4 Real-Life Brain-Enhancing Drugs to Resurge Your Gambling Skills

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Anyone who has seen Limitless is ready to pop a pill and let the superpowers soak in. A sharp

gambler knows exactly when that kind of brain power would come in handy: making quick

mental math and counting cards flawlessly, all the while seeming completely innocuous. Who

wouldn’t want that kind of power? The good news is these kinds of brain-enhancers, called

nootropics, are already on the store shelves and you just didn’t know it. You just need to know

where to look.

1. Piracetam

Meet the miracle stimulant that gets the brain going, neurons firing left and right, while being

safer than a cup of coffee. This nootropic drug can help people with severe brain damage learn to

walk and talk again. Instead of forcing the heart to beat faster or squeezing excess adrenaline into

the body, piracetam works from the inside of the mind to increase brain activity. Especially great for the skilled black jack player!

2. Aniracetam

Also known as draganon, sarpul, ampamet, memodrin, and referan, this nootropic is a competitor

to piracetam that has actually gained legitimacy as a medicine in Europe. It can be used to help

Alzheimer’s patients remember their grandchildren’s names, but why not turn it up a notch? This

drug can help average brains work even better.

3. Alpha-GPC

Here is something that can be said about alpha-GPC that can’t be said about most drugs: it is

already in your brain. As a chemical that occurs naturally and serves a daily function in the

human brain, it is safer than a hamburger by far, maybe even safer than a salad. Hopes are high

that it will eventually be used to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but for now it

lives on the outskirts of medical society.

4. Adrafinil

After a long week and not enough sleep, it can be very hard to focus and keep your eyes open, no

less make the right calls in a high-stakes gambling game. Adrafinil fights that. Unfortunately, it

is not quite as good as its little sister, modafinil, which fights off sleepiness without all the

annoying side effects. Together with minor stomach pain and a little skin irritation, adrafinil can

get you through the day.

None of these substances are illegal in America, but they’re also not prescribed by doctors or

sold by pharmacists. They are the brain drugs that fell through the cracks, and now they can ve

used by civilians to give themselves downright superhuman brain powers. The best way to find

nootropics is inside an alternative medicine store, or online. There are also tons of others out

there; CDP-choline, phenibut oxiracetam, and noopept being just a few examples to look into.

Nootropics can also be used just by cracking open an energy drink, because guess what those are

made of.

The next time that you have a long gambling night ahead and you want to be in your best mental

shape (may we suggest Planet  7 Casino for said activity), or maybe even better, take a look at these nootropics again. After all, when have

superpowers ever done any harm?

4 Gambling Blunders Everyone Has Made

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Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the little mistakes in life and laugh it off. When it comes to

gambling at an online casino, everyone has had their own fair share of gaffes. Have you ever

done one of these? Ready or not, here come the 4 mistakes that gamblers make every day.

1. Blunder-Betting

Have you ever clicked on a square too many times and ended up dropping way too many chips

on an unreliable bet? Sometimes the bet goes through and everything is okay, but that sort of

thing barely ever sticks around in the memory banks. No, the crispest memories are of having a

mix-up with the mouse and the display, and losing everything. Not to worry, there are plenty of

happy accidents that have simply been forgotten.

2. Crashing a Winning Streak

A winning streak lasts exactly as long as a winning streak lasts, and ends the moment the streak

is over. These sorts of things are not exactly predictable, but that doesn’t stop everyone from

trying every now and then. If you have ever ridden a winning streak until the bitter, unexpected

end with every chip on the line, then you have crashed a winning streak.

3. Overthinking

Think blackjack. You have 19 in your hand, and there are voices screaming in your head to

stand, but then something in you that the dealer has 20. There is no rhyme or

reason to it, that person just seems to have 20, so you hit. Naturally, you overshoot 21 by a

longshot, and no one was holding 20 to begin with. This one can be very aggravating. After all,

the little voice in your head is supposed to be much more reliable than that.

