Online Casino Cashbacks

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If you’re an online casino player, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about online casino cashback programs. Nearly every casino, both brick and mortar and online, offer their players some type of cashback program.
Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about online casino cashbacks and determine if you’re playing at the right casino.

What is a cashback?
In short, think of it as a rebate from the casino to you.
Casinos will offer bonuses to encourage you to keep playing, make a larger deposit, or to simply reward you for your loyalty.

What types of cashbacks exist?
These are the three most common cashback bonuses:
Welcome Bonus
When a player first signs up at a new online casino, the casino will offer a cash matching bonus on the first deposit
Deposit/Reload/Re-Up Bonus
When a player makes a deposit, the casino may offer a percentage based cash bonus to increase the total deposit
Cash back Losses
The least common of the three, this cashback offer occurs when casinos give you back some of the money you just lost through a cash back. Often times you will see a casino offers 20% back on losses for the week, up to a maximum of $100-200.

How often do casinos offer a cashback?
Most online casinos offer their players some type of cashback on a regular basis. Some casinos will have certain weeks where they offer bonuses for the entire duration, whereas some casinos offer exclusively on a monthly basis. While infrequent, some casinos may require you wager a certain amount of the bonus before being able to withdraw.
Each online casino is different so make sure you read the Terms & Conditions for each one to make sure you understand how their cashback policies work.

Is this a good way for me to make money?
Yes and no. Depending on how much you wager and how often you play, cashback rewards can be a nice added bonus. If you don’t intend to wager quite a bit and the casino has restrictions about withdrawals, cashbacks may not be as lucrative as they seem.

What’s the best part about a cashback program?
The cool thing about a cashback is that the amount you earn is in direct correlation to the amount of money you lost during your previous playing session. In other words, it’s the best way to redeem some of the money from your most recent loss. You will be paid out in cash to your player account and the money can be used right away.
The direct cash aspect of the cashback is what makes it one of the best and most popular perks that online casinos offer.

Everything you need to know about Online Casino Tournaments

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Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Nothing is more exciting than participating in a tournament. It doesn’t matter what kind of tournament – Poker, March Madness, Mortal Kombat – if there’s a tournament happening, it’s guaranteed to have intrigue, excitement, and more times than not, a lot of money for the winner.

In the world of online casinos, tournaments are a great way to lure in players from all over the world and have them compete against each other. Most casinos offer a wide variety of tournaments, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, free roll, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best casinos to play tournaments at so you can showcase your dominance and do what everyone wants to do – take home a lot of money!

Silver Oak Casino

Whether you’re looking for a scheduled or a sit n go tournament, roulette or blackjack, high roller or standard buy-in, Silver Oak has you covered. What makes them even better is that given the extensive bonuses and promotions that are offered to its players, you’ll almost always have enough stored up in the account to enter any one of their many tournaments.

Mainly played by U.S. players, this casino will give you the chance to compete against some of the best gamblers in the country.

Cool Cat Casino

Play against players from all over the world in either a variety of tournaments. You pick the kind of game you like, you pick the time, you pick the buy-in, and you’re ready to rock. It’s just that easy!

While there are offers on a whole range of tournaments, including blackjack and roulette, they’ve become known for their slot tournaments. When it comes to convenience and competition, it doesn’t get much better than Cool Cat.


Scheduled Tournament: A tournament with a set date and time

Sit n Go Tournament: A tournament setup where you sit down at a table and the tournament begins once the table is full (namely used in poker).

Free Roll Tournament: No entry fee tournament where you still have the chance to win big prizes. Often attract a large number of players.

Slots Tournament: A scheduled tournament where all players have the same amount of credit and whichever player has the most amount of money at the end wins the grand prize.

Guaranteed Tournament: Enter and no matter how you do, you’re guaranteed to win something! Not a bad deal, right? These tournaments are often used to lure in players to the casino.

4 Reasons Online Gambling is Way More Fun

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If you’re a fan of the rush you get from gambling but don’t have easy access to a casino, then online gambling is perfect for you. There are a lot of benefits from gambling online that you can’t get from a standard casino. Here are a few reasons why gambling online is way more fun.

More Games to Choose From

In a literal casino, you’re limited to whatever games they have available and that selection can be limited due to space. You’re also at the mercy of the crowds. If you want to get to a specific machine or table and it’s being occupied, you have no choice but to wait. When you play online, you can pick any game, any time and that freedom is exhilarating.

Slot machine fans will also love the wide variety of slot machines available online. You can choose from the older three or five-reel machines, or go for a more updated experience with the video versions.

