Eye-Catching Google Glass Feature in the Works

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A developing feature which has been talked about since 2014 may be coming out in the next

Google Glass release. This feature tracks the movements of the user’s eyes, letting the user

interact with the screen like using a mouse. What does this mean for the gambling world? For the

first time, gamblers will be able to play any sort of gambling game anytime, anywhere, without

lifting a finger.

As vision scientist Michael Dorr explains, the eye-tracking device can tell what the user is

looking at, and even gets a hint as to how the viewer responds to it. For example, the device can

tell whether the user is trying to select something, or if they’re just reading what’s on the screen.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Every gambling game that has ever been put on a

computer can be controlled with this device.

Here’s how it works. The game is opened on the Google Glass screen just like any other

computer game. Let’s say it’s Video Poker. The gambler selects all of the cards they wish to

keep by looking at them and selecting them. The device notices through changes to the gambler’s

retina that the card has been selected, and the card is highlighted on the screen. When the

gambler is done, they select the button to receive a new set of cards, and either is awarded or

loses their chips from the bet. The game goes on until the gambler selects a new game or closes

the program.

Meanwhile, the gambler could be doing laundry, sitting on the bus, or doing just about anything.

This new form of gambling allows players access to their favorite games at any time of day, no

matter where they are or what they are up to. For many, this development could be life-changing.

The problem lies within the price tag. So far, only a handful of interested people have purchased

Google Glass because the price is sitting at $1,500 a pair and so far it doesn’t do much at all. The

face computer in its full glory can make phone calls, play music, and take notes. Google Glass

users have a greater stigma than Bluetooth users at the turn of the century, and most people could

not afford one even if they wanted to.

When eye tracking comes out, gamblers will finally be able to play any sort of gambling game in

the privacy of their own bus stop. Sound enticing? Time to start saving up. Perhaps a jackpot

would do the trick.

Discover Your Lucky and Unlucky Days (For Gambling)

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When is the best day to take out the $100 betting chips? The secret to choosing the perfect time to

make a bet may lie within fundamental numerology. Using clever math, it is possible to align a

person’s luck with the day that they were born.

Finding Your Number

Long numbers may seem infinite, but the strongest numbers are only a single digit. Every birth

date can be reduced to a single number, and the good luck can be unlocked through the use of

that number. Finding this number is simple but life-changing.

Start with the day of the month that you were born.

Example: 3

This number cannot be reduced any further, meaning the key number is 8.

Example: 15.

1+5=6. This means that the key number is 6.

Example: 29


1+1=2. This means that the key number is 2.

The key number appears as the base number of every date that unlocks your full potential. If

your key number is 2, then the proper times to make a bet are on the 2nd , 12th , and 22nd . If your

key number is 5, the associated dates are the 5th , 15th , and 25th .

Balancing the Impact

The smallest lapse can take away from the potential of every unlocked day. This means that if

you take a significant risk on the 2nd of a month, you must also take the same level of risk on the

12th and 22nd . The risk has a slingshot effect. The more the rubber band is pulled, the farther it

launches. If each pull has equal strength, then the aim becomes sharp. Three strong and equal

pulls is the way to the bull’s eye.

Creating Counterbalance

Each key number has two to four unlocked days, depending on the month. In most cases, there

will be three. Each unlocked day has a counterbalance, or locked day. On these days, luck is no

longer on your side, and it is time to stay home and lay low as much as possible. These days

come exactly seven days after the unlocked days. For example, for the key number 2, the

unlocked days are the 2nd , 12th , and the 22nd , and the locked days are the 9th , 19th , and 29th . The

locked days also reveal another factor: the broken number.

Broken Numbers

Adding 7 to the key number and eliminating the starting number if needed reveals the broken

number. Like 2 is opposed to 9, 6 is opposed to 3 and 0 is opposed to 7. The broken number must

be avoided, especially on unlocked days. Betting on a broken number on an unlocked day is like

stretching out a rubber band before using it on the slingshot. It won’t be helping anyone.

Remember to keep the unlocked days balanced, and take full advantage of them. Beware the

broken numbers, and look out for trends when the winning streaks start.