4. Miss a Bonus

No joke, bonuses can be tricky. Sometimes a bonus only comes when the player deposits on a

certain day, or makes little deposits throughout the week, or do any number of convoluted things

just to get a little extra cash. Sometimes the bad luck comes in and then the bonuses never seem

to work. Rest assured, it happens to everyone.

Feeling better? This is not the last of the tiny blunders that gamblers sometimes make.

Remember not to take it too hard when things fall apart. After all, for every important bet that

you overthink, there are countless others doing the same. So get your mind straight and get playing at Planet 7 today

The Best and Worst Ways around Las Vegas

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Done right, a trip around Las Vegas can be quick and painless. It can also be glamorous and

unforgettable. On the other side of the coin, transportation can be arduous, miserable, and

needlessly costly. Before taking the plunge, take a look at the best and worst ways to get around.

For economy: The Monorail

No need to break the bank when traveling down the Las Vegas strip. From the MGM Grand to

the SLS Hotel, the most reliable way around is the monorail. One-way tickets are sold at the

station, but the best deal is to buy a pass for the length of the visit. A five-day pass, good for an

unlimited number of trips during a five-day period, is cheaper than a single taxi ride in traffic.

The monorail may only be good for trips up and down the strip, but it connects with the bus lines

for access around the city.

For glamor: A Limo

There are very few places around the world where ordering a limo is as easy as it is in Las

Vegas. For a simple pick-up from the airport, prices are comparable with taxi rates, but the cost

begins to shoot up. Short limos are available for affordable prices for short periods of time, but

large, luxurious limousines are also available. For those who wish to travel in style, a limo can be

rented for several hours at a time, or instructed to pick up at an exact time and place for the

ultimate dramatic effect.

For misery: Walking

It doesn’t get talked about much, but Las Vegas is actually in the center of an arid desert. The

sun is scorching throughout the day, and the summer temperatures creep over 100° Fahrenheit.

With no clouds in sight and no breeze to speak of, traveling more than a few blocks in Las Vegas

can be miserable for people accustomed to colder temperatures. Before committing to a forty-

minute walk to the next hotspot, take a look at the other options.

For price: A Taxi

Most buildings on the Las Vegas strip have a dip near the entrance just for taxis to pull in. It may

be tempting to step inside and say where you are going. After all, this form of transportation

requires no research, just the knowledge of where to go next. The problem is that the foreboding

price does not hold a candle to the mediocre customer service. When even a single other option

stands, it may be time to say no to taxi service.

Aside from these four, there is only one basic option left: the bus system. Buses are affordable

and travel almost anywhere in the city, but often require personal experience traveling the

particular area by bus. Bus routes can also be navigated by the map apps on smart phones, for

those who are brave enough to set out inexperienced. For good or for bad, the bus system is the

middle ground of Las Vegas transportation.

This has been the five main forms of transportation throughout Las Vegas. Hopefully everyone is

a little more prepared for a trip down to the city of lights.

How to Get the Edge on Slot Machines

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Slot Machine Guide
Slot machines are a classic gambling game for a reason. Unlike most table games, they offer the

chance to win an obscene amount of money. Most of the time, when someone plays the slots,

they leave with lighter pockets, but the chance is still there to hit the jackpot and win thousands

if not millions of dollars. The question is how to improve the odds of snagging the jackpot, and

how to hold onto the change until then.

1. Find real reels.

Once upon a time, the payoff from slot machines wasn’t half bad, and the jackpot wasn’t unheard

of. The odds were always in the casino’s favor, but the player still had a good fighting chance.

This was true, and remained true, until video slots came out. Electronic slots have two

advantages over the player. For one, they can have specific payouts, taking a nickel or so out of

the payout as if taxing the player for winning. Secondly, video slots can make jackpots even rarer

than the traditional mechanical slots because the designer can pick how often the jackpot will

show up. Long story short, finding an old, mechanical slot machine is the ticket to winning.