Convenience is Important

One of the biggest perks of gambling from home is the comfort and convenience of it. You can hop on for a quick game anytime you want, day or night. Thanks to laptops and mobile devices, you can also enjoy your favorite games from anywhere. If you have a few minutes to kill while standing in line or sitting in the coffee shop, you can access your favorite games quickly and easily from your mobile device.

There’s also no time requirement for playing online. If you want to play for a few minutes or a few hours, it’s up to you. You can play passively while watching TV, or sit down for an intense game.

You Can Play For Free

Another great reason to play online is the ability to play for free. If you’re new to gambling and not ready to invest any money into a certain game, you can play a free version online. Once you feel comfortable with your ability, then you can start to wager money.

Brick-and-mortar casinos don’t give you this luxury, you always have to pay something in order to play. Playing without the risk of losing anything can be really gratifying, especially if you’re a casual player.

Gambling Across the Globe

Online gambling gives you access to a wide community of gambling enthusiasts from across the globe. You can pop in for a game of poker and be playing with people from Italy, Spain, and China all at the same time. It’s a great way to expand your horizons and meet new people.

Some games even have the option to set up a private room so you can connect with friends and family who may be living far away. This is a great way to keep in touch and share something you all enjoy.

Gambling doesn’t have to be done in a smoky and crowded casino, you can relax and enjoy your experience at your leisure when you play online. What are some of your favorite games to play online?

5 of the Biggest Jackpot Winnings in Casino History

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It is true that not all players win, but it is equally true that players can win — and win big. These players are here to prove it. From penny slot machines to mobile gaming apps, these players definitely took home the bacon.

1. Largest Jackpot in Vegas History

Who was the biggest winner ever in Sin City? That honor belongs to a former software engineer from Los Angeles. The 25-year-old was playing a Megabucks machine in the Excalibur on the Vegas Strip on March 21, 2003. He put just $100 in the machine, which soon rewarded him aith a $39.7 million return on his investment. Becoming the largest winner ever at a Las Vegas jackpot, he beat the odds of 16.7 million to one when the machine hit.

2. Largest Win for Mobile Online Gamer

Okay, so players can win in the big casinos on the Strip in Vegas, but what about those online gamers playing on mobile devices? A 50-year-old man who remains unidentified took the top mobile prize of $1.4 million, breaking the world record for the most money won from playing on a mobile device. He was using his cell phone. The previous record was set just one month before this hit, and was worth $866,000.

3. Largest Hit on Penny Slots

A 66-year-old man from Nevada became the largest ever jackpot winner on penny slot machines when he hit a jackpot worth $18,799,414. He was playing the Penny Megabucks machine at the Pahrump Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, and played the machine on a whim. Normally a fan of the video poker games, he put in $100 and played his way down to $44 when the jackpot hit. He planned to use his winnings to treat his wife to a trip to Australia.

4. First Time Megabucks Machine Surpassed $20 million Jackpot

A $300 investment turned into a $27.5 million payout on November 15, 1998 for a 67-year-old retired flight attendant from Las Vegas. Putting $300 into the machine by accident instead of the intended wager of just $100, the winner became the first jackpot recipient of a Megabucks machine worth more than $20 million. The winner had previously won $680,000 from another machine, called the Wheel of Fortune. Both wins occurred at Palace Station in Las Vegas.

5. The Win That Spawned a Legend

When Vegas cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan put her money into the Megabucks machine at the Desert Inn, the 37-year-old won $34.9 million. But just six weeks after her January 26, 2000 jackpot hit, she and her sister were in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Her sister died, and Cynthia was left paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, sparking the urban legend that all jackpot winners will have bad luck. This myth continues to circulate in Vegas and other popular gambling hotspots today, though no correlation between severe accidents and jackpot winners exists.

These winners know that there really is one criteria for hitting it big — you have to play.

4 Most Lavish, Luxurious Casino Resorts in the Entire World

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Looking for where the rich and famous are spending their time? When you have money and want to be pampered while having a great time, there are places that are ready to provide you with what you’re searching for. Check out some of these amazingly lavish casino resorts.

1. Monte Carlo

On the French Rivera, in the small country of Monaco is the crown gem of luxurious casino resorts, the Monte Carlo. Not only has its belle époque architecture been featured in James Bond Movies and inspired several novels, but it has also been graced by some of the wealthiest people of the last century.