Favorite Casino Games for Introverts and Extroverts

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When it comes to how we like to spend our free time, we are all wired a little differently. When

it comes to a Friday night, nothing sounds more enjoyable to an extrovert than to get out there,

make some friends, and make some noise. Many introverts, on the other hand, need time to cool

down after a long week, and may find themselves at home enjoying a low-key game of video

poker. Luckily, there is something out there for everyone, especially if you know where to look.

For most introverts, even online casino games can take a bit of a social toll. Many involve a

dealer character, whether through voice-over or an actual dealer facilitating the game on camera.

For someone who prefers quiet and time to think, the presence of a dealer, real or virtual, can

lessen the experience.

The choices bet for an introvert who is cooling off are games that take the dealer completely out

of the picture. Games such as slot machines, keno, and video poker are made for this sort of

experience. Having never involved dealers or inter-player competition, it is safe to say that these

games are as far away from social interaction as it gets.

While these games are perfect for an introvert, an extrovert may find this experience lonely,

especially in an online format played at home. This is why more social, more involved games

have been created for the computer. Many facilitate the same dynamic of competition that is

found at a table inside a casino. Games such as bingo and blackjack frequently involve multiple

players where there is only one winner. Not all games of this type are guaranteed to have real

social interaction, however, so it is important to check for a multiplayer version.

For teamwork, there is no better answer than craps. This game has everyone winning together, so

long as they all picked the same bet. The same can be said for roulette so long as everyone teams

up and bets on the same square. Competitive or cooperative, the social quality of an online

casino game is heightened the most with the rare feature of live video. When the dealer and the

players can all see and talking together, there is no question about it. There is real interaction

going on.

Online gambling offers a full scope of gambling experiences from quiet, thoughtful play to loud

and livid competition. It’s just a question of where to look.

The Double-Up Gambling Method

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Fact: With enough foresight, it is nearly impossible to lose a bet when it is accompanied by a

well though-out strategy. The Double-Up Gambling Method is based on the notion that so long

as there are a certain number of chips left, a bet will eventually win.

This betting strategy is designed for bets that run as close to 50/50 as possible. The best

examples are roulette table bets. Instead of picking a number, the player chooses a facet of that

square: odd, even, high, low, red, or black. Each of these bets has a very high success rate, and

each pays exactly twice the initial bet. These basic roulette bets are perfect for the Double-Up

Gambling Method. Other possibilities are blackjack when played only against the dealer and the

baccarat bet on the banker.

The focus of this strategy is to make the most out of the player’s available money. The more the

player has available, the more they stand to win. Even knowing this, the strategy works even

down to the $1 level. To keep things interesting, let’s start at $100.

First, the player bets $100 on any nearly 50/50 bet. The odds are just slightly against the player,

but just slightly. If the player wins, they walk away with $200. If they lose, this begins step 2.

The player has $100 to earn back, so this time they bet $200. If they win, they will walk out with

$400. In other words, they earn back the $100 from the first bet then the $200 from the second

bet, then get an extra $100 on top.

The trick is the Double-Up Gambling Method always stays one step ahead. No matter what, the

player always walks away with an extra $100 in their pocket. The secret is to have plenty of


Here is the basic formula: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. If the first bet is $1, the second bet is $2 followed by $4

then $8 and then $16 until the player wins. The moment the player wins, even if it is on the very

first bet, the strategy is complete. The Double-Up Gambling Method is easy to keep up with on

the $1 level, but past that it becomes very expensive. Here is a table to look at the possibilities up


Bet $100, stand to lose $100 total, earn $100

Bet $200, stand to lose $300 total, earn $100

Bet $400, stand to lose $700 total, earn $100

Bet $800, stand to lose $1500 total, earn $100

Bet $1600, stand to lose $3100 total, earn $100

Notice how the stakes reach higher and higher, but the end result is the same. The Double-Up

Gambling Method is a guaranteed win, so long as there is more money to back it up. Not a lot of

people in the world have $3,100 they are ready to lose, and sometimes that is what it takes to

take a winning bet. It’s not probable, but it is still possible for the roulette wheel to land on black

six times in a row, and when that happens, the player needs to be ready to bet on a seventh.

