5 Unforgettable Gambling Movies

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Dogs belong in sad kids’ movies and spaceships belong in cleverly disguised fantasy films, but

gambling is a topic that hasn’t been grabbed by a single genre. This is why filmmakers are free

to build any sort of story they like around gambling, from love to tragedy to light-hearted fun.

Not all gambling movies are winners, but some grip onto the viewer and hold on long after the

movie is over. These are just a few gambling movies that leave a lasting impression.

1. Owning Mahowny

Like many movies that delve into the sad state of the human condition, Owning Mahowny is

based on a true story. The plot follows an unfortunate character with a highly exciting job: bank

manager. Perhaps because his job is not quite exciting enough, the middle-aged Mahowny finds

a little extra excitement in his secret hobby of gambling. Unfortunately for him, the gambling

does not pay for itself, and he has no choice but to commit bank fraud on the multimillion dollar

scale. We’ve all been there.

2. The Cooler

Some people are notorious for their bad luck. For the casino worker, Bernie Lootz, bad luck is

the driving force behind his livelihood. Whenever a gambler is doing a little bit too well, Bernie

is there to ruin the good luck streak and send all the chips back into the casino’s coffers. Then,

all of the sudden, a girl likes Bernie, he feels happy for the first time in his life, and in case things

couldn’t get any worse, his bad luck streak ends. Poor guy.

3. Croupier

Passing out and collecting tokens for eight hours a day may not sound particularly exciting, but

to Jack Manfred, the job is chock full of creative inspiration. He may have started and thrown out

a dozen novels already, but nothing really inspired him to finish. Finally, by delivering the same

lines several times over the course of a 10-minute period, Manfred was finally able to finish his

novel. Then a screenwriter had an idea about how exciting being a croupier is and wrote a movie

about it.

4. Maverick

Sometimes people are so good at poker they are certain they will win an entire tournament, no

questions asked, yet all of their poker skills cannot land them enough to pay the tournament fee.

It doesn’t help when their love interest keeps stealing from them, or when the movie takes place

in the old west and the only way to get rich is by tripping on a lump of gold. Maverick is by far

one of the most light-hearted gambling movies out there, which might go to explain some the

plot holes.

5. The Color of Money

This hustling play on Karate Kid is more about the spirit of gambling than actual gambling. The

Color of Money is a movie around the game of pool, but it isn’t so much about pool as cheating

at pool, and risking it all in order to win a nice sum of money. In the film, a master at cheating at

pool trains an apprentice at cheating at pool, and then the apprentice overcomes the master at

cheating at pool. It’s about hard work or believing in yourself or something.


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How to Throw a Casino-Themed Party

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Color Scheme

The best color scheme for a casino look is black on red. The colors remind guests of roulette boards and poker chips as well as the color theme of a deck of cards. For a more vibrant atmosphere, all of the common poker chip colors can be used: Black, red, blue, green, and white.


For the full gambling experience, the drinks don’t just need to be mixed, they need to be mixed up. Hands down, the best parties have someone playing bartender. Since life is a gamble, spice things up with some salt and pineapple (which go well with Tequila), apple brandy (which mixes with gin), and ice cream (which can be dunked right into a glass of Sherry). The drinks should be as lively as a game of craps and as unpredictable as the Wheel of Fortune.


What if all you needed to win the Wheel of Fortune was to throw a dart onto the right piece of the pie chart? Print out a blowup copy of the Wheel of Fortune and glue it onto a piece of cardboard, and let the games begin.

Turn a craps board into a drinking game. All that free odds gibberish isn’t needed, just the pass line and the don’t pass line. Let’s see who wins!

Gambling games should be easy to set up and take down. There should be plenty of decks of cards, dice, and  poker chips on hand, as well as empty tables. To keep the place from looking dead, card tables can be folded and stowed away in the corner for guests to take out.


Who doesn’t want to go to a party wearing nothing but a bikini, a boa, and a whole turkey’s worth of feathers? Most people. But you’d might as well leave that option out there. There’s a lot that can be done with the dress code. The event could be black tie with decked-out poker tables, or sweatshirts and jeans with cards lying on the floor. The goal is to have fun, so know your audience, and your budget. If the invite says formal, the atmosphere must follow through. That means tuck the Ikea away and get out the good curtains.


