continues to stack up every time a die hits

the floor.

Looking for good luck for your next craps game? Bring along a woman who hasn’t tried it out,

and always tip well.

The Right Brain Food for Every Gambling Game

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Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do you have what it takes to hunker down and see a gambling night through from beginning to

end? Do you start to lose focus or get sluggish when there are still chips to win? The answer you

are looking for may be in the food you eat.

Casino food can be great. In fact, plenty of 5-star restaurants are built into casino resorts. But

most people can’t exactly afford to go to these restaurants every day. Most of the time, it’s just

beer and fried food, not exactly the recipe for success. There’s nothing wrong with a burger and

fries every now and then, but if you really want to turn your brain on, these are the foods that

will get you through each and every casino game.

Slot Machines

Killing it at the slot machine takes patience. It’s important to make the money last instead of

spending it all at once and making frequent trips to the counter for more betting money. Foods

like chocolate and tea have small doses of caffeine, not as much as coffee or energy drinks, but

enough to reboot your brain when it starts to doze off. Energy drinks will work for some number

of hours, and can cause a crash at the end for some. Juicy, flavorful foods like fruit will help

keep your mind occupied for long periods of time. Go for whole grains instead of sugar in order

to stretch out the amount of time that the energy will be released.


The name of the game is zinc. This vitamin powers higher thinking, enhancing your critical

thinking and improving your memory, two vital things for a mental game of wits like blackjack.

The best source is probably pumpkin seeds, which also happen to be light, portable, and

nonperishable. They make for a great snack break. The vitamin K from broccoli may come in

handy, too.


There are a lot of options for this one, from citrus to tomatoes to bell peppers to greens, all of

which contain the handy vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for a lot of things, but in this case, what

we want it for is quick, on-the- spot thinking. Having your wits about you is the best ally when it

comes to playing this fast-paced group game.

Feel prepared? If your favorite game isn’t on this list, the brain foods listed will still help out

with any other, from roulette to video poker.

The 3 Types of Gambling Games

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casino fun

Every game that ever touched the casino floor can be placed into three distinct categories. The

majority of casino games are vibrant if simplistic games that are random chance to the core, but

those are not the only options out there. Players looking for a challenge can find it within a few

popular games out there. Some take more work than others, meaning there is a game out there

for everyone. What kind of gambler are you? Do you prefer math, skill, or pure chance? Take a

look at the games and recommendations below.

1. All Chance

No matter the details, most gambling games are straight up chance. Keno gives a variety of

number choices, but the numbers that win are totally random. Roulette lets the players pick

different numbers or even groups of numbers, but the one that comes up is random every time.

Slot machines let player bet more or less coins or tokens, but there is no predicting what the

spinners will land on. Chances are that if cards are not involved, the game is up to the odds.

2. Mostly Chance

Some games still have a backbone of random chance while requiring a little more thought. Craps

comes to mind as a somewhat more complex game. The most popular betting choice is the Pass

Line, but the Don’t Pass Bar actually stands a better chance of winning. It takes guts to pick

Don’t Pass when surrounded by saying “pass,” making this game a little bit more than just

chance. Of course, the drama and the hassle can also be avoided by playing online. Other games

like baccarat have an opportunity for math and planning, but are usually played casually.

3. Mostly Skill

A few rare gambling games out there call on the need for calculation. Blackjack is the first and

foremost among them. The most successful blackjack players have learned the game inside and

out, know how to keep track of cards, and also have insight about what the other players might

be holding. Reading the other players is also a significant part of poker. Success at poker requires

figuring out the quality of each player’s hand, getting others to fold, and keeping secrets from

other players. The success of the two games, blackjack and poker, arises from their unique


Just like there is a lifestyle to fit every person, there is also a type of casino game and a casino to play at. For some,

letting go and surrendering to chance is the ideal option. For others, a little intrigue is required.

Everyone is unique, and so are the games people wish to play.

Beginners: A Curse, or Good Luck for All?

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The casino can sometimes be a hostile place for beginners. When a group of craps players

catches wind that one of the players is new, some of the players may become upset or agitated.

After all, beginner’s luck isn’t always good luck. In certain circumstances, luck appears to turn

on players who should be experiencing tons of good luck, and it can be difficult to draw the line.