2. Check the jackpot payoff.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the jackpot, the rarer it is. Nothing is set in stone, and there are

bound to be exceptions every now and then, but it is safe to say that if a jackpot is in the

millions, the designers don’t want it coming up too often. It may be wise to seek out cheaper

jackpots, even if it means winning less money, because the odds of winning are likely much

3. Pace it out.

At the cost of one dollar per play, slot machines can get expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty

of slot machines that cost a much more reasonable amount. If penny slots don’t do the trick, then

something between nickel and quarter will work out perfectly. After all, the more times the reels

spin, the more chances there are to get the jackpot.

With all of this in mind, take to the casinos and get ready to make a difference in your slot

machine technique. Even the most minute changes to a playing style can improve the chances of

scoring the jackpot. Good luck, and don’t forget to make every spin count. Try Slots of Vegas today

Go Big or Go Safe

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No matter when or where you gamble, it all comes down to two strategies: taking high-risk bets

for the most possible gain or taking the safest bets for minimal losses but no shot at winning big.

Many gamblers swear by one or the other, saying that is the only way to gamble, or the way to

have the most fun. There is a lot of truth to what people say, but who is on the right side? Who

has the best strategy for gambling?

The classic expression says, “Go big or go home.” Many people who gamble do not log into the

online casino just to make a couple bucks. They pick the games with the sharpest odds because

what they want is the huge jackpot. Some extra spending money is nice, but many would rather

bet all their nickels and dimes away for a chance at $1,000,000. People who buy lottery tickets or

play the slots are not expecting to break even at the end of the night. They are hoping for a

chance, even a slim chance, at a new life of luxury.

For others, the concept of taking risky bets sounds absurd. The chance of a big win is virtually

nonexistent, so what is the point of trying? These individuals seek out the best odds, even if it

means only winning a modest sum.

It may seem like one of the two playing styles must be right, but the answer is more

philosophical than mathematical. People may choose to take great risks in order to strive for

something tremendous. People may also work to manipulate the system, battling against the

house edge in order to reach a form of gameplay that places the advantage in the player’s hands.

This idea is sound but is not compatible with the dream of winning the jackpot or the lottery.

After all, if a player ever finds a way to give the edge to the player rather than the house, that

advantage will likely be .00001% or less. Giving the benefit to the players may be a nice change,

but it’s no way to get rich quick.

The bottom line is there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone plays for their own reasons, and

no one needs to defend their own reasoning against another player’s gambling style. Have fun in

the way that makes the most sense to you.

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5 Gambling Lifestyles

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casino fun

We may go to the same places and play the same games, but there is more to the gambling life

than just gambling. Every person has their own style and reason for being at the casino.

1. Pastime Betting

For some, gambling is just a thing to do to pass by the dull moments in life like waiting for the

bus or sitting through a 10-minute break. When there isn’t enough time to read a book or have a

real conversation, there isn’t much to do. A simple mobile game may pass the time, but betting

makes the time go by so much faster

2. Rematch Calling

This is the gambling lifestyle for players who will always double up. Every time the cards fail to

line up, every time the dials miss their mark, it’s time to march right back up and give it another

go. There is no turning back, not after real money has been lost. The night isn’t over until the

dice start behaving themselves.

3. Easy Goes It

For people who have a lot of time on their hands and nowhere to be, there are no $50 chips.

There is no going all in. Gamblers following this lifestyle prefer the penny slots, the slow churn

of coins. The slot machines aren’t going anywhere, so it’s time to relax and enjoy the little things

in life.

4. Stress Betting

Real life can be a very scary place. Little decisions throughout the day can have unintended

consequences. Big plans can be ruined by circumstances outside of anyone’s control. Real-life

stress isn’t fun, but some gamblers have found that it can be replaced or negated by the

excitement of gambling. Gambling can be a bit of a nervous habit for these individuals, like

biting nails or texting.

5. Party Gambling

For some, hitting up the casino is a big event and it should be fun. Complete with drinks, snacks,

and friends, gambling is a game and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a time to relax and not

worry about the little things.

What is your gambling lifestyle. Did you find it up here? Everyone does things a little bit

differently, so don’t be surprised if none of these are a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you did

find yourself in this list, you’re not the only one. The way you gamble is a part of your lifestyle,

so be proud.