The party music should be upbeat and simple. Club tunes and electronic music are going to be the best bet. Pop and choice video game songs are also fair game. For a more cerebral feel, take a look at http://www.rickross.com/4-famous-songs-gambling/.

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Should Google Glass be Allowed in Casinos?

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So far, casinos are opting out of letting Google Glass inside their walls, but are they missing out

on the possibilities? The face computer may make cheating easier, but it also does a lot of cool

things that aren’t the same without.


Players would be able to livestream the biggest games of their lives. A legendary bet, a jackpot

on the slots, all of these things are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. What would it be like to have

this happen and not have any kind of recording? Google Glass ensures that when it happens, if it

happens, it would be on camera.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Some gambling games just aren’t secure with an intelligent camera

pointed at them. Electronic games like slots, Wheel of Fortune, keno, and video poker are fine,

but a camera is too suspicious in a more sensitive games. The casino staff, no less the other

players, would never allow a camera to be pointed at their cards, even if the purpose is just

harmless entertainment.

What if casinos provided augmented reality for Google Glass users? The first thing a slot

machine connoisseur does when entering a casino is catch a staff member and ask which slot

machines are hot. Instead, the augmented reality would point the users right to the hottest

machines. There is no need to pull anyone aside, and the computer would be able to hook

everyone up with the best information. Augmented reality could also let people know about

events and special deals, and provide tips to learning players.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Whatever the market of Google Glass users is, the market of Google

Glass-using casino-goers is bound to be smaller. In order for casinos to even consider providing

this service, there would have to be an expanded market into smartphone territory, which would

have people wandering around the casino holding their phones in front of their faces. Kind of

like in real life.


Counting cards would become easier than ever. Not only can the internal computer keep track of

all of the cards using perfect memory and calculate the odds of future cards flawlessly, computer

programs can be created to read the numbers and shapes on the cards using the camera. This

means Google Glass allows anyone to get the best advice from a perfect card-counting expert so

long as they wear the headset.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Everyone and his dog can tell when the Google Glass camera is on. The red light comes on each

and every time the camera is recording, and disabling it is no easy feat. Google Glass could still

be used to count cards, but the user would have to figure out a way to tell the computer which

cards appear without speaking or making obvious gestures. So much for hands-free cheatery.


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The 5 Easiest Gambling Games to Pick Up

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Planning to visit an online casino but not really sure what’s out there? Drained by the day-to-day working life and need something simple to unload with? Tired of stressing over difficult decisions in more complex gambling games? These are simple, common gambling games that can be found in the casino and on the web.

5. Roulette

The board may be complex to look at, but the rules are simple. The dealer lets loose a spinner, and the gamblers try to guess where it will land. Anyone can come in and bet on a specific number by setting their chips on table where the number is written. The safest bets are on categories instead of numbers. Players can pick the color, whether the number is larger than 18, or whether it’s odd or even, making the chance of winning just about 50/50.

4. Craps

The board sure looks intimidating, but a casual player does not need to know what each individual square is for. The most important square for a player to know is the pass line. Making a pass line bet means that whatever number the dealer rolls, the player will win so long as it comes up again before a 7 or 11. With a group around, it’s not even necessary to know that much, because the cheers and booing will make it clear whether it was a win or not.

3. Casino War

The player and the dealer go to war, with a deck of cards for their army. All the player has to do is flip over cards. Each reveals their card one at a time, and the high card wins. In the case of a tie, the player can surrender and lose half their bet, or double their bet and try again. The house only has an edge when a tie comes up, so those battles are the most crucial ones.

2. Keno

The player picks 15 numbers, and the machine picks 20. With a little luck, some of the numbers line up and the machine spits out tokens. These numbers can be anything between 1 and 80, and it doesn’t matter which numbers get picked. Someone could even make a picture of a smiley face, or click squares at random.