When beginners have good luck and when luck is nowhere in sight is up for debate. According to

common lore, certain actions seem to come more easily to beginning players, like rolling a set of

dice for the perfect result or knocking down all the pins in a bowling game. Other acts don’t have

the same beginner’s luck flare, whether they require specialized skills and expertise or simply

involve a close-knit group that doesn’t see many newcomers. There is much at play, but little

hints can be seen in the background as to what is really going on.

Here are a few examples of how beginner’s luck plays out inside the casino.


Women have beginner’s luck, but men new to the game bring a curse with them. Male beginners

are more likely to roll 7s and female beginners are more likely to roll the point. These odds are

believed to be true whether the new player is shooting or not.


Beginners are thought to have very good luck, but may not know how to use it. For example, a

starting player may not know when to split, and may either be too hesitant or too reckless to

make the right calls, but good cards always seem to flow into the hands of these players. With

the right preparation, these two sides of the coin might just sort themselves out.


As a game that is all about luck, of course the verdict on slots says that good luck comes to new

players. For believers in a thing called luck, this game may be a very good thing to look into.

The invisible hand of luck is a mysterious and sometimes fickle ally. Wield it well, and the

promise of success grows much stronger. Just bear in mind that good luck for one person may

not pan out as good luck for another, and the reasoning may sometimes be difficult to grasp. All

that’s left to be said is, good luck!


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5 Activities which are Taboo at the Casino but A-OK at Home

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Looking for a reason to stay home to get your gambling fix? How about five? There are tons of

reasons why online casinos are better than gambling in person, but we won’t even touch on the

bonuses, the discretion, or any of those other compelling reasons to stay home. Instead, this is

just about what people can and can’t do at a real-life casino, and how much more freeing it is to

play at home.

1. Drinking the Bottle Clear

Even at the friendliest casinos, the staff has this odd habit of cutting people off when they’ve had

too much to drink. The drinks may be free, but once your face turns red and you start staggering

from table to table, the drinks disappear. Be loud enough and you may even find yourself sent

home early. Where is the fun in that? At home, you decide when you are done and when you are


2. Pulling an All-Nighter

No matter how well-behaved you are, no matter how much you tip, eventually the dealer will ask

you to go home for the night. This is because casinos have a habit of “closing,” or turning off all

the machines and locking the doors for several hours so the employees can sleep. Online casinos

don’t do this. You can gamble on your lunch break. You can gamble in the middle of the night.

You can gamble right now.

3. Hogging the Dealer

At the casino, you are either waiting for another player to set up their chips or trying to pick your

placements while everyone else stares. Online gambling happens at your pace. You click on the

“deal” button when you’re ready, not when the rest of the players start tapping their fingers.

4. Filming it

Have you ever whipped out a camera and started recording everyone around the table? People

tend to get nervous, or think you’re cheating. Online, however, a live stream is totally OK and

could even form a group of followers.

5. Swearing at the top of your lungs

When you set down all your chips on a single bet and then lose, it is time to yell. When you take

a risk and miraculously win, your arms are going up in the air and someone is going to get

punched. If you like to celebrate when you win and let it out when you lose, your antics may be

better off taking place at home.

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3 Gambling Games Where the House Edge can be Defeated

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Believe it or not, despite what everyone says, there are real ways of overcoming the house edge.

It is just a matter of choosing the right game. These are not the typical games that can be found

in the casino, and for good reason. After all, casinos prefer when they can hold a profit. These

games might take a little looking around for, but once that step is over with, it is only a matter of

honing the technique.

1. The Cup Game

A seemingly simple game that used to be common at street fairs, the cup game relies of on the

belief that the body can move faster than the eyes can see. A vendor has three cups and a ball.

They hide the ball under one of the cups then switch the cups around and around, then have the

player guess where the ball ended up. To the naked eye, the cups moving around looks like a

blur, but the technique can be perfected. Additionally, the vendor may use sleight of hand to let

the ball slip between two cups, or between the cup and their own hand. It is best to avoid vendors

capable of this, but even tricks like that can be picked up on and worked around, so long as there

is still a ball under one of the cups when it is time to guess. In other words, so long as the vendor

isn’t outright cheating, this game can be mastered and the house edge overcome.

2. Weight Loss Competitions

This type of gambling game is substantially easier to win, but it may not be viable for everyone.

