Hit Me: How to Become a Lucky Blackjack Player

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The poet Emerson once said, “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” If this is true, then we don’t have to accept being “born unlucky,” we can create our own luck through skills acquisition, strategy development, and lots of practice. Here’s how to get “lucky” in Blackjack the right way.

Get Familiar With the Basics

Blackjack is deceptively simple, which is how it manages to lure unsuspecting players into thinking they can skip skills mastery. All you have to do is get closer to a total of 21 than the dealer without going over. But you also need to understand the statistical probability of doing so under a variety of circumstances. Having been thoroughly trained, dealers rarely exhibit “tells” (unconscious signals about his hand) and have no emotional investment in the outcome. This means you have to learn Blackjack skills.

Learn Some Higher Level Skills and Techniques

Now it’s time to add to those basic skills with verified strategies. There are two types of Blackjack hands — hard and soft. Hard hands include no Ace, or one that must count as 1. Soft hands include an Ace that can count as 11.

Techniques for playing a hard hand:

  • When holding 5 through 8, hit no matter what the dealer shows.
  • When holding 9, double your bet versus the dealer showing 2 through 6. Hit if he shows 7 through Ace.
  • When holding 10, double your bet versus the dealer showing 2 through 9.
  • When holding 11, double your bet versus the dealer showing 2 through 10.
  • When holding 12 through 16, hit if the dealer shows 7 through Ace; stand if he shows anything else.
  • When holding 17 through 21, stand no matter what.

Techniques for playing a soft hand:

  • When holding 13 through 15, hit no matter what the dealer shows.
  • When holding 16 or 17, double if the dealer shows 2 through 6; hit if he shows anything else.
  • When holding 18, double your bet if he shows 2 through 6; stand if he shows 7 through 10 or Ace.
  • When holding 19 through 21, stand no matter what.

Develop Methods for Winning

There are a couple of easy card counting methods that can help your chances of success. The High-Low method involves starting with a mental count of zero. Add one point for each 2 through 6 dealt, and subtract one point each time a 10 through Ace is dealt. Add or subtract nothing for cards in between. The higher the count the greater chance you have to win, so raise your bet.

With another counting method called Ace-Five, begin your count at zero, and add a point for every 5 dealt. Subtract a point when Aces show their faces. When the count is higher than 2, double your bet. When the count is below 2, bet only the minimum.

Adhere to Accepted Table Etiquette

Unfortunately, rabbits’ feet, four-leaf clovers, and unwashed socks have not been statistically proven to enhance players’ luck. Neither has good table manners, but players who practice them are welcome to play and make the entire affair more pleasant for players and the dealer.

  • Wait for the dealer to finish before buying chips.
  • Don’t leave cash on the table. The dealer can’t be sure if it is a bet or tip.
  • Don’t touch the chips in the betting box during play.
  • Use proper hand signals.
  • Don’t be loud or obnoxious.

Make your own luck and see how you stomp out the competition. You can do so without any unpleasantness — even with the stench of your unwashed lucky undies.

How to Dress and Look Like a Professional Black Jack Player

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Nobody wants to look or feel like a newbie tourist while sitting at high stakes black jack tables. Many of these players earn their living at those tables, and don’t always show lots of respect for the obvious weekend warriors. Looking the part helps your fellow players take you seriously, and could give you the confidence you need to take home some of their money.

Dress Like a Grown Up

The Unibomber hoodie may work for those who have already established a reputation at the tables, but on the amateur, it’s going to look amateurish. They may play games for a living, but professional black jack players are just as serious about their profession as any doctor, lawyer, or CPA. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit, but it is a good idea to wear dress slacks and a button down shirt, topped by a nice blazer, depending on the weather. Wear dress shoes and a nice watch finish the look.

Keep Your Eyes Covered

Hats and sunglasses are the best way to cover up any tells you exhibit. Tells are unconscious signals you give about your hand, including reflexive actions such as your pupils dilating upon excitement. Since these physical reactions are beyond your control, wear glasses to cover your eyes, and a hat to disguise facial reactions. Invest in high-end eyewear to look like you can afford the high stakes, even if you have to get them second-hand or discounted off a website. Avoid mirrored sunglasses or any glasses that allow players to see your cards in the reflection.