1. Slot Machines

More than any other gambling game, slot machines cut the thinking right out of the experience. All that’s needed is tokens to drop in the slot and a lever to pull. The machine takes care of all the rest. Pro tip: keep dropping in tokens until it maxes out. This is the best way to win.

Most popular gambling games require some level of skill. That’s part of what makes them fun, and also a way to get an edge on the other players. Still, when it’s time to kick back, it’s time to kick back. That’s what the simple games are waiting for.

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How to Cash in on Online Casino Bonuses

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The house always wins, or so the saying goes. This has been true since the first game was ever gambled, but what if something new came along to completely transform that? Yes, the house will always have an edge, but what if the player received a little something, perhaps a little bonus, that turned the tide? It’s a rare situation to find, but sometimes, with the right game and the right bonus, it is possible to claim the upper hand.

  1. Know the Numbers

Each game has a different house edge. The house edge for blackjack is around .28 with card-counting and .5% without. An odds bet on craps has an exact 0% house edge, and video poker has about a .46% house edge. All three of these are excellent odds compared to what else is out there. Combined with the right bonus, it is possible to turn the house edge into a player edge.

Keep an eye out for comp points. This is a small bonus for wagered money. If an online casino exchanged 100 comp points for $1 and awards 1 comp point for every $10 wagered, this offsets .1% of the house advantage. It’s not much, but it will help. To find out if a comp bonus is worth it, calculate points (1) divided by wager ($10) divided by the points needed for a cashable dollar (100).

Deposit bonuses are the best deals out there, but unfortunately they’re only available for the first 1-3 deposits at a new online casino. Typically, the greater the deposit, the greater the reward. If the numbers are on the player’s side, one such deposit is still risky but all in all a good idea. Perhaps a $5,000 deposit warrants a $100 cashable bonus. If all $5,000 is wagered, the bonus offsets 2% of the house advantage. To find out if a bonus is worth it, calculate bonus divided by deposit to get the percent.

Non-cashable bonuses will not help. These bonuses just sit in the account until it drops to $0.The money is never coming out the other side.

  1. Swallow Bite-Sized Bets

Even if the casino allows it, it is a bad idea to bet all of the deposited money at once. If all the money is gone in a few rounds, then there is a distinct possibility some of those valuable rounds will be failures. Here is a fact: The more individual bets that are made, the closer the percentage of wins will reflect the calculated average. It’s just math. If a coin is flipped 1,000 times, it will be heads about 500 times, and tails about 500 times. If the coin is flipped only twice or three times, it could well be tails every single time.

  1. Take the High Road

Taking advantage of bonuses is just seizing a good opportunity, but breaking the casino rules will just result in empty pockets. It’s tempting to create new accounts at the same casino to earn

3 Things to Look Out for When Trying a New Online Gambling Game

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When first picking up a new gambling game from a new online casino, players get a brief chance to try it out for free. At the time, there will be no indication that the trial will soon run out, but that trial period will be very short and very real. Here is a quick guide on how to get the most out of a free trial before the real game begins.

  1. Check Out All the Options

When playing for real, most players favor one style of gameplay. For example, when playing Roulette, some players grab for their lucky numbers and some stick to the classic high or low, black or red. With Craps, almost everyone rides the pass line, but online, there is no longer the stigma keeping everyone in one spot, and it’s prime time for some exploration. The free trial is the perfect opportunity to test out moves that haven’t been done before, and just see how it goes. If something works out and treats someone well, a whole new world of possibilities is opened up in time for the real deal.

  1. Watch the Bets and Winnings

Don’t let the flashing lights fool you: Sometimes the maximum bet does not mean the best winnings, even if there is a bonus for jacking the bet up to the top. For example, in video poker, the maximum bet may be 6 instead of 5, leading to a significant bonus for significant wins, but the most common payout will still be 5, meaning a loss of 1 even for winning. Not such a great deal after all. Thankfully, the free trial is there to work out the kinks and figure out the best deal.