For those who are not eager to dig into their savings, the Double-Up Gambling Method is perfect

for smaller bets Recommended Site. Simply pick a number such as $1, $5, or $10, then keep betting on the flow

chart until the win. To create your own, simply pick a number and then double it until you win.

Flow chart for creating a betting scheme:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1036.

Pro tip: Know how many times you can afford to double your bet before placing it. If you only

have one $50 chip, save it for later. The more times the bet can be doubled, the safer it is.

How to Find the Gamblers in Your Friend Group

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Jennifer Tilly

Like any other hobby that also lands on someone’s deal-breaker list, it can be hard for friends

and acquaintances to broach the subject of gambling. Tell the wrong person, and then everyone

at work knows that you gamble. Be too subtle or discreet, and spend your free time gambling

alone. Picking out the gamblers in a group of friends and then getting involved can be an

awkward process, but it is ultimately rewarding.

1. Create an In

The first step is all about creating a comfortable setting where open talk can happen. The goal is

for everyone involved to feel comfortable and like they can safely speak openly about

themselves. The key is to keep the head count low, since few people are willing to say they

gamble to a room full of people. If there is a friend or couple of friends who seem like gambling

folk, the best option may be to invite them to dinner and games in your home. Bringing the cards

out is a good opportunity for the question, “Have you ever played poker?” Most people have at

least one story around the game, but a real gambler will have plenty to say about it. A shared

love of gambling introduced over good food and clean fun is a safe way to break the ice, though

it does take an awful lot of prep time.

2. Bring out the Jargon

There are some people out there who turn their noses against gambling as a hobby or as an

institution, and they can make a gambler’s life miserable when the beans are spilled. Luckily,

people who snub gambling also don’t know very much about it. When talking with a group of

friends or acquaintances, try dropping a few terms in conversation. See if anyone knows what a

croupier is, or if they can tell the difference between a layout and a table cloth. When the ears

start perking up, that means there are gamblers in the room.

3. Invent a Friend

There are very few occasions when a person is willing to speak their mind about something, and

one of these occasions is gossip. Instead of talking about your own gambling, bring up someone

you know (who also doesn’t exist) who recently had a winning streak and paid you back the $20

they owed you, or some such story. Even better, bring up an actual person who you actually

know and gamble with. If anyone is impresses by the story and seems interested instead of acting

bitter or awkward like others might, then you have yourself a new gambling buddy.

The Card-Counting Basics

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Do you crave a real advantage in the casino? A card counter knows that the path is not easy, and

it will take many games to draw a profit, but it is possible to take the advantage with a honed

skill in card-counting. Here is a relief: most card-counters do not memorize every card. Instead,

they use a system in which it is only necessary to remember one number per round. The result is

a form of card-counting that is accessible for everyone.

For players just starting out with blackjack, check out the basic blackjack tips first. Counting

cards works best with a good grasp of the normal rules.

The basic idea is to know at any point in time whether aces and face cards are likely to appear, or

if a hand is going to be ruined by a larger card. The cards can be categorized in many different

ways, providing more specific information for experienced card counters, but let’s start with

something on the easy side.

To know whether winning is likely or unlikely, turn the table into one big math problem. 10s,

aces, and face cards are worth -1. Number cards between 7 and 9 are worth 0. Number cards

between 2 and 6 are worth 1. Add up all the cards, and you know more or less what’s coming.

If the total is less than 0, the dealer has the advantage. It also means that a lot of small cards are

still in the deck. A player with 16 in their hand, for example, would choose a hit, knowing that

more small cards are coming. If the total is 0 or more, the player has the advantage. It also means

that more 10’s, face cards, and aces are coming. It’s time to double down and also take every

opportunity to split.

Every round, add your new number to the total. The total should always be around zero, from

around -10 to 10. If your total seems wonky, take another look at what you’re doing. Also

remember that there are often numerous decks of cards being shuffled together, not just one.

Learn to approximate how many decks are left and account for it. For example, the running count

may be 15, but there are 5 decks left. Dividing the running count by the number of decks tells

what the actual advantage or disadvantage is, in this case 3. Don’t get confused, though. The

running count is still the number you need to remember, not the divided number. Another thing

to keep in mind is that card-counting is not always possible. Some online casinos shuffle their

decks constantly, making card-counting meaningless.

