Shark School Slot

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Now this is a slot game with some bite!

Shark School Slot gives you a chance to swim with the sharks and cash in on the prizes. Including 3 different features – Swim Fishy, Swim!, Bad Sharky, and Don’t Eat the Teacher – you can go from chum to champ in no time by winning huge instant prizes. Take advantage of multipliers and extra top symbols to double and triple up your winnings and avoid becoming the latest shark week casualty.

With great graphics, a cool theme, and a little bit of danger, it’s about time your slot game had a little bit of bite to it.

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Football Frenzy Slot

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Football-Frenzy-Slots-1It’s time to KICK Your Slot Game Into High Gear!

New from Real Time Gaming, Football Frenzy Slot is the perfect slot game for any soccer lover. With two different gameplay modes, you have double the chance of winning money and scoring big. With Striker Mode, you can triple your winnings and earn unbelievable prizes and credits. If you’re feeling less adventurous, you can try Lucky Mode, which gives you the opportunity to win an instant feature at the end of any normal spin.

But wait, there’s more! In both Striker and Lucky Mode, you can take advantage of the Win-Win Feature, which makes sure you never end a free game without winning something.

Sound like your kind of game? With Football Frenzy, the days of 1-0 soccer games are over. Scoring big is the name of the game so head to any RTG Casino and kick your slot game into high gear! Head to Royal Ace casino today and “kick” some butt.

Get Spooked by Pirate Isle

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Here comes the slot machine we’ve all been waiting for, with dynamic and creative prizes,

stackable perks, and animations for every single symbol. This well-made pirate adventure game

allows players to explore a treasure map, discover keys, unlock chests, and live the life of an

animated, albeit 2-dimensional pirate.

Pirate Isle is fun, and not just as a slot machine, but as a game. It is up to the player where to go

and what to do as they rush to outrun the dreaded Ghost Pirate. Just like an RPG, Pirate Isle has a

beginning, a middle, and multiple possible endings. The ultimate ending can only be unlocked if

all five Treasure Keys are discovered and returned to the Ghost Pirate in return for 300 free


At a certain point between exploring a map and unlocking treasure chests, Pirate Isle ceases to be

a slot machine and starts to become something more. There may not be a word for it yet, but

Pirate Isle has truly reinvented itself. So far as the classic slot machine look and gameplay, this

game follows through with fully animated symbols.

The gameplay is buzzing with different winning combinations. The skeleton keys count not only

as wild cards but also toward free spins. Treasure chests are an easy way to earn free spins, but

they also provide real treasure in the right combinations. Spinning for three galleons triggers a

whole new level of gameplay potential. It is tough to go wrong when there is so much to win.

It may not happen often, but a secret level called the Broadside Feature is unlocked when certain

conditions are met. First, the player must be playing the Extra Bet. Next, the player must spin

and receive three or more Galleons. When this happens, the Broadside Feature is unleashed and

the game transforms.

During the broadside feature, the betting potential multiplies by five for every line. The player

may then compete to reach the top of the prize ladder, increasing the prizes. The player at the

very top of the prize ladder receives the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot.

All of this may seem like a lot to handle, but it all comes together in the gameplay. Pirate Isle is

the place to be for an undoubtedly, unceasingly fun experience and a step into something new.

The dreaded Ghost Pirate is waiting for new visitors to arrive.

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The Science of Gambling Machine Noises

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Slot Machine GuideLike the sound of coffee pouring in the morning, slot machines and other electronic gambling

games have an iconic noise. Each machine makes a different set of noises, like a fingerprint. The

sound resonates with the game, makes it stand out, and encourages players to seek it out. These

sounds may seem superficial, but a lot of thought and research goes into creating the

individualized sounds for a gambling game. Let’s take a look.

The first ingredient is cheer. Like a chocolate factory out of a movie, sound engineers search for

a sound that exemplifies the experience a gambler feels when they win. This cheery sound plays

every time the player wins, and it makes the experience amazing. Players hear this sound over

and over, and subconsciously yearn to hear it again.

Next, this winning sound is broken down and changed into several different noises. These sounds

still remind the user of the desired sound, but don’t carry nearly as much weight. They sound

nice, but aren’t satisfying. These sorts of sounds are played whenever the player inserts money,

presses a button, turns the dial, or lets the reels spin. This way, the user feels a sense of

encouragement and continues to feel hopeful even during a losing streak.