It has 21 gaming rooms and some of the newest, most innovative slot machines available. Not bad for one of the oldest casinos in the world. It’s exclusive, lavish, and even has a dress code – after 8:00 p.m. you must wear a jacket. Hop in your Lamborghini if you want to blend in; Grace Kelly and Cary Grant are holding a table for you.

2. The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao in China is the largest (and possibly most luxurious) casino in the world. It is divided into four sections: the Imperial House, Red Dragon, Phoenix, and Golden Fish. Inside are more than 800 gambling tables and over 3,000 slot machines. Its Venetian-based architectural designs give many of the posh resorts in Las Vegas a run for their money. It also boasts a sports event hall and a million square feet in total floor space. Although it cost $2.4 billion to build, this place is the embodiment of luxury.

3. The Atlantis

What better place to build a lavish casino than in the Bahamas on Paradise Island? The Atlantis offers what you would expect from such an opulent resort. Table games like black jack and poker, baccarat and even craps are available, along with a large range of slot machines and more than 750 games that can be played with a penny or $100. But the best part, of course, is the beautiful outdoors. Stop by the Cain at the Cove and Seaglass where you can place your wagers in the glorious tropical outdoors.

4. The Bellagio

Built in the same spot as the Dunes Hotel and Casino, the Bellagio in Las Vegas has captured the heart of everyone who has decided to visit it. Not only has the Bellagio been featured in the remake of Ocean’s 11 with George Clooney, it has become famous for other reasons as well, like the artificial lake and its huge fountain. Its famous, long running Cirque Du Soleil show has also added to its considerable charm and appeal. Its size is quite impressive; with almost 4,000 rooms, the Bellagio is the most sumptuous location on Las Vegas Boulevard.

You may not be rich and famous yourself, but if you get a chance to visit any one of these gorgeous resorts, you just might find yourself in their company. Play the odds and bet on yourself at these destinations.

Personality Types and Casino Games: What’s Your Bet?

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Do you dabble in online casino games only to give up after a day or two because you haven’t won big? Do you love the thrill of a game of chance, but beat yourself up when your luck runs out? Don’t despair—chances are, you’re playing the wrong game. Certain personalities are better suited to certain casino games. Are you playing the game that suits your personality type?


You get Cinderella, and you can see yourself in a rags-to-riches story. Why not? You work hard, follow the rules, and smile in the face of adversity. You’re a generous, giving person, and occasionally forget to take care of yourself.  There’s nothing wrong trying your luck now and then. Progressive slots change lives: Where else can $1 turn into $1 million by a twist of fate?


You’re sleek and sophisticated in your tux or slinky black dress, and you take Vegas by storm when you’re out on the town. You’re in touch with your inner James Bond, and appreciate the difference between a gin martini and the vodka imposter. Baccarat, the classy casino game, is made for you: You have confidence in abundance to take on the banker, and why not? You like your odds.


You’ve got the stamina of a prizefighter, and you’re willing to go the distance, round after round. Of course, it never hurts to have a little luck, and in that way, you’re a natural—you’ve found your share of four-leaf clovers. Your laser-like focus and determination make you a natural for riding the waves at the Craps table. Go ahead, take your best shot.


Your friends call you hyper, and it’s true—you’re easily bored and like new challenges. You’re never one to dwell on the past because you’re always focused on the next great thing. You’re the first to buy the newest technology or gadget. Fast-paced Blackjack is the game for you: Every new hand feeds your need for excitement.


There’s a little Machiavelli in you—you like to use your impressive intellect and charm to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. Whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold just beat you to the punch line; you never forget a slight, and once crossed, you’re formidable. Your devious mind is well matched with Roulette, where luck and strategy reign in equal measure.


There’s nothing wrong with a little caution, and you’re not one to keep all your eggs in one basket. You love bargain hunting, and your favorite thing is a buy-one-get-one-free sale. You like familiar things, and sometimes you can be a homebody. But there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, that makes you a perfect fit for Keno. Why risk it all on one number when you can choose five or 15?

If you haven’t been winning as much as you should, chances are you’re playing the wrong game! Try your hand at the game that best suits your personality, and watch Lady Luck walk your way.

Know Your Online Gambling Etiquette

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Casino play is normally cordial, partly because players are face to face and partly because casinos have no qualms about tossing out rude, obnoxious, or hateful players out the door. However, playing online doesn’t excuse bad behavior. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these basic etiquette tips, and you’ll be welcome in any online casino or game.