What kind are you itching to try today? Visit Royal Ace Casino today


4 Creative Places to Find Keno Numbers

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Keno may be a fun way to test luck in a dynamic way and see how many of the numbers match

up, but using birthdates and suggested numbers over and over again can get old fast, especially

when the numbers never seem to get picked out. This calls for a change of pace. Numerically,

inspiration can be found just about anywhere, so get ready to start crunching numbers.

1. Receipts

When using receipts for keno number inspiration, it’s more rewarding to wait for a particularly

memorable experience and then use the receipt from that transaction. If it comes down to betting

the 11 and 95 from an $11.95 shopping trip for crackers and deodorant, the numbers may as well

be picked at random. More meaningful numbers can be found on the ticket to a good movie, the

check to a delicious restaurant, or the receipt from a brand-new coffee stand. If the place is

exciting, the numbers will be exciting as well.

2. Rice

To give into chance in a profound way, you will need a bowl, dry rice, and a spoon. For each

number, dip the spoon into the bowl and take out a random number of rice grains. A larger spoon

may be needed for the larger numbers. The act of counting out each grain of rice is soothing and

relaxing, helping with concentration and ease of mind.

3. Geometry

One thing can be said for the design of traditional keno machines: it is much easier to select

certain numbers in order to create a picture. Rather than creating shapes such as a square or a

triangle, concentrate on angles. Imagine a line reaching from each number to connect to the next

one, and use this stream of consciousness method in order to choose each number.

4. Dice Rollers

Real-world dice are usually very ordinary. Most only have six sides and look more or less

identical except for choice changes to the shade and material. Other dice are more irregular,

having somewhere between three and twenty sides and a great variety of colors, but these dice

are significantly more rare, some of which have only been printed on home 3D printers. The

Internet, however, being the land of opportunity, can roll virtual dice with as many sides as the

player wants and as many times as the player wants. The player could even ask the website to

roll an 80-sided die ten times, and report the result. The result is a fresh new set of keno

numbers, created completely at random.

Where else can keno inspiration come from? Everyone has their own places to look for

promising numbers to use, each with their own perks. Hopefully this list helped to spark even

more new ideas. Happy hunting.

A One-in-a-Million Chance for Good Luck

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What would you do with a million dollars? There are a lot of answers to this question, but

probably no one would say they would tear the money into paper mache and turn it into a statue.

Interestingly enough, that is exactly what happened to create a one-of-a-kind statue of Hotei, an

ancient Buddhist figure said to bring good fortune. It is said that anyone who rubs Hotei’s belly

and makes a wish will be blessed with extremely good luck.

The jolly, even-natured Buddha was once a real person who ate, slept, and walked around like

the rest of us. Legend says Hotei was often found carrying a cloth sack full of food and treasures

which he handed to everyone in need. In life, he was a monk and a hermit, but according to

belief, he is still out there looking out for anyone who seeks his help.

It’s no small surprise that when the American government tossed more than $1,000,000 worth of

old, unusable dollar bills, someone was there to pick it up and turn it into a statue of this giving

person. Statues of Hotei can be found in nearly any Chinese restaurant, but only one of them

stands out quite as much as this one. Luckily, it’s easy to track down.

The one-million-dollar statue of Hotei can be found on the second floor of the Ripley’s Believe It

or Not! Museum in Times Square, New York. Guests are invited, even encouraged to rub the

statue’s belly and make a wish.

As the sign says, “this may be your only chance to get your hands on a million dollars.” Punny as

that is, one would hope that making the trip to New York City to touch the statue in the first

place might turn the tables a little bit.

Barring a trip to New York, there is always the friendly neighborhood Hotei statue. Hotei is

recognizable through his plump figure and laughing pose. Statues of Hotei are often found in

stores and restaurants owned by people following Buddhist or Taoist traditions. This means east

Asia including China, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Statues of Hotei are

often called Buddha statues or the laughing Buddha. Chances are if the statue is laughing, it is

Hotei, as other Buddhist figures tend to have a more serious demeanor.