The most delicate step of gambling machine sound design is choosing the failure noise. The

sound must feel negative and enhance the impact of a failed bet. It also must encourage trying

again. These sounds vary greatly and vastly change the flavor of the game. The fail sound may

be very quiet and unremarkable, making it easy to tune out so the player keeps betting and

betting. The sound may also be jarring or sad, carrying a lot of impact and egging on the user.

When a gambler picks out a gambling game, the sound effects may have a lot to do with the

choice. One user may like the background song and side sound effects, which put them in a good

mood. Another user may especially like the winning noise and want to hear it every time they

win. Others may select a gambling game for the noise it makes for losing. The right sound will

encourage anyone to keep coming back, whether it is positive and encouraging or negative and


The significance does not end with gambling, however. Knowing what they know, some

gamblers have used these rewarding noises for themselves. By recording these favorite noises

and playing it later, users can reward themselves for anything from eating a salad to getting up

on time. These noises don’t have to be there just for marketing. Rule of thumb: When something

works, use it.

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4 Couples Who Hit the Jackpot and What they Did

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Slot Machine GuideIt is said that monetary problems are the most common cause of divorce. This is no surprise.

After all, money is the one thing that can provide comfort, security, and quality of life all

wrapped up in a neat little package. Very few people have had the chance to put financial stress

behind them and thrive, but these couples and more did exactly that.

1. John and Susan Brands

When John told his wife how much money they had won, she thought he was messing with her.

Their prize of $96.5 million was just a little hard for her to grasp. Suddenly everything and

anything was within their grasp, so the first thing they did was travel to New Zealand where The

Lord of the Rings was filmed. From there, the two went back to school to learn foreign

languages and culinary arts, no longer concerned about money and instead wanting to get the

most out of life.

2. Maureen and Stephen Hinckley

Good things come to those who wait, or at least good things come to this couple. After years of

casual gambling, everything finally came through with a large jackpot that left the two with 61.4

more dollars than they previously had. The couple had been nearing retirement when it

happened, the wife sitting at 58 and her husband being 61 years old when the news came. For

them, the money meant an opportunity to finally retire, travel together, and provide financial

support for their many children and grandchildren.

3. Joseph and Celeste Tamburello

The future is often hard to predict, but Joseph Tamburello had a plan. If he ever won big, he

would trade in his old Saturn for a brand new Cadillac then go on a long cruise with his wife.

Like many others, Joseph had the plan set up, but never actually thought it would come to

fruition. Of course, at the time, Joseph had no idea exactly how much $70 million would buy project task management.

It’s quite a bit more than a trip on Carnival Cruise and a Cadillac.

4. Jeff and Christine Pintuff

This couple once had ordinary lives. Jeff worked quality assurance at a tool-manufacturing

company, and Chris was a hospital nurse. Their big day was on Christmas of 2010 when they

won $48.8 million. Instead of accepting the money right away, they did the right thing and hired

financial advisors, ending up splitting the money evenly and not making any big purchases right

away. Chris made the difficult decision of leaving the hospital despite working there for thirty

years. After a bittersweet retirement, the two found themselves living in lasting comfort minus

the luxury.

With all of that wealth, it is surprising how many jackpot winners have chosen to play it safe. A

lottery win is a one-way ticket to retirement if it is done right, and many couples seem to

recognize that. Whether the couples split the money or pool it together, they seem to want to

keep it.


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The Big Life Moments that Gambling Prepares Us For

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Nothing beats the rollercoaster rush of an exciting night with money on the line, but it’s not all

fun and games. The rush of winning may be great, but it is chasing the tail of crushing defeat.

When a winning streak starts, a little voice whispers, “Keep going, keep going,” until nothing

stands in the player’s way except a slowly unveiling card. What if we could find some sort of

purpose to the little losses in gambling games, a higher meaning that makes them more than just

a bad day? The crushing moments may seem like the worst that things get, but they can actually

help people to cope with other problems later on.

1 take a look at the site here. From the Left Field

Sometimes a player is standing at the blackjack table with a 21 in hand. They are simply waiting

to reveal and collect the winnings when another player turns over their cards: a 21 combination

with a slightly higher card. Feel cheated? Feel robbed? Take a hold of this feeling and conquer it

because it may be coming back a second time. Whether an unpopular coworker grabs the

promotion you were expecting or a friend starts dating the person you liked, no one wants to be

surprised. At least the experience from gambling will help with the coping process.