After mastering the basics, it is possible to do many more things to improve the card-counting

advantage. Counting aces separately is a big one. Aces are more useful than 10s and face cards,

so it’s best to know how many there are of each. Keeping track of every single numbered card is

also big. Knowing exactly how many 3s, 4s, and 5s there are may be useless in the beginning at

the game, but at the very end, it can result in predicting the exact next card to show up. That kind

of information can completely turn games around at the last minute.

Card-counting is more useful with less decks, with less-often shuffled decks, and also at the tail

end of the game when there are only a few cards left. The more cards that are left, the harder it is

to predict what is coming next. Remember to save the more expensive chips for the surer bets.

Also, and this one is a little hard to master, try not to look like you’re counting cards. Best of


I Saw the Inside of the HTC Vive and I don’t Want to Come Out

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If you were waiting for the greatest breakthrough in gaming immersion, here it is. No joystick,

no “press X to select,” just walking around and reaching things like you are inside the game.

Sure, the system may come with two controllers, but they quickly become part of the

environment. They become your sword, your gun, your key, your torch, or your hand.

The biggest hassle is watching out for the cord on the ground. At present, the virtual reality

headset must be plugged directly into the system, and a thick cord is running along the ground.

Unless you are standing perfectly still, you are going to need to learn how to step over the cord

on a regular basis, preferably without tripping and taking the whole headset with you.

With that little death trap out of the way, virtual reality is finally ready to bring an entire casino

into your living room. You will be able to walk around the halls just like in real life, pick out a

machine or a table, and play almost like in real life. Multiplayer in this sort of environment is

still years away, but there’s no reason there can’t be NPCs running around.

Another thing we can’t have quite yet is lifelike interaction. The xbox one might be able to pull it

off, but the Vive does not support voice commands. This means you cannot walk up to a

blackjack table and say, “deal me in.” Rather, you can but it won’t do anything.

The most overwhelming thing about the Vive is how natural moving around is. You can crouch,

look up, lean back, and sprint as far as the system will let you go, and it will track your

movements perfectly.

When it comes between sitting in a chair to play and getting to experience (almost) everything

just like real life, the choice is easy. Of course, it might make sense to wait a console generation

or two until the gambling experience is truly immersive. The wish list might be shrinking, but

true VR is still not here. If you want to experience the real thing, you will still have to pull into a

casino parking lot and go inside. If realism isn’t that important, however, playing casino games

with a headset at least means no waiting in line.

The Right Brain Food for Every Gambling Game

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Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do you have what it takes to hunker down and see a gambling night through from beginning to

end? Do you start to lose focus or get sluggish when there are still chips to win? The answer you

are looking for may be in the food you eat.

Casino food can be great. In fact, plenty of 5-star restaurants are built into casino resorts. But

most people can’t exactly afford to go to these restaurants every day. Most of the time, it’s just

beer and fried food, not exactly the recipe for success. There’s nothing wrong with a burger and

fries every now and then, but if you really want to turn your brain on, these are the foods that

will get you through each and every casino game.

Slot Machines

Killing it at the slot machine takes patience. It’s important to make the money last instead of

spending it all at once and making frequent trips to the counter for more betting money. Foods

like chocolate and tea have small doses of caffeine, not as much as coffee or energy drinks, but

enough to reboot your brain when it starts to doze off. Energy drinks will work for some number

of hours, and can cause a crash at the end for some. Juicy, flavorful foods like fruit will help

keep your mind occupied for long periods of time. Go for whole grains instead of sugar in order

to stretch out the amount of time that the energy will be released.


The name of the game is zinc. This vitamin powers higher thinking, enhancing your critical

thinking and improving your memory, two vital things for a mental game of wits like blackjack.

The best source is probably pumpkin seeds, which also happen to be light, portable, and

nonperishable. They make for a great snack break. The vitamin K from broccoli may come in

handy, too.


There are a lot of options for this one, from citrus to tomatoes to bell peppers to greens, all of

which contain the handy vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for a lot of things, but in this case, what

we want it for is quick, on-the- spot thinking. Having your wits about you is the best ally when it

comes to playing this fast-paced group game.