Looking for a sense of competition to motivate them, numerous individuals and later companies

had the idea to create weight-loss challenges. Numerous people place their bets with the goal of

losing a certain number of pounds, or the most pounds. Then the winners go home with cash and

the losers lose only what they bet. With the right motivation and circumstances, it is possible to

go into these competitions with almost complete certainty of winning. It is a good idea to seek

out competitions that require a certain amount of pounds lost and have multiple winners for the

greatest chance of victory.

3. Making Bets

Everyone has their own skills, and each of these skills can be improved. When you make a bet of

your own, you set the terms of the game. Someone may bet on who can do the most push-ups,

who can hold their breath the longest, or anything else under the sun. It is just a matter of getting

someone else to agree to the bet and then winning.

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A Good Luck Charm for Every Casino Game

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Nothing is one size fits all, and that goes for personal tokens as much as it goes for shirts. The

difference is that it’s obvious when a shirt doesn’t fit but a good luck token will seem perfectly

fine without proper inspection. Are you getting the most out of your good luck token? This guide

will help you fit the good luck charm to the game rather than vice versa.

1. Keno

This game is the perfect example of a game of luck. Unlike slot machines which allow flexibility

in the amount bet and the amount of lines open, keno truly leaves the player at the mercy of the

numbers. If you already know which numbers you will be betting, consider a charm that can be

written on, such as a golden scrap of paper rolled into a scroll and tied together with a red bow.

Find a way to carry the numbers with you. If you are not betting particular numbers, bring a

representation of your numbers. For a set of high numbers, bring a tin or miniature bag full of

pebbles or fine-grained sand. For a set of low numbers, bring an old comb.


2. Blackjack

To win at blackjack, you must not only draw a sharp hand but have a sharper hand than those

around you. This is true even in online blackjack in which the hands of the other players, no

matter how far away, can still deplete the value of your own. A token in the form of a bracelet

will keep the vibes close to your hands and also close to the cards.

3. Craps

In a game of shooting dice, the two tiny cubes are both your best friend and your worst enemy.

The right color may drive out the right relationship with the dice. When choosing a color, think

about how you, yourself interact with others when you are trying to win. Is your dynamic more

red and fiery, or blue and soothing? Does it work? Find the color that draws out your own

personal strategy.

4. Roulette

The most important part of roulette is not how fast or slow the wheel spins but when it begins to

slow down, and at what point it finally comes to a halt. The image of a spiral is a powerful one, a

concept invoking the notion of a wheel spinning until it finally reaches just the right place: the

center. Look for spirals in your home and in the places you go regularly, and see if you can find

or create the perfect charm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to address every possible gambling game, but hopefully this will

provide a guide to think about other possibilities around other casino games. There is always a

way to further customize a lucky charm for the right vibe and the most fitting significance.


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The 4 Types of Casinos and What to Play There

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Dive Casino

The enormous casinos that everyone has heard about attract tourists from all over, but there are

other, cozier places nearby. These smaller locations are quieter and more low-key, and usually

bring in the same group of locals on a regular basis. There are many perks to visiting a dive

location, but there are also pitfalls.

Do: Play what the others are playing.

If you are looking for fun, trust the locals. They know the best games.

Don’t: Play competitive table games.

Many of the people at a dive casino see each other regularly, and may even be friends. Chances

are high that when a newcomer walks in, the locals will gang up on the new player.

Rugged Old Casinos

Not all casinos are in prime condition. Things happen sometimes, and a once-was casino sinks

under the water. These unkempt casinos may be falling apart, but they still have uses for clever


Do: Play roulette.

Watch the wheel carefully to see if it favors any particular numbers, or if it is more likely to pick

a certain side of the board. Roulette wheels in places such as this are the most likely to provide a

distinct player advantage.

Don’t: Play on the gambling machines.

There is a small chance that run-down gambling machines will not work right. They might not

pay out for a win, they might crash, or they might do any number of other things. These errors

may be beneficial, but if the machine does something to your deficit instead, there is no way you

will get a refund.

Online Casino

These casinos take place on the computer or on the phone. The advantage is they can be played

anytime and anywhere, but the disadvantage is they can be played anytime and anywhere. For example, we recommend Slots of Vegas for first time players.

Do: Play for bonuses.

Sometimes bonuses are unleashed for playing specific games on specific days. Go for it.

Don’t: Play the slots.

Unless you know for sure that a specific online slot machine is fair, find something else to play.

Some online slot machines have a respectable house advantage, but others are through the roof.