2. The Big Crash

One winning bet, and things are good. Two winning bets, and you’re on a roll. Three winning

bets, and it’s a streak. Four winning bets, and you’re unstoppable. Five winning bets, and it’s

unreal. Push all of your chips onto the sixth bet, and you lose, being left empty-handed. This

kind of letdown is no fun for players, but so long as it’s just spending money, it’s not the end of

the world. The real deal is getting dumped, losing a job, getting the car totaled, or any kind of

dreaded loss. Losing after a streak of good luck is hard to walk away from, but in the long run, it

will make it easier to walk away from other things.

3. Making a Bet

When all bets are off, there is no telling what the next card will be, or what the spinner will land

on, or what the dice will bring. The only thing that’s certain is that it’s crunch time, and a simple

choice of where to place the poker chips will have a decisive effect. These decisions are hard, but

they get easier. They even get easier when they are a choice of whether to move, whether to take

a job, whether to break up, whether to get surgery, or any one of a million things that people

stress over in life.

The next time you have a bad experience at a casino, remember that at least it was worth

something. And perhaps a good experience will come around soon.


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When to Pass or Don’t Pass in Craps

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A basic game of craps has two options, the pass line and the don’t pass line. When players feel like a seven is coming up, they pick the don’t pass line. When they feel the other number is more likely, they go for the pass line. There are several ways to choose when to pass and when to reel it in.


To start out, think of how far away the point is from seven. Of all of the numbers, seven is the most likely. This is because seven can be made with the most combinations of dice. About one in six rolls will add up to seven. Six and eight are almost as common. Five and nine are even less common. By the time four and ten come along, the bet isn’t even worth making. Instead, an even surer bet is on the table: the don’t pass line.

Betting on the don’t pass line recognizes one inarguable fact: It is more likely for a seven to come up than any other number. The don’t pass bet is a bet on probability following its natural course. It is hard to go wrong with a bet that there is a seven coming up when a seven is always coming up.

There is one compelling reason to go for the pass line instead of the don’t pass line, and that is the companionship of the other players. No matter what the numbers say, people like to say yes, and the pass line is the perfect way to say it. The don’t pass line says no, and that is not the thing to be saying in an excited crowd that is shouting, “YES!”

Camaraderie is important, and one of the key things that makes craps fun, but it shouldn’t be what’s getting in the way of a successful gambling experience. The compromise is to bet online. Playing craps from the privacy of a home computer or personal phone is the perfect opportunity to make the smarter bet.

Some may argue that if several sevens have been rolled in a row, it’s unlikely another seven will show up for a while. This certainly sounds true, and many successful players follow that rule, but from a purely mathematical perspective, dice have no memory. They do not remember that they just rolled a seven, and they won’t act differently because of it. Dice just roll.

In the end, the decision is up to the player. A pass line bet over a six or eight doesn’t have terrible odds, and might just work out. In the end, the pass line is best saved for the casino and the don’t pass line used when it is time to get serious.

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Get to Know Baccarat

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Many people only know about baccarat from the James Bond franchise, but it is a surprisingly

common game that is easy to learn. Playing a round is a lot like picking between red and black

on roulette, except there are only three options when playing baccarat, and all of the choices in a

roulette game take an entire table to display. Baccarat is a quick game that couldn’t be simpler,

and there is a simple reason why januvia generic.

Just like blackjack, baccarat is a game of adding up the values of cards and trying to get the

highest one. The difference is all of the mulling over whether to hit or stand are completely out

of the player’s hands. The deck automatically hits when the cards are low, and stands when the

cards are high. The game gets even simpler on the computer, where the player presses the button

and then the whole game is over in a flash.

To win, the player must predict which hand will have the highest value. There is no math to it,

just random chance mixed in with a little bit of statistics. There are two hands to pick from: the

player hand and the banker hand. Naturally, the banker hand has a bit of an edge. The difference

is the player can actually bet on the banker hand and make the dealer bet on the player hand.

There is a small tax for betting on banker, but not to worry. The house edge has been calculated

out, and the banker hand is still the better bet.

There is a lot of fluff around who gets to deal and who bet the most, but there’s no need to worry

about all that, since none of it goes into winning or losing. There is also a long list of strange and

complicated rules about when the player and banker hands automatically stand, but that’s for the

dealer to worry about. Better yet, it’s for the computer to worry about. Online, all of the filler

goes away and all that’s left is pressing a button to win or lose.

Of course, there is one final option. The player can predict that the decks will tie. This is a

terrible idea. The odds almost never work out to cause a tie, and the payoff just isn’t worth the

risk. It’s always nice to have choices, though.