  1. Find Hidden Choices

Even a familiar gambling game can look strange and overwhelming in a new format. The places to click may be entirely different, the buttons may have different names and places on the screen, and some common features of classic games just won’t be available. Instead of giving up and going back to the same game over and over again, the trial period offers a chance to see how each game works risk-free. It’s a good idea to experiment with where chips can be placed and when, as well as which buttons control which aspect of the bet. That way, there’s no possibility of accidentally pouring money down the drain because of a mistake. Plus, there may be options available in one version which weren’t available in the last. The trial is the best time to find out, for better winnings from the real thing.

Tipping at the Casino

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Tipping the dealer is always optional, a matter of personal choice. Most players who tip will save their money for when they hit a winning streak, or when they make a big win, since losing money to a tip on a losing streak just adds insult to injury. There are different approaches to tipping as well. It can be more fun to place a bet in the dealer’s name, but giving chips directly to the dealer is also an option, if done right. Tipping is best done every hour or so, starting early on in the first hour. The exact technique depends on the game, but it’s always an option to simply set chips on the table and say they’re for the dealer to have.

  1. Craps

Tipping the dealer during a craps game can be a very good idea. The game is speedy and active, and the dealers are there to help players keep track of their bets and make sure they stay in the game. A tip shows appreciation for all the help the dealers give, and might ensnare some special attention from the dealer. The most popular craps tip is done by placing a $10 bet on one of the hard combinations and saying it “goes both ways.” This means that the player and the dealer will split the winnings. The most helpful bet for the dealer, though, it is to place a bet on the pass line and say it’s “for the boys.”

  1. Blackjack

The most elegant way to tip the dealer in a blackjack game is to set a smaller bet on top of the original and say the dealer is “riding on my coattails.” The better the player does, the bigger the tip. Tipping the dealer in blackjack doesn’t usually turn out to be as helpful as with craps, but it’s still a nice and giving thing to do. After all, most dealers are taking home minimum wage.

  1. The Slots

Every time a player hits a big win, the machine freezes up and a staff member arrives to deliver the prize in person. This is the perfect opportunity to leave a tip: about 1% of the earnings is normal. A slot machine tip is entirely optional, and a wheel of fortune tip is downright unheard of.

  1. Drinks

Not everyone tips the server when it comes to free drinks, but it hurts the server when they don’t. Every time a cocktail waitress, steward, waitress, or what have you orders a drink and the customer disappears, the tax falls on them to pay. What’s more, a tip of $1 per drink is a great way to ensure fantastic service, especially if that tip is paid in advance.

Winning Poker Hands: Most Common to Least

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We all know the royal flush is the best hand to have, but what about the hands that actually show

up? This list will help to find which hands are worth holding onto, and which just won’t make

the cut, especially when you are playing online or with live opponents.

First, the common hands which are worth keeping in play.

1. Two Pair

Though it doesn’t turn up super often, the two pair is the hand which wins more than any other

hand in the game. Why? It sits right in the middle between being common and being valuable.

Two pairs is always worth keeping, even if the prankster on the other side of the table seems sure

of their hand.

2. One Pair

Believe it or not, a simple pair wins the game almost one third of the time. Not all pairs are

created equal, however. There is a good chance that multiple people around the table have a pair,

so it’s a good idea to only stick with the higher cards. 8 through Ace are the best bets. 7 and

below are less likely to win the game. The more people there are around the table, the better the

pair needs to be.

Next, the less common, more promising hands.

3. Three of a Kind

A two pair hand is more than twice as common than a hand with three of a kind, yet a three of a

kind is still five times more likely than a straight. It is more likely than not that no one else

around the table has a better combination.

4. Straight, Flush, and Full House

True, there are still better combinations out there, but one of these hands will win the game nine

times more often than a straight flush, royal flush, or four of a kind, simply because these rare

combinations almost never come up.

5. Straight Flush, Royal Flush, and Four of a Kind

Each of these hands is almost certain to win the game if they come up, but they rarely come up.

In fact, they only appear about 1% of the time, but when they do, they are a sure win. If only it

was easier to predict one of these combinations working out at the start of the game.

And finally, the common hands that almost never make the cut.