Wherever Hotei is ultimately found, remember to rub his belly and make a wish. If the sayings

are true, a new wave of good luck is sure to come.

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Soon We Can Control Casino Games with our Minds

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Since the first human volunteer dared to have a neural implant inserted into their head, science

has been scrambling to find all of the possibilities. Neural implants are censors that touch the

brain which can be used to interpret the same impulses that the human brain uses to walk, talk,

and even think. They may make people’s skin crawl, but these devices have been used for

tremendous feats.

The most well-received use discovered for neural implants has been medical. Patients who have

lost limbs have received robot limbs and neural implants to control these limbs. Rather than

moving around their limb like normal, patients imagine they are moving the limb, and the neural

implant receives the instructions just like the limb would have. The most groundbreaking use for

neural implants is much, much creepier. If the patient visualizes a word or shape, scientists are

able to see that word or shape depicted in the neural implant. Though a crude science so far, this

is the first step toward mind-reading and all that it takes is a highly invasive procedure placing a

chip inside the brain.

A less terrifying use is on its way, though. Neural implants can be used to control more than just

body parts. They can also be used to control a mouse on a computer screen, or an imaginary

finger on a tablet. In other words, neural implants let people control computers with their minds.

The neural implant technology needed to control a computer or tablet is expected to be much

cheaper and more compact than more complicated implants like ones that control complex body

movements and literally read thoughts. It’s still not known if or when neural implants will be

available to the public, or if their will only be accessible to those who truly need them.

Even if the chances are slim, there is still a distinct possibility that one day, we will be able to

control computers with our minds. These implants add a whole new dimension to online casino

gambling. The more complex the implants, the more information they are able to pick up.

Imagining words can work similarly to voice command, as the neural implant receives a picture

of the desired word. Simpler may be more secure, however.

The idea of controlling an online casino game with one’s mind is an exciting one. It may sound

like science fiction, but it is real and it is out there, even if it can’t be purchased at a department

store. Is it worth the risk? No one can say for sure.

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The Most Embarrassing Gambling Fails of All Time

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casino fun

The most amazing stories of gambling hubris of all time, immortalized through their spectacular

failure. From the rich and unemployed betting their inheritance away to famous high-rollers

making unforgettable bets, these moments in gambling history have become immortalized in

Internet fame.

4. Crunch Time

A group of young men was challenged by an MTV reality show to meet the mark of “100 things

to do before you die.” One of the big items on the list was to earn a million dollars. There are a

lot of ways to earn $1 million in a lifetime, but the show didn’t last long enough to follow each

of the individuals through earning their doctorate and engineering degrees, so instead they

pooled all their money together and took it to the roulette table. All they needed was three

successful bets on near 50/50 odds, but after just two rounds, every penny was gone.

3. 2 Legit 2 Quit

A frequenter of Las Vegas casinos, a gambler named John Hennigan had a reputation for not

being able to walk away from a bet. His friends gave him a challenge: Stay in a remote area in

Des Moines for six weeks without gambling, and win big. He took the wager of $100,000 and

moved out into the wilderness, but was back in Las Vegas after just two days. Good on him for

not walking away from a challenge, but he could have used a follow-through.

2. What’s in a Name

During a historic horse race in 2011, a talented horse was assigned a mysterious 28/1 payoff. The

horse, named Voler La Vedette, was expected to win and spectators eagerly placed bets on the

horse and its ridiculous odds. Who would have guessed it, Voler La Vedette won. Unsure what

to do, Betfair refused to pay the winnings for the in-game bets, only honoring the bets from

before the race started, but that did not save it. Betfair took the hit, instantly losing £40 million,

or about $61 million.

1. Let it Go, Let it Go

Some players have $100 to set on the table. Archie Karas had $40 million. He lost it all in a

single bet, but even that wasn’t enough for him. Not ready to call it quits, Karas came back to the

baccarat table to lose another $30 million, $300,000 at a time. That’s about 100 bets if he lost

every one of them, but there’s no way someone has that poor of luck, right?

Well, that was embarrassing.

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