Ignoring all of the strange rules on who deals and when, and the even stranger rules on how

many cards end up on the table, baccarat is a sure and simple game. The trick to taking the best

odds is simple, too. Just bet banker.


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How Live Video Transforms Online Gambling

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Let’s be honest. Online gambling is many things. It’s convenient, it’s flexible, and it’s chock full

of options, but without a real human dealer to interact with, the little subtleties that keep

gambling fun are entirely lacking. When using a basic gaming interface, gamblers just see a set

of buttons and a picture of the results, usually with a quick animation of dice rolling or a wheel

spinning. These bare minimum gambling games get the job done, but are lacking in style.

Take blackjack for example. The player has two options: hit and stand. Inside every simple

blackjack interface, there are two buttons to press, and then the game goes forth. What the game

is lacking is all of the many different ways that the player can say to hit or stand.

When playing in real life, a player’s options are limitless. A “stand” can look like anything from

a quick wave of the hands to saying, “I’ll keep it.” Each way of expressing the same move says a

different thing. Other players can feel pity for a player who was just hit with a 10, or grin as a

player flips over their cards. The dealer can read the player’s mood and provide advice,

encouragement, and support. There is more to a casino game than hitting and standing, calling

and raising, but this social side to gambling can be hard to find.

Some advanced and creative online casinos have already found a solution to part of the problem.

At Silver Oak Casino, gamblers can watch a real person play dealer and dole out actual cards to

the players. These cards are comically oversized so that they can appear clearly on the video

feed. Users can talk to the dealer through a microphone. What this innovation brings is an

opportunity to interact in a more personalized way. Players can say “hit” or “stand” in infinite

ways, and because there is a professional dealer on the other side, the dealer will more than

likely understand.

The next step is adding gestures. While speaking through a microphone to the dealer can

duplicate the vocal part of interacting with a dealer, the experience is entirely lacking the

nonverbal part. This is why users stream a video of themselves, like in a video chat. So long as

the players can see the dealer and the dealer can see the players, “hit” and “stand” can be

communicated with a wave of the hand.

If your online gambling experience is getting dull, what it is missing is live back-and-forth video.

The cheap graphics and simple buttons are replaced with real interaction between human beings,

and suddenly a win and a loss mean something. Check out live video play at Silver Oak Casino.

The Gambling Alphabet, N through Z

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Here we are again, now with the second half of the alphabet in gambling games. There is

something in here for everyone, from traditionalists to people who want to make sure they have

fun while they play.

No-Flop Pineapple

Faster than most card games, no-flop pineapple is a lesser known relative of Texas hold ’em



Not unlike baccarat, this game involves adding up cards and trying to reach nine. It comes with a

special deck, but is still possible to play with normal playing cards so long as the face cards are



Little known fact: pinball used to be a gambling game. Instead of earning extra lives or free

plays, players would be rewarded with points that can be cashed out. Unfortunately, these

machines have been discontinued.


As blackjack’s French cousin, Quinze has a lot in common with the popular casino game, except

the goal is to reach 15, and if both the player and the dealer reach higher than 15, there is a draw.


A classic casino game, this wheel-spinning exercise has safe bets, wise bets, risky bets, and

nearly impossible bets.


Like skee-ball for adults, skilo involves throwing a rubber ball at a target and accruing winnings

based on where it lands. The game is largely skill-based, hence the name.

Teen Patti

This game from India is very similar to poker, with a few minor differences. Due to players

getting up from the table to avoid the ante or the blind, players who leave are greeted with a

charge to their chips when they return.


Similar to Casino War, this quick game uses only the first card drawn. The difference is that this

game can be played with any number of people, and ties are settled by drawing a second card.

Video Poker

Not to be mistaken for poker, this is a game of second chances. Players are given a set of five

cards for the chance of winning right off the bat, pick which cards they want to keep, then try

once again.


Though not exactly a game in its own right, wash is a friendly nickname for the card game,


Xoc Dia

Though illegal in its home country of Vietnam, this game is unique enough to warrant attention

in other places. Players must create different combinations of colored tokens in order to win.


While this game can also be played with wallets closed, this game of skill and chance is easy to

set up for a gambling night with only 5 dice and a notepad required.


Just kidding. There are no gambling games starting with the letter “Z.”

This marks the end of the gambler’s alphabet. Hopefully there are a few in the mix that sound

exciting enough to try.


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