1. Know How to Play the Game

The other players aren’t tutors, instead they are there to have fun. Before you play an online game, take time to learn the basic rules. Use the demo games available on most websites to see how online play differs from what normally goes on at your grandpa’s kitchen table. In addition, it’s a good idea to master a few strategies so you’ll have a better chance of winning, thereby a worse chance of losing your cool.

2. Check the Site Guidelines on Conduct

Most online gambling sites are reputable businesses with guidelines for proper conduct. It only takes a few minutes to read the code of conduct at the site where you plan to play, and knowing these rules can keep you from being ejected or banned by inadvertently breaking the rules. It also gives you important cues about the personality of the site, and what is or isn’t tolerated.

3. Be a Graceful Winner and Loser

Players who gloat or boast after wins, or worse, have temper tantrums after loses make it miserable for everyone playing. Don’t be that guy or girl. Accept your wins with grace and gratitude, and take your loses in stride. It’s true: you can’t win them all. Sticking within your budget helps keep your temper in check. Players who blow up after a loss are often those who couldn’t afford the loss.

4. Avoid Excessive Alcohol

There is nothing wrong with casually sipping a drink while you play, especially if you do so to relax, unwind, and have a good time. But players who drink to excess often end up saying or doing inappropriate things, or betting too much money. This is especially true with strategy games. Drinking too much while gambling isn’t a smart idea.

5. Use Common Social Manners

Beyond “please,” “thank you,” and “way to go,” some social niceties that are truly important in online gaming. These games are open equally to men and women, people of different races, and people with different religious views. There is no room in online casinos for people who make others feel uncomfortable or insult them about their sex, race, religion, politics, or background. Every player should feel equally welcome and respected at the online casinos.

6. Don’t Even Think About Cheating

Some players think they can get by with cheating the casino, especially when it comes to cashing in on bonuses. Even if players get by with it for a while, they will eventually get caught. Not only will you be banned from that online casino, the owners and operators are likely to spread the word to other online gaming sites, and you could be banned there too. If you enjoy playing, play fairly.

Respecting the dealer and other players, taking time to learn your game, and refusing to cheat goes a long way in achieving your invitation to online gaming casinos everywhere.

5 Tips for First Time Gamblers

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If you haven’t gambled before, then you have a lot to learn. Remember that gambling for entertainment. It’s not a way to pay the bills. It’s a way to have fun. Keep that in mind and follow these tips to have a great night.

Tip #1: Learn the Rules Before You Play

Whether you want to play poker, craps, blackjack, or any other game, you need to understand the rules before you try to play. If you don’t know the basic rules, you can’t win. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing and you bumble around, you’ll most likely annoy the other players.

Experts have written plenty of books about each casino game. You can also find tutorials online. Use those resources so you look competent enough to join the game.

Tip #2: Observe Players

Game etiquette isn’t always outlined in books and tutorials. You’ll pick up these unspoken rules by watching other people play.

These rules can vary from casino to casino. In some casinos, the dealer does not want you to touch chips between rounds of betting. Other casinos don’t mind. Always take time to watch a few games so you don’t commit an embarrassing faux-pas.

Tip #3: Start With Small Bets

As a beginner, you probably won’t win much money, especially if you play card games against people with more experience. That’s okay. Treat it as a learning experience. As long as you make small bets and pay close attention, you’ll learn valuable techniques from other players.

That’s an inexpensive way to get an education that could benefit you in the future.

Tip #4: Establish a Bankroll

Beginning gamblers often treat the experience casually. They don’t set rules for themselves because they don’t know how quickly a fun night can turn bad. They just pull more money out of their wallets until they’ve run out.

Don’t do that. Enter the game knowing that you have a set amount of money that you can lose. Once you reach that amount, leave the game.

You should also have a set amount to win. Once you reach this amount, get out of the game.

Use what you have at the end of the night as your bankroll. Set it aside from the rest of your finances. It’s just fun money that you use when you play. That bankroll will ensure that you make smart financial choices while gambling.

Tip #5: Be Realistic

Unless you’re a math genius with a perfect memory, you aren’t going to blow anyone’s mind during your first game. You might catch some lucky breaks, but you don’t have the skills that you need to challenge anyone with more experience.

You are a beginner. That’s your mantra. Repeat it to yourself often so you won’t let your expectations run wild. It’s easy for a beginner to think he’s someone special during a streak of good luck, but luck comes and goes. You can have all of it one second and none of it the next.

What tips would you give a beginning gambler? Would you suggest certain games?