Dress Comfortably

Dressing nice won’t help you if you’re obviously out of your element. Select clothes that fit well and that you are comfortable sitting in for hours. Some people find suspenders more comfortable than belts that tend to jab the stomach. Well fitting shoes and tops are also a must. If you’re unsure of the temperature, wear a blazer or sweater you can remove or put back on as the conditions require.

Walk and Talk With Confidence

More than anything you wear, the attitude you exhibit is going to determine whether your fellow players take you seriously or not. Practice walking with confidence, and use a voice of authority instead of a meek or shy tone. Confidence should not be confused with arrogance, which is a huge turnoff at the tables or anywhere else. Simply carry yourself with the knowledge that you’re a skilled player who can win any game, at any table, at any time.

Above all, be pleasant at the tables. The dealers and professionals are in the midst of their workdays. Which coworkers and customers do you serve best at work — those who are nice and have a good attitude, or those who are grumpy and obnoxious? Likely, you do your best for the nice ones, and do as little as possible for the crabs. Be the nice one and your fellow players and the dealer will cut you some slack if you make a mistake that they’d likely skewer you for if you were being a jerk.

5 Tips for the New Blackjack Player

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Do you want to try your hand at the fast-paced game of Blackjack, but worry that your lack of skill will make you an easy target? The basics of Blackjack are easy to learn, and once you understand some strategy, you’ll understand why Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Here are five tips to get you started.

Know How to Play Hard Hands

A “hard” hand is any hand that doesn’t contain an ace. Edward Thorp, who wrote the definitive book on Blackjack, “Beat the Dealer,” gives very specific rules for playing hard hands. These include:

  • If your cards are eight or less, always hit.
  • If you’re holding nine, and the dealer has between three and six, double. If not, hit.
  • If you have 10, and the dealer has between 2 and 9, double; otherwise, hit.
  • If your cards total 11, and the dealer has an ace, hit. If the dealer has 2 through 10, double.
  • If your hand totals 13 through 16, hit-unless the dealer has 2 through 6. In that case, stand.
  • If you have 17 or more, you should always stand.

Know How to Play Soft Hands

This is when your starting hand contains an ace, which can be counted as either a 1 or an 11. Again, from “Beat the Dealer,” follow these rules if you are holding an ace:

  • If you have a two or a three, hit, unless the dealer has three through six. If he does, double.
  • If you have a four or a five, and the dealer has four through six, double. Otherwise, hit.
  • If you have a seven, stand, unless the dealer shows a two, seven, or eight.
  • Always stand on eight and nine.

Never Take Insurance

Unless you can count cards and know the ratio of face cards left in the shoe, insurance is a loser’s bet. When you place an insurance bet on a dealer’s ace, if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, your money is gone, and you still have to play out your hand. Even if you have blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace, you can’t increase your winnings by taking an insurance bet, your profit stays the same.

Know When to Split

Always split a pair of aces or eights, and never split fives or tens. Split twos and threes if the dealer shows four through seven. Don’t split nines if the dealer is showing a seven. Split sixes and sevens if the dealer is showing cards between two and six.

Don’t Drink and Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a thinking man’s game, and you’ll need all your wits about you to keep track of your bets. Too many new players overindulge, and their games get sloppier as the evening wears on. Nothing is more depressing than losing your winnings from some well-played hands on a careless bet made when you’ve had too much to drink.
Blackjack is an exciting and rewarding game for the quick-witted player who knows the basics. So don’t be shy, use these tips to increase your odds of beating the house.

5 Reasons Blackjack is the Best Casino Game

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The card game Blackjack has achieved a rare sort of cultural status for casino games. Its popularity propelled the plotline of the 2008 motion picture “21” in which MIT students became highly skilled at counting cards and won millions. Whether you’re an expert or a gambling newbie, here are five reasons blackjack is the best game in casinos.