6. High Card

We’ve all seen it happen. Sometimes the high card takes the win. But exactly how often does this

happen? The answer is this: A high card wins approximately 2% of all poker games. There is no

good reason to stick around until the end of the game with a high card. Chances are the person

next to you is sporting at least a pair.

Top 5 Most Gambled upon Sporting Events

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

Sports betting is wildly popular throughout the globe and virtually any event can be bet on one way or another. Professional sports betting has an appeal and offers exhilarating energy to anyway who enjoys added incentive while watching and anticipating an outcome. Online gambling has exploded over the past decade and a half and we don’t predict any slowing any time soon.

5. Kentucky Derby

For those who might not be familiar with it, the Kentucky Derby is an annual event in which spectators can watch horses running in circles very fast. The event gathers a lot of attention. Gamblers place bets on not just which horse will come in first, but which will come in second, third, dead last, etc. Gamblers can also bet on which section of the ring the winning horse will start in.

4. Cricket World Cup

No, not the insect. The Cricket World Cup is watched with great anticipation in countries around the world, but perhaps not as much in the United States. Bets are taken far in advance of the tournament, with wagers based on the past failures and successes of the given teams. In the year 2000, there was a huge scandal in which the South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje, admitted to accepting money from bookmakers. If you didn’t hear about it, you probably have a Western time zone.

3. Soccer World Cup

The World Cup for Soccer only takes place once every four years, and lasts for one month. Based purely on the number of dollars wagered for the full span of the event, the Soccer World cup may be more betted on than any other sporting event, even the Super Bowl.

2. March Madness

The month of the NCAA basketball tournament is called March madness for a reason. Basketball season may not have the same notoriety as the rush of chaos preparing for the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t stop excited gamblers from calling in every prop bet they can think of.

1. The Super Bowl

The final game of each NFL season is an explosion of shouting, cheers, high-fives, and crying that lasts from the moment the two competing teams are announced to when the last intoxicated fan is ushered out of the stadium. Fans are forced to make a difficult decision every year: whether to place a small bet and watch from home with friends, or whether to sell their car for the chance to buy a ticket before they sell out, then not have any money left over for a wager. Every year, fans bet more and more, with no sign of calming down.

The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

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The fun in gambling has never been in the statistics. If you enjoy gambling and have found a way to keep it balanced, whether it’s blackjack or slots or anything in between, don’t let the numbers tell you off. The statistics are just that: the odds set up to ensure the money moves from the players to the house. If you still want to keep reading, here are the facts.

The Best:


By betting exclusively on either reds or blacks, players secure an almost 50/50 chance of winning. That means that for every time they win a game, they lose another. American Roulette tables have two green squares, however, meaning the odds are just slightly worse than one in two.

The main problem with playing Roulette this way is that it can be slow and tedious. The odds of having a specific number rolled are slim, but a 36 to 1 win is far more exciting than continuously breaking even.


Unlike Poker, Blackjack has a fairly simple set of rules, and the only person players need to worry about is the dealer. Most players will win at least 4 in 10 games, but not even counting cards will bring the odds of winning above 50%.


Normally, playing craps results in fairly poor odds, but there is a way to break even. This is done by layering bets. When players places multiple bets on the same number, (up to 10 is allowed), the dealer awards winning based on the exact odds of that win occurring. If a gambler places ten times odds on one number and plays for an eternity, they will walk out with the same amount they started with. Any other setup, and they will lose in the long run.

I recommend learning craps here. You can do so for free and learn the ins and outs and test every option.

The Worst:


Slot machines and Wheel of Fortune provide many things: flashing lights, buzzing noises, and the cheerful clatter of spinning dials. What they do not provide is any decent chance of winning. The absolute worst odds come from penny slots. For devoted slot machine users, the best odds come from the maximum bet on the most expensive slots, but winning is most likely not on the menu.


If it’s even possible, there is a way to gamble which promises to waste even more money than slot machines. The name of the game is keno. Instead of winning one and losing one, for every game a gambler wins, they will lose more than two. If anyone is getting rich playing this game, it’s the dealer.

There you have it, the best and worst odds for casino gambling. The short version of the story is, is if you play, play for fun.