6 Casino Games With the Worst Odds

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Most casino games are all about odds. While some games’ odds are in your favor, others have poor odds for players. The exceptions are games of skill, such as blackjack. A skilled player can erase the house’s advantage, and even tip the odds in their own favor. Games with the best odds are the table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette. However, players have better odds at single-zero roulette than double-zero, simply because there are more slots with which players can lose. Here are the games with the worst odds for players.

1. Keno

Keno is fun and exciting, but carries poor odds for players. The house takes an average of 25 percent on keno games, meaning if you come with $100 to gamble and play for the average length of time, you’ll leave with just $75. Ask how many numbers you are allowed to play on the particular keno game you’re playing, because picking more numbers can increase your chances.

2. Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the most popular games at casinos, partly because there isn’t any card counting or other skills to master. However, the house has a winning percentage of four to ten percent. This means that if you walk up to a slot machine with $100 and play for the normal amount of time, you’ll likely lose between $4 and $10. You can slightly increase your odds at slots by placing higher bets, such as 50 cents instead of 1 cent at the penny slots.

3. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a type of slot machine popular at casinos, partly because it’s a low bet machine. For 25 to 75 cents, players can enjoy the game for hours without spending much money. Unfortunately, the house advantage here is about 10 percent. As with slot machines, playing higher bet amounts can improve your chances of hitting the jackpot.

5. Roulette (Double Zero)

The double-zero roulette wheel has just one more slot than the single-zero roulette wheel, but this extra number makes it statistically harder to win. The double-zero roulette wheel gives the house an advantage of 5.26 percent, compared to the low 2.7 percent advantage the house holds on the single-zero wheel. You can up your chances of winning on roulette by betting on outside chances like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Columns or Dozens.

6. Sports Bets

Sports bets do take a bit of knowledge and skill, but there are so many variables (player injuries, fluke scores, weather conditions) that it’s hard for players to come out on top consistently. Plus, the odds are already tipped toward the favored winner. The house holds a 4.5 percent advantage here. However, more knowledgable players can find games where the underdog has a little-known advantage over the projected winner, improving the player’s odds considerably.

Remember, bad odds don’t mean that players never win, nor that you have to stop playing the games you find fun. Be aware of how much you’re betting, and swap to games with more favorable odds if your point is to win big.

How to Calculate Your Odds (and then Brazenly Defy Them)

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Whether you’re playing the lottery or playing roulette, it’s important to understand your odds. When you can calculate what you’re up against, you can plan properly and improve your chances of going home a winner.

Understanding the Odds

Odds are used frequently in gaming when you’re determining the likelihood of a given outcome. If there are three possible outcomes, the odds of any one occurring are typically 1 in 3. However, this gets more complex as you begin to consider other factors.

For example, if a game has six possible outcomes but two of them are winning and four are losing, your odds are 2 to 4. As with all fractions, you would simplify this to 1 to 2. Ideally, these two numbers will be as close to each other as possible. Odds of 1 in 2 are obviously far superior to 1 in 10.

Putting it into Gaming Terms

Figuring your odds in any casino game is tricky. You have many different outcomes to consider and multiple ways of getting there. Fortunately, the odds for most popular casino games are widely published so you can look them up quickly and see what you’re up against.

These odds are typically represented in a percentage called the house edge. The lower the house edge, the better your chances of winning. For example, blackjack has a house edge of just 0.28 percent, making it one of the best games you can play. Keno has a house edge of 25 to 29 percent, making it harder to win.

Tipping the Odds in Your Favor

If you’re looking to increase your odds of winning (and who isn’t), there are several things you can do to subtly tip the odds in your favor. Don’t worry, these tactics won’t result in broken legs or get you kicked out of a casino.

The single smartest thing you can do to improve your odds of winning is understand the game. This applies to any game of chance that you may encounter, even those that don’t require much skill. If you’re buying a lottery ticket and you want to know your odds of winning, consider how many others are purchasing tickets. If you’re one of a million, your odds of winning are the same. If you enter a small raffle at work with only a few dozen entries, your odds of winning increase significantly.

With casino games, you will improve your odds by making sure you understand all the rules. Your chances of winning are always lower if you don’t understand the basic principles.

Keeping Your Head for the Long Haul

Always approach gaming with an eye to the future. Know how much you can afford to bet before you start to play and never go over your limit. Payout percentages only pan out over the long haul so you’re sure to lose if you wait to see those exact odds. Stop when you hit your limit or while you’re happily ahead.

You can’t win at every game or contest, so calculate the odds and determine that you’ll be content to lose when the occasion arises.