Feel prepared? If your favorite game isn’t on this list, the brain foods listed will still help out

with any other, from roulette to video poker.

5 Activities which are Taboo at the Casino but A-OK at Home

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Looking for a reason to stay home to get your gambling fix? How about five? There are tons of

reasons why online casinos are better than gambling in person, but we won’t even touch on the

bonuses, the discretion, or any of those other compelling reasons to stay home. Instead, this is

just about what people can and can’t do at a real-life casino, and how much more freeing it is to

play at home.

1. Drinking the Bottle Clear

Even at the friendliest casinos, the staff has this odd habit of cutting people off when they’ve had

too much to drink. The drinks may be free, but once your face turns red and you start staggering

from table to table, the drinks disappear. Be loud enough and you may even find yourself sent

home early. Where is the fun in that? At home, you decide when you are done and when you are


2. Pulling an All-Nighter

No matter how well-behaved you are, no matter how much you tip, eventually the dealer will ask

you to go home for the night. This is because casinos have a habit of “closing,” or turning off all

the machines and locking the doors for several hours so the employees can sleep. Online casinos

don’t do this. You can gamble on your lunch break. You can gamble in the middle of the night.

You can gamble right now.

3. Hogging the Dealer

At the casino, you are either waiting for another player to set up their chips or trying to pick your

placements while everyone else stares. Online gambling happens at your pace. You click on the

“deal” button when you’re ready, not when the rest of the players start tapping their fingers.

4. Filming it

Have you ever whipped out a camera and started recording everyone around the table? People

tend to get nervous, or think you’re cheating. Online, however, a live stream is totally OK and

could even form a group of followers.

5. Swearing at the top of your lungs

When you set down all your chips on a single bet and then lose, it is time to yell. When you take

a risk and miraculously win, your arms are going up in the air and someone is going to get

punched. If you like to celebrate when you win and let it out when you lose, your antics may be

better off taking place at home.

Which celebrity gambler are you?

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What alter ego comes out when you hit the casino? Tons of our celebrity friends like Tiger

Woods and even John McCain have been up to some eyebrow-raising things behind the scenes.


Michael Jordan

Do things ever get so bad that your friends make you stop? A little bird says this happened to

Michael Jordan back when he left to play baseball. Except for him, it wasn’t his friends, it was

the whole NFL.


Charles Barkley

If you have lost tons of money on blackjack and keep coming back, this is you. Blackjack isn’t

for all of us, but at least we can still have fun…right? Of course, while Barkley managed to lose

about $10 million, our losses are probably closer to a couple thousand.


Tiger Woods

High rollers, anyone? Tiger Woods likes to bet $25,000 a hand. After all, the higher the stakes,

the greater the payoff.


John McCain

What do you do when you’re procrastinating? McCain has been known to spend close to 24

hours leaning over the side of a craps table. Studies are starting to trickle out saying

procrastination is good for you, so maybe he’s onto something.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly

To the few people out there who always have the cards on their side, what’s your secret. Jennifer

Tilly might just know, because she’s brought home a pretty penny from the poker table.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE IS FOR USE VIA THE CONSUMER POD SITE ONLY. PHILADELPHIA - MAY 11: Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers wants the crowd to get louder during the closing minutes of their win over the Detroit Pistons in Game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2003 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2003 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers won 95-82 to even the series 2-2. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Allen Iverson

Have you ever been banned from a casino, not because of your behavior, but from the sheer

quantity of money you owe? Allen Iverson might just be your long-lost best friend.


Phil Mickelson

Sometimes we all need a helping hand from a relative or a good friend to drag ourselves out of

debt. This is rumored to be true for Phil Mickelson except it wasn’t a rich uncle, it was Callaway.


Ben Affleck

Not everyone is lucky every day they hit the casino, but maybe you have one or two astounding

success stories. Ben Affleck once managed to win $800,000, and left a generous tip of $150,000.

We’d all love to be that dealer.

If we catch wind of any more scandalous celebrity stories, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

That’s all for now, but we would love to hear what the latest up-and- coming actors and singers

have been up to. It would also be nice to hear if Donald Trump has any habits worth knowing

about. Until next time, check out Silver Oak Casino and catch your hot streak today