Big, Fancy Casino

When at a large, commercial casino like the giants in Las Vegas and Macau, the rules change.

Some things make perfect sense to do, even if they would not make sense in other places.

Do: Play high-roller games.

If you can afford it, being a high roller is amazing. High rollers receive real special treatment

including coupons and free stuff. It’s not even necessary to bet large amounts so long as you can

make it look like you are doing so.

Don’t: Do Nothing

At large casinos, the machines are working (or properly marked as out of order). The

competition is fierce but not targeted at anyone in particular, and the slot machines are as fair as

they are anywhere else. Nothing is closed off here.

What Makes Macau the Top Gambling City in the World

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Anyone who has ever set foot in Macau knows that the gambling scene is expansive. The

Chinese city features 5 of the world’s 10 largest casinos, and more money comes into and out of

the city than Las Vegas can ever dream of. Macau is living the dream, and the pull of the casinos

is enough to drive all kinds of nightlife together. The gambler’s paradise is home to world-

famous clubs, from the 2,800 square meter Club Cubic to the infamous China Rouge.

What has made Macau so ridiculously successful? How can a casino empire sprout out of a

country that pronounces all gambling illegal, and does not house a single legal casino in the

mainland? Brace yourself for a surprise answer.

Here is the truth: The city of Macau has its very own laws. There is hardly a single thing in

common between China’s Communist government and Macau’s own government system. How

did this happen? For the past 130 years, Macau has been under the control of Portugal. The busy

port town has been bringing its profits to Portugal for even longer, being rented out to the

European country since 1557. Eventually, the Portuguese government grew tired of paying China

money, and renegotiated the terms. Whether these terms involved threats of war or not is a bit of

a mystery, but China handed over the city in exchange for nothing but cooperation.


Even before Portugal claimed Macau for their own, they were able to legalize gambling in their

tiny section of the gigantic country. In 1847, gambling was legalized just in Macau. Free from

restrictive laws that might cut into the fun, Macau’s success exploded. In 2007, Macau finally

surpassed Las Vegas in revenue, and it is now the most successful gambling locale in the world.

In the late 90s, China let the world know that it wasn’t too happy about Portugal sitting on its turf

making a profit. Under pressure, Portugal returned Macau to China in 1999, but held onto its

governmental structure. At least until 2049, 50 years after Portugal gave up its precious Chinese

port city, Macau will be filled to the brim with more casinos than a visitor can ever hope to


There is no place quite like Macau. Each towering casino is packed with eager players from all

around the world, ready to be bamboozled. Even if, in the end, we have imperialism to thank, at

least the countless profits are in the right hands now.

3 Casino Games that are a Thousand Times Better Online

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It may be fun to play casino games in person, but sometimes the gameplay is more rewarding,

more straight-forward, and less tedious from the comfort of a mobile phone or a desktop

computer. For players new to online play, these choices are worth checking out.

1. Craps

Believe it or not, many craps players have an entirely different play style when playing online.

When playing with others, there is an awful stigma around betting on “don’t pass.” This kind of

bet is seen as hedging bets against the team, celebrating while the other players are mourning,

and otherwise stirring up trouble. What many players do not want to recognize is that “don’t

pass” actually stands a better chance of winning. When playing at the casino, players have two

choices: make the inferior bet and make friends or make the superior bet and make enemies.

When playing online, the social stigma disappears. Players are finally free to grasp the best odds

of winning and see where it goes.

2. Slots

It can be hard to keep going when the dials are not cooperating. Playing a slot machine online

means that players can play until they get frustrated, then walk away to do something else. When

the mood strikes once again, the game is right there waiting. This sort of play style is impossible

to pull off at a land-based casino. When a player at the casino is frustrated, the only options are

to keep playing or to go home. This does not make for a good night.

3. Baccarat

There are some casino games out there that follow a simple model, and players rarely change up

what they are doing. Baccarat is one such game. Most players who know their stuff set their

chips down, bet on banker, lather, rinse, repeat. This playing style can start to feel tedious. Some

players may even worry about the dealer and how dull the process must be for them. When

playing online, there is no need to worry about the dealer because the dealer is just a part of a

computer program.

Some games simply work better online. The player has the freedom to place the best bets, there

is no tedious upkeep to speak of, and best of all, the player can start and stop playing whenever

and wherever. When it comes to casino games, online is the best choice.


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