5. It’s Simple

Blackjack does not suffer from the complexity that makes craps so intimidating. There are even fewer rules and plays than in other card games. The object of the game is to get as close as possible to having 21 points without going over. That’s it. There’s no elaborate betting system or plays to master. Once you know the values of the cards (numbers carry their face value, face cards are 10 points, and aces can be either 1 or 11 points), then you can sit at a table and join the fun.
It typically costs very little to play this game, which makes for an additional bonus. Some casinos offer minimums as low as $3 to $5.

4. It Offers Outstanding Odds

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When played with proper strategy, this game allows the house only a tiny advantage. One of the most popular tactics to improve the odds of winning involves counting cards. The idea is to keep track of high and low cards that have been played as a way to know what cards remain in the deck. There are simple formulas for counting cards. Keep in mind casinos truly do not like this strategy, so you may want to think of other ways to improve your game.

3. Players Only Need a Simple Strategy

You can improve your odds of winning by merely changing your mindset. While the stated object of the game is to work your way toward 21 points without going over, that’s not the goal to keep in mind. Instead, focus exclusively on trying to beat the dealer. That means if the dealer ends up with 17, you just need 18 to win. This basic strategy gives players a better shot at winning and impacts the decisions they make with each hand.

2. It’s Easy to Develop Skill

There are many ways to learn blackjack strategy and it’s usually a quick process. Because the game is not overly complicated, it leaves the player with more freedom to build on the basic strategy of trying to beat the dealer. As this game progresses, players are constantly recalculating their odds as they watch cards come into play. There is no steep learning curve that requires you to master the rules of the game to win. Instead, you can quickly jump into the game and get a feel for the strategy that works best for you.

1. It’s an Exciting Game

As the dealer distributes cards and then flips his or her draw card, the air around a blackjack table fills with anticipation. This game brings plenty of excitement and drama. And with the prospect of winning big, everyone likes to get in on the action.
When did you first begin playing blackjack? What elements of the game drew you in initially, and what keeps you playing this card game?

Sexy Blackjack

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Bikini Blackjack - the Best Kind

You know the old saying: sex sells. Well there is saying within the casino industry, “sexy wins,” which is really just another way of saying…sex sells to gamblers.

If you haven’t figured it out, this blog is going to be about sex. In particular, a more sexy form of blackjack. Think of it as an inter-course that will teach you everything that you need to know and may have been wondering. Gambling is all about giving into that monetary lust, so why not throw the throes of primal biological desire onto the heap as well?

Sexy Blackjack is something new, and this young vixen of a game will grab you in the sensitive areas and sit you down in your chair for a wild ride. Read on to find out exactly how it works.

Blackjack with More Sexy. Why Not?

At a certain point in every gambler life—be it man or a woman—you start to ask yourself certain questions. Some of them are deep within the recesses of the introspective void; others are more pragmatic, like what would happen if the dealer took off their shirt?

When you reach this point, it begins to tug at the coattails of your soul. Every hand that passes, is another hand where you could have been looking at cleavage or rock-hard abs, and it starts to weigh on your conscience like a pair of DDs barely contained in that metal bra from Star Wars.

Eventually the realization is this: even if for just one game, why add some eye candy into that at-the-desk diet that keeps you sustained and focussed on the game at hand? Everyone needs to feed their sweet tooth, be it psychological or literal, every once and a while.

Cirrus Casino - Return of the Rudolph (250% No Playthrough, No Max Bonus + $50 Free Chip)

“More Sexy. Got it. What Else Can I Expect?”

Not too much else. It’s blackjack—sexified. Basically, the game designers took the dealers that you would normally (not) see in your typical online blackjack environment, and took off their clothes.

The traditional blackjack is that the dealer—be it a man or a woman—is usually wearing some sort of formal casino attire, but formal casino attire is tiresome for some. If you are sitting alone in the luxuries of your private residence, why not embrace your American freedom to live a better life?

“I’m Convinced”

You should check out our no-deposit bonus codes page and load up some real money coupons so that you can show off your huge bankroll to the hotty inanimate digital character on your screen. They’re probably not going to sleep with you, but…you never know. They definitely won’t unless you start winning big.